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    This might get closed but A WHOLE lot of legitiment threads go way off topic. Come to this area to discuss anything IWT that doesn't directly relate to any thread.


    Added in a News Story feature.
    You can :
    • Add stories when your character makes news head lines.
    • Report when your character is on a talk show.
    • Talk about who your character is dating, friends with, ect. ect.
  2. Good Idea Danielson. Do you have a match booked?
  3. Good idea!
  4. Who didn't flush the toilet in the locker room? :willis:
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  5. Xanth
  6. Should have known. A normal man couldn't fill the bowl like that.
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  7. I'm not sure but I think seabs vs aids vs me

    and next week Senhor and I vs a tag team.
  8. The team is seabarino and Aids
  9. Should be a pretty easy W.:obama:
  10. Seabarino :shock: that is greatness in a name :obama:
  11. That should be a lower case s :pity2:
  12. :annoyed: what kind of idiot would do that?
  13. Oh yeah, :stfu: seabs
  14. Hey guys did you notice Gohan drunk?He's not gonna be able to go out there and challenge the divas champ.Call BLFFL
  15. Not really what we're trying to accomplish here @HBK - we don't need shit like that enticing Gohan.
  16. :okay:


    @NanoRah14 tag team?
  17. Do you guys all have titantrons?
  18. Nope I hired Dat Kid but..
  19. I'll gladly tag with you if you want
  20. The honour is mine ;)