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    Please PM me for any missing or inaccurate info, thanks!
    LAST UPDATED 5/30/14

    Matches This Week (open)

    IWT Champions (open)

    IWT Champion: Joey Bryant
    IWT World Heavyweight: Alias Antonio
    IWT Tag Team: Desperadoes
    IWT European: Sir Lee
    IWT X-Division: Nick

    Debut's This Week (open)

    Current Matches (open)

    News Bulletin (open)
    IWT Uprising being discussed RIGHT NOW!
    Aids Johnson and IWT GM, Trip team up.
    IWT Home Video Division working on "Aids"
    Joey Bryant vs Artist in near future.
    IWT Magazine in works.

    Exclusive IWT Interviews (open)

    Power 5 Rankings:


    Member of the Week:

    Creative Contact:
    IWT GM @Delik
    IWT CO-GM @Trip in the Head


    Full IWT Roster (Updated)

    Special Note: If you want an article done on you, PM and give me the info.
  2. Uh, no offense, but are you allowed to make this or summat? I'm not sure, cause is didn't hear anything from Jono.

    Also sending credits feature is removed.
  3. Yeah, i returned from suspension today, and i just saw that so i'm changing it.
  4. Sending credits is available for Legends for a $250 fee.

    Not sure what this means:

    Creative Contact:
    @Dat Kid
    @Aids Johnson

    Wins, Losses This Week:
    Dat Kid Beats 5 Others in the Elimination Chamber

    And the other 5 matches at the EC PPV?

    Also WAAAAYY too many colours. Use colours for the title, then leave the rest of the info default until the next colour. My eyes hurt just from skimming it dude.
  5. I will change the color's but can you send me the win's and losses of EC, i can't find all the matches.
  6. Scroll through the first and second page, the titles start 'IWT EC' - you can't miss them.
  7. Alright and Creative Contact is People to contact for creative, Ring Name Change, Matches. I only did 2 because that's all people need to use
  8. That's a first my edit tool is still open! i really do wish this ain't a glitch!!
  9. I'm the only one that can change ring names etc.
  10. Dat Kid changed mine. Aids said he's the only one that changes the names.
  11. Lol what @Dat Kid @Aids Ryder
  12. Yeah, i even asked "Is their someone else that can change names" and he said nope and told me to wait a while.

    My new name is my real name Brian Mandela
  13. Where'd he say this?
  14. in a PM
  15. Anyway just so you know, I'm the "GM" with Shadow, if you need a name change, contact me or him.
  16. Should i edit it and ask Dat Kid to change my name back, or can i keep it?
  17. Alright, i didn't know about that, sorry.
  18. Where is your name changed? I can't even see it
  19. It's in the IWT History section.
  20. Oh. That's not the active roster... that's just Dat Kid's history thread.