IWT Champions + Active Roster II

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    General Manager: Jonathan

    Current Champions

    IWT Championship:
    Aids Johnson


    Intercontinental Championship:


    X-Division Championship :


    Tag Team Champion(s) :
    @TheOvalhead & @Eddy335


    Active Roster:
    User Name / Ring Name(S) (Nicknames)

    Senhor Perfect: Senhor Perfect ("The Triple Threat")
    CrayJ Lee: Victoria Parker
    Dust: Alkaline ("The Whole Shabang" "The Duck Enthusiast" "The Brains of the Bunch" "Seductive Swede")

    MrSackfist: Mr. Sackfist ("Mr Mid-Card")
    FailFaceFTW: FailFaceFTW ("The Ambassador of Violence")
    DKJames: Joey Bryant

    Eddy335: Alias Antonio
    JwabTV: Jwab Atom ("The Bromigo" "The Cure")
    Shadoxicity: Suicide

    King David: David Erro
    TheOvalhead: Ben Dover
    Aids Johnson: Aids Johnson

    B.Dazzle B.Dazzle
    tgill85 Gav the Chav
    Forrest: Nightmare

    Andy Andy
    Nick1698 Nick
    Samalan Lucas Hacksaw

    louissiscool Duke Nukem
    DX2006 Dexx Duggan
    Reborn "The saviour of misbehaviour" Reborn

    Rhodes: Rodrigo
    rko2004 Mike Boston
    tripinthehead69 Trip in the Head

    Jesse Pinkman: Christian
    Seabs:Draven ("The One Man Sugar Hill Apache" "Dravester" "The Immortal master of disaster")


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  2. I'm active fired or retired?
  3. You tell me. I don't know?
  4. Active I guess
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  5. I know. That's why you're on the active list.
  6. Didnt see that, Sorry.
  7. I wouldnt really call, Darth, Alex and Roray active honestly, They havent had a match in like a month.
  8. Good work Jonerthin. I closed the other thread.
  9. Yo im active
  10. :hmm: I asked Plopspot too
    Put my name in the active roster.
  12. Catwoman Jonathan I have returned, put me among the active roster, my ring name is Scorpion and my nickname is "The Best in the World". :tough:
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  13. I quit. Might as well add it.
  14. Rodrigo, aka spaniard, el matador
  15. Can we update me with a nickname - Mr Mid-Card
  16. Forget Scorpion, I want my name to be Baraa.
  17. I'm going to start being active. I made an attempt but my thread got deleted -_- I was calling out a member aka Adam to face.
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    Add me too please. I'm Suicide:)
  19. It is: Jwab Atom ("The Bromigo" "The Cure")