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    You guys seemed to agree with me that having actual matches would be a good idea, so I made the templates for them. So, fill this out:


    Step 1) Choose a style
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    Balanced: Mixes all styles of wrestling into his or her own form. Good examples would be Orton or the Rock. Moves can consist of just about anything

    Powerhouse: A wrecking machine, a powerhouse defeats his opponents with superior strength. Good examples would be Goldberg, Batista or Ryback. Moves consist mostly of slams and strikes

    Technical: Very mat-based and effective, a technical wrestler uses many grapples to win matches. Good examples would be Bret Hart, and Dean Malenko. Moves typically consist of basic grapple moves and a variety of suplexes

    Brawler: A brawler will slug it out with just about anybody. Stone Cold Steve Austin immediately comes to mind. Moves target one area of the body by using strikes and effective moves

    Hardcore: This type of wrestler takes being a brawler to the next level. Mick Foley and anybody in ECW are good examples. Their matches end in them a bloody mess with weapons scattered everywhere. Moves are strikes and impact moves

    High Flyers: Springboard attacks and high risk moves make or break this wrestler. Kofi Kingston, RVD, and Rey mysterio are all high flyers. Movesets consist of aerial attacks an impact moves

    Cowardly Heel: This wrestler easily gets heat by being a coward in fights. They usually hide in the corners an hide behind refs.

    Rule breaker: Using the referee to his advantage, a rule breaker cheats to win. They will use low blows and cheap pins to win matches. They can also use weapons or managers to distract the refs, enabling them to break the rules.

    Tag Team: This wrestler is meant for tag teams. Their moves are based on having a partner. They're extremely effective in tag team matches. Good examples would be The Road Warriors and the New Age Outlaws.

    Submission Specialist: This wrestler uses submissions to win matches. These submissions can range from many different styles. A Good example would be Daniel Bryan.

    Combination: Your wrestler can also be a combination of styles. Chris Jericho is a combo of high flying and technical. Shawn Michaels is also a good combination of just about everything. If you're a combination, list which ones you're a combination of.

    Step 2) Fill out your moves (*=optional)
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    *Alternate Finisher:

    Signature (2-4):

    *Comeback sequence:

    Basics Moves (5-15):

    Submissions (1-3, submission specialists are 2-5):

    Top Rope Moves (1-3, high flyers are 2-5):

    *Weapon Finisher (required for a hardcore):

    *Cage Finisher

    *Ladder Finisher


    Step 3) Basic Information (*=optional)
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    Forum Username:

    Character Name:



    Theme Song:

    Entrance (how he walks out):

    Entrance Attire(pics or description):

    In Ring attire(pics or description):

    *Appearance(pics or description):

    So that's about it. In the end it should look like:

    Basic Info:

    I'll fill mine out later if you need an example. @Jonathan do you approve?

    Need an example? Here's mine:
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    Style: A balanced high flyer

    Step 2) Fill out your moves

    Finisher: Frog Splash

    *Alternate Finisher: Dragon Sleeper with legs around opponents torso

    Signature (2-4): Curtain Call
    Asai Moonsault to the outside

    *Comeback sequence: Dropkick followed by a forearm and then a German Suplex

    Basics Moves (5-15): Roundhouse kick
    German Suplex
    Snap Suplex
    Inverted DDT
    Swinging Neckbreaker
    Springboard Moonsault
    Spinning Back kick
    Triangle dropkick
    Super German Suplex
    Springboard clothesline

    Submissions: Sharpshooter, boston crab

    Top Rope Moves: Cross body, Moonsault, 360 leg drop, missile drop kick

    *Weapon Finisher (required for a hardcore): vandamminator

    *Cage Finisher: German suplex

    *Ladder Finisher:

    *Taunt(s): Spreads his arms and walks in a circle, makes an X with his hands to signal he's ending it, and a crotch chop

    Step 3) Basic Information
    Forum Name: Nickelodeon

    Character Name: Nick

    Height: 6'1

    Weight: 230 lbs

    Theme Song: With Dick, New Age Outlaws theme
    Solo - System of a Down - Aerials

    Entrance (how he walks out): Nick walks out as the first chorus begins, to a massive pyro. He smiles and continues walking down the ramp slowly. As he gets to the ring, he leaps up and leaps over the top rope. He then stands up top and stares into the crowd before hopping down.

    Entrance Attire: his ring attire except he has a hoodie.

    In Ring attire: Black tights that go down to his calves with green zigs in the middle.

    *Appearance: Dirty blonde, spiky hair, slightly toned, tan.
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  2. Fine by me
  3. you should test it out on the match thats happening now i'll fill mine out later
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    Style: Balanced(I'm mostly a high flyer,and,technical kind of person)
    Finisher: Shining Wizard
    Alternate finisher: Ace Crusher(usually performed running)
    Signatures: Multiple German suplexes,turnbuckle bomb,running enziguri,and, the lionsault.
    Comeback sequence: A kip up followed by in Irish whip to the turnbuckle,followed by a running corner dropkick,and, topped off with a buckle bomb.
    Basics Moves (5-15):
    - Scoop slam
    - Canadian neckbreaker
    - Dropkick
    - Superman punch
    - Spinning back kick
    - Slingshot spear
    - Standing sliced bread
    - Reverse sto
    - Standing shooting star press
    - Running corner elbow strike
    - Springboard lariat
    - Paylay kick
    - Northern lights suplex
    - Springboard knee strike
    - Huricanrana
    Submissions (1-3, submission specialists are 2-5):
    - Crossface
    - Regal Stretch
    - Sleeperhold
    Top Rope Moves (1-3, high flyers are 2-5):
    - Moonsault
    - Double foot stomp
    - Shooting star press
    - Leg drop
    - Houston splash
    Weapon Finisher (required for a hardcore):
    Ace Crusher onto/off of/through the weapon
    Cage Finisher
    Ladder Finisher
    Ace Crusher
    - Lays on the turnbuckle and raises one hand
    - Cut throat gesture
    Forum Username:
    - @Shadow
    Character Name:
    - Andrew
    Theme Song/titantron:

    Entrance (how he walks out):
    - Comes out on the stage, looks around at the crowd, interacts with the fans while walking into the ring, slides into the ring, and pumps up the crowd in the ring.
    Entrance Attire:
    Show Spoiler


    In Ring attire:
    Show Spoiler


    Alex Shelley w/ his two toned hair
  5. Fine by me. I'm also on my phone ATM, so I'll add you when I'm done.

    @Aids Johnson @DK James @Queen Chrysalis @Emperor Lelouch Britannia mind filling this out after your match is done? I want to test this out
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  6. i not good at this can i just use one that i did in acw?
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    Ring Name: Frank the Jock (FTJ)

    Nickname: The Python

    Height: 5"10

    Weight: 155lbs

    Kenmore, NY
    Heel: He is a criced Jock that thinks he is better the he should be respected. Wants to be in the main even


    Wrestling Style: Mat Based Submissionist

    Wrestling Ability:

    Speed: 4
    Technical: 9.5
    Submission: 10
    Power[​IMG]: 7
    Charisma: 3.5
    Brawling: 4
    Hardcore: 7.5
    Tag Team: 2
    Recovery: 7

    Finishing Move: Stummer, Death Sentence (Hells Gate), Ankle Lock

    Signature Moves: Python Roll

    Basic Moves: P

    Arm Drag
    Elbow[​IMG] Drop Randy Savage like.
    Camel Clutch
    European Uppercut
    Back Body Drop
    Abdominal Stretch
    Leg Drop
    Atomic Drop
    Knee Drop
    Knife Edge Chop
    Sleeper Hold

    Signature Taunts/Poses: Talking **** to the guy he facing

    Catch-Phrase: "Me, champion already? Ha, I was born for greatness."

    Entrance theme: White Rabbit by Egypt Central Rights to the song go to Egypt Central (EBW Edit Verison)
    The music your superstar enters with. Please enter as such: Track name - Artist. Must be provided.


    Entrance Actions: Comes out and looks directly at the ring, he does the 3 sign turn around ones and said the Python is here! Get into the ring does the 3 sign and turn around again and look at who he facing!

    Attire: Grey Sweat Pants, black sneakers, green muscle shirt and Kenmore West Leather Jacket
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  8. I'll have it done by tomorrow :boss:
  9. Combination of Balanced and High Flyer

    Forum Username:TheArabHammer

    Character Name:Marcus Anthony

    Theme Song:power by Kanye West

    Entrance (how he walks out):walks to top of ramp. Points to sky then points to the ring and walks down.

    Entrance Attire:cutoff hoody and tear away track pants(all black)

    In Ring attire:Billy Gunn style shorts that are all black. Hands and wrists taped with an elbow pad on my left elbow. RVD style boots with the kick covers

    *Appearance:6'3 235

    Finisher: A version of the AA that ends in a knee to the back called the blackout

    *Alternate Finisher:A Powerbomb to Facebuster called the Jäger Bomb

    Signature (2-4):Super Kick, German Suplex, Texas Cloverleaf, Spear

    *Comeback sequence:Drinks a beer from under a turnbuckle and throws a series of clothes lines before setting up a super kick

    Basics Moves (5-15):Clothesline, snap suplex, DDT, knife edge chop, Spinebuster

    Submissions (1-3, submission specialists are 2-5):RNC and Kimura

    Top Rope Moves (1-3, high flyers are 2-5):Diving clothesline, missile drop kick and SSP
  10. Name: Benjamin Johnson

    Ring Name: Aids Johnson

    Height: Please enter your superstar's 6'3"

    Weight: 225

    Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Gimmick: Face (thumbs up)

    Wrestling Style: Bar fighter who loves to go high risk, even if it includes him taking damage.

    Wrestling Ability: Please list from 1-9 in the following attributes:
    You have 9 numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) which you assign to the following criteria. 1 being the lowest attribute & 10 being the highest, You can't use the same number twice.

    Speed: Technical: Submission: Power: Charisma: Brawling: Hardcore: Tag Team: Recovery:

    Speed: How fast you are in the ring.7
    Technical: 5
    Submission: 4
    Power: 6
    Charisma: How much your character interacts with the fans 3
    Brawling: 9
    Hardcore: 1
    Tag Team: 2
    Recovery: 8

    Signature Moves: Superkick
    Lou thesz press
    lifting ddt

    Basic Moves: (just copy pasting from WWEF) Aerials.
    Moonsault leg drop
    Flying DDT
    Shooting star press

    Firemans carry drop.
    Rib breaker
    Sleeper slam
    Lifting spinebuster

    Backhand chop
    Springboard Clothesline
    Calf kick
    Shoot kick
    Eye rake

    Crucifix armbar
    Gory Special
    Guillotine Chok

    Signature Taunts/Poses: Pointing to the shoulder that will hold the title, the middle finger, and thumbs up like the Fonz. Eyyy.

    Catch-Phrase: Frank loves Cock.

    Entrance theme: The one - Slaughterhouse.

    Entrance Actions: I rock a brewers jersey or a suit with a brewers baseball hat on. Walk down, do some random pose at the ramp and jog down to the ring, sliding in.

    Using my other promo one as well.
  11. @Nickelodeon updated my first post,btw. I'll delete this post in a few,just wanted to notify you.
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  12. Like I said, not home ATM. When I get home I'll fill mine out and redo everyone's who's out of order. Should end up looking good in the next few hours
  13. Whats ass-to-mouth got to do with your home.
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  14. OH HELL NO
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  15. Yo I'll hit this up probably early tomorrow. Got plans for right now but it'll probably take you a bit to write the match anyway but I'll get it ASAP.
  16. Style: Balanced

    Finisher: Know Your Roll (Rolling Elbow)

    Alternate finisher: Shut Your Mouth (SuperKick)

    Signature: Tornado DDT, Standing Shooting Star Press, RegalPlex

    Comeback: Sequence of slaps, Spinning Backhand, running to the ropes and coming back with a Lariat

    Basic Moves: Roundhouse Kick, Snap DDT, Missle Dropkick, suicide Dive, springboard clothesline, dragon screw, quadruple German suplexes, Discus Lariat, European Uppercuts, sleeper suplex, springboard hurricanrana, Single Leg Knee Strike, spin Kick to the stomach followed by stomp to the back of the head, underhook suplex

    Submissions: Triangle Choke, Kimura Lock, Dragon Sleeper

    Top Rope Moves: canadian destroyer, double stomp, european uppercut

    Weapon Finisher: Piece of Trash (superkick to an opponent placed in a trash can)

    Cage Finisher: falcon arrow

    Ladder finisher: suplex

    Taunts: Arrogantly pointing to myself, shoulder brush, wiping dirt from my feet after a victory

    Forum Username: B.Dazzle

    Character Name: B.Dazzle

    Theme song:
    Bad Influence theme

    Entrance: Arrogantly walking to the ring. Talks highly of himself on the way down.

    Entrance Attire: Shirt that says it Be Dazzled on the front.

    Ring Attire: Solid Black Tights that say B.Dazzle on the back

    Appearance: Lighter Skinned, Longer haired version of The Rock.
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    Style: Balanced (Hardcore, High-Flyer, Brawler, Technical at times)

    Height: 6 ft

    Weight: 215 lb

    Finisher: Psycho Driver

    *Alternate Finisher: The Flying Devil (Top Rope Double Moonstomp)

    Signature (2-4): God's Worst Nightmare (Shooting Star Piledriver), Joker Driver, Crucifix Driver, BackToHell Driver (Backslide Driver)

    *Comeback sequence: Alias begins to knee his opponents face violently, followed up by vicious elbows on the ropes. When the ref counts till 4.9, Alias lets go and connects with an enzuguiri. He goes on the top rope and hits The Sacred Stomp (Diving Double Footstomp).

    Basics Moves (5-15): 10 Knees to the opponents face
    SatanPlex (Pheonix Plex)
    Shining Wizard
    Back Rake
    Texas Piledriver
    Discus Lariat
    Repeated elbows in the corner or on the ropes and only stops when the count reaches 4.9
    Soccerball Kick to any part of the body
    Running Knee Strike
    Piledriver which is followed up by a dead lift Liger bomb
    German Suplex followed up by a Dragon Suplex with the crowd anticipating a third move, Alias hypes the crowd up, looks like he's going for another suplex variation but just turns the opponent around and slaps him leaving the crowd disappointed.
    Belly To Belly Suplex
    Tiger Driver
    Lifting Single Underhook DDT

    Submissions (1-3, submission specialists are 2-5): Cats Cradle, Cormillo, Campanella

    Top Rope Moves (1-3, high flyers are 2-5): The Sacred Stomp (Diving Double Footstomp), Top Rope Fame Asser, Top Rope Piledriver

    *Weapon Finisher (required for a hardcore): Alias waps around a barbed wire bat around his opponents neck and nails a Sleeper Suplex

    *Cage Finisher: Psycho Driver straight into the cage

    *Ladder Finisher: German Suplex from the top of the ladder

    *Taunt(s): Devil Horns, Middle Finger

    Forum Username: THG?

    Character Name: Alias Antonio

    Theme Song: When You're Evil by Voltaire

    Entrance (how he walks out): Eerie flickering is heard for a few seconds. The dark theme song plays and suddenly the arena is filled with smoke. Alias comes out after a few seconds and walks down to the ring slowly and cunningly making no interaction with the fans, just setting his evil-eyed eyes in the ring. Once in the ring, he slowly lifts his head up and glares at the crowd momentarily. He paces violently around the ring.

    Entrance Attire: An Alias Antonio denim jacket, ripped Jeans and some nasty looking boots

    In Ring attire: Ripped jeans and boots

    *Appearance: [​IMG]
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    Ring Name: Joey Bryant

    Nickname: The Martyr

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 210 lbs.

    Buffalo, NY
    Heel. Thinks he's alone at all times. Claims he always deserves more. Martyr.
    Wrestling Style: Slow paced and strategic grappler

    Finishing Move: Double Foot Stomp off top rope, Powerful running clothesline to the back of the head. (Name: Sacrifice)

    Signature (2-4): Rolling Senton, Diving fist drop.

    Basics Moves (5-15):
    Belly-to-back suplex
    Exploder suplex
    Slingshot suplex
    Super Suplex
    Olympic slam
    Snap scoop powerslam
    Swinging neckbreaker
    Knee Drop
    Boston Crab
    Pumphandle Slam
    Multiple Backbreaker variations

    Submissions (1-3, submission specialists are 2-5): Boston Crab, Crossface

    Top Rope Moves (1-3, high flyers are 2-5): Diving Elbow and the signature/finisher.

    *Weapon Finisher (required for a hardcore): Chair DDT

    *Ladder Finisher: Jumping Neckbreaker

    *Taunt(s): Two Arm Raised, Arms spread while screaming in the air, crouching in the corner waiting to strike.

    Titantron (For Now):

    Entrance (how he walks out): Walks out onto the stage slowly, bobbing his head to the song. Stares out into the crowd with a stern look on his face before walking to the ring with an arm raised. Rolls into the ring.

    Entrance Attire:
    Show Spoiler

    In Ring attire:
    Show Spoiler
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    IWT Info (open)
    Style: Balanced, but more of a technical and submission specialist.

    Height: 6'1. Weight: 245 lbs

    Finisher: Psalms of David (Brainbuster)

    *Alternate Finisher: The Coronation (Regal Stretch)

    Signature (2-4): Discuss Lariat and running knee to the face (The one that Jinder Mahal uses a lot.)

    *Comeback sequence: Two clotheslines then irish whips into the ropes and hits a spine buster. (Too lazy to make it not generic)

    Basics Moves (5-15):
    Running power slam
    Truth or consequences suplex
    Power bomb into corner
    Repeated knees to head, Sandow style
    Swinging neck breaker
    German suplex
    Jumping DDT
    Power type super kick
    Welcome to chicago motherfucker
    Irish whip rebound spine buster
    Shining Wizard
    Paylay kick
    Hard super kick
    Jump on the chest Antonio Cesaro style
    Knee to head while opponent is on ground

    Submissions (1-3, submission specialists are 2-5):
    Cross face, Camel clutch, Boston crab, and sleeper hold

    Top Rope Moves (1-3, high flyers are 2-5): Opp on ground: Diving head butt and 450 splash
    Opp standing: diving lariat, and missile dropkick

    *Weapon Finisher (required for a hardcore): Brainbuster through the table or regal stretch using barb wire to pull them.

    *Cage Finisher: Regal plex straight to the cage

    *Ladder Finisher: Ace crusher

    *Taunt(s): Gun shot, middle finger, WOO! and DX chop

    Basic Info:

    Forum Username: David™

    Character Name: David Aro

    Nick name: "King"

    Theme Song: Alive by POD

    Entrance (how he walks out): First, he does the Jack Swagger entrance part (The one from WWE 2k14)
    Then stage, The Rock part, then getting in the ring is also the rock, and while in the ring, Triple H.

    Entrance Attire: The same as Ring attire except a shirt says: (At the back) "All hail" and at the front "King David"

    In Ring attire: Same as Shelton Benjamin in picture below except the colours are blue and black.

    *Appearance: [​IMG] - But with hair and a beard
  20. Style: Balance of Powerhouse and Brawler
    Finisher: Drag Me Down (lifts up opponent like a razor's edge, then drops opponent down and catches opponent's neck while executing a neck breaker on the way to the mat)

    *Alternate Finisher: Spear

    Signature (2-4): Meathook Clothesline, Chokeslam, Swinging Neckbreaker (also as a run reversal), Fist drop off second turnbuckle

    *Comeback sequence: Sweeps leg out from under opponent and pulls legs back as they fall, folding the opponent hard

    Basics Moves (5-15): Hip toss, body slam, chop, backbreaker, sidewalk slam, lou thesz press, running clotheline, leg drop

    Submissions (1-3, submission specialists are 2-5): The rack, bear hug

    Top Rope Moves (1-3, high flyers are 2-5): Clothesline, double axe handle

    *Weapon Finisher (required for a hardcore): Which weapon? Chair - sit em down and then spear em in the chair.

    *Cage Finisher - Spear into the cage while opponent is outside ropes

    *Ladder Finisher - Suplex

    Basic Info:
    Forum Username:Trip in the Head

    Character Name: Supposed to be Dick Tripin, but thinking of changing back to Trip in the head lol

    Theme Song: With Dick N Nick, The new Age Outlaws theme, alone - Hed P.E.'s Suffa I think.

    Entrance (how he walks out): Energetic, yelling in fans faces, kind of stone cold-ish

    Entrance Attire: Red trunks with the word Dick on the front and Tripin on his ass in black, black wrestling boots, knee pads, and one of his t-shirts that he always pulls off and throws into the crowd

    In Ring attire: Red trunks and pads just mentioned

    *Appearance: Long hair, scruffy beard, kind of intimidating to approach
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