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Who's your winner?

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  1. Geekgoddess

  2. CRAY0 Johnson

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT Championship!


    @CRAY0 Johnson vs @geekgoddess

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted, and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. *Alias takes a seat backstage with his newly won tag team championship, closely observing this match*
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  3. *Dover is in his luxury hotel room, getting a blow job from a blond Norwegian girl, while he watches the match on his TV, his Tag Team belt proudly standing on top of the Television*
    Dover: This is the freaking life dude!
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  4. Victoria's theme hits as the cameras and the crowd look to the stage. Victoria does not appear on stage. A few seconds before Victoria is caught entering the arena through the crowd, jumps over and heads into the ring. She pulls a mic roughly away from a cameraman and looks around the arena with a smile on her face. Her arrival is met with a series of boos from the crowd.

    Announcer 1: How the hell is she allowed in the arena? We saw last night what Victoria did to Aids' family members. I think she's a danger to everyone in this arena!
    Announcer 2: Someone get security out here and arrest her!

    "Oh IWT, I've certainly missed your warm welcomes. But, despite your dislike for me, I'm providing you with exactly what you want. You want a strong, competitive matchup don't you? Well, this match has everything you want. It has a story that could never be forgotten and with stakes that couldn't be higher. So, it wouldn't hurt you to show a little gratitude every once and a while."

    Victoria turns to the announcers and laughs darkly. "I heard the two of you talking about getting me arrested. That's definitely not going to happen. You know, the security in this building is pathetic. Neither of them saw me coming when I knocked them out cold at their posts or when I locked them away somewhere in the building. It's like they have no idea how to fight anyone much less a professional wrestler. But, rest assured, I don't think any of them will die. However, I don't think a few security guards are the ones you're truly concerned about is it? I've pulled off something that I have never done before. I've been able to instill true fear into my opponent and everyone else in the back. Show them all what I'm talking about."

    The titantron changes to show several individuals gagged and tied down to chairs. Some of them are struggling to get free, trying to yell and be heard. However, their voices are muffled and nothing can be made out. "It's like my masterpiece, some of my best work. It really was an ingenious idea. Aids, your IWT champion, took that title away from me by having the situation in his favor. He took his Money In The Bank contract and cashed in on me. Thankfully, he played a game that he knew he could win. One promo each was to his advantage and he ended up reigning supreme in this ring at the end of our match. Now the situation is reversed and I'M calling the shots. I have Aids' family and I'm the only one who knows where they are. That means that this piece of scum has to come out into this arena and have a fair fight with yours truly. He's finally alone with absolutely no one to play his games with and try to get the advantage over me. He has to fight fair for once and show that he is a true and complete competitor. Let's see if he can do just that."

    The titantron goes black as Victoria starts to pace the ring, addressing the crowd and the locker room. "Aids has been a terrible champion. Under his leadership, the broken IWT has remained broken. Jonathan has been a terrible GM, allowing the locker room to be in shambles and for the matches to be ones no one cares to watch. Aids' title reign has also been one that no cares to watch. Aids promised you all a change - a change all of you would be grateful for. However, he hasn't done a thing to revitalize this company, and anything that he has attempted has failed.

    "I, on the other hand, am a polished champion. I know what it takes to be a champion and have defended the IWT title on several occasions. I am the second longest running IWT Champion of all time so I know I have what it takes to be the champion you all need. I've come back not only to save this company but to put Aids in his place. The beat down that's about to happen has been coming to him for quite some time. So what are you waiting for Aids - why don't you come out here and play."

    Victoria goes and sits on the ropes, as she laughs and watches the ramp for her opponent.
  5. A few seconds pass, and Victoria rolls her eyes, pulling the microphone up to speak again. As she starts to move, the titantron shows Aids Johnson walking backstage towards the entrance, head down and focused.

    The theme starts playing and the crowd cheers loudly, as the camera pans towards VP, who is smiling in anticipation of which Aids will show up. As Aids walks out, a large blast of pyro shoots out above the screen, and he continues, stopping at the top of the ramp - glaring eyes focused on Victoria Parker - holding up his title and mumbling loudly "it's reality check time mother fucker" as he walks quickly down to the ring, and straight towards VP, who is nearly laughing at the site of Aids being held up by the referee - who takes his title, holding it up - announcing this is the IWT championship match, and the Main Event of tonight. Aids loosens up upon hearing this, and offers a cracked smile at VP as she stares back at him.

    VP, the Queen of the IWT, it's funny how people change in a short period of time. Desperation is an interesting power to have, at one point in time you have everything over me, and just seconds later you are listing your past accomplishments like....well like everyone's favorite champion. *small pop* So many cards from my deck, i can't believe i didn't see this coming. All this talk of your history. You are the 2nd longest IWT champion, the first female Champion in IWT *crowd small pop* and the woman who used Jonathan to ensure her success over Dat Kid for the IWT. You are right when you say this is something that put asses in these seats, and well worth the money they paid to see what could possibly be the last IWT title match in 2013. You know what i see when i look at you?

    Everything you try to convince everyone you are anything but. You are a weak-willed woman, who had to throw away happiness and marriage in order to become the IWT champion, and after all that, you turned into the IWT princess, too good to contribute outside of a ppv, never even showing up to the matches of others or spending time backstage with the younger talent, pushing people in the direction they deserve to be.

    You say i am not the savior of this company, that I am to blame for our shitty excuse of a GM, who can't be bothered to contribute or problem solve all by himself - face it, this place isn't changing until our management changes. Shit runs downhill, and Jonathan is so full of it it's coming out of his ears. *Aids grins at VP* Although i dont expect you to realize all this, being as you haven't been here since our previous match. I even invited you to the house show we did as "charity" to help out the IWT, and where were you? Nowhere to be found - too busy - as it was.

    Face it beautiful, you threw your life away when you left Jabri at the alter, you threw your career away when you disappeared AGAIN after losing, and you are throwing your future away right now, trying to use my family to get to me. Desperation stinks, VP, and i'm not just talking about the stench of Jonathan coming off you like a haze of pizza farts and hand lotion.

    *Aids points at the entrance* Now do yourself a favor and disappear again, sweetheart.
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  6. Victoria laughs at Aids, glaring back at him. "You of all people should know I'm not going anywhere. There are several things about me that have never changed. I have always been self-centered, arrogant, and willing to do anything to get what I want. Of course I would boast about my own success when it's what I desire and love the most. What you consider weak-willed is what I consider successful. Everything that has ever truly mattered was my own success. Dat Kid was just collateral damage. You think I actually wanted to marry that guy?" Victoria looked at Aids in disbelief, laughed slightly before continuing. "Being with Dat Kid wasn't about love or was about making a statement. My time in the tag team division was about getting my foot in the door, not only to be a tag team champion. I settle for nothing but the best for myself, and if that means making some enemies along the way and doing some unforgivable things...well, then that's just the price I'm willing to pay."

    Victoria throws her head in the air and delivers another evil laugh. "And you reference my absence among other members of the roster during my title reign as if that's supposed to be a surprise. Why exactly would I create the illusion that I give a damn about any of the other talent on the roster? It comes down to a simple explanation - I thought and still think I'm better than everyone else. No amount of pushing other superstars is going to make a difference. If you don't have the fire and desire to do everything and anything to get success, then frankly, I don't think you deserve to be here. Management is only a piece of the puzzle. In this business, it's every man or woman for of all people should know that very well.

    "However, I will agree with one of your points. I should have been around more simply to do what I'm doing to you right now. I'm continuing my legacy by showing that I have no remorse and I will do absolutely anything to get what I want. Going to dark places such as this is a pure adrenaline rush. In fact, I've never felt so alive. You on the other hand...well, you look pretty tired and worn out. The stress of knowing where your family might be and having the weight of the company on your shoulders must be too much to handle. But, rest assured pumpkin, your stress is almost over. It's true, I'll try to make your defeat as painful as possible, but hopefully it will get you to leave for good."
  7. Are you done yet? Yes, yet, I knew you would stay. I thought it was only right of me as champion of this great company, to offer you a way out, as a courtesy favor.

    You talk, and talk about how great you are, and list reasons why people think you failed as champion. Do i even need to bother promoting myself, when all you've done is spend time insuring your failure? Call me a paper champion, forget about all the amazing IWT feats i have accomplished. What makes anyone think you are better suited than me to lead this company?

    Face it, since i've become champion this company has been nothing if not active with people claiming to be the one to take me off of my throne. I cashed in because it was the opportune time, and NO ONE can deny my victory. The future of this company is up in the air, should the people choose you, the champion who holds her belt at home, only interested in herself? Or a champion who lives to show off, the man who believes champions are bred, not born. I didn't have to bother with the world of wrestling before IWT, and it can be easily argued that you have earned your spot here. Unfortunately, in the end the history books will be written different than most expect. You, the first IWT female champion, who had to cheat out a former IWT champ out of his belt. How did he obtain said belt? ME.

    I defeated Senhor Perfect at WM, cementing a real legacy in this company, and when i returned, i was given the lowest spot in the company. Beat the best at MITB, and obtain a chance to see gold once more before you retire. What did I do? I defeated the opposition, while you had a match no one remembers. People love to refer to me as "the paper champion" but who draws as well as I do? Who would choose a match with you, over a match with me?

    Without me, this company would still float. We have a new IC champion *Crowd mild pop* who had a match of Chav proportions. The tag team titles have once again been claimed by The Cure *Mild crowd boo* and the X-division title has been successfully defended once again. Things are on the up and up! The Cure talk has calmed, and now I stand alone, and ready to defend what I rightfully deserve. I am the King of the IWT, defeating another former champion looking to regain the throne.

    Face it VP, you have so many things going for you, everything except for an IWT title. I've said it before, and i'll say it again. Your time was up quite a while ago. My time, is now.
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  8. Voting opened! 2 excellent sets of promos.
  9. I like how they both just trash Jono as GM, lol. God damn. But, I would have to say I enjoyed VP's more. Imagining the scene with everyone tied up somewhere added the intense undertone for the match. geekgoddess gets my vote (can't tag her for some reason). Sorry Aids.
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  10. 4 great promos all together but Aids was amazing in my opinion. It also made things seem for personal, Aids gets my vote.
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  11. Well i got destroyed. Congrats to Victoria Parker.
  12. Your winner by 8 votes to 3, and the NEW IWT Champion... @geekgoddess!!!

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  13. Ill let @DKJames decide when he gets his match, i have no problem using mine at uprising.
  14. Wish I saw this. I actually felt Aids had better penetration in his promo(s). It felt more of a head to head battle when reading his lines. Congratulations though Geek :).
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  15. Fixed - Damn @Crayo that was too easy lol
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  16. Knew it was coming :sad:
  17. Oh i came.
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  18. The bell rings. "Your winner and new IWT Champion...Victoria Parker!" The referee holds Victoria's hand victoriously in the air and hands her the title. Victoria kisses the title and hugs it tightly against her.

    "Give me a mic!" Victoria hollers over until someone from the side of the ring hands her a mic. Once she has it in her hand, she turns around facing Aids with a very devilish look on her face. She kneels down next to Aids who is still laying on the floor of the mat in pain. "I knew you didn't have it in you. You just can't compete with someone who is, and will always be, so much better than you. I was born a champion and I proved that in this ring tonight. The title is back where it rightfully belongs, right in my arms." Victoria kissed her title again before continuing. "As IWT Champion, I can do whatever I want. In fact, one promise is made to be broken."

    Victoria signaled to the titantron as Aids' family members appeared on screen, still gagged and tied down to chairs. "You know how I said that I would free your family after this match? Well, I've changed my mind. I'm going to hang on to them for quite a while longer. And if I find out that you are looking for them...I WILL slit their throats! GOT IT?" Victoria pulled him up by his ears and looked at him with a dark, demonic stare. "I certainly hope we have an understanding. Because if not, there will be hell to pay for both you and your family." Victoria threw Aids' head back down on the mat and stood up with her title in hand. She leaned down towards Aids and blew him a kiss. "See you around." After dropping the mic in the ring, Victoria exited the ring and threw her arms in the air with her title in hand. "I'M THE CHAMP!" With one final laugh, Victoria leaped over into the crowd and started running towards the exit to leave the arena.
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  19. *Alias smirks at the outcome of the match, before glancing one more time at the TV screen and finally leaving the room*