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  1. So as you may or may not have seen a similar method to how we currently run voting was being tested in the IWT General Discussion Forum. While both methods are fine for those of you who vote, the new method is more tedious and requires more effort for collecting and collating the results, which doesn't effect those who vote, but does effect those of us who put together the results.

    The simplest way to explain it is like this.

    Current method = type =average and select the scores. Hit enter. Results generated.
    New method = open 10-20 tabs (making sure they're all for the same match and not duplicates), manually copy the numbers over to an average calculator or a Google form and then do what I currently do with the =average formula.

    So as you can see, a lot more effort just to get the results up a bit quicker (still not guarantee if no one notices the voting is done or if no one is online) - and this can be remedied by using the current voting form and I can 'share' the entire IWT voting folder with every member of IWT Staff.

    So basically, besides explaining how the new system negatively effects the people who do the results, it's also to find out what your issues are with the current system and how we can fix them.

    A big one, obviously, is people voting just for their friend, not based on the promo, which is impossible to fix by using a public voting method, irrespective of how results are collated.

    The next biggest issue I've seen (even then, only by a few) is results being posted late. And yes, that one is fully on me, I take full responsibility for that. But at the same time, IWT is for fun. Also, it's remedied as I said above by sharing the forms with the IWT staff.

    If you have any others please let us know here so we can figure out a way to resolve them.


  2. I still think we could come up with a replacement for "used potential". That's the only category I am still bleh about.
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  3. Alright, good point. What could we come up with instead to replace that.
  4. Thats where I am at a loss. Open to suggestions though.

    EDIT: Effort maybe?
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  5. Hmm, not sure. How do you really define effort?
  6. Thats why I said maybe
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  7. I have put a "10" for used potential for every match because it's such a stupid category. Replace it with anything else and I'd be happy. Maybe "Attacks on Opponent" or something. I'm a little drunk that's all I can think of right now.
  8. It's not really stupid it just isn't the best option. If you think the person did their best ever promo then give them a 10. If you don't think their promo was their best, then like a 6-7. Giving them a 10 every time is stupid, really.

    Attacks on opponent? Eh, nah, not IMO, that's stupid also :dawg:
  9. I think when voting we need to sort of quote each piece of a promo, along with its rating and category. To say what part was creative, and why, for example.

    In my eyes the older more known members are immediately seen as good, and there is a bias on votes. It being that most older WWEF members are known for being good at IWT and FSW
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  10. I think Used Potential isn't good because it's unnecessarily dragging your score down. Being marked down for giving a good promo that isn't the best possible one you can put out, is kinda stupid and in ways unfair.

    I recommend we change it to something like "flow of the promo". If it isn't all over the place, and has a good flow of the ideas in the promo. And is written well without confusing/unacknowledgable wording and grammatical errors. And a different name for the category would be nice.
  11. I agree 100% however this would never pass a poll and reach 75% majority to bring this in. People are too lazy to do that.

    And you're right again, the bias is clear when you look at certain peoples scores across many matches, but it's impossible to actually prove.
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  12. It's not unnecessarily dragging your score down, it's about showing you have room for improvement. I guess overall rating would be a better term because obviously if they think you're promo was good but they know you can still do better then it's like giving it a 7/10 rating, yano? And IWT isn't about getting the highest score possible. It's about rating the promo.

    Ironically if that post was a promo you'd be getting -10 for flow for that second paragraph lmao

    We had flow before, except it was called conciseness.
  13. What about clarity?

    How easy the promo is to understan(not using or referencing things only known to a few people.) after all anyone should be able to come here and at least get the basic jist of what's happening
  14. I have an idea. Instead of either of those methods, how about you put up a poll on the forum? You ask who do you think deserves to win, and the options consist of the competitors that are apart of the match. At the end of a certain time period, let's say a day, it closes and the person with the most votes win. GENIUS!
  15. Great post. I r8 8/8 m8
  16. Anything different from what happens now. Soli had a decent idea.
  17. Enlighten me?
  18. Nah bud, you posted multiple times in his suggestion thread, it shouldn't be hard to find.
  19. Lmao doing a ZTO
  20. Solidus used the same 3 categories right? So then what would be different other than jono not being in charge of it? I feel like that's where we are headed here.
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