IWT Divas Championstip Thread - WINNER CROWNED!

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  1. The IWT WORLD Championship

    @"CrayJ Lee" vs @"Lady Deathbane"

    *This is a Bra & Panties Promo Battle
    *Each contender will tell us why they deserve the Divas title.
    *There is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    *Pictures, music, videos etc. are ALLOWED.


    To keep in line with the new promo and voting rules, as you can see here: http://wweforums.net/thread-22789.html

    Promos will close at 14:20pm (UK) on 6th April. Voting will then last for another 24 hours and close at 14:20pm on 7th April.

    Promo's are now OPEN!
  2. IWT Divas Championstip Thread - PROMOS!

    Tag fail m8
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  3. IWT Divas Championstip Thread - PROMOS!

    Wtf is this doing on at the end. Piss break between the title matches?
  4. IWT Divas Championstip Thread - PROMOS!

    I'll be your referee for this match.

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  5. IWT Divas Championstip Thread - PROMOS!

    As the new tag team champion, it's time to continue my dominance in the IWT. My next main goal is to be the new Divas champion. Lady Deathbane hasn't been challenged for quite some time and I'm her first true competition. The IWT deserves a new Divas champion that they can get excited about and I'm the perfect Diva to fulfill that role. I've come out from the shambles of my rough childhood, have developed an intelligence many could only dream of, and have created my own success. I'm a formidable talent who can take on male and female wrestlers and win. Lady Deathbane needs to step aside so my reign can begin before she enters a world of hurt.
  6. IWT Divas Championstip Thread - PROMOS!

    @"Lady Deathbane" has forfeited. Your winner, and NEW Divas Champion.... "@CrayJ Lee"!
  7. @Grammarnazi82 time to expand the divas division back to...Two.