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  1. Following the return to programming, we see a close shot of Jonathan Coachman, sat at a table on the ESPN set

    Coachman: Welcome back to ESPN Sportscenter! I'm Jonathon Coachman, and you know what that means... It's time for my favourite segment; Off The Top Rope! As always, I have a wrestler to interview, today I have one of the fastest rising stars in the sport. This time last year this wrestler was deemed 'incompatible with the vision and direction of NGW'. Fast forward 12 months, he is the IWT Champion, undefeated in IWT and is in World Class form... meanwhile, NGW has folded. Tonight, I'm interviewing... Luis Ovaldinho!

    Camera pans to a grinning Luis Ovaldinho. His IWT Championship is in front him on the table and is shining brightly

    Ovaldinho: Great to be here, and always great to be reminded of far I've come.. never gets old *chuckles*.

    Coachman: For sure! A true tale to those who are troubled like you were before your IWT career came. But we’re not here to do your ESPN 30 for 30 story, are we?

    Ovaldinho: *chuckles* Indeed. *Points at his belt sitting on the desk* We’ve got plenty else to talk about.

    Coachman: Well, just what I was getting to. Here you sit, still IWT Champion coming off the back of your second straight win over Hall of Famer Aids Johnson! You feeling good?

    Ovaldinho: Well… *shrugs and pulls a face* beating someone with the history that Aids has and the accolades that he holds, not just once but twice, both time with the gold at stake is a big deal. Would have been bigger if Aids was closer to the level we once saw out of him but I’ll take my accomplishment for what it is.

    Coachman: You think this is the last time we’ll see Aids Johnson in an IWT title match?

    Ovaldinho: I doubt it. Aids isn’t what he once was, but he’ll always have the IWT in his heart and in his mind. Realistically the ship may have sailed, but as long as he can walk and talk you bet we’ll see him going for the belt. It may not always be easy to watch, but Aids’ determination is unrelenting and I can’t help but respect that.

    Coachman: Aids may be out of the picture for now but that means it’s time for the next in line. Alias Antonio cashes in his long awaited rematch clause, after he lost the title to Aids Johnson many months ago.

    Ovaldinho: I do believe that Alias is still a World Class talent, and that he will surely be more of a challenge than the one Aids posed to me, can’t deny that, but I am more than glad to double down on how weak Alias' mentality is, accepting to be in the IW3. Now, this isn’t his first team by any means, but the others I could understand. This… this just has me wondering what self-evaluation he has right now. He and his ‘arch rival’ come out to attack me after Summerslam and Anarchy. Sometimes I wonder, could he even pull it off on his own? It’s one thing to be pathetic enough to attack someone after a well-earned win, but it’s another for multiple people needing to group together to do it. If Alias needs another person by his side for a post-match ambush, I can only imagine just how limited he will be when it’s just me, him and a referee that's enforcing the rules.

    Coachman: Now, you mention the post-match attack at Anarchy, out of nowhere the Bullad Club come in for the save! Wa-Was that pre planned?

    Ovaldinho awkwardly laughs off Coachman’s question

    Ovaldinho: I mean, come on? Me and the Bullad Club are very different people, at the end of the day, and not people I would typically co-operate with.

    Coachman: But wait, you specifically used the word ‘typically’ there. Does this mean that in not-so-typical circumstances, like those you and the Bullad Club both currently face, that you’d ask for their assistance in case IW3 did attack.

    Ovaldinho: H-Honestly no. At the end of the day, Bullad Club and IW3 are both eager to establish themselves as the group of IWT, and me and my IWT title were caught inbetween a development of that situation occured with that brawl at the end of Anarchy. IW3 once again showed their lack of class, but fortunately Jacobs’ hunt for the belt and the Club’s ambition to get one up on IW3 played it’s part. I’m confident that’s the reasoning.

    Don’t get it twisted though, I’m still the champ, and the critics can say I’m being overshadowed, but all I know is that once again I got rave reviews on the performance polls, just like Summerslam. While I keep performing, I’m staying champ. That’s what champions do, focus on the gold and keeping it.

    Coachman: Back to Alias specifically; he’s already been in the IWT ring and made his comments on the upcoming title match. I know you caught it, because afterwards you tweeted “My thoughts on Alias’ fighting talk so far tonight? “xD LMFAO”’. Quite the dig at him, specifically referencing the part where addressed the haters, so to speak and mocked them using "xD LMFAO" during his attempt to ridicule them. Any thoughts on his promo, besides from what you tweeted out?

    Ovaldinho chuckles

    Ovaldinho: In all seriousness, I thought he showed great confidence and desire, what I’d expect from Alias, but I can’t ignore a few of the head-scratchers. ‘All flash and no substance’ is by no means an accurate description of who I am. I get down to the nitty gritty when need be. Alias, from arriving with the Cure to being part of this grand IW3 formation, is all about being part of big moments, merely to inflate his hype and exposure. Also, him referring to Rio as Rivers Cuomo was bizarre. All I know about Rivers is that he's in a band called Weezer. I only listen to a couple of their songs from the Blue Album while I work out. The connection is near non-existent. All in all, it was confusing and got in the way of his serious message. It’s what it is though, such poor choices can happen to the best, so of course it can happen to someone with a two loss streak.

    Coachman: Oh my, well… *widens eyes and subtly tilts head* Anyways. It’s worth noting that Alias implied that you and the Bullad Club are on quite good terms backstage, so to speak. It’s quite the bold claim. I know you made quite the effort to talk such a thing down already, but it’s worth asking again, are you and the Bullad Club planning to take down IW3 as combined unit?

    Ovaldinho huffs his cheeks and defiantly shakes his head

    Ovaldinho: What else can I say? Me and the Bullad Club are in different Worlds! *voice gets more aggressive* What do we have in common?? *voice gets even more aggressive* Come on, Jonathan I expected better than this from you! *voice gets louder* If the day comes that me and the Bullad Club strike a deal... I’ll let you know! I’ll let Alias and his babysitters a.k.a Aids and Kid know! I WILL LET THE ENTIRE WORLD KNOW!! GOODBYE AND GOODNIGHT!!!

    Ovaldinho yanks his belt off the table and storms off set, leaving Coachman looking bewildered and shocked
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