IWT Courtroom: The WUKOffical Case

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Does WUKOffical Deserve to Return?

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Yes, but under the limitations provided by Aids Johnson

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    The Defendant: @WUKOffical (Represented by @Aids Johnson)
    Prosecutor: @Tsar (Represented by Michael)

    Case: Should WUKOffical be able to return to active IWT Competition

    Charges (open)

    -Announcing his suicide.
    -Private Messaging people calling them bullies and the reason that he will commit suicide.
    -Publicly posting as his father to shun everyone.
    -Guilt tripping those that were present in the chat room. Stealing IWT material in his BTB.

    Courtroom Rules (open)

    - Both parties make an opening statement.
    - Both parties have two chances to prove their case.
    - Voting opens and lasts for 24 hours.
    - Ties result in a No Contest and no changes are made
    - If someone loses, they have 1 shot to recall the decision.

    Mr. Johnson - Make your opening statement.
  2. Already made the thread
  3. You're banned. You can't post. You can post in this thread, but nothing more.
  4. Oh ok thanks for delete it
  5. That's another charge :kappa:
  6. Posting when he's not supposed to...Judge, is that a considerable charge...
  7. kill the ****
  8. lmfao @Tsar would you slap him in the face irl if he responded to you like this?
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  9. Stoned, or Dixie Cartered?
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  10. if anyone wants me as a witness, you know where to find me
  11. Who is the jugue in this
  12. Can i just say i did not ask to come back i just wanted to get the right to saturday night vice as i had the idea
  13. bow
  14. The rights? It isn't trademarked or any of that bollocks.
    I assume you mean credited with Saturday night main event. You came up with the idea. Someone else came up with the name
  15. Also you don't want to come back?
  16. But i would like to have the rights to saturday night vice
  17. The people. We have voting.
  18. Well if i was fired im fired but i would the right to it and host it
  19. You don't want to return? What if I just reinstated you. Will you come back?
  20. Yeah what that
  21. Fixed/Updated the charges