IWT Brand Split

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  1. I think it'd be a good move for IWT.

  2. I don't think it'd be a good move for IWT.

  3. I'm undecided on my opinion of the brand split.

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    I know this is quite a long thread, but please read it. IWT is all about the users, and you make IWT what it is. So have your input in the thread & poll to improve IWT.

    'A member' brought up the idea of having a second brand.

    I know we had two brands before and it didn't turn out so well but that's mainly as we didn't have enough competitors. With the recent influx in users, there's a good chance it'll work.

    Benefits (of which there are others not listed):

    We'd keep the same belts, there'd be 1 World title which is open to both brands. The Intercontinental title which could is for Brand 'X' and the X-Division title which is for Brand 'Y' and the Tag Team title which can be for both brands.

    This would allow the use of multiple characters as long as both aren't challenging for titles at the same time, and both characters can't be on the same brand. This will allow users to create a second character who's mindset could be different from their current character (I.E. a dark, devlish heel on Brand 'X' and a fan-favourite on Brand 'Y')

    Drawbacks (of which there are others not listed):

    Having multiple characters could become disorganized and be a struggle to manage for users.

    Users could say "well I don't like what's happening with this character after losing this belt, I'm going to retire him and create a new character" - creating a sense of "cheapness" to characters who have worked hard to win.

    If every user wanted two characters, they could start to favour one character and neglect another, and if a lot of people began to do this then it could cause issues for the relevant brand.

    Here are some bullet points for a briefer overview (providing the vote is successful. You will make the choice whether we have a 2nd brand or not.)

    1) Both characters can't feud for titles at the same time, and both characters can't be on the same brand.
    2) For the few months, Brand 'Y' will only consist of people who want to have a 2nd character. Not everyone will want one.
    3) If the vote is successful, the 2nd brand will have it's own titles, of which the number will be relevant to the amount of competitors.
    4) The 2nd brand will be ran the exact same way as current IWT.
    5) During the 'testing' phase, the 2nd brand will have it's own PPVs to determine the success of the 2nd brand.

    Please be sure to reply with your input and vote in the poll, and be sure to leave your reasons if you voted 'I'm undecided', thanks!

    *Only IWT competitors in the active roster list votes count*
  2. Not really sure on this one. I would say no for now.
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  3. My formal opinion: Stop. Changing. Shit.
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  4. I say no.
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    Gonna go with no. The roster is thin as it is. Sure we have people signed up for it but only a handful actually compete. There is no need for a second brand when the current one is being held up on the shoulders of a few.
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  6. I only think this would be necessary if the majority of the folks in IWT now would be interested in creating more than one character. Otherwise I think things are going well the way that they are in the IWT.
  7. Nope, we need many more members in the IWT before we can do this.
  8. In this ennnd it doesnt even matteeerr i say well...first of all, great essay jono. Secondly, i say yes. Will be fun.

    Edit: Dont like the idea of havin two characters we have enough with zero. We dont want gohan back. Frank xoxo
  9. I'd say yes, but I've seen that unless it's for a title match, most of the users here don't want to have a promo fight... I'd say no even if I want a second character.
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  10. Linkin Park?
  11. This post matches with your profile picture :haha:
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  12. Lol because I changed it?
  13. Two times today, my dear boss
  14. No because DB looks pissed, like the post
  15. Lmfao :true:
  16. I was trying to decide on one.
  17. If we can get more active members, I'd be all for it, but for now it's a no.
  18. We have them, but only for titles...
  19. pretty simple, not enough members. We do even have any non-title ppv matches mostly. Wait for it.