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  1. -IWT creative are having a hard time finding a suitable gimmick for Adam Aries, reports show them trying out a few different ones during house shows to see what sticks.

    -In major news, there seems to be legit backstage heat between Dat Kid and Jonathan. Both want to be the sole power figure, but IWT ownership enjoys having both of them battle for position on screen.

    -After losing in the first round of the IWT championship tournament many think IWT creative has given up on Senhor Perfect. We are hearing that his match against George at NOC will determine his future. If he reverts to the Perfect of old and delivers a high quality match, he'll be put back into the main event mix. However, if Geroge outshines him he'll continue to be in the mid card.

    -IWT creative is very happy with Britanica's new gimmick. They say she's been able to use her real personality and crank it to 11.

    -Farooq's live from Hollywood vignette did big numbers on IWT Live. His extended personal attack on Senhor was a seed planted for a feud that may or may not see fruition.

    -It seems Aids had to cash in his MITB briefcase early because Victoria Parker was suffering from a nagging injury and needed some time to heal. Original plans had him cashing in at NOC.
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  2. I make my own gimmicks, Fuck creative. Stupid dirtsheets :tough:
  3. No Jacob news? Hate this thread!

  4. I'm sure if you make some news they'll report it :happy:
  5. Is this enough?
    Tweet 1
    Tweet 2

    And The Crusade is about to win the tag team match.
  6. IWT's Metlzer
  7. I took a shit on Jonathan's desk and posted a pic:


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  8. I dunno man, I just copy and paste, I don't write them :jeritroll:
  9. Oh... Thought you write them. Now I hate this thread even more!
  10. :facepalm:
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  11. So...You saying I am crazy? :willis:

  12. The dirt sheets are. :jeritroll:
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  13. - Earlier we reported that Dat Kid has been injured and removed from the Night Of Champions card. His injury was no surprise to everyone backstage and there were actually a few people laughing about it.

    - In major news, "Hollywood" Farooq has upgraded his 36" Plasma TV to a 38" Plasma TV. We'll update you more on this major news.
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  14. - Dat Kid broke his shovel trying to bury Danielson and that's the reason he's been more prevalent on TV. Expect Danielson to disappear when Kid gets a new shovel.

    But seriously, I like the idea. I always wanted something like this for IWT
  15. You're a towell
  16. -meanwhile gav the chav is out 'shopping' maybe he's gunna buy a new tracksuit or maybe he's not
  17. Meanwhile Suicide has just entered rehab.

    OOC: I'll be IWT's Kurt Angle until I make my return.:tough:
  18. Thanks. If you need an idea, I'll always be to help.
  19. This diet sheet sucks dick. We need deth to flame em on twitter