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    Footage of Luis Ovaldinho opens the show. Gabby Logan talks over it and music plays to accompany the footage

    Gabby Logan: In today’s edition of the BBC’s ‘Wider World of Sport’ series, we look at professional wrestling, more exciting to watch than ever before. We begin, as always with an interview with a young, British athlete from the sport, set to be a World-beater. Today’s interviewee already looks like he is. He sent shockwaves through the sporting World by becoming IWT Champion only months into his IWT career. Only 19, he is one of the youngest champions you will find in wrestling today. Welsh born, he is the 3rd Welshman to become champion, following the footsteps of Bruce Knight and his mentor, Lord Lee. Ovaldinho’s rise has already inspired plenty in Wales to take up professional wrestling. Luis Ovaldinho looks set to join Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey and Leigh Halfpenny as one of Wales’ biggest athletes.

    Footage ends with footage of Ovaldinho clutching the IWT title while the confetti falls from the sky

    We now see Gabby Logan sat in what looks to be Luis Ovaldinho’s living room

    Gabby: Welcome to the show. Today we hear from the new IWT Champion; It’s Luis Ovaldinho!

    The camera changes to one showing Luis Ovaldinho, sat opposite Gabby Logan. He smiles and acknowledges the viewers with a nod and a quick wave

    Gabby: Great to have you on the show. Would have great to have the belt here too buuuuut….

    Luis: *lightly chuckles* Happy to be on regardless. And yeah, the belt may be losing its shine being held by three delusional men, but I will be addressing this come the end of our interview.

    Gabby: *face full of intrigue* Ohhhh, how exciting. Such exclusive updates, only available with the BBC. So let’s begin; Firstly, how did you begin your wrestling career?

    Ovaldinho: I moved to London when I was 17. Kicked out by my family for refusing to go to college. I travelled in search of my true love; wrestling. I lived through hell to one day get to heaven. People will probably say my situation with the IW3 isn’t heaven… but the chance to eventually kick some entitled heads off is heavenly to me. My life at 17 was awful, months of sleeping on the streets, taught why I needed to succeed, so I never have to suffer like that again.
    One day, I came across the IWT European champion, Lord Lee. I stopped him in the street and pleaded to him to get me a place on the IWT roster. He snarled and told me to ‘bugger off and take a shower”. Lee was, and still kind of is, an awful person. An amazing mind and a brilliant wrestler… but just awful.

    Gabby: So how did you two end up becoming so close?

    Ovaldinho: *strokes chin* Further down the line, I joined NGW, my first promotion. Tryouts were held in the UK, which I passed. I was so elated at first, I thought I’d cry. But I held the tears back and focused on the grind. Not getting complacent. Only getting better. Despite the GM becoming Walter Graham, a man who said to my face that I wasn’t good enough. I still performed better than most of that NGW roster. Lord Lee saw this. He remembered my face from that fateful day. He felt obligated to give me a chance. He gave me everything I needed to start in IWT. He may be a self-serving narcissist, but he has a heart, it’s just hidden very well.

    Gabby: Why did Walter Graham take issue with you?

    Ovaldinho: We’re very different people I suppose. In NGW, I felt the locker room should work hard, but then play just as hard. Your current IWT champion never goes soft, you see. Graham noticed I was trying to have a good time with a few of the other wrestlers backstage. Wow… did he not like that. He felt it wasn’t NGW material. Jeffry also despised me for it, but not like how he supposedly despised the World. He even tried to have jokes banned in the locker room. No joke. Tried to talk things over with this man but he refused, he attempted to belittle me and undermine my position in the company. It hurt, but it taught me to be strong, not just physically but emotionally in the wrestling industry.

    Gabby: I hope this sort of thing is not too common.

    Ovaldinho: Honestly, wrestling is a crazy sport. But it’s exhilarating. What my current foes, the IW3 don’t realise is that I’m all about these situations. I should let them know that the last hot shots to call for my demise were Jeffry Mason and Walter Graham. Where are they now? Nowhere, and they were once seen as indispensable. Mason is well-decorated in multiple federations and I proved him wrong. I’ve proved people wrong, even Lee. Every time I go out to that IWT ring and win, I always stand at that curtain before my music hits, eyes closed and deep breaths. I remember when Jeffry and Walter laughed at me. I remember when Lee saw me as nothing but a hobo. I think about how the tables have turned now. I can overcome anything now.

    The IW3 currently run under a design set to implode. Kid and Alias hate eachother. No matter how much they bury it, there’s way too much history for them to continue pretending they see eye to eye. Why would the IWT fanbase want that anyway? If IWT still wants Alias and Kid, they would rather them fighting, not hugging and stroking eachothers fragile self-esteem.

    Gabby: How did it feel, having IW3 do what they did, taking the belt and interrupting your moment of glory?

    Ovaldinho: I’m flattered, in a way. Three of the ‘biggest stars IWT have had’ team up to try and take me out the picture. Best of all, Alias takes an L to a guy and then takes it on the chin like a good little boy and become allies with him. I once believed Alias was this guy with an unmatched mentality. I’ve been proven otherwise. Realistically what chance does he have of being seen on equal footing with Kid and Aids after losing to both? Especially when those losses were Alias’ last two matches. I feel for Alias. Honestly, I feel for all three really. These three desperately want to stay important.’s polls can’t do much to help them either. I was the guy people stamped their approval on. 19,000 people voted for me in the post-show performance polls. More than anyone else at Summerslam by some margin. I got more votes than most matches got votes combined. I got more votes than both Kid and Alias did. Kid is too self-involved to realise that a cutesy iron-man match isn’t going to hold everyone’s attention just because some guy who cosplays as God returned from yet another retirement that he can apparently just null and void. The more I talk about the IW3, as a group and individuals… the sadder it gets. They shouldn’t just be scared of me. They should be scared of themselves and eachother.

    Gabby Logan: You seem somewhat composed, considering what’s happened? Are you not frustrated at all?

    Ovaldinho: *rolls eyes* I mean what do you think?!?

    Gabby Logan looks back a little stunned at Ovaldinho momentarily losing his cool

    Ovaldinho: It was my moment. And everything up until the attack was and always will be. Still my confetti. Still my victory. STILL MY CHAMPIONSHIP! But it left a mark, but at the end of the day. I’ll get to have more moments, defeating Aids and Alias whenever that happens. I can overcome yet another set of obstacles. Then I can finally face Danny Jacobs and have an IWT title match that the IWT in 2016 deserves.

    Gabby: Well, I’m sure the whole of Wales would be backing you, as they have been ever since you entered the IWT Title tournament. Now, before we finish; about that announcement…

    Ovaldinho: *Grins to himself and nods* So, IW3 took the belt. Must have thought they were really clever. Well, this merely accelerates… what’s next. Coming soon, live on IWT TV and the BBC, I will be having a press conference. This will show everyone… what’s next. Tune in, tuck in and feast on the food that will sustain IWT’s future!

    Gabby: Well… That is a bombshell. Tune in for the press conference as we see this precocious talent continue to make headlines. Luis, thanks for your time.

    Luis: *wildly grins and nods in response* Oh, the feeling is mutual.

    Gabby and Luis share a momentary chuckle as the show moves onto the next segment
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  2. *a voice can be heard from the audience. Its Gav the Chav singing his new song*

    (Gav the Chav) Oh Ovaldinho is magic.
    He wears a magic hat.
    When he came to IWT he said i fancy that.
    He could have signe for NGW but they were fucking shite.
    Instead he signed for IWT cos there fucking dynamite !
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