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  1. Dat Kid walks down to the ring holding his cane under his arm.
    I have a major announcement tonight. I'm getting a lot of complaints that the I am an unfair man, that I play favorites when it comes to championships. That is simply not the case. Just because Suicide is better than everyone in that locker room doesnt mean I favor him over everyone else. I believe in hard work and determination, something that you people couldn't even begin to understand.​
    So I've taken it upon myself to prove I am an unbiased man. I've taken 8 names from the top of the mountain to the garbage at the bottom and you see, what I've done is arranged those names in a random honor. I swear it was random, I only peeked maybe once or twice.​
    These 8 individuals will have the opportunity of a lifetime as they all will compete in the first ever IWT Championship Tournament. The winner of the tournament will face the current IWT Champion the PPV after Night of Champions. Now I know you're all wondering who's facing who, so without further ado...​
    Dat Kid points to the titantron with his cane...
    Senhor Perfect vs MrSackfist

    Stopspot vs Mystical George

    DKJames vs Nick1698

    Aids Johnson vs Dust

    The finals of this tournament will take place at Night of Champions. May the best man win.

    Dat Kid walks between the ropes, but stops suddenly and asks for the mic again.

    You know what, I cant help but get this feeling that someone is on that list that doesnt belong there. Can you put it on the tron again?

    Hmm? ...oh i see it. Mr Sackfist, king of the jobbers, Mr. Midcard himself. I don't think you belong on that card because you've been losing left and right, but I added you there for a specific reason. I'm tired of seeing you waste my air time with your half assed efforts to compete.

    So if you lose 1 match...1 match in this tournament, whether it be your first match or the finals. I will fire you on the spot!

    Dat Kid smirks and tosses the mic, making his way back to the backstage area.
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  2. Joey Bryant: Nice. Looking forward to facing someone I consider worthy.
  3. Meh. Weak opponent.
  4. Damn straight I'm a worthy opponent
  5. *Alias watches the whole ordeal with attentiveness. The tag team title rests on his legs*
    Alias: George has got this no doubt, I mean, The Cure have beaten half these men in the tourney already. Too bloody easy.
  6. Great so sack fist gets pity eh? No matter Kid I'll do your dirty work an take him out
  7. This will be good.
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  8. IWT can't get rid of me, I get to do two things in my match, prove Dat Kid wrong and finally put an end to the streak the perfect superstar and longest reigning IC champion. No longer will I be referred to as "Mr. Mid-Card", soon you'll all be calling me "Mr. Main Event"
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  9. The only thing "good" about our match will be your long. pitiful walk home.
  10. ooc: there is something missing in this tournament. Something "Dazzling".
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  11. I'm gonna beat you like a bucktoothed, red headed stepchild boy.
  12. @Myst

    Something will be missing, you should wheel that lifeless veggie you call a best friend into your corner. I doubt he will come running to your help.
  13. Stopspot

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  14. I'm not gonna need anyone's help to break your back over that lunchbox of yours.
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  15. A petty generic insult that has been used countless times is completely unimpressive. You yelling the insult makes it even more pathetic.

  16. You don't wanna get me started, son. You just don't.
  17. You can get started, but then you'll just overheat and burn yourself to the ground.

  18. I'm gonna enjoy making you humble, I really am.
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    You just debuted man just like me... wait a month or so

    EDIT: Sorry about that to the cure member, I quoted the wrong guy
  20. By the way, once I'm done smacking the wax out of Stopspot 's ears, Senhor Perfect is getting a whipping unlike any other. Keep polishing that belt for me, babe xoxo.