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Who's your winner?

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  1. Sir Lee

  2. Senhor Perfect

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT Intercontinental Title!

    Sir Lee(@Lord Ovalhead) vs Senhor Perfect(@Senhor Pefect)

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. *The Dazzler watches from backstage.*

    Dazzler: The Dazzler still has yet to get his one on one rematch. The winner better get ready, because The Dazzler wants the gold back.
  3. *Sir Lee comes out at 0:20 to a vociferous crowd, enraged by Sir Lee's presence. Sir Lee is wearing his Natural Selection t-shirt, Sir Lee points the index finger of his left hand over his lips, making a "Shh" gesture while he points specifically to "Sir Lee" on his belt.*

    *Sir Lee walks to the ring at his leisure, in no rush. Sir Lee exclaims "Look at my Senhor impression!" He laughs as he continues to walk at a unmotivated and horrendously slow pace. He then finishes his impression and suddenly runs through the ring. He kisses his Natural Selection shirt and the crowd chants "Monster!" at him. Sir Lee manically laughs off the unimpressed crowd. He snatches the microphone from a nearby ring announcer who then flees the arena. Sir Lee shrugs at the TV camera with an arrogant smirk across his face*
    Sir Lee: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! May I gracefully welcome you to the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View!!!

    If you are watching this on the IWT Network, many years after this PPV, you’re probably watching this to see where Lord Lee began his era of supremacy at THIS VERY EVENT!!
    And to those that are, you'll probably enjoy the heck out of IWT Mania 2, now that is a treat to be had!

    Also, no offence to your favourite washed-up Canadian, but compared to such talent as Aids and Joey Bryant, facing Senhor tonight to begin the show feels like a warm-up practise to prepare myself for my Main Event.

    If you wonder why this match wasn’t earlier, Senhor had Jonathan postpone it due to personal reasons, most likely regarding his hometown massacre and I wonder how that happened?...

    Regardless, we’re finally doing it, and there is no more excuse Senhor can give, I can finally prove to this glorified mid-carder his performing career is over, and is better off running an e-fed instead. You see, Senhor Medicore may have had a lengthy reign, but if you want to look at a lot of his results, then you realise that it really wasn’t that special. David had a 5 month reign, tell me one decent defence he had? The same logic will also be applied to Senhor, so there, we’ve established his reign is over-rated. Moving on….

    Many people wonder why me, out of all the title holders since him; Draven, Dazzle, Unknown and Sir Lee…..that it was yours truly that actually gave him his rematch. Well it’s simple; Not just do I need to further bring home the message to you stubborn imbeciles that mid-card veterans like him were lucky to be in a time where standards were lower and a lot of talent was either in the main event or in FNW, but also, when I defeat him tonight, there is no more excuses, he has no reason to keep competing. He can finally work on making a perfect system in PWGP, a system where he doesn’t try and manipulate match results, like my match against Pearson. It was obvious my performance was of a higher standard, I gave him a beating, JUST ASK THE OTHER PWGP COMPETITORS. Upon questioning, more people told me they felt I put up a better fight than Pearson….But Senhor is intent on indoctrinating the PWGP universe with his backwards e-fed philosophy, so he had the referee stop me for being “aggressive” as the ref explained to me some point in the match. I also noticed an extra $50 in his back pocket, nice bribe, but it was Canadian money so that’s a pretty cruel prank to put on your clueless work-force. For shame!

    Also, I plan to soon give Dazzle his rematch, so when I win this match, I will give yet another envious individual a chance to take my title, although I’ve beaten Dazzle twice, so I can’t say I'm worried. But what I like about Dazzle…..Is that he gets it, the gentleman understands what he needs to do as a IWT competitor to validate his place on the roster, he engages the audience and makes them want more. THAT’S HOW A BUSINESS WORKS! There’s a reason your IWT champion disowned Senhor's E-fed after all. But me, I didn’t disown because I knew it was extra cash to put towards investments and I can’t let down my fans, the opposite of Senhor who has consistently let down his fans since his mediocre performance against my former associate George at Night of Champions. Even his hometown was seemingly unaware he had a title match, and I’m soooooooooo shocked considering his hype for this and everything in between! I’m sure the hype for James Cameron’s Avatar was made to look like the advertisement for a nursery bake sale when compared to Senhor’s mighty promotion of this match! Honestly, he’s lucky he’s getting this title rematch, because he REALLY doesn’t deserve it!

    *Crowd boos, Sir Lee shakes his head in disappointment*

    Sir Lee: You people may still have an affection towards that tool due to whatever psychological attachment you have to him, but you’re being used by him and you’re to deluded to realise that, and that makes me sick! You people hate The Dazzler for waking up and smelling the coffee, in which he realised you people held down his first IC title reign.

    Senhor Mediocre is a cornerstone example of why FNW murdered IWT in the ratings......And I'm here to avenge the IWT Universe of that era that suffered because of it. Sorry Senhor, but this what they fans need, whether they know it or not!

    *Sir Lee drops his microphone and climbs the turnbuckle nearest to the stage, using his hands as binoculars, looking out for Senhor.*
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  4. *the crowd chants "what's FNW?"

  5. *Senhor comes down the ramp smiling and to a mixed crowd reaction.*

    You know Shirley, it's great to finally meet you face to face. I had forgotten you existed until I received a call from an old friend of mine. He said you went to some ratty old folks home looking for my dad and "shot" up the place. Now I already figured you were delusional for thinking you could beat me, but thinking that with all my means that I'd place my father in a place a squalor is truly insane. My dad lives in much better condition than you can even dream of. You also want these people to think you're a killer? Even these pea brained fools know that if you murdered all those people you'd be locked up, not here.

    As for you, I must admit I have no idea who you are or what you're about.

    *Senhor takes out his cell phone*

    According to you're a British nobleman blah blah blah. So basically you're an inbred, slack jawed dimwit whose a step away from being a mongoloid. So I suppose I'll have to speak slowly so you can understand me. You.....can'

    As for me and my reign, it's the greatest reign of all time and will never be surpassed. I would have still had it if I hadn't become complacent. I was in my own personal Groundhog Day. Constantly defeating everyone put on front of me, I must admit I got a little bored. So when that part timer Draven sucked his way to a title shot! I just thought I'd have fun with it. So I pounded back 10 too many and lost, my one and only mistake. Since then my beautiful championship has been passed around more than Victoria Parker at the asylum singles night. Tonight that ends! My title will once again rest where it belongs, around the waist of perfection.

    As for the promotion of this match, my name is promotion enough. I don't need to get into a battle of wits with someone that's unarmed.....unless I'm getting paid for it. Whilst you have to claw and beg for attention. It's over Shirley, close the doors. I'm sure your sister has kept the bed warm for you and your dad/brother will be there to rub your shoulders as you mourn this loss. You can however take solace in the fact you were beaten by the best.
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  6. *Sir Lee waves at Senhor, smirking at him and picking up his microphone, licking his lips in anticipation for what may happen during his monologue.*

    Sir Lee: I think you Canadians don't understand the sovereignty of a Government and it's Parliamentary body. I am affiliated with David Cameron; UK Prime Minister. If you actually paid attention to this e-fed and cared about the IWT, you would be aware my affiliation to a significant World leader has gifted me immunity from the court. And regarding the man who put sperm in your mother to procreate the pitiful being you are, his living conditions may be nice, but I'm swimming in cash and I have strong links with World leaders, billionaires; Hi Trump; and UN ambassadors. I don't dream it, but I live much better than IT. He must live pretty nice though considering he's probably lived to....what? 120? 125?, I'm sure he's got to be that old considering how ancient you are and act! Your mannerisms, the way you articulate and your attitude suggest that you feel as if you've been on this World for a long long time, earning some default accomplishment and subsequently... are above me.......

    Remember Draven, the guy who casually stripped you of your title and your insomnia-curing reign, well I pretty much humiliated him so bad.....He was to broken as a person to legitimately compete against Joey Bryant. Quite the contrast to your experience.

    *Sir Lee winks at Senhor, testing his reactions*

    Sir Lee: I beat three different men in the same match last month to win this gorgeous belt *Points to his IC belt*, I pinned one of them and made two of them tap out!

    *Crowd chants "They tapped out"*

    Sir Lee: Two of them are dedicated individuals and the other is a former World champion....Oh wait he comes from your time when the IWT was the minor leagues, never mind. He still won the title from you anyway, so there's that.

    Nice cheap shot attempt regarding my nationality and intelligence as well, but I think it's obvious my education was of a high standard, so learn to aim your insults in a better direction you desperate, deteriorating HACK!! What's next, make a joke about how I'm the IC champion and you're not. Yeah, that joke would still be an equal level of effectiveness.

    Complacency....You've still got it, you still have this idiotic God complex which you haven't justified having since August last year at the latest, even then you're not skilful enough to justify it in reality.... You'll probably start this match, thinking you got me figured out, although you didn't even take the time before the match to research or prepare, and that.. that's very.....VERY COMPLACENT! Within five minutes, I'll have your puny figure in a submission, you will lose your breath, pass out and I'll crush your head with my foot in the same way the average person crushes a grape to confirm my win.

    And hey, seeing as this is swan song from the IWT, take this *Unstraps his IC belt and puts in Senhor's face*. This will be the last time you're pathetic little head and your bulgy eyes will ever get to marvel at MY BELT up close so take a loooonggggggg, hard look.

    *Crowd chant "That's what she said"*

    Sir Lee: SHUT UP YOU FOOLS!! As for you Senhor Medicore, your time's up, you will never this belt again besides from when you see me wear it in your e-fed! *Sir Lee moves the belt away from Senhor's face and places gently on the floor*. There will be NO KILLING tonight, for now, I have fufilled my contractual quota for killing off inferior specimen for the first quarter of 2014....Now I've got to wait until April to kill again. It sucks not being able to kill weaklings, right IWT Universe?

    *Crowd chant "Asshole"*

    Sir Lee: How charming, make yourselves look like well-mannered and mature people, that's what helps bring forward your case! I have no brother... But my sister, all she needs to do is prepare my After-party celebrations at Buckingham Palace for after I retain this belt AND the win the IWT title at THIS PPV, with the approval of the Queen. I would say my life is pretty exciting right now, but yours, you're still the same hasbeen who everyone got sick of, notice how little people reacted to your promo in the crowd to mine. Sorry Senhor, but like Rodrigo, like Draven......I've got to solidify the end of your relevancy here. After Rodrigo lost to me in a tag-team match at Bound For Glory, he got desperate and teamed up with Farooq, without thinking things through. He was betrayed and decimated by Farooq, who was supposed to be his partner and Rodrigo retired. I was the one who ruined him as a man. Draven was seen as the favourite to win at the Rumble, but I showed the World I AM WORTHY OF HAVING MY NAME IN LIGHTS! AND WHEN THE SUN SHINES, I WILL GLISTEN AS EVEN THE GOD OF YOUR UNIVERSE STANDS STILL IN SHOCK AS GOD SEES ME SHINE IN UNISON WITH THE SUN!!!!!!

    Leave right now Senhor....... I don't want to accidentally kill a fellow competitor, but not even I can comprehend or gauge the STRENGTH AND EMOTION THAT LIES BENEATH ME!!!!

    *Sir Lee picks up his belt and lifts it up into the air, shouting at the crowd "SENHOR CANNOT DEFEAT........THE RICH ELITE!"

    *The crowd boo in unison, throwing trash in his direction, he continues to hold up his title with all the pride in the World!*
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  7. *Senhor makes a snoring sound and pretends to wake up*

    Jesus are you finally finished?

    *Senhor pulls some Immodium out of his pocket*

    Take two of these, it might help with that verbal diarrhea issue you've got going on. All that talking and what did you really say? I'm old? Shirley, that's the oldest joke in the book. I thought you'd be more original than that. You're friends with politicians and Donald Trump? That might be the least impressive thing you've said so far. But I guess garbage attracts garbage.

    I'm the most decorated champion in IWT history. I know that Jonathan, and before him Dat Kid have tried to bury my accomplishments. So much so that it took months and months for me to finally receive my championship rematch. They knew that when they gave it to me I'd win it back and hold onto it forever, FOREVER, FOREVER, FOREVER!!!!

    *The older audience members being to chant "Terry Funk"*

    Hmm, I guess I'm not the only "old" one in the house tonight. With age comes experience and wisdom both of which you are devoid of. I'm a man of honour though, so I'll have no problem bestowing some wisdom on you here in this very ring. You ARE beneath me Shirley, you WILL lose, and I will ONCE AGAIN hold that title that you fling around with no respect. These people paid to see me beat the ever loving shit out of you. They're going to get every last pennies worth!

    Now let me grab a chair cause I'm sure you have a long winded response I have to sit thorough. I don't want to fall asleep standing up.
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  11. @Senhor Perfect?
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  14. Voted for Sir Lee. You both did great. But, Sir Lee's promos conquered Senhor's promos. Sorry Senhor, pls don't hate me. :'(
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  15. Bitterness tastes so fucking good, definitely my favourite birthday present so far today ;)
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  16. What's MP?
  17. Yep, [​IMG]
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  18. Nick, Dazzle, Reag and Arab were MP members? Who knew......
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  19. I liked this post, but have no idea what everyone is talking about.