Storyline IWT Dragon Rising (Oct 25th - Oct 30th) Match Card!

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    IWT returns with Dragon Rising! October 25th - October 30th

    Match #1 - October 25th
    Vice vs. Danny Jacobs
    @Vice @Indy

    Match #2 - October 25th
    Dirk Turdis vs. Gav the Chav - To determine the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship!
    @Trip in the Head @Gav the Champ!

    Match #3 - October 26th
    Kenny Omega vs. Prince Bálor
    @Tumbas @Prince Bálor

    Match #4 - October 26th
    Chris Kaizer vs. Jack Forté vs. Nick - For the vacant IWT Intercontinental Championship!
    @TNH @Shadow @Nickelodeon

    Match #5 - October 27th
    Michael vs. Joe Collins

    October 28th
    Conclusion of the undercard matches & voting. Announcement on the X-Division.

    Match #6 - October 29th
    King Zero vs. Alias Antonio - For the vacant IWT Championship; Winner will go on to face the World Heavyweight Champion, next month.
    @Dat Kid @THG?

    Match #7 - October 30th
    Christian (c) vs. Victoria Parker - For the World Heavyweight Championship; Winner will go on to face the IWT Champion, next month.
    @CM Punk @CrayJ Lee

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  2. thought we were the ME, tf is this
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  3. SIIIIICK Card. Now comes the hard part, lining up scheduling and getting people to show up. I hope it goes well, i'll make sure to vote and try to be around to make matches as well.
  4. I tried booking people that show up, most of the time. I got to hand it to Delik though, booking the show, scheduling and doing the little things is a pretty hard job. #ThankYouJono 4 the memories.
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  5. Umm, Michael... This message goes out to whoever you are!

    Message (open)
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  6. Glad to see an IWT preview again. Excited for my match, because I'm gonna do something with my character I should've done a long time ago
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  7. I'm open to do a talk show segment with anyone wanting to build their match.
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  8. Good luck pal.
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  9. Just realized that it's the Elimination Chamber semi-finals all over again, but with a different result this time around.
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  10. Wow we've never seen these matches before!
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  11. I'd be interested, but I don't know if debuting on a talk show will really boost my character and/or be a proper build-up to my match.
  12. Really? Wow, I did better than I thought. :bitw:
  13. Who the fucks King Zero
  14. Dragon Rising? Ye? That's the name. Ok.

    I guess i'll start believing in the heart of the cards now
  15. Yeah, name is shit
  16. Dragon represents strength and resilience. Felt it made sense.
  17. This card looks great! I'm looking forward to all the matches and competing again.
  18. oh yeah, I have a match.
  19. Probably cause i work from Mon-Thurs.