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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, Roadster here with a special treat! Dat Kid had a lot to say about @Jwab Atom and many more, this interview will also be available on the page! being updated after this!

    Roadster: "Welcome Dat Kid, Now we know your were just recently at Elimination Chamber crowned the IWT World Heavyweight Title! What were your thoughts on the IWT Chamber matches?"

    Dat Kid: "I honestly didn't care about any of the matches. As far as I'm concerned, the majority of the IWT roster is a bunch of faceless imbeciles. I mean look at what happened. The Intercontinental No-Name retained. Alias Antonio lived up to the hype as he showed off his impressive skill in a match against....oh, no one, typical X-Division. The Dazzling Chavs are only the champions because they didn't defend them at the PPV, a tag team that I could beat in a handicap match. Hell I could beat the pathetic hastily thrown together 3-man team in a handicap match. Then we had two jobbers in a one on one, a spot that could have been reserved for people who actually matter, hell I would have preferred to see an FTJ Live Jasmin segment. The only thing that mattered at Elimination Chamber was Joey Bryant fulfilling his destiny. The rest of the card is just a distraction from that."

    Roadster: "You seem quite disappointed with the outcome of the PPV? And on to another matter, Aids Johnson. He reigned supreme over IWT for a long while, and it seemed that Aids was always the face of IWT! Now, what do you think will happen to Aids? If he can't regain the belt in a rematch?"

    Dat Kid: "
    Wrong. I'm actually livid about the results of the PPV. Joey Bryant won the IWT Championship. The rest of the stuff is just irrelevant to me. To me that PPV was one match, Joey Bryant's and he won, so there aint much to say about anything else.

    Let's get something straight, Aids never was and never will be the face of the IWT. Aids is an alcoholic and he destroyed the reputation of the IWT Championship every second he held it. Gav The Chav is more of a face of the IWT than Aids Johnson will ever be, hell FTJ was more of a face of the IWT than Aids Johnson will ever be.

    As of what I think is next for Aids, he'll probably go to a couple AA meeting, maybe rehab, get himself clean, come back to this big fanfare with the same old tired ass shit, lose to Joey Bryant, fall off the wagon out of depression, and then overdose. We'll have a nice memorial show for him.

    Roadster: "Now speaking of "Faces" who do you think is the one person who hasn't held a title to break out and just take the IWT by storm?"

    Dat Kid: *Dat Kid smiles*
    "If there comes a point and time where I feel a competitor has the potential to take the IWT by storm, they'll be aligned with The Church. Jwab could have been that guy, but you saw what happened, he turned his back on the man who gave him a home when he was a sickly dog, left out on the curb by Aids. Now everyone is admiring him for his "great" performance. That's all going to fade fast for him and a month from now when someone says Jwab, people'll say "Bless you" thinking you sneezed."

    Roadster: "What are your thought's on Brian Mandela, and what do you like about Joey Bryant?"

    Dat Kid:
    "What the hell is a Brian Mandela?
    What I enjoy about Joey Bryant is that he doesn't ask me stupid questions like the one you just asked right now. He doesn't have to ask me "what do i do next". I don't give Joey Bryant advice, the man is a natural born champion. I don't have to tell him what to do like I constantly had to tell Jwab. Joey Bryant just does what he wants and he makes The Church look good in the process. In return, I keep the cogs moving in his favor."

    "So, you like Joey Bryant's "Does what he want's attitude?"
    and to rap up, what's your idea on how IWT WrestleMana 2 will happen, do you think it's going to be huge? Just give me your thoughts...."

    Dat Kid: "
    No, any idiot can do what they want. You brought up Brian Mandela, isn't that the same guy who ran around with a gun? That guy has a do what you want attitude. Victoria Parker and The Order, both murderers, both do what you want attitudes. But you know what they both have in common, they don't have people chanting their name and they never will because they don't have what Joey was born with. What I like about Joey Bryant is his god given natural talent? It's something that can not be perfected, tutored, or practiced. Joey has IT and everyone else has SHIT.
    Wrestlemania 2 is already shaping up to be better than the last. When we compare the level of skill compared to last year, you can't even compare. It will be huge...for The Church, everyone else, it'll just be a normal PPV. They'll be wins and loses, but their mania moment, whatever that may be, will just be an undertone to The Church.

    Roadster: "Thanks Dat Kid!"

    And that raps up this weeks " Superstar Burial" and until next Wednesday, keep on fuckin :):happy:

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