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    Wins, Losses This Week:
    Roadster beats @gav the chav- 10-6
    Johnny B. Cool beats Reagan Cole- 9-2

    Elimination Chamber Matches Announced:

    IWT World Champion: @Aids Johnson
    World Heavyweight Champion- Vacant
    Tag Team Champions- Dazzling Chavs
    Intercontinental Champion- Sir Lee
    X-Division Champion- Allias Antonio

    New Members this week:
    Johnny B. Cool
    Reagan Cole

    Current Matches:
    Chris Kraizer vs Roadster: http://wweforums.net/threads/chris-kaizer-vs-the-roadster.33218/
    Unknown vs Johnny B. Cool: http://wweforums.net/threads/unknown-vs-johnny-b-cool.33215/#post-771205
    Aids Johnson vs Allias Antonio: http://wweforums.net/threads/aids-johnson-vs-alias-antonio.33219/

    Tag match announced for Elimination Chamber!
    CM Punk Banned, Find Out Now!: http://wweforums.net/threads/why-cm-punk-is-banned.33161/
    Shadow New Moderator here in the IWT!
    New IWT Announcer Horace Tekinwayway!

    @DazzleMania tells all: http://wweforums.net/messages/b-dazzle-iwt-interview.38324/

    Power 10 Rankings:

    Member of the Week:

    Creative Contact:
    @Dat Kid
    @Aids Johnson

    New Here? Sign Up Now!

    Made by Roadster

    Special Note: I have been brought up as a cheater because my friends voted for me, not under my consent but under the fact i told them about this forum, and the guys like Aids and Dazzle know i don't do that kinda stuff, so please tell Jwab or whatever his name is to uplift the claim, as i am not that kinda person thanks!
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  2. Awesome you made this dude! Nice work, although, Punk getting banned and Shadow being mod is not IWT stuff, it's just WWEF stuff.
  3. i thought it could be a good edition

  4. I think this thread is cool man, but did this tag match get for sure booked for EC? I know we've talked about it and some like the idea, but not sure if its been officially booked yet is all I'm saying.
  5. thats what dazzle said
  6. I thought that this match was confirmed by Trip.
  7. Sorry, I can't "confirm" any bookings, I don't have that kind of power. Talk to @Jonathan bout dat. Didn't mean to mislead you Dazzle. I am pushing for it though.
  8. No problem. I'll talk to Jono about it.
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