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    [Start song at 0:33 imo]

    The tension in the press room builds as they await the big arrival.. At 0:50 into the song, Luis Ovaldinho makes his way into the room with Lord Lee, a belt bag in Lord Lee’s hands. They sit down at the table. The belt bag is placed upon the table. The photographers in attendance waste no time taking snaps for their respective media publication. Luis & Lee both hold a very cheerful look on their faces as they look at those in front of them, all pining to find out the situation. Luis and Lee talk amongst themselves as the music continues to play. The music eventually cuts at 1:50. Lord Lee motions with his hand for the room to quieten down. When this finally occurs he begins the introduction.

    Lord Lee: Ladies and gentlemen, so glad you’re all here to witness a moment in history. A moment where we shut the door on those eager to appease the past while providing a symbol for the future. It’s obvious by now that we are revealing… a new belt.

    Ovaldinho eagerly nods along in agreement

    Ovaldinho: I’m honoured to be IWT Champion. To represent the IWT as it’s champion in the national and global media. Whether it be my home nations’ BBC or a high profile sports network like ESPN, I am always willing to be the company’s figurehead, to promote and advertise our brand. Primarily I am in the IWT to wrestle some of the best around, but I am always willing to fulfil my business opportunities. With this new belt, I will be injecting something new in IWT, it only fits with how the tide is turning, so many rising stars the IWT roster has vastly changed. A new belt only makes sense.

    Lord Lee: It has a rough look to it but my client, the IWT Champion, told me he wanted a hard, gritty looking belt, to represent the grind required, the shifts expected of the main eventers and just how brutal the road to glory is. Without further ado, let’s give the press something to water their mouths over.

    Lord Lee wastes no time in unzipping the belt bag, revealing the new IWT title


    Lord Lee and Luis both rise to their feet. Lord Lee hands the belt to Luis, but not before the two of them pose. Photographers getting ample opportunity to get a fantastic shot of Luis being presented with the new belt. Ovaldinho proudly puts the belt around his arm and both men sit back down.

    Lord Lee: Questions for my client?

    John McDonald: Hi, John McDonald from the BBC; How much was this decision brought upon at all by the IW3 stealing your original IWT championship belt?

    Luis Ovaldinho: Sure that’s played it’s part, but honestly I just wanted to introduce a new belt. I asked those around me what they thought, and they all responded positively. I wanted to put my footprint on this promotion as it’s champion and this is one of the many ways that I can. Really, IW3 only made my decision easier. They can live in their hey-day, taking turns cuddling the old belt, reminiscing about when they were indispensable. The competitors that have debuted in 2016 and made IWT theirs… will go toe to toe with me for this belt and put on endless amounts of 5 star matches in the process.

    John McDonald: Thanks for your time.

    Lord Lee: Any more Qs for the champ-a-rino?

    Dwayne Carson: Dwayne Carson from ESPN here; Fans online clamouring for Luis Ovaldinho vs Danny Jacobs. Several critics are growing tired of Aids Johnson and his antics. When will we see the IWT title match that ‘IWT in 2016 has been begging for’ with that new belt at stake?

    Luis Ovaldinho: A lot of hate coming in for Aids Johnson since his Summerslam fiasco it seems. Literally if it wasn’t for the IW3’s formation distracting just about enough people, Aids Johnson’s public reputation would be beyond repair. Some say it already is, but Aids still has a chance, I just don’t think it’s with the IW3, it only plays more into what the critics are saying. I hope Aids turns up when we face, with a legitimate work-rate. I said before Summerslam I wanted prime Aids Johnson and he failed to deliver. Honestly Mr. Johnson has done very little since then to make me believe I should expect much better the second time around. There’s been many calls for Danny Jacobs to face me at Dragon Rising and honestly I would be happy to if this occurred. One of the most focused fighters you’ll find in IWT today. IW3 pretend to have importance nowadays, but Danny Jacobs can actually be important, his incredible talent and desire shows that. Give me Jacobs and will you finally give me the chance to put on Match of the Year.

    Lord Lee: One more question for the money maker himself... First come, first serve!

    Robin Adams: Robin Adams from Al Jazeera; On the subject of the IWT championship and it's heritage, which past IWT Champions do you model yourself on and look to for inspiration?

    Lord Lee: Besides me, of course.

    Lee and Luis both laugh, as do the majority of the press in front of them, Luis waits until the laughter dies down before answering the question

    Luis Ovaldinho: Well, *chuckles* besides from my manager *chuckles once more*… I don’t know really. To be honest I just focus on myself and prefer to learn my own thing, sure I’ve watched past IWT champions but I’ve never thought ‘I want to be like them’. The athleticism and professionalism I am bringing to IWT and will continue to bring is in a league of its own. The days of Aids Johnson sluggishly carrying IWT through insane and inane conduct were entertaining at their peak but the well has run dry. I don’t need to template myself using those who sat on this throne before me. I know where I want to take myself and this belt for however long I hold it. I respect many past IWT champions, even Aids Johnson at his best, and plenty of IWT title feuds like Aids Johnson vs Victoria Parker, but I want to focus on creating my own now.

    Lord Lee: Thank you for your time everyone. Be sure to watch the IWT Champion Luis Ovaldinho defend the NEW IWT Championship against a Hall of Famer at Anarchy! Will we see Ovaldinho beat that very Hall of Famer for the second time in two months?… buy the PPV to find out!

    Luis and lee both stand up from their seats. Luis puts the belt around his waist and poses for the
    photographers. Luis applauds and shows his appreciation for those in attendance before he and Lee make their way out of the press room.

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  2. Dat Kid stands menacingly in the back of the before Luis leaves he stands on his chair.

    Kid: Faggot!

    Kid leaps out of a window as the press begin to badger Luis with questions about his sexuality.
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  3. Bamboozled Reporter: LUIS? LUIS? Why does Earl Sweatshirt think you're gay?!? And WHY IS EARL SWEATSHIRT HERE?!?

    Luis Ovaldinho: *chuckles* That was Dat Kid...

    Light-Hearted Reporter: Is it typical policy allowing special needs people to attend your press conferences? Is he Make a Wish too? Very respectable if so.

    Luis Ovaldinho: *chuckles* I'm telling you, that was Dat Kid...

    Cheeky Reporter from the Sun Newspaper: *cackles* Does Dat Kid know you're gay because he propositioned you for SEX?!? Did you two HOMOSEXUALS have SEX?!?

    Luis Ovaldinho: *shrugs* It hasn't. Kid would make it all about him anyway, which doesn't sound all that appetising...

    *Lord Lee shakes his head and waves his arms up in the arm in disarray*


    *Lee rolls his eyes and puffs out his cheeks*

    Here's the situation...

    *Lee and Luis high five as they leave the press room, making their way out the building and off of the premises*
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