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    What is IWT Creative?
    - IWT Creative is the Staff and Creative team for Internet Wrestling TItles or IWT, for short. IWT is the official e-fed of WWEForums. It handles topics, such as storylines, rules, initiatives, titles and other issues or concepts within IWT. It's also a place to make suggestions and discuss other pressing matters that relate to IWT.

    Who can join IWT Creative?
    - Any member is eligible to join IWT Creative. But getting in is usually based on your attitude, trustworthiness and other traits that make you reliable. Most members are IWT participants, but we are not completely close-minded about letting in outsiders, as long as they make an impact.

    What do you do in Creative?
    - In Creative, you can handle any number of issues from booking, to storylines to writing matches. It depends on your availability and reliability. If you don't think you can write matches, you can still be added to help out in an other capacity. Of course, you may be contacted to write if we are in need of writers.

    How to apply to Creative?
    - If you wish to apply to Creative, follow the template as followed...
    How do you know you're in-consideration?
    - Within a few days of submitting your application you will be contacted via Private Message by a member of IWT Creative, if you pass the initial vote within IWT Creative. You will be asked to do a certain task depending on your "intentions" that you have listed in the template. Writers must write a match in a format provided. Bookers must book a 6 month feud, Storyline consultants must produce a storyline and so on.

    Who is in IWT Creative?
    - @Roadster - Head Booker, GM, Writer, Storyline maker
    - @Nickelodeon - Writer, 2nd in Command
    - @Jacob Fox - Writer
    - @THG? - Writer
    - @Big E Rection - Storyline maker
    - @Shadow (not really) - Writer, Storyline maker
  2. Username: The Jwab
    Join Date: 2012
    Have you ever competed in IWT: Yes, on various occasions. I'm a legend.
    Intentions (Booking, Writing, Making storylines etc.): All of it. Just want to be more involved with IWT since I'm here for a long while.
    Availability: Anytime except when I'm asleep. Schedule will vary when I get my college classes sorted out.
    ETC: I love Roadster so much. He is my favorite person on the site.
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  3. Username: DK "GOAT" James
    Join Date: May 12th, 2013 ay
    Have you ever competed in IWT: 3x IWT Champ
    Intentions (Booking, Writing, Making storylines etc.): Booking, making storylines. Too busy to write matches but I'd love coming up with istorylines and ideas for my fellow competitors.
    Availability: Full-time. I check the site at least 3 times a day.
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  4. Username: Ricky Daniels,
    Join Date: Apr 23, 2016
    Have you ever competed in IWT: Yes, three times in matches but basically since I've joined the forums
    Intentions (Booking, Writing, Making storylines etc.): Making storylines and writing, however I would do anything.
    Availability: Basically any time you need me as long as I have internet.
  5. wait but...you..Don't you hate IWT? :idk:
  6. My character does.
  7. Username: WUKOffical
    Join Date: May 2016
    Have you ever competed in IWT: Yes 4 times and in does 4 times i have lost all of the,
    Intentions (Booking, Writing, Making storylines etc.): Making Storylines
    Availability: 3pm - 12am (gmt)
  8. Username: It's right there
    Join Date: Sometime in 2014
    Have you ever competed in IWT: Several times
    Intentions (Booking, Writing, Making storylines etc.): Writing, you're welcome Roadie
    Availability: All day and all night
  9. Username: Adam.
    Join Date: April 2013
    Have you ever competed in IWT: Yes
    Intentions (Booking, Writing, Making storylines etc.): Booking (Would be willing to write if needed too)
    Availability: For Creative, Any time since I can use my phone.

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    Username: NLSuplex
    (formerly, and still known as "The Beaver" and CanadianR) *P.S: Aids, just because my character is a girl, does not make me a girl.*
    Join Date: August 2016
    Have you ever competed in IWT: Just did
    Intentions (Booking, Writing, Making storylines etc.): Strictly Writing (if something pops up where I am too busy and can't keep up, I'll let you know.)
    Availability: If I can, I'll find time to write a match, dw.

    Previous Work(note: different format but I can adjust) (open)

    The lights of the arena are dimmed, creating an ominous feeling in the crowd as the ring is set up for the Playroom Brawl match with kid’s toys around the outside of the ring. Most notably are a toy chest at the end of the entrance-way, a white wooden rocking horse with wooden alphabet blocks along one side of the steel barricade, and a small wooden table painted a light blue with four lime green chairs around it on the opposite side of the ring. Although these toys seem harmless, it is clear that they won’t be used for playing or make belief in this match. Tonight, these toys are being used as tools for vengeance, retribution, a fight. The silence of the arena is broken as the music starts to play through the loudspeakers.

    When the opening to “The Way I am” fills the Municipal Auditorium, so does a chorus of boos from the NGW fans as KJ Kidd comes out wearing his “Not Kidd-ing Around” t-shirt, and a cold demeanor on his face. Not caring about what the ruckus fans think about him, his eyes are fixated on the ring with all the toys. Cracking his neck, he makes his way towards the ring, not losing focus on this contest. Eventually, he walks past the toy chest, not paying much attention to it, and Kidd rolls under the bottom rope into the ring and into his corner where he kneels down to wait for his “playmate” as his entrance music starts to fade out.

    The almost childlike laughter of Cousin Eddy’s music falls down on Kidd as the lights around the arena are shut off. His friend has arrived. The lights of the entranceway are turned back on as we see Cousin Eddy rolling a red hot wheel car into the arena. There is a genuine smile on his face as he plays with his toy. That is until he looks at Kidd in the ring. The smile is almost wiped away as anger forms in his eyes. Holding the hot wheel in his hand, the psychotic man-child stands and stares right into the ring. Through the lights, it can be seen that the word “Betrayal” is written on his chest in black sharpie. On his arms, he wrote “KJ” and “Kidd.” Eddy walks to the ring with purpose as tonight is his time to get vengeance on the man who pretended to be his friend and turned on him. Rolling into the ring under the bottom rope and getting up with help from the ropes, he drops the hot wheel on the apron and stares across the ring to Kidd as the arena lights go on and the bell rings to signify the beginning of the Playroom Brawl.

    Before KJ gets a chance to move Cousin Eddy runs right to his corner and places his left hand on the throat, trapping him. Struggling to get the giant hand of Eddy off his throat, Kidd is almost helpless to start the match as Eddy, with fury in his eyes, stares a hole into his heart. “You…lied to Eddy.” Cousin Eddy yells. “You hurt Eddy and you are a bully! For that, Eddy must punish the bad Kidd!” Taking months of built animosity, he rips Kidd’s shirt with is right hand then open hand chops his chest with as much force as possible, creating a sound that can only be described as what would happen when someone would get when they are slapped with a leather strap. The punishment isn’t over, as another chop equal in strength is delivered again. Kidd’s chest is beat red as Eddy takes his ripped shirt off and tosses it away.

    Grabbing him by his head and tights, Cousin Eddy tosses Kidd almost like a rag doll, causing him to fly towards the middle of the ring landing right on his back. Without hesitation afterwards, Eddy jumps on him with an elbow drop across the chest and rains down with a series of punches to the head. The fans are counting along with each punch. One, two, three, four, five, six…then Eddy stops as he lost count. Seeing a chance to get out of this unfortunate spot, Kidd attempts to facewash the bigger man, but it does not go well for him. This only provokes the monster more as Eddy continues with the punches, this time not even bothering with counting and just unloading on him. This match is not going KJ Kidd’s way early on and he is getting punished and thus, desperate already. A poke in the eye from Kidd is what is needed, as that forces Eddy to stop. Rolling away and getting back to his feet, the 35-year-old veteran repeatedly kicks the head of much larger Eddy to keep him down. “You’re a damn mistake! Stay the fuck down!” These words from Kidd draw more jeers from the spectators watching on as he is letting his frustration out on Eddy.

    After multiple kicks and stomps to the head, Eddy is still trying to get up. Kidd’s plans to keep him down, are not working as his opponent is getting to a knee. Forcing to change his approach, he runs off the ropes towards the ropes, bouncing off them to run at Eddy with a low-flying, running crossbody. This finally gets him down as the back of his head slams off the mat. Trying to get out of this match early, Kidd quickly attempts a pin. The referee for the match doesn’t even get a chance to count a one as Eddy quickly pushes him off with authority, causing Kidd to stumble back. Just normal aggression won’t keep him down, so Kidd is forced to roll outside of the ring as Eddy is getting his wits about him to find something to aid him.

    Walking over to the toy chest placed at ringside, KJ Kidd opens it up to find any sort of weapon to aid him in this match. The first item that is pulled out is, a brown teddy bear with a red ribbon. A collective giggle from the fans is heard as this unlikely weapon is pulled out. Taking offence from the Nashville crowd, Kidd viciously pulls the bear’s head off, causing stuffing to fly over the place. The stuffed animal abuse does not sit well with the fans either, as more jeers rain down. After tossing the bear away, he tries again, this time taking out a black plastic baseball bat. At this time, it is the best he can do. Bat in hand, he climbs up to the ring apron, only to be met by a recovered Cousin Eddy, who grabs him by the throat again. In fear, KJ Kidd wacks him in the head with the plastic bat to no effect. Eddy is not amused anymore as the bat is ripped out of the hands of Kidd and he is tossed over the top rope, falling back first on the mat.

    By being in the middle of the ring, it is apparent that KJ Kidd is trapped in no man's land as NGW’s man-child is looking to continue his punishment. When his opponent is on one knee, Eddy sneaks up from behind and starts choking him with the toy bat. The bat starts to bend as his victim starts to flail his arms around to find a way out. The air starts to leave Kidd’s lungs as he begins to fade away. His arms aren’t moving as much as they were. Instead of keeping the bat choke on him, Eddy decides to move his hands into a full nelson position with the bat held between his elbows and Kidd’s chin. With his hands locked, he lifts up KJ and sends him crashing down with a full nelson slam. Finally, Eddy lies across his “playmate’s” body and hooks the leg for a pin. One…Two…and a kick out from KJ Kidd as he gets his shoulder up, rolling over to his stomach.

    The two count causes Eddy to be livid. He slams his fists on the mat repeatedly and starts what can only be described as a temper tantrum. With Eddy in rage and the referee forced to consult him, the battered KJ Kidd starts crawling towards the ropes in an attempt to get to a vertical base and get back in this match. Eventually, he reaches the ropes and slowly and surely he gets to his feet. Leaning on the ropes to catch his breath, his eyes gaze towards where Eddy is. After being calmed down by the official to the point where he can continue, Eddy’s attention finally returns to his ex-friend. The two look at each other for a moment, not moving. KJ caused Cousin Eddy emotional turmoil, lied to him, stabbed him in the back and cheated twice to get a victory over him. Most people have treated him as an outcast, then when KJ offered friendship he thought someone was going to accept him for who he was. But clearly, that was for nothing. As for Kidd, due to his actions, he has been forced to deal with a literal monster sized kid for the past few months. Instead of trying to go on, fight for gold, fight for his newborn daughter by any means, he has to reap what he has sown and end this once and for all. Breaking the silence, one word slips out of Kidd’s mouth, “Dummy…”

    With that as a trigger, Eddy charges at Kidd in an attempt to hit him with a big boot. Slyly, Kidd ducks under, dropping the top rope in the process. Being out-smarted, Eddy's momentum sends him flying over the top rope and he falls onto the arena floor, near where the white rocking horse is. KJ Kidd holds on the ropes and looks at Cousin Eddy from above, waiting for his moment to strike. As his target gets to his feet, he slingshots himself off the top rope, landing on Eddy with a diving crossbody, finally taking the bigger man down. Frantically, Kidd looks around for anything he can use to aid him. For one of the few times in this match, Eddy is down and he must take advantage. The first thing he grabs is three of the wooden blocks next to where the rocking horse is placed. The first block, he biffs it at Eddy’s head. The block bounces off, causing Eddy to flinch. Another block is thrown with even more strength, only to have the same result. Kidd is just making the monster angrier as Eddy is starting to return to a vertical base. Looking around, Kidd spots the steel steps near the ring. With that, a plan is hatched as he walks over towards the steps. Although groggy, Cousin Eddy is now up with his attention directed at his terrible former friend. Kidd, with a smirk, throws the last block, landing square on his forehead. Staggering back, Eddy holds his head in pain. When his hand is in the sight of his eyes, he sees some blood in his hand. The edge of the block caused a small gash on his forehead.

    Tears start to form in the eyes of Cousin Eddy as he witnesses the “boo-boo.” Instead of causing another temper tantrum, he directs his anger at KJ Kidd, running full strength to tackle him. But this, was exactly what Kidd wanted. At the last second, he jumps out of the way of the 275-pound bullet and Eddy lands head first on top of the steps with the force of a car wreck. The steps move a good half a foot from the impact as Eddy remains on top of them. Despite the destruction caused, KJ Kidd decides to continue the punishment. He walks over to the wooden rocking horse and picks it up, taking it to where Eddy is on the steps. Raising it up, he violently slams it down on the head of Eddy, sandwiching his head with the rocking horse and the steel steps. Just once isn’t enough, as Kidd continues this repeatedly, only increasing in his aggression. Slowly, Eddy slides off the steps, leaving a puddle of crimson red on the steps as his cut has grown larger from the onslaught.

    Satisfied with his work, there is a maniacal grin on the face of the new dad. He drops the rocking horse he used to cause punishment and looks for something else. He walks the perimeter searching for another toy to aid him in the match. When he gets to the opposite side of the ring, he sees the wooden kiddie table, with the tea set on it, along with four small chairs surrounding it. Although not ideal, these toys are probably the he can use as weapons of the ones around him. He takes three of the chairs and tosses them in the ring to be used later. Kidd takes the table, causing the tea set to fall off, and he brings it about half way between where it was and where Eddy is, placing it near the ring apron. At last, he comes back for the chair he didn’t pick up and takes it with him as he walks to where Eddy is.

    Even though he had his head crushed into steel, Eddy is starting to move again and is trying to grab onto the ring apron near the kiddie table. This comes to a bit of a shock for KJ, but considering this man is barely human, it would be a bit hard to believe that he would stay down. Legs shaking and blood pouring down his head, Eddy finally gets up only for KJ Kidd to smash the wooden chair over his head, causing it to break into many pieces. KJ tosses away what remains of the chair and jumps onto the apron of the ring, grabbing Eddy in a front face lock to drag him up. He is dragged until the two are standing parallel to the kiddie table. Kidd uses his open hand to grab the overalls of Eddy for leverage. Kidd attempts to pick up Cousin Eddy for the lifting DDT he calls “Rise and Shine,” but Eddy doesn’t leave his feet. Instead, Eddy comes back and picks up KJ, squeezing him in a Bear Hug! Screams are heard as Kidd is in pain. He attempts to elbow the head of Eddy, but he doesn’t even budge. Next thing he resorts to is trying to rake his eyes. His hand goes close to the eyes of the larger man, but instead, his fingers get bit by Eddy. He is starting to fade by this point. In a last ditch effort, he tries to use his mouth to get away. “Ok, Eddy, KJ is sorry! I can be your friend! Put me down!”

    After all of what Kidd put him through, he doesn’t believe it for one second. But instead of keeping him in the hold, he throws him down into the kiddie table, causing it to break into many pieces. The crowd in attendance goes crazy as, although it was a small table, they were glad to see Kidd go through a table after all this time. Eddy steps down on the floor and picks up the lifeless body of Kidd and throws him into the ring under the bottom rope. Instead of going in the ring after him, Eddy walks around on the outside of the ring and heads towards the toy chest at the end of the entranceway. Opening up the chest, he searches until he pulls out a green bucket with a lid and handle on it. By the handle, he takes it with him in the ring where Kidd is crawling towards the far corner in an attempt to get back up. The lid of the bucket is taken off and Eddy pours on the mat an assortment of Lego bricks, to the delight of the fans. All sorts of colors fall on the mat. Red, yellow, blue, green, whites, all colours of the rainbow are seen in this pile.

    Eddy smiles though his bloodied face at his pile of Lego bricks. He spreads them out evenly to cause as much pain as possible. While this is happening, KJ Kidd barely returns to a vertical base. Thankfully for him, Eddy is too distracted from the colorful bricks. Looking nearby, he sees one of the wooden chairs he tossed into the ring earlier. Walking over to it, he grabs it by the back end of the chair and picks it up. As Eddy finally finishes playing with his Lego bricks, Kidd swings the chair from behind. The chair breaks over the back of Eddy, causing him to go down to his knees over the bricks. KJ tosses the chair away and places himself so that the head of Cousin Eddy is between his two legs. Both of his arms are hooked in a double-underhook position and with the last bits of his strength, he lifts up just enough to turn around 90 degrees and connect with his lifting double-underhook Facebuster called “Beautiful Pain” driving Eddy face first in the Lego bricks! Cousin Eddy rolls over on his back holding his face that has Legos stuck on it and KJ Kidd crawl over him for a cover. One…Two…Three!

    Despite the odds against him, KJ Kidd survives Playroom Brawl with the victory. The NGW faithful in the Nashville crowd rain down on Kidd with boos as “The Way I am” starts playing. Instead of waiting for the referee to raise his hand in victory, KJ Kidd just rolls out of the ring. After dealing with an oversize man-child over the past three NGW shows, he has finally got rid of him. Without even acknowledging the crowd, he walks to the back as Eddy is flat on his back in the ring, finally defeated cleanly.​
  11. Username: Forrest
    Join Date: Class of 2013, boi
    Have you ever competed in IWT: Multiple times
    Intentions (Booking, Writing, Making storylines etc.): Making Storylines, Aiding with Characters/Guidence.
    Availability: Part-time, I check the website most days, but work gets in the way (plus other things coming up soon)
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