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  1. The draft was determined by listing all of your names in numerical order, and using random.org to draw the number. The first number went to RAW, second Nitro, third RAW etc.

    RAW Roster:
    @"Respect Gohan6425"
    @"Aids the Jock."

    Nitro Roster:
    @"Dat Kid"


    And for those worried I may have been bias.. (Note I did put 9 on RAW at first until I realised there was only 8...)


    The next draft will take place in 6-8 weeks. You can now only challenge for the titles of your brand.
  2. IWT Draft - Results!

    Well then, this is interesting
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    It is.....until you face me again :bury:
    Can we do an invasion angle and take over RAW? :punk:

    BTW How are you going to challenge for the WWE title if you win your match against Aids?
  4. IWT Draft - Results!

    Tag belts & the Diva title can be challenged by anyone. :otunga:
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    How does this effect my #1 Contender's match with Aids
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    Since that happened before the draft, you will still have your match. The winner will be on Raw, the loser on Nitro. Sound fair?
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    RAW can :gtfo:
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    Same with the DX one right ?
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    Remember that we have gohan in our brand :pity: he will be out saviour --> :finger:
  11. IWT Draft - Results!

    NITRO!! The Cruiseweight champioship has no champ, is there any title match predicted?
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    Doesn't matter where I am, Im taking all the belts
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    Totally forgot about that :nogusta:
    WE ARE DOOMED :upset:
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    Throw Justice on RAW too since he's challenging for my IC title.
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    There's only eight people doing this or am i missing something?

    ~Three Said That~
  16. IWT Draft - Results!

    DX belt is for DX members only, but can be challenged for anytime. It does not have a brand.

    Also, if other groups would like their own belts, they are welcome, but same rules apply for them as DX.
    They can only be challenged and won by members of your group.
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    @"lady deathbane" suggested the belt so I told her anyone can challenge her for it, so its her call. If you would like to challenge for the belt, face her and winner gets the belt.
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    Brit also made the height requirement for both sexes to be under 5'7. Use either your gimmick height or your real height.

    I've yet to make a page about it, my bad. I've been setting up another match, lol.
  19. IWT Draft - Results!

    I'm apart of the RAW roster, awesome!
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