IWT.com Article: A look back at Victoria Parker

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  1. Victoria Parker. The most dangerous female of all of the Internet Wrestling Community. This Sunday on Money in the Bank, Victoria will take on the first ever IWT Champion, Gohan. Let's take a few steps in history, to show all the new fans why Victoria Parker is one girl you don't want to mess with:

    Victoria became the Diva's champion, and then the Tag Team champions, along side Dat Kid to make the team of Dat A$$! After defeating IWT Diva Sage, Victoria felt there was no need to drag the Diva division title any longer. She deactivated, the championship, and will forever be known as the last IWT Diva's champion. That's just one of many achievements she gained. During a wedding celebration, that was suppose to be between Victoria and Dat Kid, Victoria did the unexpected. She turned on her would be husband, injuring him thus making his tag team championship vacant, and his heart crushed. Victoria would not be alone for long, as she would add WoodWarrior to her team. The duo was mighty, but only to be brought down by the young fresh team of Creators of Chaos, Adam Hawk and Jacob Colton. While she lost her championship, that didn't bring the tough woman down.

    Victoria would go into a match, her ex fiance the at the time, IWT champion Dat Kid, and Rodrigo. Dat Kid had seemed to be out of it. His mind in another place during the match, as Rodrigo gave it his all. Victoria did was she did best though, she took advantage of the confusion with Dat Kid, and used it as fuel to win the match, gaining not only a win between Rodrigo and her former fiance and tag team partner, but gaining the most prestigious belt in all of the IWT; the IWT Championship. At the Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View, the night started with excitement. The excitement grew even more when Victoria and WoodWarrior met with the Creators of Chaos for the Tag Team Championships!

    The fight was brutal, but in the end, once again, Victoria stood tall over everyone else in the ring! Not only as the IWT Champion, but once again, the IWT tag team champion! Parker has achieved so much in her young career, the IWT Diva's championship, a two time IWT tag team champion, and the IWT champion, and we at IWT.com know that this is only the beginning. In just one day, she will fight someone who is dangerous, someone who shows no mercy, someone who shows no fear in a match, and that is Gohan! If she can topple over that man, then her legacy will only expand, and the IWT Championship would remain in the hands of the most dangerous woman of all of the Internet Wrestling Titles, Victoria Parker!

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  2. Good article. Entertaining to read as always. Good at this stuff Farooq fella.
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