Storyline IWT Dark Matches - Barcelona, Spain!

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    Aids Johnson and Farooq are standing in Las Arenas in Barcelona, Spain with a large crowd behind them as the Titantron lights up with the IWT World Tour logo.

    Aids: Welcome everyone to the "IWT World Tour - Barcelona, Spain" edition. I'm Aids Johnson along with FTJ, and we're here to show you the IWT World Tour match card! Now we had some flight problem's so the card has been reduced, but the 4 that made will put on a great show!

    FTJ: Yes, we apologize, but we still have a show for you!

    The Camera zooms in on the Titantron as a match card graphic pops up.

    Aids: Alkatrz (@Tumbas), representing The New Generation will be facing Brandon Pain (@RedDwarfTechy) , representing The British Pain. In the opener for the show in what is expected to end a grudge stemming back to The New Generation's defeat at SummerSlam.

    FTJ: And...your MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING , will be Alias Antonio (@THG?) against Aiden Ryan (@Butters!) A dream match in many eyes this match has been anticipated for a while now. Can Aiden Ryan prove himself and defeat a stunned Alias after a heart breaking loss at SummerSlam?

    Aids: We'll see that and much more starting September 3rd, 2014! I'm Aids Johnson and this is FTJ and we'll see you September 3rd-4th!

    The camera starts to zoom out as Aids and FTJ interact with the crowd behind them.

    OOC (open)

    I was informed that people are saying I'm bullshitting, and I don't really book the show. Well...I do, and you should stop and stuff. For anyone wondering, the card was reduced to keep people from getting burned out. Also if you wish to get booked in a future match PM me and I'll try to add you to a future match card.
    @Trip in the Head @Delik just making sure you don't overlook the thread.

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  2. Next time have me give FTJ a titty twister and look at him with kissy faces.
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  3. will do:hmmm:
  4. Gonna tell you before anyone tells you, it's Alkatraz. Not Alkatrz.
  5. Name: Alkatrz
    Have you read the rules in full?:Hell Yeah
    Do you accept the rules?:
    Hmmm... YEAH

    (Straight from the sign up)
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  6. nope. :heenan:
  7. It's been Alkatrz this whole time? WHAAAAAAAAAAT. Okay, you win this one Roadie.
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  8. It's going to be quite the challenge, but I'm sure THG will agree with me that it's going to be one hell of a contest. I can not wait to verse him.
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  9. I wish you and him the best of luck in stealing the show.
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  10. So, Is this going to canceled? o.o

    I'm so confused to what is happening lately with me, i'm being tugged left and right and i need answers. Seeing as this was not approved by the staff of IWT, I am very, very confused.
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    1) Lern2PM
    2)I already tagged him
    3) He said I can, lol.

    (I do admit he said to post the graphics in the match thread, which I forgot about.)
  12. Where'd he say you could?
  13. In a PM.

    He told me that I can ask Dark match competitors about this and if they cared if I added the country background, but since I had matches booked I just made them the spotlight matches. I admit he told me to keep the graphics to the match thread but I already posted it.

    I'm so fucking tired of this bullshit.
  14. Add me to it?
  15. So is this thing still going to happen?
  16. Okay, seen the PM, this can continue.
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  17. I told him to follow certain rules that appoint to dark matches. If the competitors are fine with him adding it in then what does it matter? I told him 2 matches a month at most like this. I have heard people are annoyed by the PMs though @Tsar . And I am also getting tired of this BS as well. Do I have no fucken say as the GM or what? Sure feels that way.
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  18. I hadn't been added to the PM where you said it was okay, the last I knew was when I PM'd him saying that it was dark matches was for and such (which we discussed and you said to tell him).

    I know you want to do things @Tsar but at times it feels like you're trying to do to much, whether it's to be noticed or what I don't know. But it feels that way.

    Sorry Trip but I was unaware you said this was cool :urm: