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Who's your winner?

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  1. Rhod & NanoRah14

  2. TheOvalhead & Eddy335

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the Tag Team Championships!

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here​
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.​
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted, and there is NO LIMIT​
    on how many promos can be posted in that time.​
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


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    *Alias' theme, When You're Evil, by Voltaire hits the arena to a mild pop. He appears on stage to an even bigger pop. You can clearly apprehend that Alias is winning the fans over more and more everytime. He walks out sporting his typical attire and his face expresses a lack of interest - supposedly about this match. He slowly treads down along the ramp while licking his inner-mouth. He wipes his feet on the apron before entering the ring and, as usual, makes no interaction with the crowd. He elevates his hand softly against his head and runs his hands through his hair, appearing stressed. Shortly after, he commences to speak*​
    Just a handful of days ago, I had the biggest match in my career. I squared off, battled and ultimately DEFEATED your champion Aids Johnson, in my playground - Hell.​
    *Alias raises his head and can't help but let out a smile*​
    Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. I decided to make my own actions, I decided to stand up and do something no one could do. I.........beat Aids Johnson.​
    *Alias lets the crowd shout and cheer*​
    And let me tell you that when I dumped his pleading, begging, bloody, cocksucking soul into the flames, the red hot fire.......Happiness struck me. That was the best moment in my career.​
    And although I hate you Aids, fucking cocksucker, I'd like to thank you for taking me to places I've never been too, to limits I never surpassed. You made me become that much more better, that much more MOTIVATED and that much more GODDAMN DRIVE to overcome anything that had the balls to stand in my way in becoming the best here. I'd like to thank you for producing snag after snag, obstacle after obstacle and hindrance after hindrance. Because you made me do something that was and has always been my dream - send shockwaves around the world. Thanks for making me a star, Aids.​
    *Alias wipes his face swiftly hoping to hide any evidence of tears*​
    One more thing cocksucker.....if you think this war is over between us two, it's not, trust me, and there's no Cure to that. I'm coming for your belt cocksucker, hahahahahahaha.​
    *Alias laughs frenziedly for a few second before regaining his normal attitude*​
    Now, I was put into this match, ANOTHER tag team title match to be correct. I don't know what it is, but Jonathan over there in the back, who is probably receiving a handjob slash blowjob by Victoria Parker while Senhor Perfect contentedly watches on while that irrelevant title he held for too long lies no longer on his shoulder, just thinks my spot in this company is that of a jobber, a midcarder, a "Tag Team Specialist". Well let me tell you what you fucking geordie, I am fresh of a victory against your champ Aids Johnson and I am assuring you and everyone here that I will not be held down to this shitty position.......I will demand for more.......I will get more......​
    I am tired of being deemed a midcarder, and I am tired of winning tag team championships. Give me a break, give me that big break, Jono!​
    Is it my look, am I not what's "best for business"? Listen, whatever it is, it won't matter, because I will get that title shot, and I will have everyone who has neglected me over the years watch me become a world champion!​
    *Alias' act of assurance is met with cheers by the crowd*​
    Now, while I will still compete in this match, uninterestedly albeit, I have Ben Dover as my partner.​
    Me and Ben Dover go way back. A hate/hate relationship in other companies carried onto this one. I won't even mention how much my brother and him fighted and fighted over the years. But whilst in The Cure, I saw him in a much more different way, and we trained a lot together in the gym. Ben Dover would go on to become my favorite Cure member, never judge a book by it's cover they say.​
    What happens if I win these tag titles once again? I'm not sure and I really don't care, because frankly, I have other goals to reach.​
    Jwab? David? Aids? George? Ben? Whoever is my partner, I don't care, because I will tear shit up, no matter how many times I face those monotonous wannabes that call themselves The Crusade. Let me just remind them that we still remain undefeated against them, and I'm pretty darn worn out of facing the same dull guys over and over again. Lets just end this feud once and for all.....​
    You are the cancer.......​
    I AM ALIAS!!!!!!!​
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  5. Go on lad.
  6. *Jacob comes out with his usual attire and facepaint and walks to the ring while high fiving some fans. When he gets into the ring he asks for a mic*
    Hey, long time no see. Were you trying to be a funny little kid? Calling our dear Vicky a bitch is something we've already seen too much and I assure you we know what we are. We all know each other in the back and everybody watching at home will for sure know Vicky is sometimes a bitch, so there's no need for you to say she's working on Jonathan's dick. It just makes you look more like a kid when you try to say that a victory over Aids at a Dark Show actually means something. It's a dark show, a win over him could've been scripted to see how the crowd reacts to your victory. I assure you, you can't beat Aids at a PPV. Why? Because there'll be a lot more people supporting their favorite star and even if Aids is a dick to them he has shown what he's capable of in the ring and entertains with his wrestling skills. You think they will support you when you have proved nothing but you're a mediocre midcarder?
    *Crowd cheers. Some laughs are heard*
    So well. Congratulations. You defeated Aids who is one of the greatest stars this company has right now. He has faced the very bests in this company before they decided to leave. Aids' days are numbered because he's getting old and that's because he's getting old but until he quits he'll be everyone's target and that's because he's an old glory, but why am I telling you who Aids is? You were his Cure pal. Nevermind, you just said you've undefeated against us. That's actually true but you defeated us while we were teaming up with different people. Rodrigo was teaming up with Mr Midcard also known as Sackfist and I was teaming up with a traitor also known as Adam. I don't know how many times has he attacked me from behind, but this isn't the point. As I mentioned before, you defeated us while we were teaming up with other people, but now we are back together like in the old days. We're better together than you could have ever imagined. Together we are your nightmare. Together we are a cancer you can't cure. Together tonight we will raise those titles and you will be done. You can try to go solo then, Antonio but that wouldn't change the fact that we defeated you at Bound for Glory.
    *Crowd cheers even louder but Jacob continues*
    You and your partner, the former porn star, can put us through war but you won't be able to win this match because tonight the number games are over. George left, King left, don't really know if Aids left. So... Half of your cheerleaders left your Cure. And one more question. Where is Jwab? I haven't seen him here for a while. We had a match against you teaming up with him but no one came to the ring. That's why you have no title and that's why we're going to get them right here in front of the world. It doesn't matter who your partner is. We can go through war tonight because we are ready and you know what? I want to win this match. Rodrigo wants to win this match. And this people here and watching at home want us to win this match. And why? Because they want to see a new pair of people getting the championship. And we are going to make that dream come true. I ain't going to drop them out and they won't drop us out. The numbers game are going to come into play tonight and it'll favor us tonight. You may want to know how are we going to get some more people to help us. We aren't. These people in the crowd and watching at home will help us because when no one can continue they'll cheer us and start some chants with our names and we'll get back up and finish what we've started!
    *Crowd cheers so loud Jacob can't keep going*
    Are you listening to them? They support us. We are the cancer? You are Alias? Well, that's a big change. You didn't say you are the Cure. That's the only thing you've changed in all your career. Anyways, I will let you know one more thing. We are unstoppable tonight. See you with those titles tomorrow.
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  7. *Alias slowly walks over to the ropes to lean on them. He observes Nano, and subsequently yawns.*​
    Are you done now? Good....​
    Scrap what you said about "Vicky", I couldn't give a shit about her, I just want her to lose to Aids.​
    *Alias commences to speak in a high-paced, violent manner*​
    Now, you mentioned how my victory against Aids meant nothing? Hmm... do I sense a bit of jealousy here? Is it self-disappointment in yourself Nano? Is it you trying to transmit that all your career was and is, a fail? Because we ALL know that you're not capable of beating me, let alone IWT champion Aids Johnson or any champion for that matter. The irony of calling me a mediocre midcarder, Jacob, the irony in that, eh? You're just full of shit, Colton, admit it, you know it, that **** Rhod knows it, and especially Adam knows it. When are you going to own up Colton, when? You're ridiculous, and a big waste of talent on this roster who would be replaced without IWT management breaking a goddamn sweat. I'll tell you one thing you're good at, you're good at being a redundant asshole. Ugh, your fucking redundancy can't be matched....well....maybe by your asshole partner Rhod, but that doesn't matter, because the crowd couldn't give two shits about you or Rhod! No matter who faces us, whether it be you, Rhod, Sackfist or Adam, it doesn't and won't influence the outcome of the match, we will always come out victorious.​
    OMG SO SCARY, RHOD AND JACOB ARE MY NIGHTMARE TONIGHT, OMG SAVE ME BEN DOVER, THESE GUYS SEEM LIKE RIGHT LEGIT TOUGH GUYS, I CAN'T......CAN'T HANDLE THEM OMG I GOT CALLED A LITTLE KID BY THEM SOMEONE PUT THEM ON THE NAUGHTY STEP PLS. *sarcastically* Please, just stop Jacob. You won't attain anything by saying that, you think you can torment me? God no, just no Jacob. You're pathetic, I don't know how many times I need to repeat it, you just are.​
    *Alias glares at Aids painfully*​
    Your knowledge on who has and who hasn't left The Cure seems to be pathetic also, but to be honest, I don't really have the time to be telling you all the ins and outs Colton. One thing though, you have seem to forgotten that it wasn't only Jwab who no showed our match, was it? It was your two sorry asses too! Fucking hypocrites, you make my blood boil and now I will let loose in this ring and I will brutalize you Colton, your ignorance has finally made me reach my breaking point, I will dissect your body one by one once this bell rings, take that in mind.​
    *Alias regains a bit of his composure and resumes his promo*​
    You could tell corny stories about how much you want these belts all day, and how much you love this crowd, and whatever other BS you spew. But I see right through you, something this crowd fails to see, you're just a suck up in hoping this crowd will cheer you but even then, you do what you do best, fail. I will force you to get real in this match, you WILL get real after this match.​
    Are you ready?​
    *Alias drops the mic fumingly and stares at Nano*​

  8. *The arena turns pitch black for a nano-second, before a sudden beam of red light illuminates the arena*

    *Ben Dover comes out through the side of the arena in a Bugatti Veyron, he eagerly jumps out the car window, he's sporting a yellow baseball cap saying "YOLOSWAG 2K18", which he throws out to the crowd as he walks onto the stage, he is also wearing a Burgundy suit, Grey leather boots, with beautiful lacing.*

    Ben Dover: Is it me..... Or am I looking at the symbolisation of a unsuccessful team player.
    *Dover uses his hands as makeshift binoculars, trying to get a better look*


    Orrrr is it Molton, no no no no, it's Bolton. Ah, I honestly don't give a damn what your name is kiddo, all I know is you had that bromance with Adam 'The Schizophrenic with 8 identities in IWT and FSW' Fraser; Which failed... 7 or 8 times. And now, you are moving on to a new boy toy, once a veteran, now an old timer, fading away into the atmosphere, forgotten and not cared about.

    *Dover pauses for a moment, to process the animosity building between him and Jacob, it gives Ben a immense feeling of pleasure*
    Dover: May I note that while 'Jwab' isn't here, he sends his best wishes and support, as he's aware of how devastated you and Rodrigo will be when you lose; BRUTALLY!!

    You think because you've been here longer than me and Antonio, that you're better, but that's just delusional rubbish that you're polluting you're mind by even thinking it for a second. It's an issue for sure, new guys come, make a name for themselves, and it scares everyone. You were paranoid when we came and you still are now. People said the Cure would fail, yet at Summerslam, WE SWEEPED THE FLOOR, and guess what we sweeped away, talentless hacks like you. The Cure picked up crazy gold, and if it wasn't for traffic jams and a nutty geezer from Sunderland, The Cure would still have the gold now. That's alright though I suppose, it's better this way actually, I CAN NOW BE CHAMPION INSTEAD OF JWAB, HE MAY GOOD, BUT I'M BETTER THAN GOOD!! I'm pure brilliance, the complete package, sent from heaven to make the World a better place. When I joined the porn industry, it was as bad as the stereotypes suggest, thanks to my intelligence and foresight, pornography is one of the safest and best paid jobs in the World. I want the same for IWT, I can turn this ghost town into the holy grail of wrestling. But first I must remove the illnesses of the IWT. Jacob and Rodrigo are just two of the illnesses that should have been removed a long time ago. You people have served your purpose here, but now you're just deteriorating the health of the IWT. I personify the IWT because I care about it, just as much as I care about myself, and The Cure.

    Me and Antonio know each other better than you two will ever know each other, your egos blind you, but my ego motivates me, it always has and always will. And I can't wait for Rodrigo to open his big mouth. To the fans, if you start to smell something putrid while Rodrigo speaks, that is because all he speaks is utter shit.

    And now to humiliate Rodrigo and Jacob in my own vocabulary. *Dover unfolds his deck chair, lays on it, puts on sunglasses and gets out his autobiography*

    Ben Dover: You two are anything but dench, yep, I said it, you two just...are not....dench! What you two are...are stupid, pathetic dookoos. You've been parred by The Cure before, tonight won't be an exception, unless pigs can fly too, and in that case, it's nice to see Rodrigo's sister has learnt the concept of flight :)

    *Dover cheekily smirks*

    Dover: Listen dirkheads, I'm better than you, at wrestling, at sex, at saving money, at articulation, you name it, I'm simply better than you, it's fact at this point....... Unless we're talking about failed gay relationships, seeing as Jacob and Adam broke up 8 times, while I've never had a gay relationship. So before Rodrigo's monotone voice and plain personality put me into a deep sleep on this deck chair, look at yourselves, as wrestlers, and ask why're not as good as me, or Antonio, or Victoria, or Aids. It's because you two aren't intimidating, you two make Pingu the Penguin look like a blood thirsty murderer. So lads, I enjoyed the chat, we can all 'have a laugh' when you vermin are confined to your hospital beds.

    *Dover lifts his sunglasses momentarily to laugh at his opponents, letting them see his maniacal eyes. His grin is so big it could tear his face. He proceeds to put his sunglasses back on his face.*

    Dover: Antonio, wake me up when it's time to humiliate these idiotic fools.
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  9. *Rodrigo's theme hit, he gets a huge ovation*

    *Rodrigo walks down the ramp, enters the ring and stares at Alias, then starts laughing*

    What a badass! Look at this people! The biggest badass of them all! Alias!

    You're pathetic. You think you're something, that you have achieved something during your career in the IWT but you haven't. You still the same weak piece of crap. You haven't changed a bit since you got hired by the company.
    We don't like each other, you want to make this personal? I'm down with it.

    I've been fighting against the Cure since SummerSlam when I was randomly thrown into the match with a partner that didn't believe in me.
    Then, WE beat, no, we destroyed two rookies for the first contenders match.
    They were good but they didn't have something we got. What is it? Something you alias don't have at the moment. A reason to fight for.
    You don't know what that title means for the company. I mean what the fuck is wrong with you? You win it at SSlam, you don't defend at NOC and suddenly, one half of the tag changes, and they worst thing about it. A former pornstar that haven't been here for moths now. That's how the cure works? Now try to tell me you give a fucking damn about that title. You don't have a reason. You have made a name of yourself, impressive. But all those victories, all that fame means nothing because you know deep inside that you wouldn't have achieve all that without cheating. Without the help of your friends.
    The cure fucked up this company, that's it. You were a group of nice talent that wanted to make a name of yourselves. You all followed George like lambs. Then AIDS needed something to steal the spotlight again and all he did was to "join" your group. And as you can see, as soon as he got the gold left the Cure.
    But AIDS left, so did George. Your leader, the guy who leaded you to the fame. When you lost your leader, most of you moved on. They knew nothing was going to be like before, and maybe didn't leave the cure but... When was the last time David mentioned the Cure? Jwab left and vacated the title while the pornstar hasn't been around for months.
    You're the only one left. And you know you're nothing without the Cure, the Cure has give you everything, matches, shots, money.. But you're afraid, you don't believe in yourself, that's why you keep saying that the Cure stills a hit blah blah blah you know the same old shit.
    But you know the real facts? Numbers? AIDS is one of the worst champs in the IWT history, you're a joke. The only thing that has been worth has been The IC title and the X division title. FSW has had higher rating than IWT, and that's all because you. Because of you we had to create new types of matches, because of you many people left. It's time to put an end to all this.

    Mr Small cock, too bad I don't know who you're. Is the first time you show up in months and you walk around here with a belt around your waist. You and alias have disrespected this company. Here the hard work gives you the fame, in your case, I can call you a champ because It would mean an insult that have held that title before you. What are you gonna do next mr Joey Ryan wannabe? Will you show up to defend at WM? Will you be filming your amateur gay orgies till then?
    You know, this Crusade stuff has ended. The crusade end whether if its with a win of a loss. After BFG, the Crusade will be dissolved. Adam left a while ago and Jacob and Myself are ending the Crusade today.
    Btw Alias, do you have a crush on Adam or something? Or is just a way to fill your pathetic life? Many people have accused of overprotecting Adam, I do respect him, like I respect anyone else back in that locker room. But you, you and your pathetic life like to mess up with Adam for an unknown reason. Maybe you were bullied when you were young and this is a way of satisfying yourself... I dunno. I don't really care, but trust me "Badass" is pretty lame.

    Jacob has a great potential, we all know it. But if we haven't disband yet is because we know each others like brothers, I know what he will do next. You trying to making us break up? That's pretty lame from you but again Alias, coming from you... I'm not surprised.
    Many people say we underestimate you. But that's false, we all know you're good but would you have reach this spotlight without cheating? Who knows. Again, I just think you're afraid of going solo. You're afraid of knowing if you're gonna be capable to win without cheating..
    BFG 2013, an era finishes, the era of the Cure, a few months where you fucked everything that had to be with the IWT. But now, we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have got some awesome potential, the best roster ever.. There's only one thing to be fixed, at that's all the BS you have thrown to the this company.
    It's time for a change, it's time for a new era.
    It's time to move on.

    The Cure, you've failed this company
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  10. I like when people just put words in my mouth. Also, I swear people always get mixed up when talking about who left The Cure and that lmao, anyway, anymore promos?
  11. Same happens to me...

    Nano i think will post another promo
  12. ...
  13. When does the promo time end?
  14. Start the voting then I guess Jonathan, Nano hasn't made a move.
  15. Because I just got on. I didn't have time to make one more promo. I've been really busy. I know now I can't make my move but I had a lot of things to say.
  16. Good luck in the voting lads.
  17. went for eddy an ovalhead just edged it for me
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  18. Really tough. Had to go with Rhod and Nano though.
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  19. This 24 hour shit needs to get worked on honestly. We have to figure out a way to get an equal amount of promos, if that means submitting their promos for a shot one day and then having the match a few days later so everyone has a 2nd promo opportunity. Something needs to get fixed here.
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  20. Well to be honest, I found Ben Dovers promo to be the most entertaining while reading it, so for that reason only, they get my vote.
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