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    LIVE from Reno, Nevada's Lawlor Event Center...IWT Presents...IWT Dragon Rising!

    Luis Ovaldinho (c) vs. Danny Jacobs for the IWT Championship -
    Luis Ovaldinho makes his 2nd defense against one of the most dominant IWT stars in the IWT. The Big Guy faces the IWT Champion in a dream match as the New Generation finally main event in an IWT Championship. Will the Bullad Club accommodate both World Titles or will Luis fight to the end? This is war, but who will rise as the winner? Will Luis even be champion by Dragon Rising?!
    Wednesday, October 26th
    @Ovaldinho @Indy

    Scott Fargo (c) vs. Ivy Hale for the IWT Universal Championship
    Has Ivy Hale finally reached her destination? Ivy Hale's plans to launch a nightmare on the IWT may be complete if Scott Fargo fails to defeat her. Who will be able to stop her if Scott Fargo can't? Will the nightmare arrive or will the Bullad Club crush another spirit?
    Tuesday, October 25th
    @Dojo @Beaver

    James Dragon (c) vs. Guernica -
    Guernica earned his right to fight for the IWT Intercontinental Championship while James Dragon gets set for his 1st title defense in IWT. Will Guernica prove his will and strength to be too much for James? Or will James Dragon prove that he really is as good as everyone says he is. Another a new era highlight.
    Monday, October 24th
    @Drag @Dylan™

    Cousin Eddy vs. Rio Nakayama -
    The only title that has alluded the Bullad Club's grasp may finally be theres as the Skullshore Behemoth goes 1-on-1 with the Bullad Club's dark horse. Will the Television Title make it's way to the hands of the Club or stay with the blood stained hands of Eddy?
    Sunday, October 23rd
    @B1skit @Aurtle the Turtle

    Dat Kid vs. Spawn -
    Last January, Spawn cost Dat Kid a buried alive match, and now all these months later, these two will finally clash in a match to settle the score. Will Spawn finally regain his main event spot, or will Kid make an example of Spawn?
    Saturday, October 22nd
    @Dat Kid @Tumbas

    Buster Gates vs. Vitor Mata -
    In an exhibition to determine the better of these debuting stars, who will certify themselves in the ranks of the New Era? Who will prove to be the Next Big Thing?
    Friday, October 21st
    @SupaHeeroh @CBK_15

    Charles Raynor vs. Nick -
    Charles Raynor makes his debut against Nick, in a tough contest. Will Nick deflect yet another hopeful or will Charles prove to be too much for the veteran?
    Thursday, October 20th
    @Trevor~ @Nickelodeon
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    23rd is Sunday, not Monday, 24th is Monday, not Tuesday, and the 25th is Tuesday, not Monday.

    Do you need a coffee or something Roadie?

    Also Dojo, good luck, let's put on a good match. Knowing my history with you, Ivy has to bring her best to come out on top.

    Edit after you updated the dates:

    My match begins on the Tuesday?

    So either Dojo goes first and I post my first promo Wednesday or late Tuesday night, or I may ask for a short extension.
  4. I am on this card depending on the events this weekend, cuck.
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  5. Not a MASSIVE SPOILER whatsoever (open)
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  6. Am I Bullad enough to be in the Bullad Club yet?
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  7. @THG? what day is best for you mate?
  8. @Dojo has informed me (or I haven't seen any update) that he won't have a stable internet connection during the show, therefore his match will no longer take place on the card.
  9. THG and I are happy to take the co-ME spot then.
  10. Drag is happy to take the ME spot~
  11. That's unfortunate to hear. Looks like our match has to be another time.

    Also, I'm open to having another match since I'm free now, or if nobody gets a match with me, I'll make a segment.
  12. wants Snapchat Fluke vs Beaver instead.
  13. *shrugs* If he wants it...
  14. You want British Kid to make his return to avenge his fallen partner? :kappa:
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  15. That match would be a Nightmare worse than anything Ivy would be involved in...
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