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  1. As the crowd in that shitthole Yum! Center in Louisville, KA jobber match finishes, the lights flicker in black and white...sending the crowd to their feet in mostly boo's mixed in with cheers.

    As soon as the music hits, Aids walks out to an open boo from the crowd. He stops at the center of the stage holding up the current IWT title over his shoulder in one hand, with his HoF ring middle fingering the rest of the crowd. He runs down into the ring, before sliding in. Aids is handed a microphone, standing in the corner holding the microphone up.

    I'm here to talk to the microphone so the rest of you mother's need to SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP! You might not like it, but this is what a champion looks like. Welcome to the houe that Aids built!

    Aids Pauses so creative can change his coloring and format, but nothing happens.

    Tried and true you sons of bitches, This is a message for the haters and fans alike, because in less than two weeks....Oval gets brought to the big show in the Main Event, a place he has never been in by the way.

    You don't like the IW3? You hate everything we did? Well mission accomplished, like a spoiled child it's time to pimp slap you and remind you who paid for that bread you are eating. If Luis wants to drop the bomb, I can tell you what it is? His new belt will include spinners, and because you hate me you will mark for him...but in the end the truth will never change. You see the truth is that he isn't good enough.

    He is proud of his heritage, great. He worked hard to get here - we all did...honestly what a laughable deal. "Oh I had to work hard for where I am now!" Lord Lee was a midcard asshole who used you, just like you accuse me of night in and night out. This belt belongs to the IW3 because you do not deserve it, and in 11 days, and 10 for you eurofags I will prove it.

    Watch Aids show up and prove that lightning doesnt strick once, it does not strike twice, and hell...not even thrice. I'm going to take your belt and WCW trash it as soon as our match ends because the fact of the matter is we are walking into MY state and MY college town where I grinded and put my blood, sweat, and so many other's tears into making sure the IWT was a stable home for you all to enjoy. You may hate me, but you damn sure respect me.

    I main event for a reason. I am the HoF king for a reason. Most importantly, I am walking into an event with the cards stacked against Luis for a reason. This belt may not belong to me currently, but it will the second I walk out...and Bullad will be next. I'm tired of hearing all the negative press about "Older talent" because when it comes down to the wire the fact of the matter is that WE SHOW UP. Hate us, love us, we don't care. I'm not here to make you happy or forsee your future as a champion, i'm here for #1 and that is ME. That is what the IW3 stand for, and why it makes me sick to my stomach you all suddenly love the bullad club.

    We are looking out for ourselves and our future, and you want some rainbows and sunshine joke like Luis because he empowers you. It's a facade, deal with it. No one ever gets to the top without stepping on a few backs, and if you cannot get with it, then plan on your back being the one we step on.

    I'll see you at my house Luis, you better bring more than the new gold you plan on showing off because i'll be coming for your throat, son.

    *Aids throws down the microphone and the feed cuts to black*
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    As the feed is just fading, it suddenly turns on again. We see Ovaldinho on the titantron, smugly shaking his head. The fans cheer the sight of their IWT Champion

    Ovaldinho: Wow, I'm so glad you're nailing the point about how you 'built this house' and how you made this place. Yeah, you made it. Now I maintain it. You go to the retirement home. Before you embarrass yourself again.

    And who are you to tell me that I don't deserve to be champ? No matter how accomplished you are here, you made a mockery of our match and the belt you're falsely parading when we faced at Summerslam. You were sub-par, and you not acknowledging that only further shows your state of delusion. You disrespected everyone that night... you disrespected me. But disrespecting me is whatever, I can live with that. Once I pin you 1-2-3, I'll be over it and I'll let it stay in the past.

    Either way I'm not interested in the "WE SHOW UP" argument, because you didn't show up at Summerslam. The HoF'er I was ready to fight didn't, that's for sure. Instead we saw a man who barely had any credibility left by the time the 3 count was made.

    Keep turning yourself into a parody if that's what you want so much. Pains me to see it, but I'm sure I'll find it funny by this time next year.

    Thanks your time, former champ. Hope you'll like my new belt though.
    *Luis over enthusiastically sticks both his thumbs up* You'll get to see it around my waist before and after our match

    Luis Ovaldinho gleefully smiles to himself as the titantron cuts. A near universal applause is made by the crowd
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  3. OOC shit I wrote this pretty damn sober, reread and everything. :obama: it is what it is.