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Who Won?

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  1. Jack Forte

  2. Nick the Jock

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is a Triple Threat for the VACANT IWT Intercontinental Championship!

    Jack Forté (@Breeze) vs. Nick (@Nickelodeon) vs. Chris Kaizer (@TNH)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for up to 48 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 36 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    ask as many questions, as you want. idgaf

    Please don't post during the match. If you need to post an OOC post,
    it needs to be important and short.

  2. @Nickelodeon you wanna go first? Just wondering what you want to do.
  3. I can't go at the moment, I'm possibly later on but you may want to have a promo up by then because it'll be a while.
  4. Someone has to churn out a promo before 12:20 AM central time.
  5. Time doesn't start till someone posts a promo brodie bro. I can start one on my phone now, but I won't post it until I get on my computer.
  6. Yeah - but the match should be starting. Especially since this is one of our featured bouts.
  7. *As the song starts to come in clearly the arena lights begin to flash. Once the initial bass drops the lights set to a royal shade of purple, and blue & white lasers shoot out from the stage.*

    *When the music stutters, and the lyrics finally kick in Jack makes his way out to the stage. He's wearing an opened black double-breasted peacoat, and the shirt on the inside reads: 'Nick & Chris Were What??' Forté taunts that the title will be around his waist, and makes his way to the announcer table.*

    *Jack takes one of the headsets off of Adam*

    Tonight, tonight I...

    *Adam lets Forté know that he ought to use a mic if he wants the crowd to hear him, and that he was trained by Austin Aries again.*

    Oh yeah, its been a while. Maybe not as long as it has been for Nick and Chris, but still some time ago.

    *Jack puts the headset back on Adam and retrieves a mic.*

    Ok, that was my mistake everybody. But hopefully Nick or Chris will learn from that. I mean, I don't show up for two weeks because I was waiting for Rita to hand me this title. You guys though, you haven't been here for months. I sincerely hope that you guys know where the entrance is.

    *Forté takes a while as if he's observing his options, and decides to slide into the ring. Ignoring the steps right next to him.*

    Before I begin to rip into Chris and Nick anymore, because let's face it, that is my Forté. Yeah, I used that pun before you guys could try to use that against me. Anyways, I was originally supposed to face Rita for her Intercontinental Championship, and take that other prop in the process.

    However, she decided to retire before our match. And while that was a smart move on her part, it took away from my resumé that I'm able to gloat about before I beat my opponents. I haven't won a Championship yet, so I've taken pride in my record so far. A record I'm sure that you all want to hear again, right!?

    The crowd responds in a loud chorus of No's

    Oh, so now you guys decided to take part in the show!? You couldn't greet me with a Marcus Anthony sized pop when I made my entrance? I might actually would've listened to you when you said no, but too damn bad now!

    I was the man who retired Trip in the Head!

    The crowd repsonds with "What!?"

    I hit Marcus Anthony so hard during our match he couldn't even continue, and we haven't seen him since!


    And I would've retired Rita today and taken both of the titles from her had she not walked away!


    Shut the fuck up.


    As I was saying, the least she could've done was personally hand me the titles. But no. Instead I have to face Nick and Chris. I'm not complaining, though. I see this as an opportunity, now I have the chance to retire two people en route to gaining the titles.

    Let's not waste anymore time, come on out boys. Greet these... lovely fans for the last time!
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    The arena goes momentarily silent, leaving Forte to stand in the ring alone.

    Upon the sounds of the legendary theme song, the crowd erupts in a pop greater than even Marcus Anthony's. Fans begin jumping all over the place, screaming catchphrases and doing FTJ's signature motions. However, the man who walks out onto the stage isn't Frank the Jock. Upon realizing this, the crowd's reaction becomes partisan, with parts of the crowd cheering and parts booing, chanting "We want Frank!"

    Faux FTJ burst out curtian! He wearing Kenmore West Letherman Jacket and sweat! He make three fingur sine and spin in circles. He shout
    "The pyurhton is here!" and crowd boo. He Jump up onto apron and sit down Indian Styles in middle of the ring.

    "OH YEAH DIG IT! That right people of IWT! It is I, the grate FTJ! I know this is unaspected, but I back and I here FOR MY IWT WWE EBW REALLY WORLD HEABYWEIGHT TITLE!!!"

    Another mixed reaction from the crowd

    "Let look at everything that has happen here in IWT since I, the "Really" WWE World Champion of IWT leave! IWT die! Yeah, i glad i leave when i do. Jonthern is failure! And worse, GAY PEOPLE MARRY? WOW YET OK! When I leave IWT, the world go SHIT! And now it my time to fix it! I been busy with collage essay, but now that is over! What I am about to say is nothing but TRUTH! And there differenece between FACT and OPINION! IWT need its first ever IWT WWE World Champion back!"

    "Now who is my opponet? Who is Jak? Some rookie? More like Jackass :pipebomb: ! @Cynthio @Jonthern why I in IC title match? I ashley best forumer in worlds and have pipebomb award to prove! I SHULD BE MAIN EVENT! I AM TOP DREW, THE TOP HEEL, AND THE BIGGEST NAME ON THIS PATHIC CARD! I AM BIG NAME IN COMPURY! :pipebomb:

    Crowd boo! FTJ give very dark smile and talk.

    "SHUT UP DOUCHEBAGS! I ownly in this match for return anyway. When i win IC title, I will win evry title! I will tell you what will happen. This match start and I kill! I a bad bad man, and I hav match to prov! I win this losy title, because I will hit STUMMERS! I throw a footbal an NFL ball at ur ding dong! You won't fell them! Then knight of Prefect will throw u into the durgeron. THEN I BACK FOR MY REVENGE! D KID, AIDMAN, AND DK JAME, THE PYURTHON IS COMING FOR YOU!"

    He drop mic and hold 3 fingur up!! Crowd erupt!
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  9. Fuck you

    OOC: Yes, that's my second promo.
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  10. OOC: Fuck, didn't realize there was a limit.
  11. @TNH - do your shit.
  12. @TNH - Last alert. You have 7 hours left to promo. Otherwise this will become a One-on-One match and Nick will have another promo.
  13. I do believe this is my best promo to date. Read a lot of @THG? and @CM Punk promos as motivation going in.
  14. Is the new measuring stick for the IC promos
  15. This Shadow? If so, appreciate it. I'll give this a look later.
  16. Indeed. I'm trying to acquire a Slip N Slide so I don't put this forum gimmick to shame. Hope my second promo wasn't too long btw.

  17. Michael walks out wearing a goofy beret and silk shirt with white cargo pants. He has a notecard in one hand and a microphone in another. He looks around and lets out a little flash dance...
    His music fades away and he begins to speak.

    Michael: A problem has always tainted the IWT, and more so now than before. And that's the unavailability of talent. I'm sad to inform all of you who have bought the tickets and PPV to see your favorites like Chris Kaizer on this card...I'm sorry to inform you that he has passed...*the crowd gasps in shock* Nah, I'm just yanking ya dicks. *the crowd begins to boo* He has not arrived for the show. Therefore this contest is now a one-on-one match! Holla Holla Holla for your Booka Booka Booka! Michael lets out a big smile before saying* Holla!

    Michael's music reemerges on the PA system. Michael dances...
    And then he walks back to the backstage area.

    Nick it's time for you final promo.
  18. He told me to tell you that he can't find time to respond and to just give me the win. Just because of how good my second promo was. Thanks again, NTJ.
  19. Playa, this match will continue as a tag team match! Holla Holla Holla for ya Booka Booka Booka! Holla!

    OOC: Nah, but this match is continuing as a One-on-One.
  20. Voting will begin by the time the WHC match thread opens.