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Who Won?

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  1. Michael

  2. Evandor Amos

  3. Nick

  4. Aids Johnson

  5. Jack Forté

  1. The following contest is a 5-pack challenge...and it is for the IWT Intercontinental Championship

    (@Shadow) Jack Forté vs. Nick (@Nickelodeon) vs. Evander Amos (@DatKidFromJersey) vs. Michael (@Roadster) vs. Aids Johnson (@Aids Johnson)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for up to 42 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    ask as many questions, as you want. idgaf.

    Please don't post during the match. If you need to post an OOC post,
    it needs to be important and short.


  2. Evander walks out with a black hoodie on, his fists taped up. He's not making an entrance, he's headed straight to the ring for a fight. He takes of his hoodie and grabs a mic from the ref.

    I didn't expect the red carpet to be rolled out for me, but I ain't gonna complain. An Intercontinental Championship title shot in my first night, that's what's up. Then again, maybe it's cause you can't think I win, that you're going to just use me as fodder for your champion. I mean, I'm in the ring with a bunch of soft ass hasbeens. We got Nick who well, i mean his IWT career kinda just ends at that. Nick will always just be Nick, some dude, some random ass nigga. Well I mean, me knocking his ass will look pretty damn sweet in my titantron, so I'll make sure I knock you out on your good side.

    Then we got Aids', I mean what the fuck is he doing here. Wasn't he like the IWT Champion not too long ago, now he's coming down to my table looking for scraps. Fuck that, you can't beat the guys in the big picture so you think you can get an easy one on new guys like me, like I'm supposed to roll over for some beer battered bitch, please. Son, tell me something, I heard you can't hold your liquor and DZ has to hold your receding hairline back when you throw up in the bathroom. Whatever man, we shoulda just made this a buried alive match and saved your mom's money. Would've even wrote the champ is here on your grave.

    But Micheal, what you doing here? So let me get this straight. You handpick your opponents and book yourself in a title match. What do you think, let these old ass niggas do the work on Jack, that come in steal the win? Nooooooope. The problem is, you thought that some new guy wasn't gonna give you a problem and that's where you made a mistake. Cause this (Evander holds up his fists), this is what runs through my blood and this ring, will be running with yours by my hands. So no hard feelings boss, but I'm going to make sure you don't walk out of here champ, but I'll leave your right hand alone, cause someone has to sign my checks, know what I'm saying?

    That leaves Jack, the IC Champ....and you know what, I was saving you for last cause I don't even know who the fuck you are. I mean this whole IC title scene has been dry as fuck. Some of the driest matches in IWT history have come from this division. It's so dusty and dry that it's starting to smell like Senhor in here, but I mean, he was the last great IC Champ, everyone else well...just look at Jack, you get the point.
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    Michael trudges out with sweat still pouring. His black tights have drips of blood and his hair is messy. His face is still red with anger. He makes his way down to the ring, pushes the announcer away and grabs the microphone.

    Michael: Who the fuck is this kid? This guy has never walked into my office once, and we don't have a record of his contract? It seems that the guys I left in charge, are losing their priorities. Anyways, Let me get this straight. This guy, shows up, and ends up in this match at some turn of events. Now he thinks he has the fortitude and the chutzpah to insult everyone and their mother? Get your head on straight, kiddo. You're not hot shit, far from it. You are a lean mean green tadpole. You should be spending time cleaning mats, because you obviously have no idea what you're doing. Smacking people for titantrons when the cameras ain't running? And leaving my hands in-tact to pay your non-existent pay check. You can't be serious, pal. I've had a long night and I'll be nice and happy letting out my frustrations on you. You're not the next big thing, but you are the next big joke. You're not gonna bury anyone because the burial has already happened. It happened the moment you spewed this shit out of your mouth. It sucks that the cameras aren't rolling, who wouldn't want to see Evander Amos come to his own funeral?

    Michael grabs a towel and wipes his face and neck off.

    Michael: And who else is here? Aids Johnson. This man, loses his IWT title to me, claims retirement, claims that he'll never be coming back and now he's back. What a shame this guy is. He is an embarrassment and he has the balls to come out and try to act like a big shit. He's gonna run out, acting like he still matters. He's gonna run out and try to prove his case that he's here to prove that he is the "GOAT" and that he is the true legend of the IWT. But as everyone knows, Aids will be derailed. His incompetence is his own enemy. His ignorance to his obvious failures is his biggest flaw. But those won't matter when his frail body is pinned to the ground for the 3 count. Because no matter who wins, Aids will be the one eating the pin. With that said, Aids, this isn't the same small pond that you helped build, but you're still the small fish in this massive ocean. And you ended up in the shoal of the biggest sharks.

    Michael slowly enters the ring but rests on the apron, first.

    Michael: But Nick, I had a lot of respect and admiration of our work, but you are way in-over your head. Speaking of irrelevancy, I don't remember when you still mattered. This may be the shoal of the biggest sharks, but you're the weakest of those sharks. You lost to my protégé, Ryan Davis. Your only major showing was that of a sly win over a battered Joey Bryant. But I'm not here to knock your accomplishments, I'm here to prove that you don't belong here. I may've lost tonight, but I stuck to my guns and proved that I can hang. I proved that I was more than capable to stand in the shoes of the greatest and run in them. More than can be said for Mr. Midcard. You've been fighting and defending in the same ranks that Evander belongs in. You were touted as the next big thing, and you ended up being the next big flop. You will talk a big game, but even your talk will be bigger than your career.

    Michael steps inside and stands in the corner.

    Michael: Then we have, possibly the biggest shark in Jack Forte. This man is one of the greatest Intercontinental Champions in history. This man has one of the greatest track record that none of us can boast. He's almost 100% undefeated. But I'm here to become the greatest Intercontinental Champion. I'm not here to talk about records and Aids up the conversation. I'm here to show that you laughing at my face is gonna be your biggest mistake. You're gonna step out and witness that laughing at the very man that gave you everything you need. You needed a First Class flight? I had it done. You needed a bump in pay? I got it done, but you weren't too grateful. I always hated it when the hand that fed got bit. But when the hand is bitten, it will come back as a fist to teach a lesson. You will be left in a pool of your own short comings. Y'know, God punishes all sinners. And the Sin City native, is the biggest sinner of all.
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  4. lol I was drunk as fuck last night - no way i'm coming back after finally retiring. :aids: best of luck, Lads.
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  5. Fuck it.

    Aids Johnson walks out to a huge pop after the video goes. Aids points to the screen up above before the music hits, as pyro goes off all around the ring.

    Aids takes his sweet time before walking up the stairs, grabbing a microphone and jump seating a spot in the corner of the ring.

    I took the bait, so ladies and gentlemen welcome the house that AIDS buit! *cheap pop* Tonight we are here to pump up Forte's ego, we have as many cadavers as Michael keeps in his his bedroom. I got drunk as fuck and found out there was a wild @Dat Kid, so here I am...retirement on my yacht watching my tv seeing ****s keeping my name in their mouths like they deserve or earned it.

    Forte talking shit like he wasnt a dat kid rotation of bitches he used to get over like his name was AIDS. Dat kid being rotated for the belt like he didnt hold the door for AIDS back in 2012, and MICHAEL using my name because no one gave a fuck about his title match outside of Roadie the Roadster, aka TWF champion. I'm here, drunk, dropping elbows like my name was Ric Flair. Not one of these cock knuckled whores could afford the ring on my finger, so let's just go piece by piece.

    Dat Kid? lol retired as much as I am. He shows up, plays his "card" and talks all the ridiculous shit possible. Spent 3 years on a gimmick that never got over, jobbed to a bitch I beat 4 times, and that was only in the bedroom. From has been "Beating aids since 2012," but the world knows he never deserved to be inducted in the HoF. Pick a new name, same asshole. FTJ confused you for Farooq, maybe the Hall of fame panel did also?

    Roadie lol ride my dick a little harder. I'm not a horse homie, stop riding my back. You never earned your match, never deserved a god damn thing you did and to compare you to me is a laughing stock the likes IWT hasn't seen since Jono vs Adam. You somehow beat me, but it could have been ANYONE but me. ANYONE. You have earned nothing, and deserve it.

    Nick, you are my ninja, and deserve everything you have. Nothing. Grow a spine and take what you deserve.

    *aids laughs* and you...Jack Forte. Midcard for life, you see how peopel talked about me when talking about your belt? You will always be the midcard great, same as farooq was, senhor, and so many more. You make everyone else look great and set up for the main event, but you will never be that main event. Roadie mentioned "his protoge" Ryan davis after he no showed your shit, and here we are. If I beat you for the belt, i'd throw it in the trash and tell you Alias called you a pussy, because that is what he already thinks of you. You inducted your boy Christian to the IWT HoF, and if you keep doing the shit you are doing, there is no chance he is able to induct you.

    You all want to talk shit about me? I am the first member of the HoF. I won a #1 contender match made by a bitch whose words were too big for his britches, won IWTWM I, and the rest is history. Bring my name up? Pay me bitch, because I paved the way for you ****s to stand where you are.
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  6. FUCK. Opening part ruined, was gold too.
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  7. when you realise that you are number 1 contender to the IC Belt. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
  8. @DatKidFromJersey here is your shovel. Also lol @ shadow not wanting to post until last, I'll reserve that right for the 2nd set. Will be around 430 central tomorrow.
  9. We go in order. Dat Kid, me, you, and who ever is the order we're going at.
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  10. (Forté's tron kicks on)

    Jack's entrance plays out as queued, but he is no-where to be found. A few moments later a couple of fans spot him in near the far end of the tron, taking the quickest way to the arena. He wastes no time to get to the ramp, and slides into the ring.

    (Forté retirves a mic)

    Forgive me, I just got here. Again. And uhhh on my way in I happen to pass by this fella, real burly looking dude. Just completely inebriated out of his gosh darn mind, yelling incoherently. Something about how he is owed his rematch, and stuff about how Michael is nothing without him. He built this place, and that he wanted in on this match. Yaddda yadda yadda. Long story short, he ended up passing out right before the security could get to him! Crazy right? I couldn't quite make the man, but he sure seemed familiar.

    So let me assess this, who is all in this match? Lemme see, there's Michael, there's one of Bishop's lackeys, huh. That's new. But of course Bishop would send another one of his bros instead of finishing the job. And then there's Nick, my very good buddy. The man who inducted me into the Hall of Fame!

    Alright, I know who I am facing now. So let me pose the next question, why is this happening? I had no say in any of this, but I suppose I never do. But I was already scheduled for one, so what is this? And why are the cameras not rolling? Oh, I get it. This is becoming a staple now. Let's throw our biggest name into an extra match, stack the odds against him. Try to end his reign before he breaks the biggest record in IWT history. For the third straight PPV in a row, I get thrown into an extra match without my consent. I never complain, though. I am a fighting champion, I welcome all comers. But this time is different! We actually have the man who books me in said stacked challenges, in the match.

    Mikey, Big Mike! What's up with all the pent up anger, and why do you look like Brita sicked her cats on you? Oh, that's right! You just lost your title to Alias. Congrats by the way, Alias. It has been a while since anyone of note has held that title. Maybe you'll make it mean more than mine, one of these days. But, back to Big Mike. So you lose, see your other champion win, and decide to take your anger out on me? By booking yourself against me, RIGHT AFTER my other match!? But your actions are shrouded now, you added other people so you couldn't possibly be using this match to your advantage! Uh-uh, I see your goal. Use these guys who haven't had a match, who are fresh as a daisy, to beat me down. And then you take advantage of that. That's uhhh not very Godly of you, Mikey. But that's ok, I'm not a preist. I won't judge you, absolve you of any sins. But I will do to you what they have---- wait, lemme stop myself. I don't go that way.

    (Jack turns his focus to Amos)

    Amos! What up my G? How you doin, man? Nah dawg, I feel ya. I get it. Alright alright alright, lemme hit you with the realness. I don't know what you're out here for, but tell Bishop that if he wants to get the job done he can do it himself. Oh, wait! You're not with Bishop!? Oh, ok. Figured you were, but I guess that's even better. At least you're not a mindless puppet of his, but it doesn't matter. I'm not looking past you, in fact you're the most intriguing aspect of this match to me. Not even competing before getting this shot. Leaves me wondering just what exactly you had to do to earn it. I hope it was worth it man. But I'm going to come at you with everything I got, but not in the way Mikey did with you.

    And last but certainly not least, we have Nick. Arguably the only man who I have an ounce of good will towards. I trust this man, I'd go to war with this man. But when push comes to shove, and it comes down to it you have to know when to set your friendship aside. This is one of those times, Nick. I'm not gonna berate you, dog on you. I'm just going to let you know how it is, I won't let you walk out of here with my title. It's nothing personal.

    (Forté does a double take)

    Aidsy, look at you! Back again, looking great. Maybe not as good as the guy outside of the arena, though. But still, it's something. And back, challenging for my title. That's great, something FINALLY on the line between us. Because the last two times we met up, it meant nothing. At least for you. But I remember just how much it meant, for me. You tried to lead the XIX to dominance, but Nick and I stopped the three of you. And you tried to make the IWT title mean something, ok.. maybe that's a bit of a stretch. But still, I showed just how much my title means more than yours did. I SHOULD tell you what you have told many a man, and that is earn it. But I won't, because I am more than content with putting you in your place for the third time!
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  11. Was literally 5 seconds away from posting before you did. That's why I said the first part of my promo was ruined, but I decided to keep it. Had to add a part for you too, but I was done.
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  12. Good timing is what I do, was clear in your promo bby :aids:
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  13. Nick steps onto the stage to a good reaction wearing his hoodie and shorts. He quickly gets down the ramp, circles the ring and rolls in, immediately getting to his feet and eyeing his competitors.

    "They say you save the best for last, right fellas? But after all those hurtful comments you guys said, you really don't seem to believe in that old phrase, do ya? Well, they say seeing is believing, so I guess the only way to prove that is beating you all..."

    He glares at Evander.

    "And I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch your name back there bud, who are you? And who the hell do you think you are saying I'm just some random dude? Because this random dude has accomplished more than you have in your whole life and ever will in just one minute. How you're in this match is beyond me, but I think you and Roadie might just be FTJ and Britanica version 2. Looks like he gave you the wrong night for the rocket ship, huh? Because you're outmatched by everyone here, even a drunken Aids and Mikey. My story doesn't end at my name bud, because my story includes main events and championship reigns. Yours ends at your name that nobody knows, and I'll make sure it ends that way PERMANENTLY."

    Nick smirks and turns to Michael.

    "Wow, you've come a long way Roadie. No longer are you eating a snapmare driver from me for an easy X-Division title defense. Instead, you're eating that vicious Psycho Driver for an easy IWT Championship Victory. No matter how high you climb, you'll always be the IWT's biggest loser. I may have been the worst of the sharks but all you ever was and will be is a little minnow, destined to be eaten by the likes of us. Your protege pulled a fast one on me, but was too scared to face me again, because deep down he knows I'm better than him - and more importantly, better than YOU. Stick to being a GM, it's the one thing in life you haven't failed at yet."

    "Aidman!! What up bro! You mic'd up?! Still a shame we've never faced one on one... because everytime it's been multi man matches. Survivor Series, Elimination Chamber, and when me and Jack ran wild on you and your boys back in March, Each time, I kicked your ass - and you were sober then. Now, that you've had a few too many this will be like taking candy from a baby. I'm gonna send your ass back to that shithole town in Wisconsin and we can all hope you won't unretire for the 5th time. Say hi to VP for me after I officially retire you tonight."

    Nick turns to Jack and stares at him for a brief moment.

    "We've all got our vices, buddy. Something that holds us back. Something that dragged each of us into this match. Aids can't put the bottle down. I can't put the joint down. That black guy is in over his head. Michael always feels he's got something to prove. And you... well you can't lose. You've beaten everyone under the sun, and made it look easy. And that is your weakness. You're too good. You're gonna get complacent, like you've done by walking into this match. And when you do, I'm gonna do what you said, and put our friendship aside. No hard feelings when I take the Intercontinental Title from you."
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  14. Nick, you're not taking a goddamn thing with you other than a battered ego and another one in the L column, but I mean that's kind've you're gimmick right? Then we got Aids who's still waiting for his "you still got it" chant after he's left, come back, left come back, stayed home, went to rehab, got a job working as santa at a mini mall, come back, retired, come out of retirement all so you could stand in this ring with me and prove to the world that Aids Johnson has still got it ALL...I mean has still got Alzheimer's. You got a lot of nerve coming out here and calling me Dat Kid. Despite what Dat Kid did in his career, i'm not here to follow in his footsteps. The only thing me and him have in common is that we both will leave you in the ring questioning your value to this company, looking up at the lights and saying "Dada....where did I go wrong Dada". But your Dad isn't answering, cause the moment you stepped in this ring I became your Daddy bitch, so here's my answer. For nearly have a decade you've been searching for the high point of your career and you should look no further than the end of my boot because by tonight, Evander will be known as the man who ended the Aids epidemic once and for all.

    Amos is about to turn around to the others but then looks back at Aids

    If you feel embarrassed you don't have to stand there and make things awkward, why don't you leave the ring because I'm done with you and so is this company.

    Amos turns to Micheal.

    You got a problem with me coming into this ring and talking shit, but isn't because I'm new, it's because the moment I lowered the mic a few minutes ago you shit your pants because you know I was a threat. NOT ONCE did I ever say I was the next big thing, YOU DID. See because as you struggle to find the words that berate me, you couldn't help but let your subconcious take over and tell me exactly why you're afraid of me. You're afraid of me because I am new, I am unknown, in fact you don't know a god damn thing about me and I sure as hell know a lot about you Micheal. But I'm not going to drag your name through the dirt, bring up the fact that you look really similar to a gun toting maniac that got his ass beat so often that you made Aids have traumatic flashbacks from his childhood.

    Amos turns to Aids

    I told you to leave didn't I.

    Amos turns back to Micheal

    It's funny how you think that everyone here is beneath you aside from the champ himself. It's like I was listening to you give the same spiel to three different people. See that's the problem with you cookie cutter copy paste so called wrestlers. Let's talk about how I'm great and you're not, let's talk about burying people, and how irrelevant someone is. I swear to god, I don't know how people can sit through this shit, it's like watching reruns. Hey as bad as Jonathan was, his fat ass never gracefully inserted himself into a title shot and let's not pretend that's not why you're here, because without the power you've somehow managed to acquire in the last year you'd be in the same category as The Jacob Colton's, the Based God Darth's, and the Aids Johnson's.

    Amos turns back to Aids

    You still here?

    Amos turns to Nick, but squints, he gets closer to Nick, squints harder. He looks around Nick, he turns to Aids and mutters something.

    Hey Aids, wasn't there another guy in this ring? I could have sworn it was someone important. I think his name Ni-something, Nigel, Nimon, Nino? Oh wait! Niggaswag! Hold on I'm wrong- ah fuck it, probably wans't too important.

    Evander turns to Jack

    It be the man himself. A guy who greeted me with the language expected from a pasty white nigga who must've learned that from watching Sucker Free Sunday on MTV. But all cultural ineptitude aside, you're the only man here to make a good point. I wondered myself why I was granted this title shot. Micheal himself said I didn't even sign up the proper way, there's no record of who I am or what I've done. I just came out here and asked for a fight and somehow found myself in a title shot that i didn't even ask for. I didn't earn this at all, so if me being here isn't a product of my own action, then it must be a product of yours...or lack there of. If a challenger so green can get a shot at a title that is supposed to be held in such prestige then it is really obvious that the title that you hold around your waist isn't worth a god damn thing in this company other than a 2nd place trophy for gentlemen such as yourself to fight for.

    I didn't come here to fight for second place, but if beating circle jerkers anonymous is what I have to do to get where I want to be, than i guess I don't have a choice now do I? I respect you as a champion at this company and I respect that you will fight me like every other company in this ring, so I'll fight you as hard as Dat Kid fucked Suicide's sister.

    Amos looks at all of the competitors and it looks like he's about to say something, but he smirks and drops his mic by his side.
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  15. Michael walks toward Evander.

    Michael: I under-estimated you, Evander. I had no idea we were signing smarks to contracts? I think this is a clear notion to go back to the high offices and leave active competition, but not without beating some respect into you. I love when my guys study our history, and I'm flattered that you took the time to really dig down deep and bring up Jonathan because you remind me of him. A useless piece of shit, you both. Except he spewed his shit in the offices instead of spewing his shit out here. He didn't need to act like he was a tough guy because he knew he wasn't, but you are the opposite. You believe in your hype, and this will be your unsavory reality check. This will be the night that you realize that all you've thought you were was just a farce. It can be grueling for those in-trenched in a reality that just isn't so. But it can torment for those that have delved into a their mind as a king, and refuse to come out until someone knocks them off their throne in the real world. You talk a big game, and you nauseate everyone with your senseless threats. You think I'm afraid of you I am afraid of you? I am afraid of some urban nobody? Get your head on straight, and bring it down from the clouds. No one here is afraid of you, but they do struggle to find a flaw about you, that's true. Because when it gets down to it, you can't beat your bitch without meeting her first. And you're just that, a bitch and we're here to beat you down and beat some respect into you. And you chose the perfect match to have some respect beaten into. As we all know, God commands respect and for those that refuse to give it - will be struck down with his fury.

    Michael turns over to Aids Johnson.

    Michael: Who in the actual fuck do you think you are? You are legitimately mentally deficient. I mean I didn't know calling you a has been and virtually running your career through the mud for the last month mean't I was riding your dick? But as usual Aids was just a little off, up in the noggin, to realize that no one fucking cares about his broken ass promos or his career. No one cares about what you did 3 years ago because you can't do it now. We don't need to know about what you could do because we know what you can do, and it isn't impressive at all. And it's clear that you have no fucking clue what you're doing when you start calling a random black kid Dat Kid. Dat Kid retired and hasn't been back since IWTMania IV, bud. Go to rehab, get some help and come back with your head on straight. As a matter of fact, just last month you were giving a teary eyed retirement speech, having WUK sing your coat tales to all, claiming that you "paid your dues" and that you were likely never to come back. The whole roster predicted SummerSlam to be your return, but we got trumped. You actually returned just over a month later! You must be so proud to be the butt of all the jokes. You jump out acting like a total retard, acting like you're relevant and that you're owed something. You aren't owed anything, bud. In fact, when I pinned you to the mat to take your title and end the longest reign in IWT World title history, you got exactly what was coming to you. You got a beating that should've knocked some sense into you, but as usual you drank away any truth in your mind and replaced it with your silly drunk shit. I honestly can't stand your shit anymore Aids. I used to hide the fact that you were a repulsive, retarded, bastard who is better suited as a town crier than a wrestler but seeing you return over and over and over again has brought me to the breaking point. There's a special place for bastards like you. And it's called prison, but when you eventually drop dead either from being shanked from the endless amounts of people that want to, having an overdose, drinking your brains out or having a heart attack as you slowly run out here for your 69th return in 25 years and your frail body finally gives out, you'll be sent to the deepest depths of hell. A place where even darkness shivers in the wake of. But, before you can die, I want to be entertained with your poorly delivered promos and talking about how I'm riding dicks and how you paved the path for us. So get at it, jester.

    Michael looks over to Jack Forte.

    Michael: It's funny that you say this Jack. I don't need urban trash, a retarded drunk or a midcard staple to do my dirty work. In fact, I've proven that I'm done having anyone do my dirty work when I decided to face Aids myself for the IWT World title and I showed that I do it better than anyone else when I defeated him for that title. And I may've lost it, but Alias has fair warning to not get too attached to the title. It will be around my shoulder at SummerSlam. It's funny because you clearly don't see the hole you've dug yourself into. You've screwed yourself over, by accepting this match, in a desperate plea to show that you're a "fighting champion". You're trying to find excuses to excuse your eventual loss. And I find it very ironic that you assume these chodes are working for me, in this match. *Michael steps closer to Jack's face* Is there something you think might happen? Are you afraid that the 2nd longest reign in Intercontinental title history is gonna end at the hands of a man that controls the very destiny of you and that title? Are you intimidated by the fact that your days are numbered and this will be the last night you get to hold onto that title before it's nameplate no longer reads "Jack Forte" but reads "Michael"? Are you finally seeing the imprint of God on your title? Because he sees it, and if you don't see it. He will force his hand to make you see it.

    Michael steps away and walks towards Nick. Stopping a foot away from him.

    Michael: Last thing I didn't fail at was being General Manager? I don't think I failed at grasping the brass ring that eludes you, not because of politics or a lack of good booking but because you aren't good enough. If i'm a small minnow, then you must be a goldfish. You've never been able to do anything that can make the fans, the boys and the world say that you deserve your place. I booked this place, own it , run it and won the World title. You, won the Golden Ticket, the X-Division and had a month reign with a title you won from a man who had a grueling match against someone that's mile better than you. We all know that what you say is just something to cover your insecurities. You know you're not good enough so you tag along the coat tales of Jack Forte and you run about thinking you're something. You aren't anything. You're not a main eventer, you're nothing at all. You were a young gun. You were shooting on all targets, but just as you got into the biggest shoot out, you lost your skill and crippled your career. I may've lost a lot, but I always bounced back and proved that I was better. You have never done that. You've bounced back and proved that you're the same as you always were. The midcard is your home and you've been living, and furnishing it for 3 years. You're nothing to me, and I sign your paycheck. Saving a few thousand dollars ain't too bad either. So hop back to the midcard, take a seat in your throne and watch the guys walks straight around you to the promised land with a throne bigger than your ego and a paycheck bigger than your life savings. Everyone in this match, excluding Aids, has some sort of credibility. But you've lost all yours. And with it, has gone your perception of reality.

    Michael drops his microphone and starts stretching in the corner.
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  16. (Forté lets out a small chuckle)

    With all do respect, Big Mike, but you're incompetent. As hell. You seriously stand face to face with me, and tell everyone here just how you don't need anybody. Hah! Lies and slander is all that is. You take credit for running this place on a different level than Jonofat or Brita ever did, but that it is not the case. You and EVERYONE else knows that you're only keeping this company as functional as it is, is because of the team you keep at your side. They lend their expertise to you, and that's all the credibility you have. Nick can say that you shouldn't be competiting and stick to running this place, but we all know what he meant.

    Sure, you beat Aids for the IWT title. As well as Gav, big deal. As soon as you faced a real challenge in the name of Alias, you just couldn't get the job done. And you're seriously going to try again, at one of IWT's biggest shows of the year. Instead of giving the opportunity to one of the many people that proved themselves at this PPV. Smart move, but something tells me you didn't ask the people behind you if that was the right thing to do. But hey, they'll probably at least tell you to make it the co-Main Event. Just be sure to listen to them. Because you may be incompetent, but you're not stupid. At least I hope not. But then again, you did think this match was a good idea.

    (Jack makes space between the two, and turns to Nick)

    Nick, pal, did you just admit to being high!? Woah man, can't believe you just told everyone. Christian got suspended for less, damn. At least the cameras weren't rolling. Seriously though, I agree. We all do have our vices, I have quite a few myself. I just don't admit it in front of a sold out arena. But the one you mentioned, me being addicted to winning. I didn't ask for this, I would be more than happy with riding the wave until SummerSlam. But it doesn't matter, we're here now. And if I'm addicted to winning, well I need my fix man. So let me mainline this right quick, and then we can go roll some uhh, nevermind.

    (Forté sees Aids passed out in the corner)

    Ah-hah! I knew it was Aids outside! I just didn't want to make accusations. But oh well, guess that's one less we don't have to worry about.

    (Jack steps forward to Amos)

    You're just further poof of Mikey's incompetence. As far as he knows you have never seen him to sign to the IWT, but he's the one who made the match! Not me, so don't come out here trying to lessen the prestige of THE title. But I do appreciate that you respect me, but know this. I am nothing without my title, so if you're downplaying the title then you're downplaying me. And I may be a pasty white kid, but if you're doing that-- I'm just going to be a fading blur when you're on your back. Just like how you were when Mikey was showing you just how big he is!

    (Mic drop)
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  17. *The referee calls for a stretcher and they take Aids out of the ring and out of the arena*
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  18. Aids gets off the stretcher, grabs a microphone from the announcer clearly ready to call the match. Aids takes a pull and holds it up to his mouth before caliming down and laughing.

    I saved you Roadie. You cheated, you did everything you hate on WUK for, you were a fucking pariah and I Stood up for you. You realized I was incoherent when you signed me up for the match and here we are, Forte Nicky Your **** ass and Dat Kids new character. That is right kayfabe ****s, I came back for this shit expecting i'd be facing some **** with robes and an army that couldnt help him win the belt. Dat kid has been "Kicking aids ass since 2012" but he hasnt been relevan since 2013 and it was only because I buried the title, throwing the shovel jonathan handed me to put people down before then.

    This is bullshit and anyone with half a brain knows it. Roadie the Roadster here talking shit about my shit when he is running on my coattails, lol. You never earned shit in your life and want to talk shit about ME! ? You are out of your mind and deserve nothing

    Aids uses fancy typing to talk to people - you fuckers serious?

    I dont remember signing up for this - so let us talk to the person who retains. I dont have recollection, but nothing is more pathetic to me than a man who spends half a shift a job he doesnt work at talking shit to somone about how great he is. Forte is as real as a weave, he has a **** hairs chance of keeping his belt the second the brand spit happens and TNH THG or anyone else comes running for it. You are a fraud, you need a half day before you can cut a single promo - call you Roman Shadow.

    Nicky deserves it, but he cant cash in for his life. You and Alias both have #s against me, and deserve it, but the only thing I am waiting for you is to earn it. So much talk, but so many excuses. Alias has this bullshit he posts about "he and VP" giving up, and I already went over it. YOu hold the biggest change in IWT history, because you are the one in IWT history who can actually cash in and become champ.

    I lok around the ring and all I see are failures. Roadie the roadster, you talked a ton of shit but here you are. 1x champ, and the man I SAVED. Roadie spent his time cheating, he can talk all he wants about FTJ, but he was a pariah I saved. Again, @Shadow forte @Dat kid whatever hsi name is now, and so many others were willing to throw him under the bus.

    And yet here we are, listening to a bitch talk shit about how much he has contributed. Without AIDS there is no Roadie the roadster now, and he can tell you wonderful stories, but I saved Roadie like I should have saved WUK because coal can turn into diamonds and I did that. Soak that in for a secndon, while you sit here.

    I am not here for the belt, I came here to face Dat Kid/ People can talk a ton of shit but my resolution is what makes me the only 4x champ of all time.

    I am tired of being here, but my name being dragged throuh the mud by some newfag using his usernames new gimmick? Are you kidding me? *A bunch of ackoladed walk down and do not shit, but pray for Aids safety with shovels in ther hands" and mother of god Tsar?

    I am sitting here as the greatest man to ever wear a ring and somehow I end up shitfaced in a fluke match here? Let's be honest, Forte when he loses, will be in exact same spot I am, why CM retireted, and why People talk shit to me but say nothing to Dat Kid. You all have talk to say to champios blike me, but dont say shit to Dat kid because h ewill throw the shovel in your face.

    I retired and came back, retired and came back, but what you goons dont know is the fact I was beged for tt for the same reasons I get hated on for. Aids draws, Aids vs FTJ will save us. Aids draws.

    Forte and Nick earned ther spot, but are exactly apart of what happens when you find yourself in my situation, and you can count on it. Michael owes me everything and is a greedy **** who is lucky a champion stood up for him. Forte deserved to be champion, but what a joke of a situation. Talk shit about me. Nicky cannot lead the company, just like he cant lead the company (Forte will be forever midcard) and Dat kId?

    Dat Kid is lalways midcard. Kicking aids ass since 2012, and on his 8th character. I came back to kick your ass because we are always in a feiud. Niucky is too scared to face Alas, Shadow is a midcarder, Roadie cant talk shjit without mentioning my name, and dat kid? Oh he is the 2012 version of Roadie.

    Forte wins the midcard belt again, and Alias runs shit here. You should rue my reitremen shadow, you will never be me and never will hold the real main event. Face it, paper champions like me are the reason you are where you are.
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