Storyline IWT Dream Matches?

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    I was just thinking about a thread to make, IWT wise, instead of a promo. So, I looked back to see if anyone did this type of thread. Someone probably already did but the closest I could find was a podcast with Colt Cabana & Butters. If there is a thread, I didn't want to Necro post also if there was one made a LONG time ago.

    So, what are your dream matches that you would like to see and what you would like to be apart of?

    Joey Bryant vs. Kaizer
    vs. The Rock
    Victoria Parker
    vs. Harriet Vargas w/ Aids Johnson as Special Ref

    I probably have a lot more but I'm in a hurry to make this thread.

    Jwab vs. Dat Kid - Dat Kid actually brought me back to IWT. Not because he asked me but because I read one of his promos and it was really awesome. So, this match is a dream match for a PPV. Maybe in FSW, maybe in IWT.
    Jwab vs. Alias at IWT Mania - We came into IWT together as The Cure. So yeah, this would be awesome. Either at 'Mania or SummerSlam. As long as it's for the World Title.

    I didn't want to steal all of the good ones so yeah! Put as many as you want and also include a reason, that'd be coool. free winner ratings for including jwab
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  2. Senhor vs. D'Z
    Senhor vs Crayo
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  3. Nick vs Based God Darth
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  4. Jwab Vs Joey Bryant.
    Trevor Vs The Artist
    Aiden Ryan Vs Harriet Vargas

    Of Course we all want to see the ladies go at it, as both of them are extremely talented so Victoria Parker Vs Harriet Vargas.
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  5. Bryant vs Kaizer, very nice.

    Dat Kid vs B.Dazzle (Don't know if this ever happened)
    Christian vs Nick
    Aids vs Kaizer
  6. Stop vs Seabs
    George vs Crayo
    Kaizer vs Alias
    Kid vs Myself
    Alias vs George
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  7. Dat Kid Vs B.Dazzle would be pretty epic!
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  8. Bryant and Kaizer almost happened. But they're to good for my show. :dawg:
  9. Myself vs Dazzle
    Dat Kid vs Dat Kid
    Trip vs Arab
    DK vs Butters
    THG vs Dat Kid vs Aids vs DK
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  10. DK would crush me! hahaha.
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  11. Thinking about whether you'd get crushed juice's away the fun from the IWT a lot faster than usual. If I cared about who I faced, I wouldn't be facing THG :heenan:
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  12. That's true! Great outlook!
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  13. Ha, no it wouldn't. Gav beat his monkey ass and I beat Gav like twice already.

    Kid vs Stopspot
    Andrew Evans vs Airbourne
    Kid vs Jonathan
    Gav vs FTJ
    Unknown vs The Artist
    Spot & Seabs vs The Order
    Queen Fooqy Booqy vs Parker
    Kid vs Parker (never happened believe it or not)
    Elimination Chamber - Senhor (in his prime) vs Aids vs Alias vs Bryant vs Kid vs George
    Seabs vs Spot
    Christian vs Aiden Ryan
    Jwab vs George
    Nick vs Airbourne
    Trip vs Marcus Anthony
    Trip vs Britanica
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  14. at least i'm on the list :hmmm:
  15. Any match with you in it is a nightmare [​IMG]
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  16. What made you think of Jwab vs. George?
  17. Two people better than him = dream match.

  18. The Underdog of the Cure vs The Head Honcho. If you were to spectacularly earn your way into that match it'd be a great story to run
  19. Stop Vs Seabs
    Dat Kid Vs. Dat Kid
    The Order Vs. The Cure
  20. Airborne :dafuq: