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  1. I was thinking of adding superstar profiles to the new version of IWT.com the detail is like this

    Avatar: (Keep small, no big ass photos, headshots will do)
    The supposed finisher of your superstar:

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    Name: Jameson Ocean
    Age: 12
    Height/Weight: 5 foot
    Hometown: City of Compton
    Accomplishments: Greatest Wrestler to Ever Live
    The supposed finisher of your superstar: the moss covered, three handled family grudunzle and the saskatchewan spinning nerve hold

    Bio: he became a wrestler at age 420
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  3. Nice to see ma boi Nexflax representing in IWT
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    Name: Trip in the Head
    Age: 32
    Height/Weight: 6'
    Hometown: Unknown
    Accomplishments: Formed the Order of Night with others, 1 X IWT Tag Team Champ as part of The Order of Night, now IWT GM
    The supposed finisher of your superstar: The Fall of Night (set up like a cross powerbomb, but instead dropped into a neckbreaker)

    Bio: A self styled butcher who chose to become a wrestler when his butcher shop started to tank because people started to believe he was cutting up more than just animals in his shop. Trip is highly unstable and can change from a serious to joking demeanor and back again very quickly. He also has a penchant for explosives. He is now the IWT GM and sports a more professional look and attitude to fit his role, but old habits are hard to break........
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    Name: Andrew aka Suicide
    Age: 28
    Height/Weight: 6' 1"/217 lb
    Hometown: West Seneca, NY
    Accomplishments: 1/3 Sin, current tag team champion, 1x World Heavyweight Champion
    The supposed finisher of your superstar: The Decapitator(superkick)

    Bio: He grew up watching wrestling, idolizing people like Gohan and Draven. At age 12 he started a backyard wrestling federation where he played a God gimmick(what up Kid, stealing my shit). At age 17 he broke out on the independent wrestling scene and spent several years going with a Hardcore gimmick and got signed to the IWT at age 27. He now makes up 1/3rd of the stable known as Sin and currently holds the tag team title with his partner Spinzz.
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    Name: Chris Kaizer
    Age: 27
    Height/Weight: 6'3 235
    Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
    Accomplishments: Uh....was an unknown member of The Cure. Only lost to VP by like...1-2 votes.
    The supposed finisher of your superstar: Sleeperhold

    Bio: He had a terrible sleeping schedule growing up. Also, he was Tim Tebow's backup in college football.
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  7. How many threads do you need?

    @Stopspot merge this with the existing IWT.com thread please
  8. lmfao. Delete my last thread promo deal also bud.
  9. Really? So no one can see this right? Ok
  10. What? Anyone that is interested in IWT.com and having their profile will check the IWT.com thread...?
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  11. That's like saying put the matches inside the match card thread. But I see your point.
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    Name: Nick
    Age: 21
    Height/Weight: 6'1 225 lbs
    Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
    Accomplishments: Proving Grounds 2013 winner, current X-Division champion, member of The Order
    The supposed finisher of your superstar: Running Knee Smash w/ opponent seated in the corner
    Brooklyn Bridge (Cattle Mutilation)

    Bio: Crazy guy
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  13. Name: Sir/Lord Lee
    Age: 27
    Height/Weight: 6'5 250
    Hometown: Monmouthshire, Wales
    Accomplishments: IWT Tag champ, MPEWA first/last ever tag team champ, tag team of the year, ICW's first champ, IWT EU champ
    The supposed finisher of your superstar: WASP-Sting, Capital-isation

    Bio: Far-right capitalist working for UK Conservatives Party as the MP of the Vale of Glamorgan. Also a natural selectionist enthusiast.
  14. Avatar?
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    Name: Frie


    Height/Weight: 6'2 / 210 lbs

    Hometown: Queens, New York

    Accomplishments: 3-1 in IWT. Current #1 contender for the X-Division Title.

    The supposed finisher of your superstar: Spinebuster

    Bio: Burst on the scene teaming with current champ Joey Bryant. Defeated Dat Kid in a handicap match. Came back after a hiatus and formed a dominant group known as S.I.N with Spinzz and Andrew. Beat 3 people to earn a shot at the X-Division Title. Likes to play mind games.
  17. There ya go.
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  18. There ya go.
  19. Of course I never came off the bench, Tim Tebow was starting.

    Also, want to talk about irrelevant...take a look at what division you are in.