IWT, Contain your orgasms! Ben Dover has arrived!!!

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  1. *Out of nowhere, the lighting of the arena fades to black, lights cut, crowd left in silence as they attempt to comprehend what is happening inside the arena. All of a sudden, the music hits!*

    *Ben Dover approaches the ring, everyone in the arena is shocked that he is there*

    Commentator: "What is a pornstar doing here, in IWT?? And for that matter, why he is coming out to the ring with The Cure's theme song"

    *Ben Dover retrieves a microphone from the announcer, observing the mannerisms of the crows*

    Ben Dover: Listen virgins! I have been closely watching the IWT for a few months now and to be honest; I'm not impressed! Just look at the main event for MITB; Victoria Parker vs Frank the Jobber

    Victoria Parker is a FEMALE and she has still been able to attain the most prestigious title in this promotion, humiliating multiple MALE wrestlers along the way. I would be lying if I said I wouldn't introduce her to my 12-inch pole; But that's off topic!!

    Her opponent is the epitome of mediocrity and is possibly the only male on the roster to have a "time of the month"; Frank the "Jock". This man defines un-professionalism, I've seen amateur pornstars with more integrity than him. When he doesn't win, he never takes the blame, he has to find petty excuses to make sure no one realises how mediocre he is.

    When I see ridiculous shit like this occur, I realise that I must use my:
    • Years of MMA training
    • Heritage from my father who was a celebrated Greco-Roman wrestler
    • My experience of DOMINATING BITCHES from my porn career
    to come to the IWT, take down the people on this roster that are below me, and engrave a legacy that even The Rock would have a envious hard on for!

    And best of all, I will achieve this along with Jwab Atom and Antonio Alias; as a part of THE CUREEEEE!!

    We will cure the IWT of Mediocrititis!!

    IWT Roster; Prepare to bend over to BEN DOVER!!

    *Ben Dover makes masturbation rhythm towards the crowd with the microphone, to the crowds detest. Ben Dover throws the microphone at the announcer and then he struts out of the ring; then out of the arena. Everyone in the building is left speechless; gasping for breath*

    OOC - This is my 1st attempt at a promo in half a year so I will need to time to get back into the rhythm.I hope I did good though :)
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  2. Who in the blue hell are you? :rock:
  3. *Jacob comes out quietly*

    Hey, I'm not impressed about how do you look or whatever. I defeated Victoria and I will do it again! You can try to be the best in this company but you'll fail when you face me!
  4. Purrfect...
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  5. *Ben grins, taking note of what Jacob has said to him*
    Ben Dover: So you defeated Victoria? Who is a woman? Well done Chris Brown, I'll have a medal sent to your mommy's house so she finally has proof you're not a failure.
    You've never faced me, you don't know what I can do. I've seen you perform here, you've got skill but in comparison to me; you're just a pathetic wimp!
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  6. Ben: We're going to fuck the roster up like pornstars fuck Sasha Gray <3
  7. Ben: The man that left that white juice in between your mothers legs, she's quite a good pornstar actually.
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  8. Alias: That's damn true Ben. Y'know, me and you have never seen eye to eye, but I always knew you were an underrated talent. Pleasure to be working with you.
    * Alias offers a handshake *
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  9. *Ben shakes Alias' hand*
    Ben: I appreciate the compliment Antonio, I'm elated that we finally have the opportunity to face other wrestlers as allies. Me, you and Jwab are very talented individuals, but even more talented as a team!
  10. Alias: I couldn't agree more with that remark, Mr. Dover.
  11. #FuckingDover
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  12. His finisher better be The Dover Turn.
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  13. Nope, it's actually The Penetration if I recall correctly.
  14. He'll need to make sure he sticks to tag team wrestling, we know how bad he is at 1 on 1s.
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  15. Hahahaha, such a shame others won't get this :downer:
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  16. So you're Val Venis little brother then? Key word little.
  17. I was forced to get the above jokes about ponies.
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  18. I feel important being one of 5 or 6 users who will not be lost reading this thread

  19. Oh a mother joke, another one trying so hard to be funny. Nothing interesting here so I'll pass.
  20. You actually took that seriously? ok.