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Who's your winner?

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  1. Andrew

  2. Michael

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Andrew(@Shadow) vs Michael(@Tsar)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

  2. *Alias' theme rings throughout the arena, and the crowd reacts very negatively. Even starting to throw trash into the ring.*

    *A minute passes and there still isn't any sign of Alias. His music gets cut, and the lights on the stage fade to black. A familiar tune suddenly starts to echo throughout the stereo system.*

    *A flash of white light illuminates the darkened stage, and Andrew emerges from the curtain at the 0:31 mark to a positive response. With his eyes set ahead of him he loiters on down the ramp, and into the ring.*

    Due to some very unfortunate events Alias couldn't make it tonight, and I just couldn't pass up this opportunity to face his opponent. This man has made countless unofficial proclamations, but recently he's been pointing them my way, and my partner's way. Since his initial goal has been achieved of ridding this company of a slave, not by his hand I may add; he's wanted to take shots at The Desperadoes. He's been talking all this big game, but instead of wanting to meet face to face he wants to let his 'friends' do his dirty work. I just can't let that happen. We'll fight your friends like you so desperately want, if they win, but tonight I have you all to myself.

    *Andrew smirks and feels through his hair*

    Michael, is it? Or is it The Artist? How about the Reaper? It doesn't really matter, because no matter how many times you change your name you'll never live up to the hype you set for yourself. It just makes you a delusional man, or boy more-so. Every single time I've seen you step into this ring you've carried yourself with such arrogance, and that has always been your downfall. The thing about wrestling is that you can never underestimate your opponent because the moment you do you risk losing the match. That's exactly why you could never get it done in-between these ropes. Confidence is a great quality, but arrogance is a tragic flaw. It's ruined former greats around this company, and the same will continue to happen to yourself. I actually remember the first time watching you wrestle for the IWT, you were outgoing, and you had a lot of potential. But that one hollow win boosted your ego to a point where it became too much for you, and that's why you keep on getting knocked down.

    Tonight will be no different, even if all of The New Generation accompanies you.

    Rise up? Not tonight.
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  3. Michael walks out as fog fills the arena, and Red lights flash in all directions. Michael makes his way down the ramp as pyro rains down from the Titantron. He jumps onto the apron with a smirk on his face, he looks back at Andrew standing in the ring before once again looking forward and beating his fist by his thigh. He crosses in through the ring ropes and he walks around Andrew, scanning him before the lights return to normal and his music begins to fade.

    Michael: Alias, you've chosen a fine talent to take your place. Former 1x IWT World Heavyweight Champion, current tag team champion, a seasoned veteran here in the IWT. Sadly, those accomplishments will be overshadowed by your overbearing incompetence of creativity. Every match I've taken part in always has the same lines pulled, you should care about here and the present and the fact that you may very well be my first clear, decisive victory. Then think of all the animosity you'll receive from Alias Antonio, and the rest of the IWT locker room for being a victim in Path C. A victim with a hypocritical stance on my popularity here in the IWT. If I didn't have "hype" here in the IWT, I don't think you would be here to face me, and I doubt Alias Antonio would have accepted my challenge to face me in any capacity. I may have a questionable track record here in the IWT, but I'd rather fathom that than realize that my tag partner has carried me for months.

    Michael starts to pace around in front of Andrew with an angered expression on his face.

    Michael: You and Midas are not only opponents in our eyes, but you two are targets. We don't care at what cost, but you two will be buzzard food after a brewing whirlwind rushes through you in a fashion that won't be sanctioned by most, but we aren't here to continue tradition...we're here to kill it. You're already a broken man, trapped on a deadly trail to hollow destinations. Follow Path C, the only option your mortified career has left, and we won't just rejuvenate what 's left of your career, but we'll let it flourish to new heights.

    Michael glances over at the crowd for a split second before refocusing on Andrew.

    Michael: You're correct, I'm not gonna rise up. I'm giving YOU an opportunity to... Rise Up and End All (He says in unison with the crowd.)
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  4. Why oh why would you want little ol' me to join your cause? I'm just a broken man with his glory days behind him, and who's been 'carried' by his tag partner for months. I don't see what on earth I could do to benefit The New Generation. Oh, I got it. I could bring some much needed credibility to it. Because let's face it, the best thing about The New Generation is a competitor who hasn't even had his first official match yet! And trust me, he'll leave the second a better offer dangles in front of his head. Sure you've got Danny otherwise known as Anon who's a former tag team champion in his own right, but hasn't shown up for a match ready to fight in almost a year. Then there's Christian who hasn't taken anything seriously since his debut, and made the World title into an absolute joke. Props to Alias for making it somewhat prestigious again. And then last and least we come to you, Michael. A man who's only recognizable accomplishment has been beating his stable mate at 'Mania via no show! So yeah, I could see why you'd want me to join. And I---

    *Andrew extends his hand to Michael for a handshake, but stops, and flips him the bird.*


    *He laughs for a moment, and then regains his composure as the crowd responds with a mixed reaction.*

    But let's not focus on the past, let's focus on the present as you so desire. It's only going to go down from here, which is hard because you can't get much lower than you already are. You're going to be targeted by me, and if I decide to show mercy on you you'll go on to face Joey- only to lose again. Where will you go from there? You going to try your luck against my partner Midas, or Jwab? We'll you will lose, but you're accustomed to it. Here's an idea, why don't you go test the waters in one of the other two prominent promotions? You'll get that fresh start that you'll so desperately need. And believe me, I'm not underestimating you in the slightest. I'm simply being realistic which is something that you really ought to start doing.

    Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Just look forward, and focus on trying to rejuvenate whatever career you'll have left after you get carried out of this ring.
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  5. Michael: I'm glad you've come to accept your faults, Andrew. You are a broken man, who's career is dead in the water and you're only staying afloat because Midas hauls you around. The New Generation is growing everyday, I've contacted some of the greats in the IWT to join OUR cause, and If you think you're even a tad bit as credible as're sorely mistaken. *Michael looks around at the Barcelona crowd as "Ole!" chants break out* Christian and Anonymous are the back bone of the IWT, some of IWT's first ever roster members and it's only appropriate that they become the backbone for The New Generation. I don't care about their track record because in the beginning when there was no Victoria Parker, Andrew, Chris Kaizer, Alias Antonio or Joey was them. They were the past and I knew they could become the future and ravage the IWT...and it will happen.

    Michael takes a quick look at the entrance curtain before looking back

    Michael: Andrew, I'll gladly take that decline as a grain of sand and make it a full fledge target on your back. I'm not targeting you because you declined, I'm targeting you because your ignorance to what I can do in this ring. I come out here and I go after the big fish because even if I do lose, at least I know that I have a chance against them. You people up there in the ranks take your place for granted and it makes me sick. You underestimate, demean and belittle the ability of those on the lower cards, and then you come out here trying to be a wrestling 101 messiah. Why I don't join the other two? It's simple because I know that the IWT has the only people I would like to face, and I wouldn't want to work for a slave? Maybe it sounds appealing to you, but hey "Desperadoes" was appealing to you so that's your stance. I'm gonna walk out here, win or lose, and I'll walk out on my own two feet *Michael looks around once more* and I'll go on to face Joey Bryant and I'll walk out, win or lose, on my own two feet. Because I don't cry and whine to the interviewers when i can't pick up a victory, and I don't care if I can't pick up a victory because the simple words I abide by are "Fight the big sharks, get a leg cut off, get a prosthesis and fight it again." That may sound like a big effort to your throne up there, but i'm going to climb up to that throne, throw you off and laugh as you plunge to the bottom of the I.W.T.

    Michael drops the mic.

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  16. The two battle back and forth with elbow trade offs, and Michael gets the upper hand. He whips Andrew into the ropes, hits him with a discus clothesline, and quickly goes into a pin. The referee starts to count; 1!...2!..and Andrew kicks out! A surprised Michael tries to take advantage and goes to the nearest corner to climb the top turnbuckle. He waits as Andrew slowly gets up and attempts a diving hurricanrana, but Andrew catches him and delivers a running turnbuckle bomb! He starts to deliver repetitive boots to Michael. The referee tries to separate the two and finally starts to count; 1!...2!...3!...4!...5! The reff signals for the bell, and calls the announcer to ringside. The two talk until the announcer lifts his microphone, and says; And you're winner by disqualification...Michael! The cameras pan back to Andrew who is still hitting Michael with boots to the face. He gets Michael up and hits him with a Dragon Suplex. Andrew steps out of the ring to retrieve a steel chair. He stands Michael up, wraps the chair around his throat, pushes him back lightly and hits The Decapitator(superkick)! Multiple referees and medical staff run down to try to separate Andrew from Michael. He backs up and tries to work with the referees. They begin to escort him out of the ring as the medical staff tends to Michael, but Andrew approaches him, bends down, and whispers in his ear "I'd like to see you try to walk out of here on your own two feet now! You wanted your decisive win, well there you have it". He spits next to Michael as the referees take a hold of him, and make him leave the ring.
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