IWT Dat Kid vs MrSackfist (VP of MoD) - PROMOS!

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  1. The Vice President of Ministry of Darkness

    @"Dat Kid" vs @MrSackfist

    *This is a promo battle.
    *Each contender will tell us why they deserve to win.
    *There is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    *No pictures, music, videos etc.
    *If @MrSackfist wins, he becomes the Vice President of Ministry of Doom, @"Dat Kid"'s group.


    Promo's will be open for 48 hours. Voting will then be open for another 48 hours.

    Promo's are now OPEN!
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    technically , jabri can let sheldor be VP for 2 days and then put him back as another member :haha:
  3. @MrSackfist FOR THE WIN!
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    :true: he can win all the times he want, jabri can let him be VP for a second and then a normal member too LOL
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    true my beloved partner
  6. He'll have to prove he deserves to win, I won't vote who doesn't deserve my vote
  7. HE IS A GREAT truth leader. u did not see him run the andoid site he was fuckin epic must better then Crayo.
  8. Guys, this isn't a discussion thread it's for them to post their promos, please.
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    lets take this to the backstage thread
  11. Ok, so I'll guess I'll start. Dat Kid, we must be popular, we already got fans posting before we do. Although we are good friends I won't be going easy & I don't expect you to do the same.

    The reason I want this match, is I know you are undervaluing me as a member. I mean not even a member of the cabinet? Truely undervaluing me. I mean you have two GM's there, but not me. I mean I wasn't even added to the member list. You got some splanin' to do
  12. U GOT MY VOTED! I AGREE 110% WITH THIS! :pipebomb:
  13. Before I even start my promo I'd like to address the retard above me. I haven't even shot my promo and already this idiot is already opting to vote for Sackfist. This is just an example of how biased the IWT community is. They vote for who they like, not who's the best. Hell the only reason Gohan wants Sack to win is because I demolished his ass in the triple threat match and I bet he's still butt hurt because I exposed him for being the slut of the IWT. He was backstage sucking Jonathan's dick and the moment he stopped he was suspended. Now all of a sudden he whines to Crayo and goes sucking his dick so that not only is he unsuspended, he is put in MY #1 Contender's match for the World Heavyweight Championship. A match that I earned by beating two world champions and Gohan in the same night, but that's alright because I'd rather earn my title shots in matches rather than swallowing cum backstage. :pipebomb:

    Anyway, I don't know who you think you stepped in the ring with Sack, to think that I wouldn't know you're going to fight hard in this match. You always fight strong in the beginning, but when it comes to the long run you always fall short. Sack you have proven over and over again that you are not capable of holding any power. If that was the case we would be competing in FNW and not IWT. You know what's funny, IWT is a thriving company, more so than FNW ever was and I know it eats at you Sack, knowing that someone newer than you, just got lucky enough to surpass you. I mean there's not much difference is there. I mean we have the same concept, same amount of people, some of the same guys from FNW are here actually. Before you even say, "oh I was overworked" let me stop you there. FNW didn't fail because you had a lot of work, FNW failed because the work you were doing sucked! Hell if you had done less work we would have been in a better position. Matter of fact, now that you stopped working in the back, look at where we are now.

    Sack you're not cut for management because you don't know how make things work. I was the guy in FNW, I was the best damn superstar you had and you booked me as a jobber! Sure I'm not winning left and right here, but at least I was given opportunities and when they didn't work out there was always something for me to do. You may have owned FNW, but I am the one who made that company famous and how do I get treated? I get booked with some lame ass wrestler named Masked Machine because he just happens to be a luchador, real innovative Sack. Then on top of that I have to go around with fucking tacos and dance like an idiot just so you can sell tickets to 6 year olds. Little known fact, I was actually suppose to debut as a brawler, but they cancelled my debut, but the moment El Nino developed I was the face of the show. Now I am here in the IWT, being the superstar I've always wanted to be and I am putting asses in seats just like I did in FNW. You wanna know the difference though, I didn't have to sell my soul to a devil like you.

    That's what it's always been like with you. You create something, I help it become notarized, then you fuck up, and we repeat. Well that cycle has ended Sack. This is how it is now. You follow me, you shut the fuck up, you know your place, and you keep it that way. I didn't invite you into the Ministry of Darkness because you would be some great innovator. I invited you because I felt sorry for you. You came back after your hiatus and no one cared. You were like a poor bum on the street that I so graciously extended my hand to. See this is why I don't like poor people because you give em hand and they want more and more and more and more and more...

    Just be happy that I did you the favor of letting you into my group
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  14. 1st of all I will agree with you on one thing this vote thing is BS! User are going to for who wanted. That why I not the IWT WWE HEAVYWWEIGHT CHAMPION! This why the IWT should be basic wrestling smart! Not voting! All match should be ppv picks matchest that way u earn the win and not have it be basic on some else who could be biased to u which what I try tell u fucks! But U NEVER LEASON TO GOHAN6425 U ALL INJORE ME LIKE DUMB ASS. And thing my idea are dumb when there smart. A fan is not going to picks who win the wwe title or any other title for that made! So why should we in the IWT have are matchest be basic on other user!? This is why Jonathan should NOT be GM he told me I would going to be number 1 conder even seabs agree with me that he said that I was the number 1 conder for the world title and bitch that did not and I have to earn now, he make up rules as he go along. He he said I am a lot to u live stream which I prove he said and it just if both user agree he make a shit as he go alot. And then he lie that I did not tell him something when I told 5 time over month ago! As for u winning the US Title 1st of all u own 1 that shit b/c I have food poison that day and was in the FUCKIN Hopsabl u asshole! I have easily won if I was online by just going on usteam and getting votes! And yes I voting sack b /c I FUCK CAN which make this system DUMB! ALSO I ONLY LIKE WOMAN ASSHOLE!
  15. I think you have your days confused because the day we did the US Title match you did do a live stream and then you got mad because I did the exact same thing after.

    and also

  16. I Agree with you on the voting, it is biased and never based on who was better. If you beat someone, then you can guarantee they won't vote for you. To win here Dat Kid, you gotta be popular, something FNW never did. FNW favored the best superstar, and guess what you just weren't it, that is why you got stuck as a Taco eating, mexican hat dancing, luchador. Why? because you couldn't handle it with the guys in FNW, they were just too damn good for you. So like you did for me, I gave you a bone, I made you popular, people looked forward to your matches. But what happened to you? You left because, things got to hard and you were overworked.

    Now IWT and FNW have a lot of similarities I agree, but the top guys in FNW are now the top champions and the guy who couldn't get a win, the guy who couldn't hang with the big dogs, well take a look at this:

    I knew you couldn't cut it in FNW, and it turns out you couldn't cut it here in the beginning. You have a big losing streak Kid, and I think you are better off being a taco eating, mexican hat dancing superstar, because face it, here you may even win a match or two. Think about it
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  17. Made me popular? too good for me? What happened to me? I can't believe the things I'm hearing right now. FNW was made by you and brought where it was because of me. I wasn't overworked either, I just decided not to work because everything I had done up to then was getting me nowhere. Night after night you have me losing while I draw in the crowd because nobody who watched FNW certainly didn't tune in to see the mediocre Brian Messias and the ever so stale Aids Johnson. I made your company Sack and it's no coincidence that the day I was fired was the day that company went down hill. Just another key example as what you think "qualifies" you to be a VP in my group.

    Yeah I got a big losing streak? You know what else I got that's pretty big? Ask your mama. Now here's the part where I say you don't belong in this ring, go backstage, but the thing is you don't even belong in this company Sack. You'd fuck up creative faster than Gohan can get another title shot. Sack, just leave the IWT. You can stay in my group, but you can't stay here. You're not meant for this, you're not a competitor, you sure as hell aren't a good booker, and certainly not to fit to run anything. Get out Sack, you're in my world now.
  18. when does the voting start on this!?
  19. Dat Kid, you have got a big losing streak due to your lack of talent. I mean you keep trying to go for the top titles of this business, but the truth is you are just not good enough to do it. Myself am minutes away from capturing the cruiserweight title and on my way to face FailFaceFTW for the european title. Now before you say you also hold two titles, You hold a tag title, and we all know it is CrayJ Lee's effort that got you there. I am on my way to win two single titles, not depending on anyone else to hold my hand to help me win. You say I don't deserve to be here? At least I got the drive to go after two titles that don't require help.

    Dat Kid, you have needed help you entire career on FNW, & I helped you become what you are today, I know deep down, you blame me for not helping you become better, because two top guys in FNW are the top guys now, you just didn't have the talent then and it shows now, with you as the biggest loser in IWT. I like you man, but dude, stick to the production truck, at least you contribute something positive there.
  20. Dat Kid fucking destroyed the shit out of Gohan :laugh:

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