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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    (@Nickelodeon) Nick vs. Charles Raynor (@Trevor~)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -The first promo must be posted within 24 hours.
    -There is a 2 promo limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension

    Please don't post during the match. If you need to post an OOC post,
    it needs to be important, short and be in a Spoiler.​
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    OOC: it's not a big deal but why is this match happening now and not Thursday?
  3. OOC: Unsure of my availability the next two days, so I want the show to start a little early to allow for some time to get my schedule on track.
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  4. OOC: Okay no problem. @Nickelodeon I will go first if that's okay.
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    Disclaimer (open)

    OOC: Before I made this I didn't really know the standard for promo length here in matches. I learned that about 1k words is considered long for IWT and this promo is 3k words. I broke it up into two parts so you can read the first part and take break and come back to read the second part if you don't feel like reading it all at once. Part 1 is about Charles Raynor himself and Part 2 is directed towards Nick. Nick also gave me permission to make this edit.


    Before Charles Raynor makes his much anticipated entrance he is backstage preparing for his face off with Nick in the locker room. He throws on his Raynor Nation t-shirt while someone enters the room. Charles turns around to see his brother Trevor approaching dressed in a suit and tie smiling. Trevor puts one arm around Charles and begins to talk.

    “Charles I want to wish you good luck out there tonight from the bottom of my heart. Look I saw that video going around on the internet and just wanted to let you know that it broke my heart. Not because of what you said about me but because I saw what me coming to IWT did to you. I just want to apologize for all of it. Right here right now.”

    Charles slowly removes his brother’s arm from off his shoulder.

    “Look it’s a little late for that isn’t it? It's been 2 years Trevor. I know we hugged and made up at that FAW press conference but, this video has me thinking a lot more. I appreciate the apology Trev I really do. You aren't usually one to own up to these kinds of things. On the other hand the more time I spend around you, the more i’m becoming like you. That is sure as hell not what I want right now. Not while i’m trying to accomplish something for myself for once. I’m fine with doing business with FAW so let's keep it that way. Everything between you and me is strictly business for now.”

    Charles Raynor leaves the locker room leaving Trevor Raynor behind looking sadly disappointed.

    Part 1:

    Charles Raynor’s theme blasts on the speaker system to a major roar from the crowd. Charles Raynor comes out onto the stage and surveys the arena that is going going wild for him. He’s wearing his signature Raynor Nation t-shirt. His white tights covered in his sponsors with the name Raynor printed on the back. Several fans that know the tradition have their car keys out for him again shaking wildly. Charles Raynor begins walking down the ramp pointing the the crowd and giving hi-fives. He enters the ring and goes to the top turnbuckles to take in the crowd once more with a bright smile on his face. He is handed a microphone to begin his speech.

    "Welcome and thank you all for allowing me to come back to this great IWT ring with another unbelievable response from all of you. This is the nation I dreamed about having behind me my entire life. This is the nation I told my Dad I would fight and die for."

    Charles tries to continue but has to take a moment. He lowers his microphone and looks around at the crowd again as they pick up volume cheering him on.

    "The last time I got this kind of treatment was at Vice against Artemis, my debut match, and ever since that night I’ve been craving it again non-stop every single minute since I walked through that curtain until tonight when I came back through that curtain. I know things have gotten a little complicated since I was last in this great IWT ring and I apologize to everyone in the Raynor Nation that I've confused or upset. There was Team FAW, there was Arno Frye, all the sponsorship deals. I mean I almost wasn’t even gonna be out here tonight folks!"

    The crowd playfully boos Charles and he grins before continuing on getting serious now.

    "The sponsors and the popularity it's all been great but I know that I've lost some members of the Raynor Nation along the way because of all the craziness. Well recent events have transpired that I believe have reminded me what's most important to me and I think i'm going to win all those that left back over with my actions not words. That home video that’s been going around online of me when I was 18 years old. If you haven’t seen it I would really encourage all the viewers at home, everyone out in the crowd tonight to watch it as soon as you can. I mean I probably should be mad that someone got their hands on the footage and put it online anonymously. I was fuming at first for sure. But I just kept watching it and watching it over and over until I just couldn’t do it anymore. It made me forget about all the sponsorships, all the money, the fame, and put me back on the right track. It reminded me what I set out to do here in IWT. All the goals I've set for myself, what my dream has been since day one. The dream of being a champion. Not just a champion that carries a shiny gold belt around on my shoulder but, the champion of all of you people."

    Charles Raynor walks around the ring pointing to the crowd as they applaud appreciating Charles’s love for the IWT Universe.

    "I also realized that that was the true origin story of Charles Raynor. When I was in highschool I wasn’t really good at anything. I was underweight, I didn’t have any friends, I had bad grades, nobody would dare let me wrestle for them or train with them which ate away at my soul because wrestling was really the only thing that made me happy. When my brother Trevor signed with IWT it’s like he took away the only thing in the world that I loved. My parents absolutely idolized my brother. He had been in Movies, released albums, he was a business man. Meanwhile they always had it out for me because I hadn’t made anything of myself. They began to non-stop talk about Trevor Raynor “The Wrestler". But he didn’t get too far here in IWT did he?"

    Charles Raynor looks around at the crowd and shrugs his shoulders as if to ask the crowd. They begin to chant “NO! NO! NO!”

    "No is right. He was a complete flop and even now he will tell you the same thing. Now did my brother who was good at everything he ever attempted discourage me when he actually failed at something I was trying to accomplish like my dream career of professional wrestling? Because I was a loser and seeing a winner like Trevor Raynor become a failure in IWT should have ended my dream of becoming a Professional Wrestler right? If he can’t do it then how can I do it? Well guess what everyone I made it out here tonight didn't I!?"

    Charles Raynor lowers his microphone and looks around at the crowd again signalling them to respond. On cue they chant. “YES! YES! YES!”

    "The thing is the idea of being a professional wrestler was in my mind when I was very young and had always been something that was going to happen to me no matter what. It never crossed my mind that it wasn’t going to happen. It didn’t matter I only weighed 110 pounds at 18 years old. It didn’t matter that I was discouraged by everyone that I ever told about my dream. Things began to turn around for me when I saw my brother Trevor Raynor get beaten half to death on live TV in my living room. This made me come to the realization that if he can’t do then I CAN!"

    Charles delivers the the line emphatically and the crowd erupts. Charles smirks and waits for the crowd noise to quiet down to continue on.

    "He seemingly proved everyone close to him wrong that night, he proved my parents wrong because they thought he was the most perfect human being to ever walk the earth. He proved all his fans wrong, he proved himself wrong because in his mind he could never fail. The only person watching he proved right….was me. I knew he wasn’t gonna beat Aiden Ryan. My brother at that time had no respect, no true appreciation for this sport. I knew what it would take to survive and thrive in the wrestling business. It was so obvious to me what he was doing wrong and I knew how to do it all right. That's how I knew when watching him I could make it to IWT."

    "One thing that anyone can learn from watching him in IWT is you have to walk into this company ready to be beaten by anyone no matter how highly you think of yourself, no matter what you’ve done before coming here to IWT. My brother thought he had it all figured out, he didn’t look into the future because he thought he was the future. Anyone that pays attention around here knows that that’s not how this promotion operates. Look where people that think like that have gone or where they are at right now. Look at Artemis who like my brother had their time in the spotlight and have now begun to sink lower and lower into obscurity. Look how it’s working out for 0 and 6 Arno Frye. Take a lesson out of Trevor Raynor’s book and know that believing you are the future with no merit will only reserve you a spot in the past."

    Charles takes a pause and walks around the ring as the crowd cheers again for another passionately delivered line.

    "Now how am I any different? Because I came here and told everyone numerous times I’m here to work for my spot. Now I know I demanded my opponent Nick to put his golden ticket on the line and that was wrong of me, I've admitted it before and I will admit it again and again without hesitation. But that’s exactly what makes me different. There are people past and present in IWT that are too afraid to afraid to own up to their own broken promises, too afraid to swallow their pride. That’s why they all run away from IWT after not too long. I’m telling you all right now once again Charles Raynor is here to stay!"

    The crowd is back on their feet cheering as Charles has them in the palm of his hand.

    Part 2:

    Charles paces around the ring again very hyped up now off his own words and the crowd’s energy, he's ready to be more aggressive.

    "And I remind you all tonight that the match my brother had with Aiden Ryan was to enter another match to earn a shot at Nick’s X-Division Title. It’s funny now isn’t it that Nick is now my Pay-Per-View debut opponent. Facing Nick was something that I earned that my brother could not. But nonetheless that really puts into perspective how long Nick has been around hasn’t it? Why does nobody talk about Nick if he’s been around so long anyway? Even since I was 18 watching IWT on TV and long before that he's been here? He’s been around forever but he’s not as popular or as talented or as accomplished as guys like Alias Antonio or Dat Kid. When I think about the IWT All-Time greats there are many that come to mind but one of them isn’t Nick even though he’s been around as long everyone I can think of that would fit into the IWT All-Time greats category. Nick’s problem is that he hasn’t been able to firmly cement his legacy here in IWT. Nick might tell you something different but everyone else in IWT will agree with me on that. He thinks that if he wasn’t around then I wouldn’t be the Big Man On Campus."

    The members of the Raynor Nation begin to boo and Charles has to quiet them down with his hands so he can continue.

    "Maybe if Alias Antonio, Aids Johnson, Dat Kid, you know the members of the IW3 hadn’t ever come about…."

    The crowd has a loud mixed reaction to the mention of the IW3 stable.

    "…..maybe I wouldn’t be here. I mean you saw me in that video with my Alias Antonio shirt right? But Nick just because you’ve been here as long as the greatest IWT has ever seen doesn’t make you one of the greatest IWT has ever seen. The only thing Nick has done to pave the way for me personally was hold on to that X-Division title long enough to where my brother entered a tournament for a shot at it which I got to witness. Nick thinks without himself my brother Trevor would have never made a so called “impact” in IWT. But if not you Nick it would’ve easily been someone else. You are not unique to that spot which you so quickly lost very soon after to Jwab at Summerslam 2014. My brother could’ve just as easily walked into IWT any other day and would have lost to anyone whether or not you were holding onto the X-Division championship or not. In fact i’m sure if Trevor Raynor was signed to IWT right now he could easily lose to say Arno Frye. That sure has hell doesn’t mean Arno is paving the way for people like me does it now?'"

    The crowd starts chanting "0 and 6!" which makes Charles laugh a bit before going on.

    '"You see Nick that statement you made about ‘paving the way’ was a desperate attempt at arguing that you do have some sort of legacy here. No sensible person would have tried to make that kind of stretch if they had anything better to brag about. Now not by any sense of the imagination is Nick not talented in the ring because he absolutely is. In fact this match with Nick that i’m going to have at Dragon Rising will be one of the hardest fought matches of my career I have no doubt about that. However, I feel like there is a reason Nick keeps getting booked against rookies and not in the main event or even close right? Nick would like us all to think it’s all apart of his plan that’s going so well but, I'm not too sure about that. When I threatened to forfeit our match Nick said to me that if I go against him it would be a chance to prove to everyone i'm not a one hit wonder like all those rookies that have come before me. However, if you take a look around IWT do I look like a one hit wonder? Who do you see that's active in IWT Universe? Nick? Absolutely not, that's me that's the most active with the IWT Universe. Why does Nick hold newcomers to such a high standard? The man says he paved the way for all said newcomers and is also never around to let anyone know he is the measuring stick he thinks he is. Nick want's me to prove I won't run away but Nick you're the one that's run away to hide with your ticket. I think one of Nick's greatest fears was that he would one day run into someone like me on his path of deflecting hopefuls. I hope by now Nick you have realized i'm more then just a hopeful."

    "The bottom line is if I had been in IWT as long as Nick and accomplished as little as he has I would be in a state of emergency. I would be doing everything I can to make sure my name isn’t forgotten around here. But that’s not what Nick does. Nick believes that the golden ticket is all he needs and he’s perfectly okay with hiding in the shadows with his ticket waiting for the right time to strike in fact he said that’s been apart of the master plan this whole time. But I wonder Nick when you do use that golden ticket and let's say you do capture that IWT Championship. Do you think that will automatically make you a legend? I don’t think so. It’s actually interesting to me that for someone that’s been here as long you Nick actually needs something like a golden ticket for a shot at the IWT Championship. Alias Antonio is able to call out the champion himself and get a title match. If you really saved IWT and built it like you think you did why can’t you just do the same thing Nick? You've been around as long as he has right? Why do you hang on to that golden ticket so desperately? It's because you know you can't stack up with the greats of IWT even though you should been on their level a long time ago."

    "Nick you’ve been here too long and done too little. I believe time is running out to build the legacy you think you already have. Myself on the other hand everything I've done here has been about building a legacy. I brought the Raynor name back from the dead. I built the Raynor Nation with my bare hands. I am the first collegiate professional wrestler ever. And now in my 2nd match here in IWT I am competing for what potentially is an IWT Championship match if you Nick are lucky enough to make proper use of that golden ticket. I believe right there is something people will really remember. When I do beat Nick at Dragon Rising and gain that championship opportunity if Nick is successful with his plan, i'll be a quarter of the way done pouring the concrete to my legacy just as soon as he’s finally getting around to cementing his own."

    Charles Raynor lowers his microphone to a final pop from the crowd to finish and wait for Nick to make his entrance
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  7. OOC: ya the match wasn't supposed to be til Thursday anyway so it's fine.
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  8. The lights in the arena dim and Nick emerges from the curtain onto the stage to a decent pop from the crowd. He gazes throughout the arena, nodding his head to the booming bass of the music. Nick heads down the ramp with a smug look on his face and jumps onto the apron. He runs along the apron towards a turnbuckle and waves his arms, hyping up the crowd. He hops the tope rope and circles the ring, taking in the reaction of the audience. As the music begins to subside, Nick receives a microphone and eyes Charles for the first time.

    "Quite the speech there, Charles. You gave us your whole 'riveting' life story! Really had me on the edge of my seat. I mean, you had it oh so tough."

    Nick makes a sad face at Charles.

    "Your parents liked your brother more than you. Awww. How tough. How on earth did you overcome such a difficult struggle? I mean, a family of a stable socioeconomic background, all members of the nuclear family present, your extended family apparently also being there in your normal, suburban life. What a struggle! Really puts my homeless, orphaned upbringing into perspective."

    Nick pauses briefly and averts his gaze from Trevor, emotion slightly overpowering him. The arena goes silent as well as Nick struggles to continue.

    "I wish I had the origin story of Charles Raynor that you complain so heavily about. I wish I had the privilege of a roof over my head, the privilege of an education, the privilege of a family... I wish I could be mad about someone leaking a home video of me! I even wish I could have had a brother to loathe and despise my whole life! Instead I had been left to fend for myself since day one."

    Once again Nick can't help but take a break from his rambling.

    "But I'm not gonna complain about that. MY upbringing, my struggle in this pathetic world is what has made me who I am today. It is what has made my willpower stronger than yours ever could be. It is why I am still here today, because I still haven't realized my goals that I have strived to achieve my whole life. And my goals aren't too dissimilar from yours, Chuck."

    Nick begins pacing, his left arm trembling slightly.

    "I want to prove all MY doubters wrong. I want to show that my peak is still years down the road. I want to be able to claim that I am the best. And when you've been through what I've been through, you'll do anything to get what you want. My whole life has been an uphill battle. Like you, I wasn't good at much. There was just 1 thing I could do well... fight."

    "I fought every chance I could get and in more ways than one. I'd fight kids in the foster homes. I'd fight the foster parents. I'd fight the birds on the street for the breadcrumbs people like you tossed at them. I competed in the most fights at the underground fight club in Flatbush. My whole life I honed my skills as a man who battled for everything he EVER got. And you might be wondering, why am I telling you all this?"

    He steps closer to Raynor.

    "To show you that my struggles have been greater than yours. To show you that my pain far exceeds anything that you've ever felt. I am telling you all this to show you that I have been through more battles that have been way longer and tougher than yours. That all these struggles, pain, and battles have made me stronger than you are. In our battle, I will show you that pain. Because you cannot truly understand me, you cannot defeat me until you know pain!"

    Nick backs up from Charles.

    "I am correct in my statement about your brother. Without me creating that tournament, we never see Trevor Raynor show off his skills. We never see his classic battle with Aiden Ryan. We never see the moment that turned your wrestling career from a dream to a goal. But that's not my legacy, because you're right. I have NO legacy. Nothing I will be remembered for. I was one of the longest reigning X-Division champions, but at the end of the day what value does that have if I failed to earn the Option C? My World Heavyweight Championship reign was the most disappointing of any title run in IWT History. I've done nothing but underachieve. Any time I put myself in a position to succeed, I fail at the last hurdle. My legacy right now is nothing but 'The biggest what-if in IWT history'. And that is what has motivated me to still be here, that is why I value the Golden Ticket so much."

    He exhales as emotion becomes audible in his voice.

    "I am here to right my wrongs. To show that my battles, my struggles, and my shortcomings have made me strong enough to FINALLY reach the pinnacle of this business I have craved my whole life. I am more motivated than I have EVER been in my career. I will not be stopped. These years of struggling have taught me the knowledge I lacked to truly be the champion. Something that you do not yet know, but I will be generous enough to teach you in our fight."

    Nick approaches Charles once more.

    "Sometimes, you must hurt in order to know. Fall in order to grow. Lose in order to gain. Because life's greatest lessons are taught through pain."
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    Charles looks at Nick up and down, grins, then circles the ring before lifting the microphone to respond.

    “Ahh Nick you poke fun at how I had it easy when I was young compared to how you had it. Do you really think i’m out here trying to give everyone some kind of sob story? You actually say I’m complaining about my upbringing and in the same breath you turn right around and repeat your very own sob story everyone has been hearing for years and years about your own upbringing. You actually came out here and tried to make yourself out to be the underdog. The truth is nobody cares about the fact that you’re an orphan or the fact that you grew up in a dumpster. It’s not just your story Nick they don’t care about my story either. Every story has already been told a hundred times. What people care about is not the story itself but how it’s shaped us as human beings. You can try to discredit everything that has made me who I am just because I wasn’t homeless and starving as a child like yourself but it’s not gonna make these people view me as anything other than what I am and that is a man with a passion for the sport of professional wrestling. Your hardships built your willpower but my willpower is fueled by the people out there in the stands that follow me, that cheer for me, that depend on me and there’s always going to be strength in that no matter what because I built the Raynor Nation myself and have elected to put everyone in it on my back!”

    A massive reaction comes from the crowd cheering Charles’s devotion to his fans.

    “Nick you go as far as to say you wish you had my life because your upbringing was so horrible. If your struggles made you who you are Nick why would you want to trade it all away just like that? I think I know why Nick. It’s not my childhood you want it’s my career. The opportunity for a fresh start is what you want. I’m sure you wish you could do it all over again so you don’t have to be Mr. What-If you could be the man with the opportunity to build a legacy on day 1 because that’s been my goal since day 1. Speaking of goals you really think our goals are similar Nick? I wonder what that must do to the mind of someone who has been here as long as you sharing the same goals as someone that just made their debut it just can’t be good for you. But the notion that you and me Nick are similar in any way is actually funny because becoming you is one of my biggest fears. That fear is becoming Mr. What-if. Having no legacy, nothing to be remembered for, it truly scares me so that's why I am doing something about it and have been doing something about it since the day I stepped through the doors of IWT. At least you’ve given me the opportunity by facing you to start making sure that nightmare never comes true.”

    Charles takes a breather and paces in the ring some more. The crowd hoots and hollers waiting for Charles to continue until he does.

    “Nick I’m glad we are in vigorous agreement that you don’t have any legacy here. But I’ll hand it to you Nick you reminded me how dangerous a man is who has everything to prove such as yourself. I’ll also remind you Nick that Charles Raynor is another one of those men that has everything to prove. But the question will be when we have our battle is simply who wants to prove themselves more than the other. Nick you’re a man that’s been trying to prove himself for how many years now? What makes you think that will happen when you’re in the ring with me or anytime soon if you haven’t been able to do it by now? You say you have a lot of doubters Nick but I wonder about a man that still thinks he has doubters with your tenure here in IWT. It’s possible for someone like myself to have people that doubt me because I am generally still unproven in the ring. Nick doubt is a feeling of uncertainty and you’ve been here long enough to where people aren’t uncertain about you anymore instead they are pretty damn certain your chance to make the best of your career is long gone. I know that because Nick you say right now after all this time is the most motivated you’ve ever been in your career. What finally clicked in your head and made you decide you should finally start trying to become the best? Myself on the other hand have always been on a mission to be the best. The level of motivation I have doesn’t go up and down, not at all , it remains constant. Ever since I set out to become a professional wrestler I've been at the pinnacle of drive and hunger. So If you’re so damn motivated why don’t you stop stomping on newcomers? Why don’t you turn that piece of gold paper you have in your pocket into some real gold. Right now Nick you actually are in a position to succeed but this time instead of tripping over that last hurdle like usual you aren’t even willing to make the leap.”

    Charles takes a slight pause as the crowd cheers for the last line. Charles raises up the microphone a final time. He raises his voice, and the speed at which he talks, with his microphone arm very tense.

    “The more you hold on to that ticket the more you solidify yourself as the Biggest What if in IWT History. ‘What if Nick had used his ticket at IWTMania, What if Nick uses it here. What if Nick uses it there’ and the question that’s on everyone’s mind is ‘What if Nick doesn’t even use it at all?’ It just gets worse and worse and yet you do nothing about it. You make the claim that you want so badly to prove your ‘doubters’ wrong right Nick? I can only help but think you must not want to prove them wrong that badly, since you’ve had the past year to go ahead and do it with your golden shortcut but you just sit on your ass like you have it all figured out. Well I want to you see you act Nick. I want to see you prove you have all that motivation you say you do but unfortunately I don’t think it really exists. What are you proving to your doubters by beating up on me and everyone else that is fresh off kicking in the door to IWT? Like I already said you are just too scared to finally step up to the big leagues because you failed once and you know you’re gonna fail again. You think all your shortcomings have prepared you to step up and become IWT Champion? Well lucky for you i’m ready to give you just one more shortcoming at Dragon Rising to help send you on your way. You wanna teach me what you know about being a champion while we are in the ring? You can save it because I am a student of the sport of professional wrestling and I have studied everything it takes to do anything in this business and I am just about to start getting to work applying that knowledge in the ring against you. Nick I already know all about pain, I've been in the wrestling dungeons since I started my college career. Nick unlike like you I didn’t start out as a great fighter I had to work for it it wasn’t just handed to me. I built the Raynor Nation from the ground up, I built my body from the ground up, and I built my skill set from the ground up. Nick at Dragon Rising instead of trying to teach me something just focus on winning because all the knowledge you’ve gained through all your struggles is gonna explode in your face when I beat you and earn my title shot. After that when the day finally comes were you pull that golden ticket out of your ass and use it i’ll be there ready and waiting for round 2."

    Charles finishes to an amazing reception from the crowd. He lowers his microphone and waits for Nick to respond.
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  10. Nick smiles at Charles as the crowd begins to die down.

    "I didn't tell you my story to garner sympathy. It was to prove a point. To show that I've been through more hardships than you have, and these hardships have made ME stronger. It wasn't to complain. You're right about what you said, Charles. The point of the story is not its content but how it has shaped the man. My story has shaped me into the stronger man."

    Nick walks around the ring, glancing at the crowd out of the corner of his eye and back to Raynor.

    “Your willpower may be built on the backs of these people but what happens when they no longer care for you? Which, they inevitably will. You pander to these people, try to get their cheers at every turn instead of EARNING them through nothing but the hardest work in the ring like I have done. Someone like you will be tossed aside by the fans soon enough because you're a cookie-cutter, run of the mill good guy. You're nothing but the flavor of the month. Someone like you who feeds off the crowd and will do anything for even the slightest positive reaction is doomed to fail because these people get tired of everyone. My willpower is my own strength, something nobody can replicate, let alone trump. One defeat and your willpower is gone because these people will leave you. I will be the man to break your will."

    The crowd's reaction is a bit mixed towards the last statement.

    “I dont want a fresh start like you seem to think. Those failures in the past are what will shape me into becoming the strongest incarnation of me yet. I am GLAD to have my past failures, because I have learned more from them than anything else my whole life. You can’t truly succeed until you have felt the excruciating pain of failure. Only through pain can you learn the lessons that you truly need to achieve your goals. I will allow you to feel the suffering I did. I will allow you to have a failure tonight at my hands, so you too can learn and better YOURSELF."

    Nick turns his full attention back to Charles.

    "You have no need to fear, Charles. You will never become ‘Mr What-If’ because there’s nothing to say ‘What If” about regarding you. You're the only one who is hyping yourself up right now. You're the only one who is predicting these grand accomplishments so soon into your career. All you've done is beat a newcomer like yourself in a run of the mill contest and had a brother who fell victim to the 'What-If' curse. You make yourself out to be this larger than life figure when all you are is a man who is in over his head.

    Have your sponsorships, have your home videos, have your cheering fans. None of it matters when the bell rings and you get outclassed. I will give you a cold, hard slap of reality. This business is not all sunshine and lollipops like you think it is. It is nothing but a struggle - a struggle you are not prepared for. A struggle I have endured. A struggle that has taught me more than you can ever imagine. A struggle that will lead me to victory in our match.”

    He pauses and takes in the brief silence of the audience.

    “Me holding onto the ticket has NOTHING to do with ‘What-If”. It’s all a part of a strategy that years of honing my craft has led me to develop. I will know the correct moment to utilize this, just as I did in the past. I was never ready to put this baby into use because I still had much more learning, much more improving to do. You can try to taunt me but at the end of the day I will claim my spot at the top with the Golden Ticket and all your snide remarks will be silenced."

    Nick's expression becomes more serious.

    “Why do I have something to prove after all this time? Why do I have doubters? Because people think I peaked long ago. People don't think I can replicate my past success, let alone surpass it like I strive to do! I want to prove someone like you wrong. Someone who knows NOTHING about me but still talks down upon me like they own me. Someone who thinks my time is up. My time hasn't even started yet! Even if I prove every doubter wrong I will ALWAYS feel like I have something to prove. Because even if I shut every fool up I can still do more! I will out-do myself! Thats just the way I am.

    And what do I have to gain by facing you? A lot more than your undeveloped mind can imagine. I can see how good my current form is. I can see if this new generation of wrestlers are potential threats or just another group of guys that are in over their heads. I can show that I will fight anyone, anytime, anywhere no matter who they are and what they have or have not done. I can show that I am the consummate champion."

    The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Nick takes a moment.

    “Study all you wish but there’s a difference between the classroom and the real thing. You don't know what it’s like facing a man who’s seen it all. You don't know what it’s like facing someone who has been tested and honed his craft like me. The physical pain of training in the dungeon is NOTHING compared to the emotional toll of a failure. I’m not going out of my way to teach you anything when that bell rings. It will happen on its own, when you feel the pain I’ve felt redirected onto you. When you truly suffer, you will learn. You will not be able to defeat me until you know pain."

    Nick moves closer to Charles and glares at him directly in the eyes.

    “The Raynor Nation will be conquered.”
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  11. You listen to me you small-dick having cuck, you open this voting before I go insane on your ass and make you humble old country way @Roadster
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  12. @Shadow: Jack Forté
    @Gav in da BPL!: Gav the Chav
    @Nickelodeon: Nick
    @Jacob Fox: Schizo
    @King B: Declan Zanotto
    @impactking: Chris Young/Lilith Young/Ashley Young
    @CBK_15: Vitor Mata
    @Ring Rust: Perceval "Rusty" Holloway
    @Drag: James Dragon
    @Ryan Davis: Ryan Davis
    @rydogg: Braeden Cross
    @Dojo: Scott Fargo
    @Indy: Danny Jacobs
    @B1skit: Cousin Eddy
    @Forrest OAKADA: Leo Taylor
    @Chrxsiie: Raine
    @TheTNHMaster: Chris Kaizer
    @Blind: Mark Knight
    @Botchie Botcherson: Arno Frye
    @Dylan™ : Guernica
    @Dat Kid: Dat Kid
    @RedDwarfTechy: Colt Hellbeck
    @Aurtle the Turtle: Rio Nakayama
    @Beaver: Ivy Hale
    @Jet Starr: Slate Bass
    @TheFrostyBlur: Tyson Storm
    @NickThePenguin: Brad Blitz
    @Black Iron PJ: Paul Ravana
    @SmackChat-Luke: Artemis
    @SupaHeeroh: Buster Gate
    @Y2JCake: Alexander Adams
    @Super Saiyan Goku: "FTJ" Frank the Jock
    @Trevor~: Charles Raynor

    Read and vote!

    Hope my small dick was enough.
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  13. nigga where the participants category at
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  14. I'd like to be called white now
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  15. ive had anal penetrations with lead pipes that felt better than reading nick's promos.

    trevor gets the fucking vote lmfao ass clown nick can't write for shit

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  16. Here's your winner...NICK!
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  17. This match fucking DREW!!! @Aids Johnson
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  18. I wasn't in this match!!
  19. I didn't get an alert for some reason what the fuck
  20. That first promo was way too long. While it truly was poetically written and was well thought out there was simply too much meat on it for me. So when Nick did his first it was much shorter and had a lot of a bigger kick to it. I 9/10 always find the promos that are a lot more condensed have a much stronger message. For me there was simply too much in the first promo yet Nicks really really came at it with some punches.

    The 2nd set was a lot more enjoyable for me to read. Trevor really fired some stingers at Nick and it had a much better flow to read out with, however Nick came back and countered it like a real champ in my eyes.

    Just from Nicks 2nd promo alone there was some fantastic lines.
    I think the fact Nicks promos were shorter helped slap a lot more shots in and made him look like the aggressor in this one, it gave him the advantage and really allowed him to be the one firing on all cylinders. As Dat Kid has told me before, I feel a lot of stuff from the first promo could of been used more as build for the match, where it could of been referenced like the home video.

    Really enjoyed this match, Nick killed it and Trevor as always delivered some fantastic promos. However too much can certainly be a bad thing.

    This was a really interesting match to read however. Been a while since I read a match which brought up so much insight between each man.

    Also am not of the tag list again and thought the match was still going on, but Nick would of had my vote.
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