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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    (@Ovalhead) Lord Lee vs. Joe Collins (@:OPJAKE )
    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for up to
    48 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    ask as many questions, as you want. idgaf

    Please don't post during the match. If you need to post an OOC post,
    it needs to be important and short.


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    *As Save Me is echoing around the arena, there is mixed reaction. Nobody in the crowd knows what to think about this new rookie. The Titantrons say "Joe Collins" on them, and then the crowd goes silent. Joe Collins slowly walks out onto the stage wearing a black hoodie, black shorts and black, generic ring gear like knee pads and elbow pads, with his head down. He starts flexing his wrists and neck, and is starting to hop around. He crouches down, and finally looks up. He looks around at the crowd, before he jumps up and spreads his arms out.*


    *While he is yelling at the crowd, he is pointing at them and pointing at himself. He starts walking down to the ring, sporting his black boots with grey kickpads. He eventually gets to the ring and walks one full lap around the ring, signalling for people to come out of their seats. He climbs onto the apron and turns around, and glares around the crowd. He spreads his arms and says, "You all wish you could be me." Only certain people in the crowd hear, but they majority of them boo. He gets into the ring and climbs on the turnbuckle. He points at the crowd and is saying things, but nobody can really hear him. He jumps down and goes to the opposite corner and does the same. He ends up going to every corner, but when he gets to the last one, he just raises his arm and is taking in the mixed reaction. He smirks, then jumps down and reaches his arm through the ropes and is handed a microphone.*

    Joe Collins: Hello ever-ay-body! *mixed reaction* So, here's the thing. Although you probably are all excited, don't get your hopes up. Even though you all in this arena think I need to prove myself, I'm just going to make this short and sweet. I mean, how could I not? Tonight I got paired up with Lord Lee, and I'm not very excited to say the least. Lord Lee? What kind of name is that? After tonight, he might as well just call himself, "Sore Lee" *Ooohs are heard throughout the crowd.* So, without further ado, *takes hoodie off and tosses it out of the ring* let me tell you, who I am. My name, is Joe Collins, and if you don't know, I am, the man who will, dethrone Lord Lee. After I am done with him, who knows? Nobody knows. I could be the next janitor, or I could be the next World Champion. But of course, the latter is more likely. Now, as a good ole' friend of mine said, "If your goal isn't to be on top, then you don't deserve to be here." But of course, who said that quote doesn't matter, because I am the only person who does matter. Once I'm done in this company, I will be the one who get's quoted. I will be the one who sells merchandise. I will be the one, who gets out, on top.
    *mixed reaction, but mostly silence*
    *I drop the microphone, walk to the corner and turn around, and lean back against the turnbuckle waiting for my opponent*

    Show Spoiler
    @Ovalhead ayy boi, I think you won this one. hurry up
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    *Lord Lee comes out to a mixed reaction, but for many of the long-term IWT fans, they're just relieved to see the return of another vintage IWT wrestler. Lord Lee is wearing the old IWT belt around his waist and has the old IWT X-Treme belt around his right. The confused fans are bemused to this but Lord Lee doesn't seem interested in explaining the logic by it, even when he eventually enters the ring.*

    Lord Lee: I return, I the champion, wait....let me rephrase my title as I actually held TWO belt before the company went on hiatus. I, the multi champion of IWT return and am shown a total lack of respect by the authoritative figures of this establishment, and I'm allowed to say because, hey free speech. READY THE GENEVA CONVENTION YOU FOOLS!!!
    But hey, you know, someone could have sent me maybe an e-mail or a phone call, but no, weirdly it was expected that word of mouth would reach your entire IWT roster....

    *Lord Lee scoffs at the scenario he just placed in the minds of the IWT universe*

    Lord Lee: But hey, that's another subject for me to dissect and criticise for another day. My current subject is one Joe Collins. First of all I find it deliciously humour-some that you attack my name as subject matter when your name is a sorry excuse. I'm not going to lie, when I saw you come out, with your uninspiring attire and uninspiring name, I was waiting for your tag team partner to arrive. I was assuming this was one of those 2 on 1 handicap matches designed to show how easily a dominant wrestler in the company *Lee points at himself with great pride* can decimate two mediocre competitors with relative ease. But alas, I only have one opponent to humiliate. Shame. But it's all good, the positive spin is that I shall be collecting a win on my glorious return.

    Now, I'll throw your noticeably depleted inner self-confidence; your spoken word of winning tonight is clearly just desperation, a bone, because I don't want to have too much fun, gluttony is a sin after all. While I believe your chances of becoming World Champion are, based on first impression, miserably slim, I'll admit that just because you'll almost definitely get pinned by yours truly tonight, you'll have more matches and opportunities to lift yourself away from 'Mediocri-City' as time goes along. I'm not saying it'll be a fast process, I'm just saying you shouldn't beat yourself up when you lose tonight. I mean, come on..... I HAVE WON TITLE UPON TITLE HERE. I MAIN EVENTED IWTMANIA, OR ARE YOU TOO FOOLISH TO RESEARCH YOUR OPPONENT??

    And that's what could be what causes you to actually ruin any potential you may have here; lack of preparation. You will likely face other old-bloods in your time here, and the only chance you have of toppling them is having tabs on their past matches, specifically their past losses. See their weaknesses and go for it in your future matches, don't just make some whimsical re-mark about their name. That's some lower-midcard crud right there.

    *Lee sighs*

    Lee: I don't know what response you're going to have for this, I have hope in my heart you will find inspiration within yourself to give me something more....if you have anymore to give. But either way, welcome to IWT.

    Good luck Joey, you're really....really......REALLY going to need it.
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  4. Oh, I thought we were allowed to decide 1 or 2. I'll do it soon.
  5. Joe Collins: Good luck? Because I need it? Really? Is that the best you could do? Well I appreciate your efforts of being Class Clown here, but in my mind, the joke isn't that funny. But speaking of jokes, lets talk about you. *ooooohh* So first of all, my chances of being World Champion are slim? Hey, we have an idiot over here! Not like there is a bunch of idiots in the crowd, people watching at home, or people in the IWT Universe or anything... *People boo* But I mean, hey! Anything could happen! Just like how you became champion and how you main evented IWTMania was a fluke, but it still happened! It's just, you know, some things have more chance of happening, uh, more than others. Like you beating me tonight! Also, a thing that DOES have more chance of happening, is you hopping around in this company, jumping from tag team to tag team to tag team, at least 10 times before you retire, like you've already almost done. I'm the one who looked like I needed a tag partner? Haha, they always say it's time to look at the bigger picture, but in this case, it's look at the smaller picture. *ooooohh* Lord Lee, why don't you do what you've never done before, and learn how to tie your own shoes. What I mean by this, is a little friendly advice. You will probably reject and say, *talks in a funny voice* "Hey! Twis Wookie Twyin' to give me advice!" But, here it goes anyways. You think you have the puzzle solved, you think you have finally stood up for yourself. You think that you finally have figured out a way, a way, to the hole you have dug yourself into. But the truth is, you are still the scum on the sidewalk you have always knew deep, down inside that you have always been. It doesn't matter if you have won championship after championship, accomplishment after accomplishment. You know you aren't the best that you want to think that you are. You aren't the real champion you thought you were. It's time for a change. It's time, for a revolution. It doesn't matter where you stood, where you stand now, or where you will stand in the future. Want to know why? It's because after this match is over, you will just be digging yourself...Even...Deeper. Now I'm not saying you won't get out in the future, I'm just saying that it's no longer time, for legends, pops. There's been new, fresh talent that has been busting their butt off trying to do what you've already done. I'll admit it. You are a legend. You are considered one of the best in my book. But face it, your time is up. You've done everything there is to do. Now it's time for people like me, to rise to the top. It's time, for us, to shine. So me beating you, just let's my road to stardom, that, much, better.

    *Drops microphone, then glares at you. I back up, and signal that I'm ready to fight*
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    *Lord Lee stares down Collins with contempt for a few seconds, before shrugging and proceeding to slow clap*

    Lord Lee: IWT Universe....join me. Give Collins a quick round of half-hearted applause

    *The crowd slowly but surely join in with Lee's slow clapping until Lee eventually stops*

    Lord Lee: Nice response Joey, brought a bit more to the table on your second go. Alas, it still isn't quite on my level of spoken brilliance, but I respect your efforts, particularly for a debutant. I also respect your claim that I am not the best, and sure, I recognise I'm not exactly a first ballot hall of famer nominee in this company, but I have put on an array of top matches; you ever watched my match against Jwab for this *points to his X-Treme belt* wonderful piece of gold? One of the better upper midcard-esque matches you'll have the privilege of watching. I have put on so many prolific performers such as Eric Draven & Senhor Perfect to the sword. I was the man who cracked the seemingly unbreakable code of Gav the Chav and B Dazzle back in the day. And while these are past accomplishments, I'm ready to do it allllllll over again. The mere thought or proposal of you, Joe Collins, stepping in the way of me returning to my well-documented heights seems preposterous on paper. After this match, it'll seem preposterous in reality the few it doesn't already seem so crazy to at least.

    And while I'm a big fan of you making the presumption I'd desecrate the 'advice' you've attempted to give me, I'll grant you that it's important to hold onto consistency and continuity in my time in IWT. Although, I can also point out that, looking at my record last time around, that whatever I did mustn't have been too far off the pace. Also, I'd be intrigued to see how you hold your resolve. Say for example, you lose your first 3 matches; will you stick true to yourself, orrrrrr will you make a significant change to who you are and/or form some modern day Job Squad? You see Joey, it can be ever so tempting to flip the switch when you feel like you've got no momentum going. After tonight, you won't be feeling much in general after I've beaten you into a heap, but when you can feel again the next day, and you realise you feel no momentum still, that temptation will come to you. Make the right choice Joseph, make the right choice, and maybe just maybe, you could be gunning for the X-Division belt soon enough.

    Now, we fight! Ringside staff, hold on to my belts.

    *He is met with a shrug*

    Timekeeper: You know those belts are no longer official so.....

    Lord Lee: KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLOSED AND SAVE YOUR ENERGY ON RINGING THAT BELL.....especially when it's to mark my win. Now, take my belts!

    *Lee hurls the belts in the timekeeper's direction, almost knocking him out, but luckily contact was minimal. Lee no-sells the potential implications of his actions as he focuses on Joe, sizing him up as both men anticipate the ringing of the bell*
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  7. Effin' good job, Lord Lee.
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  8. Here's your winner with 6 votes... @Ovalhead
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  9. *Lord Lee lifts himself up from Collins, after securing the 3 count. He stands victorious, his arm lifted by the ref, clarifying that Lord Lee is indeed the winner. Lord Lee has a smug look on his face, the relative ease of the match being quite the gratification. He signals to collect his two belts, but also a mic. After putting the belts back on, he collects the microphone, ready to give a few post-match words.*

    Lord Lee: I told Joe Collins that he reminded me of someone who should have had a tag team partner, and that's ironic because that was pretty horrific in the end. It really did feel at times that a tag team partner could have been useful for him. It's a shame really, because Joseph over on the floor besides me, truly put in an effort, but it isn't often your efforts can be good enough for a double champion, especially in your first match here. It's ok though, because you seem hungry, Joe, so stick around, you'll end up getting a few matches with guys on your current level, and you should win those granted you stay hungry. Later kid, I'm off to party, not because I beat you of course, that's overkill, but party because I'm BACK IN IWT!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!

    *IWT crowd cheer in delight, loving Lord Lee's loyal vibe*

    Lord Lee: Anyway, it's time to go, later Joey Collins & later IWT Universe!!!

    *Lord Lee's music is played again. Lee is applauded for his efforts for the most part as he makes his way out, with a couple of people booing, perhaps for his somewhat cheeky attitude. Fortunately for Lee though it's just mostly fans that happy to see him back around, which is understandable after going so long without Lord Lee in their lives*
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  10. I can just imagine your IWT X-Treme United States Championship around you m8. Stay pretty and good job to both lads.
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