Voting IWT Championship Tournament - Aids vs Alkaline

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Aids vs Alkaline

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  1. Aids

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  1. Aids @Aids Johnson vs Alkaline Dust
    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    Hold on just a damn minute!​
    Dat Kid walks out to the stage.
    You know there has been a lot of controversy with a group that calls themselves The Cure. I'm going to very blunt. I do not like The Cure. They come to MY show thinking that they own the place. They are under illusion that they are quote on quote "taking over".
    Here's some reality for them. The only reason they have those titles is because I let them. Don't think I don't know about those tactics you've been using, helping each other in your matches, running interference when the ref isn't looking.
    Dat Kid walks into the ring.
    The Cure is getting too ahead of themselves. One of them even threatened to "kick my head in".
    Dat Kid laughs
    So from here on out every match that has anyone affiliated with The Cure in it will be officiated by...
    Dat Kid points to the stage
    Dat Kid points back to himself.
    The following contest is a Special Guest Referee Match...

    - Competitors will have 2 promos each with a 24hr limit starting from when the first promo is posted
    -When the promo period is over or both competitors have submitted max promos, an additional 24 hrs will be opened for voting.
    - There are only 3 votes in this match. Big E Rection has 1 vote, Jesse Pinkman has 1 vote, and the public vote counts as 1 vote.
    - The person with the most votes will be the winner
    - Images, videos & live stream are NOT allowed
    - Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension, no questions asked.
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  2. Aids is working for another 5 hours or so. So we'll wait with the promos since I'm a nice lad.
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  3. Awww dats so niiiice
  4. *Alias' reaction is justifiably irate to the statement just made by Dat Kid. He smashes a trash can, and subsequently walks to his locker room*
  5. As soon as Dat kid finishes pointing at himself, Aids Johnson's theme hits.

    Aids walks in after a few seconds, holding a cane in one hand, and a bottle of Glenfiddich scotch in the other, his briefcase is no-where to be seen. As Aids enters, he shakes the cane at the fans while holding his lower back, before taking a drink of his scotch. He then depends on the cane for a few feet, before throwing it back behind his head and running into the ring. He slides in within a few inches of Dat Kid, snatching the microphone up instantly.

    *Aids hands the drink to Dat kid, telling him to "get used to holding this, this how how you'll be spending your next month." Dat kid replies with a few curse words with a crooked grin, before passing the bottle over to a staff member. Aids Holds up the mic, laughs, and begins.

    Hey hey hey *Crowd boos loudly while aids smiles, holding his arms up in a Victoria Parker-esque pose* There is no better time than the present my friends! Mr Money in the Bank, the man who destroyed what was felt to be "the greatest thing to contend in the IWT," and the next "Dat from Kid." I came in here, and i informed you that i was the hungriest member of the IWT. That i speak of my past because of my pride, and my demand for bringing the IWT to the next level. I was lying. *Crowd boos*

    Boo, Boo all you want. You cheer on the Crusade, and members of the IWT that are undeserving of your time. You hate on the Cure, claiming we "cheat" and "dont play by the rules." Well, you know what i say? Fuck your Rules. I'm here tonight because i am once again, getting a chance to go for the IWT title. I know, i know. But why, Aids? You have the briefcase? Are you not confident enough in your ability to cash in?

    No, i'm going to win the title, and keep both. You see i have until the next MITB to turn this in, and the "management staff" in the IWT, are less trustworthy than the cure you brought into your nightmares. See, as we speak my pal Georgie is getting ready to destroy lives, again. Hey, i guess i will mention Alkaline. Alkaline was nothing, if not absolutely destroyed by George at the PPV. No one complained. No one said anything, because Alkaine is a top tier member, who can take a loss like a man. Here. Let me prove it to you.

    *Aids turns and demands the bottle from Kid, who points to the corner. Aids walks into the corner, threatens the staff member to get him his Scotch, and after receiving it, leans in the corner waiting on Alkaline.
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  6. *The music hits and the crowd starts cheering. Alkaline walks out on the stage, dressedin a pair of black and green shorts, black wrestling boots and kneepads. A gren tank top with a black vest over it with the word "Bandit" embroidered on the back and a green banadana covering the lower part of his face. Alkaline walks to the ring with purpose before jumping the ropes and getting in the ring. He climbs a corner and stands on the turnbuckle, looking out over the fans as he pulls down the bandana. Alkaline jumps off the turnbuckles and stares at Aids as he is handed a microphone.*​
    AK: You wanted me, you've got me. You see ever since this little tournament was announced I've had one name and some scary thoughts stuck in my brain. And that name is yours Aids. Aids Johnson, Aids Johnson, Aids Johnson! Man I've been looking forward to this day for some time now. Yours is the name that have been stuck in my brain, and the thoughts to go with it is how I am going to enjoy tanning your hide right here. You and I have some history, it doesn't take a scholar to go back and watch the tapes. To see you mocking my friend Draven, the man who brought me into this business, to see our brawl backstage where I made you bleed. The brawl that forced Dat Kid to put a none contact clause on us, only to have it thrown out the fricking window! We've fought together and that went like shit. And now we're gonna fight, and that's just the way I like it!

    *Crowd chants fight fight fight*

    You talk about top teir. About taking losses like a man. Am I hearing this right? This comes from the same man who claimed he built this house, but left when the going got tough? You, with all your accolades and credentials but left when the fans got tired of your schtick. You're talking about handling rough times like a man? But hey, at least you came back like a beaten girl to an abusive boyfriend. You're Rihanna and this company is Chris Brown. Only this time, you've got friends with you don't ya Aids? You've got your little Cure buddies with you now? Well you always seemed like the guy who enjoyed a good circle jerk.

    *Crowd oo's*

    Did I get beaten by George at Summerslam? Yes. Does it bother me? A little. But does the opportunity to to kill two birds with one stone, by breaking your face in and getting one step closer to the IWT title make it all better? Damn right. You wanna go top tier Aids? Then man up, cut the antics. And give me your best shot. And I'll give it back ten fold. Because I've got 99 problems, but bitch you ain't one.
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  7. You have 99 losses, and i am going to add one. You want to make comparisons? Compare what you have done in this company to me. IWT champ? Me. Money in the bank? Me. You? Jobber to the stars. Mr Mid-card's Cronie. You and i have a history, and i plan on including you in my promo's in the future. You might not be a Senhor Perfect, you certainly are not a Farooq, and you weren't beaten by my "circle jerk" buddy, you were dominated. You are nothing without Draven, Alkaline, face it.

    We teamed up, and held each other down. But when we fought, blood sprayed, children cried, and dat kid crippled his legs away as quickly as his two stooge's could carry him. We were meant to battle. We were meant to shock, awe, and raise the bar for what people want in this company. Tonight is our big chance, but there will be others. The winner of this match tonight gets moved forward in the tournament for the IWT title, but also gets a new bitch ring announcer for out matches, for a whole month! *Aids turns to dat kid* You can cheer, you can jeer, but this is MY Company. Dont worry, From, you are still good enough to tie my boots for me. *points at his shoes* or you can taste them.

    *Aids goes to the corner, and begins to step up, but Alkaline moves forward, causing Aids to quickly jump to the outside of the ring, before walking around slowly and sliding back in. Look at us, the two "veteran" members of the IWT, in 2nd after the rookies. In the eyes of the Management, we are up second because we are the 3rd ranked match to get them ratings. In the eyes of the fans? We are finally giving them something to watch. This wont be a battle, this is a War.

    A war. I think the shame is, you are coming off the biggest loss of your career. A match almost no one payed attention to. Some even call it the "piss break" of the Cureslam. I competed in the greatest match in IWT history, and rolled up a victory like the warrior i am. I am everything but the King of the IWT, and you are standing in the way of my crown. You want me to step my game up? I'm at the top of the stairs, why dont you get on my level.
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  8. AK: You say that we were made to do battle, I couldn't agree more. Some people bring out the best in each other, but not you and me Aids, no way in hell. Quite frankly, you bring out the worst in me. You can punch me as much as you want, you can break my bones, you can kick my teeth out of my mouth, you can bleed me dry and send your puppies at me. But that won't stop me! As long as you draw breath I am going to get back up, I am going to keep clawing at you, I am going to keep punching, kicking and screaming until you are a bloody heap that is thrown into the garbage! I am going to do everything that I can to make sure that you aren't walking out of this ring in one piece. The pain doesn't scare me because I will just throw it back at you a thousand fold!

    That's how much I hate you Aids. So much that I throw all sense and reason out of my body. We were meant to go to war. And your little friends in the Cure don't scare me. Your accolades and titles don't scare me. Hell, the fact that this is "your company" doesn't even scare me. It just makes destroying you all the more fun. You compare me to guys like Senhor Perfect, but say that I am not on their level. That might be as it is but don't ever question my dedication to my craft. I'm one of the hardest workers in this company and in this tournament. If we look at the guys competing in it. George, DK James, Nick, Farooq, Sackfist and you there's not a single one of you bitches that work harder than me, that bleeds and sweats as much as me for my craft! None of you motherfuckers are hungrier than me for this opportunity and to whoever thinks they are I say fuck you!

    I gave this company the rowdy teen, I gave them the TV obsessed egomaniac, I gave this company the warhorse and got nothing back! Nothing but scars on my body and a aching body. But yet I get back up. I'm most likely as much of a sucker for pain as you are Aids, but I do it with a purpose. To crush your skull against that briefcase of yours and reaching the highpoint of my career so far. No more acts, no more flashy gimmicks. This time it is just going to be me. In the case that some of you people don't know who I am, my name is Alkaline, but I prefer being called AK. All the eyes in the pro wrestling world are looking at this tournament and I am going to make sure that I leave something to be remembered by in it, be it a glorious name in the history books or a big fat scar. Starting with this man right here.

    You say I am at a career low Aids, well then. There's nowhere to go but up! Am I nothing without Draven? That's for the history books to decide since my career is far far far from over. And if getting on "your level" means selling out like a whore to get some "insurance policy" that you stay on top than I think I'll be perfecty fine on my own thanks. You want a war? I'll give you a war. I'll give you Germany bursting into Hungary in world war 1, I'll give you the London blitz, I'll give you Vietnam motherfucker! And when you're beaten, I'll go on to the next match, and the match after that, and Night of Champions. And then, to the IWT championship. My career is far from over Aids. I go on day by day, working harder than anyone else, just to prove that this business is what I love. You've had that belt once, now its time for you to lay down and die.
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  9. Voting is now open
  10. That was awesome
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  11. Damn, this is a tough one, going to have to think a bit before voting.
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    I enjoyed this alot but I don't know who to vote for to be honest.........the Blurred Lines song as a theme makes me not* wanna vote for Aids

    I forgot to say how much that song annoys me now -_-
  13. Damn. Great promos from both.... :hmm:
  14. This was a tough descision, But AK gets my vote
  15. AKs was more heart felt IMO. Sorry Aidsey.
  16. No worry baby, thanks for voting.
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  17. OOC: Both promos were fucking amazing. I couldn't pick a winner, but in the end it got down to who needed it most. This was a neck and neck match, but I want the voting to be very close. And in the end the heel promo by Aids made the pace to pick up. My vote went to Aids.
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  18. Tough decision. Both guys delivered stellar promos and I have the utmost respect for both after this. After a long thought on who to vote, I'd have to go with Aids since he'a been really solid with his promos as of late, probably the best we've seen of him. Congrats to both guys though.
  19. Torn apart from voting between you both. Tremendous quality, good structure, good subjects to work on, and good yet slightly different styles. Going to take me a good few minutes before voting, but this could possibly be the best match from the entire tournament, even after it's done.
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  20. So ahh, we announcing a fucking winner?