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Who Won?

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  1. Alias Antonio

  2. King Zero

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is for the VACANT IWT Championship!...The winner will go on to face the World Heavyweight Champion, next month, in an opportunity to unify both titles!

    (@Dat Kid) King Zero vs.Alias Antonio (@THG?)
    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.

    -Promos will last for up to 48 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is
    NOT a promo limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,

    ask as many questions, as you want. idgaf.

    Please don't post during the match. If you need to post an OOC post,
    it needs to be important and short.


  2. The lights on the stage start to glitch a bit as the titantron shows the sun being covered by an eclipse and various cities being shrouded in shadow.

    King Zero wears a bandana over his face, a black ten gallon hat, a black and red vest, and pants to match. His eyes are red as he walks to the ring, being underlit by lights under the ramp.

    Announcer: Introducing the challenger from-

    Zero snatches the mic from the announcer and wags his finger at the announcer before stepping into the ring.

    I don't have a lot of time before Alias doesn't show up for this match and I'm declared the champion by forfeit, so lets skip the introductions why don't we. I came to IWT to deliver a message: Everything dies. And I don't know if any of you realized it yet, but this place has died a long time ago. The only thing living on a corpse are the maggots eating on rotted flesh and that's exactly how I see this "Dragon Rising" show.

    The new guys are now the has beens, the has beens are no where to be found, and how many times do we have to put the World Heavyweight Championship on Christian before we realize that no one gives a shit about that title. Does anyone even care about this match? You put me, a rookie, against your top guy, for your top title? How does that make sense?

    Do you think it makes sense to put that man in the ring with me? Point being, I guess the T in IWT doesn't stand for thinking, but that's okay, because I came here to deliver a message. A message using the blood and the broken bones of the innocent man who decides to step in the ring with me. Alias will represent this company as a defeated and destroyed entity, except this time Alias isn't facing Joey Bryant or Dat Kid. Alias won't be "Rising" anytime in the near future as he exits the arena via ambulance or hearse, because Alias is facing the King of Nothing, The King of the IWT, King Zero.

    Zero places the mic in his empty gun holster as he stares directly into the camera with his red eyes as if he was staring at Alias himself.
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  3. *

    *As the camera focuses on King Zero's death-defying. intense, red-eyed glare, Alias Antonio's classic theme song begins to play throughout the arena's speakers, resulting in a huge pop and standing ovation from the IWT faithful. Through the fumy and grimy smoke out makes his way the former IWT World Champion - Alias fucking Antonio.

    This is a big deal for everybody involved since this is the first time we've seen Alias Antonio make his presence known here in the IWT since the epic IWTMania 2 main event between himself and Lord Lee. Alias is noticeably in better shape and more bulky. He's rocking the same clothes, and to the surprise of most, he cracks a smile throughout the duration of his entrance.

    Upon entering the ring, he gives the newly signed King Zero, a sort of attentive yet prejudiced stare. He finally enters the ring, to some loud "A-LI-AS!" chants before grabbing the mic.*
    I'm taking my time to let this moment sink in. Actually, hold up.

    *Alias walks back outside the ring and jumps on top of the announce table and encourages the crowd to get as loud as they possibly can, with an amalgam of "A-LI-AS!" and "WELCOME BACK" chants resounding the most. He nods his head in approval and slowly makes his way back in the ring.*
    I really wish I could surpass the long-winded clichés and trite remarks of what someone who is deemed a legend in this wrestling company would normally say at this moment of time feels good to be back. This. All of it. Garnering a reaction out of a group of people in an audience is sincerely the best feeling you could ever feel, no matter how much you hate your boss. And there's a long list of things that gives you that rush and energy in this wrestling industry, but trust me. Knowing that people could love you, or hate your guts, just by holding this microphone and uttering some words, is pretty damn awesome. I've got everything at the palm of my hand.

    But now that the small talk is over, lets get to the fucking business. I didn't leave for 6 months just to do my Aids Johnson "pandering to the masses" schtick. I'm not THAT washed-up just yet. So the main question lingering around people's minds around here is, just why did you come back, Alias? And it's honestly a good question to ask. I'll tell you why.

    At IWT Mania 3, I got upstaged and outwrestled by my former partner, Lord Lee. And as a result of that, I lost MY IWT Championship in the main event that I had finally earnt after putting to bed my feud with Joey Bryant and prevailing as the victor in that. But I'll admit, that night I got bested by a man I didn't like or respect one bit. It hurt. And it hurt seeing people act like it was a "passing of the torch moment". I'm not some fucking washed-up old has-been prick. We both started out here at the same time, and I got to the top before him for a good fucking reason. I was better than him and I still am better than him. He couldn't deal with the pressure of being the IWT Champion, so his whereabouts are unknown currently and consequently, his IWT Title has been put up for grabs in this match you're about to witness tonight.

    But I still haven't answered the question that people so seemingly want to know the answer to. "Why did you come back, Alias?" "You've accomplished everything there is to accomplish here man!" "Former X-Division champ, the best we've ever had! Former World Champion, the best we've ever had! Former three time tag team champion, the best TAG WRESTLER we've ever had!" "Former two time IWT Champion...."

    And that's how the sentence ends. Former IWT Champion. Nothing more. It gets to me how I was never able to personify what that title meant. It gets to me how I was never able to hold it long enough to make it meaningful or weed out the bullshit that corrupted that title and this company for so damn long. It gets to me that people won't recognize me as the greatest IWT Champion we've ever had in this company.

    And if they don't recognize you as one of the goddamn best ever, then I think what you can accomplish here is endless. ENDLESS. That's why I'm here, to win back my IWT Title, make it mean something, then unify it with the title I did manage to make prestigious and then become the greatest wrestler anyone has ever laid their eyes upon.

    New motivation. New mindset. New me.

    King Zero, I don't wanna undermine you whatsoever, and I won't. You look menacing in your own right. But frankly, you don't deserve to be in this match. I don't know who fucking thought of this idea but whoever did will soon find out the hard way that you don't stick weak rookies with monsters like me in this ring, when I slap your bitch ass silly in the middle of this ring. Especially when it's a match of this importance.

    But as the saying goes....may the best man win.

    Jesus wept.

    *Alias smirks.*
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  4. Only around 6 hours. Gonna extend it because this match deserves to go longer. @King Zero get your promo in.
  5. Any chance we can resume Monday cause im in new york for halloween
  6. if you want another round then sure
  7. Monday. Will resume as soon as Kid promos.
  8. Zero takes the mic out of his gun holster.

    You're right, I said it already and I'll say it again, I don't belong in this match, but neither do you. You spent the better part of five minutes rambling about Aids Johnson, Joey Bryant, and IWTmania's of past. Those men are as good as dead, just like this show, and just like your career.

    The crowd starts to boo, but Zero talks over them as he gets in Alias' face.

    Every year we watch you old timers come in and soak up your return pops with the same old "It's so good to be back" demeanor. Well guess what? There is no going "back". That moment in time when you were actually a threat to this company has passed, the only thing that matters is what you're going to do now.

    Because right now Alias you're staring at the red eyed spectre who is going to leave you and every other memory so called greatness in the fucking ground. You claim to be a new man and the only thing new I see about you is your loss of aggression and false sense of entitlement. So if you just came out here to try and capture the fire that ignited your career or to get these fans to stroke your ego, then you best hop over that barricade and start walking because the local VFW is that way.

    Zero opens the ring ropes closest to Alias.
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  9. Save it. Just save it, man. The whole "IWT is dead" schtick was something I was saying way before you even had a conscience. And by the look of things, I'm gonna knock that conscience right back out. You see, I don't work in moments or spurts. I work in constant motions of greatness. I've been a threat to this company and it's workers ever since I stepped foot here. I've seen the fear residing in executive's eyes, Jonathan's eyes,Trip's eyes, wrestlers' eyes, in fan's eyes, because they know exactly what I'm capable of doing and SAYING and I emphasize on the word saying because sometimes the weapon of speech is far more deadlier than anything I could do within the confines of this ring, and I've delivered on that statement many, many times. I'm a threat to this company even during my long absences because around here they fucking SHAKE at the thought of me coming back and speaking my mind and wreaking havoc and doing whatever the fuck I want to do.....

    And I thrive on seeing weak people cower and quiver and shit their pants, like the pathetic people they are, just at the pure sight of Alias fucking Antonio. I've held this company hostage for over two years, King Zero. And anyone who dares come to my ring and speak to me like that will soon realize that. You may have that corny looking gun holster but my friend you just brought out a knife to a gunfight with one of the greatest gunmen to ever live.

    I will show you just how much of an aggresive, egotistical, self-entitled threat I am, tonight.

    You sure better ring up that local VFW after this to see if they have any spots for disabled wrestlers. I will make you regret your decision to even come out here tonight, let alone try and disrespect who I am.

    I spare no lives. I am the kingpin.

    Jesus wept.
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  10. Done? Or another round?
  11. No Alias, you're not. You haven't held anything hostage, you quit and then you came back. Now you're here trying to recapture what you once had. You can call yourself a gunman, a kingpin, a threat, or whatever the hell you want. The fact remains that when you look in the back, you don't see any familiar faces back there do you and that's because all your friends are dead. You are a kingpin of dead army.

    Maybe you are right, maybe IWT is alive, but the IWT YOU knew, is gone. So I'm going to do you a favor and send you back to the IWT you remember...the one that is six feet in the ground.

    Jesus was always a weak little bitch.

    King Zero takes off his hat and then his bandana. He turns around and reveals that he is actually a heavily bearded Dat Kid.
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  12. Now I'm done
  13. I think your promos were alright @THG?
  14. It's a tough one, THG started off strong, but Kid had a better finish imo. Gotta think it over.
  15. Kid and THG both had all round great promos. But THG had the better ones overall. Voted for him.

    Interesting to see who will face VP next month.
  16. I liked King Zero's promos a bit better overall, so my vote goes to him.
  17. Here's your winner...and NEW IWT Champion...with 3 votes...

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    The lights cut out seconds after Alias wins. Two spotlights fade in, one on Alias and the unmoving body of Dat Kid. The second spotlight on the entrance ramp where King Zero stands.

    Oh this seems so familiar to me. Your hand raised over Dat Kid, winning a major world championship. What was it? Wrestlemania, Extreme Rules, Elimination Chamber? They all seems to blend in after a while don't they.

    I know you're confused, maybe a little upset at the fact that you've been bamboozled. Well I want you to get used to this feeling Alias because this is not the fact this is only the 1st movement of a VERY...LONG...REQUIEM. Because Alias, I am not a man you can just beat and wash your hands of. The blood on your hands extends further than just Dat Kid and there will be JUSTICE.

    Justice will never forgive and never forget, or walk away a defeated man. Justice looks at you like a small animal, caught in a trap, waiting to be tormented. So enjoy the victory earned in this mirrored world you live in, just remember the man that looks back at a dead man.

    The spotlight fades out on King Zero and Dat Kid's body has vanished from the ring.
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