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    Contenders (open)

    Reagan Cole
    Bruce Knight

    X-Division (open)

    Prince Bálor
    Gav the Chav

    Intercontinental (open)

    Dirk Turdis
    Jack Forté
    Lord Lee
    Senhor Perfect

    World Championship (open)

    Alias Antonio
    Victoria Parker
    King Zero
    Frank the Jock
    Aids Johnson
  2. So basically my first match and my upcoming match are against people that are out of my division? Lolol. :titus:
  3. Contenders = People who freelance.

    Also divisions weren't around, last month.
  4. Well, still. I have to face King FN' Zero, and he's in the World Championship division. Lol.

  5. Well, he did accept your challenge...
  6. Well, I never said me facing him was a bad thing, so you don't have to be like that.
  7. I'm in the X-Division, baybay! :success::woohoo: