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Who won?

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  1. Farooq

  2. Aids Johnson

  3. Dolph'sZiggler

  4. Sir Lee

  5. Trip In The Head

  6. Joey Bryant

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT Championship!

    @Big Boss vs @Lord Ovalhead vs @Dolph'sZiggler
    vs @Trip in the Head vs @DK James vs @Aids Johnson

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for
    36 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a
    1 promo limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Promo order:
    Big Boss
    Lord Ovalhead
    Trip in the Head
    DK James
    Aids Johnson

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

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  2. Entrance:
    Show Spoiler
    ODB and Buckethead take the stage with other musicians as the crowd watches.

    The crowd gives it's stereotype mix reaction as Farooq walks out on stage. He smiles brightly, seeing the musicians and gives them a nod. He heads down the ramp, Farooq taking in a deep breath as the referee has the chamber door open. He enters the chamber slowly, and chuckles as the music soon stops. "I like it raw!" He yells as the crowd cheers slightly.

    Farooq picks up the microphone, standing in the middle of the Elimination Chamber. He closes his eyes and smiles. "Finally...I'm here..." He says with a chuckle and opens his eyes. "In the structure of hell itself, the Elimination Chamber. I come in prove why I deserve to carry this company, to show why the others are unworthy and of walk out, IWT Champion." Farooq says as he climbs the turnbuckle, then climbs one of the chambers and stands up tall, looking off to the crowd.

    "I'm not going to delay this any further....I'm not going to use fancy crap, I'm going to be blunt. Let's start with Dolph'sZiggler, the new blood of this match. The man who couldn't defeat out champ one on one, but can defeat the lower world champion, Dat Kid, by himself. Hey, he did it, come on give him a hand." Farooq said as he claps his hands and grins, the crowd looking confused. "...what? Come on, give him some credit! He came allll the way from the indies, trust me, he'll let you know, and he has won one match! Come on guys, this guy is obviously championship material! He's obviously put all the hard work, blood, sweat and dedication that I have put in right?...I mean, I come in every day, check how the young guys are doing in the back, hell this ring, I help set this ring for every event, but obviously I'm not fit to be the leader of this company, Dolph's does. I mean give him some more credit, at least he compliments us before attacking his opponents!" Farooq says with a chuckle and taps his chin. "And come out here with your sarcasm please, hopefully now that I called you out on your predictability, you'll actually do something original for once."

    "At least he isn't a walking tool, like Joey Bryant." He says as the crowd goes quiet. "What? Did I hit a wrong nail? Am I wrong?..." Farooq says as he looks at the silent crowd. " one of two things. A tool, or a liar. Either he has to follow a man who proclaims to be God, or he is just using him....because he doubts his ability as a performer. Here's a newsflash, anybody can manipulate words to make themselves seem like God. People do it all the time. If the answer to your stupid behavior is one, then you can't lead anything. You can come out here and say, 'Oh Dat Kid is God because he did this, or he did that!', but that's just it! He did stuff any man can do, he's done human stuff, because that's all he is. He's like you and like me, and if it takes me to call you out on it, then you are STILL not ready to take the IWT Championship! If you are just using him and lying....then you really don't deserve the title. It says, you can't even trust your own skills, so you have to ride the coattail of a former world champion, because in your mind, you think you're not good enough. And to be honest....when I look at you now, I see nothing. Couple of months ago, I can easily say that you would become a world champion, because you had heart, passion and you were your own man. Now, all I see is someone who should be lucky enough to go out and pick cotton in a field." He says as the crowd gasps.

    "Now Sir really have to say anything? Look at him, he's a mentally broken down piece of work. Do we really need a male version of Victoria Parker? He attacked men who could not even defend themselves, and he is more corrupt than a drunk George Bush. He doesn't deserve to lead the locker room, he deserves to lead the guards back to his mental institution cell. Yes, he is smart, but he does not have the characteristics of a leader, unless you love right wing politicians who want to hold us back to 1700 standards instead of advancing." He says as he shakes his head. "You can come out here and say what you want, make some bullcrap reason as to why I'm wrong and you're right....but in the end, our opinions are different. You're no greater than I for what I believe in, and I'm no better than you for beliefs....but it's out actions that truly define us."

    "Next person....Trip." He says as he takes out a photo, the picture if Farooq with The Order. "Tonight....we are not allies....but enemies." He says as he rips the photo, and tosses it onto the ring. "You are a great competitor, but you are not ready. You need to be able to lead yourself to victory, without mine or any of the rest of the Order's help. You need to show that you're stable enough to walk out here like a man and show that you can act like a wrestler with sense, not a psychotic half man half wolf being. You're a man, like me. You should walk out here, and fight like one. Not pouncing around like Simba in the Lion King, but fighting like a champion. You fight like an animal, and just like an animal, you're being hunted down...." Farooq says as he clenches his fists. "Tonight is not about being a savage, it's about doing what's in our name, bringing order. Until you can fight and lead yourself to a true victory, you will never, ever be a world champion. I know you'll be angry, and you might hate me...but good. Because if you don't strike me down in this match, then you'll only fuel my point."

    "And last, but not least. The IWT Champion Aids Johnson. To those who say he never earned his title shot, boo on you, he earned it. He gave it his all. His blood, sweat, tears, muscle, body, time...and even family." Farooq said as he sat down on top of the chamber. "Aids has something that the rest of these wrestlers don't have....anything to lose now, except the IWT Championship. Why should he be champion? He isn't that relevant around....oh wait, that word, relevant...What is relevant? Because I haven't seen the champ in a good while backstage, unless he's just been chilling with Perfect in that retirement home. Oh wait, lemme guess, are you gonna talk about being at your near 'breaking point' again? Or are you just gonna talk about how the 'champ is here' and has 'survived' being champion. You're a champion, of course you have to fight, it doesn't make you any different from any other champion. You've been on your breaking point longer than Undertaker's entrance. How about you cut that crap already, and come out here and show us why you're the champ. No more baby shit, no more crying."

    Farooq jumps off of the chamber and lands with his right fist on the ring then stands up. "Why should Farooq, myself be the leader? Not because of this..." He says as he removed his shirt, showing the tattoo on his back that showed his parent's death date. "Not because of them...." He says as he points to his sister and his wife and kid in the crowd. "Nothing out of this's for what I do in this ring. I give more than my blood, sweat, tears or anything in this ring. This ring, is me. I was born to be in this ring, this talent, it isn't from training, it's natural. The ring, it's my's my life. I tried to see if I could live without the ring, but in fact I couldn't. Wrestling, it's an art that not many can see, but I can see it! That's why I love to fight, that's why I always am ready to fight, that's why I put my body on the line time and time and time again. Not for my parents, my family, any of the fans....but to keep this sport alive. You were all against me to Hollywood huh? But after that Hollywood stint, there has been tons more attention, gathering every wrestling company more money, and pushing the flames of wrestling itself high to survive. The sport that I was told, I would not succeed in, I love it. I love the challenge, I love seeing matches, I love the atmosphere, the creativity, just everything!!" Farooq says loudly as the crowd cheers.

    "Why should I be the IWT Champion, the one who represents this company? Because I've been through it all....pain, love, sadness, happiness, joy, fear, every emotion known to man....but I'm still here. Life tried to hold me back by taking my parents...but I fought back. Life tried to hold me back by sending in bullies....but I fought back. Life tried to hold me back with mental abuse by teachers, but I. Fought. Back. Why? Because that's all I know how to do.Fight. My competitors can all say whatever they want, how they struggled through life, how they had to go through this or that, but guess what? So did I, and I continue to push myself day in and day out. Look how many matches I've been in in my career. And you know what, it's only going to grow. The battlefield that is the IWT, I love it, with a passion. I don't think I need to say anything else." Farooq says as he drops the microphone. He takes a deep breath, and smiles as he waits for his opponents.
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  3. The lights dim, and "Aids Johnson" hits the screen, as the titantron changes and fans give out a massive pop

    Aids walks out a few seconds into the music, doing his best Scott Hall walk, as the fans pop and he slaps the IWT championship on his shoulder. He fixes the IWT title around his waist, as he laughs, belting out "And they thought they could control Aids" as the crowd continues to pop, as they expected him to come out last in the match. Aids runs down the ramp, sliding into the ring - before getting in Farooqs face, as they shake hands and farooq hands off the microphone - Aids hits up the corners of the ring, holding up his title, before handing it off to the official.

    THE CHAMP IS HERE! Aids proclaims, as the crowd pops and he lets out a cheap laugh. You are right about one thing Farooq, I am the only one with something to lose. The biggest match of my life, and it is some kind of a surprise when I spend my time preparing for it while everyone else kicks it around the stage, what a big surprise when everyone knows the only one with something to lose here is ME. Superstar of the year, the fighting champion, and yet you sell your soul to the order and have shit to say about ME!? You were the company man, the competitor with the best record in this company, but now you are a man who sold his soul to the group who is responsible for wiping my family off the face of this Earth, and YOU HAVE SHIT TO SAY TO ME? The only regret i have is I have to put you and 4 other competitors down, because 1v1 you might have defeated me a year ago, but you cant hang with Aids Johnson now days, you and every other midcard legend know that son.

    *Aids walks a semi-circle, facing the entrance* And where is Trip? I'd waste my time on him but everyone here already saw his partner Marcus fail in the WHC Elimination Chamber, and there isnt anything anyone can say about trip that hasnt already been applied to Marcus. Hell, Britanica is your leader and her rant was about as great as the flea bath she is waiting to receive in the champs locker room. Shes got her tinfoil hat on, and nothing else, waiting for Aids the Jock to come celebrate. On the other hand, Dolph'sZiggler and FTJ have seemed to pull a group together, but there is nothing I can say about them that that hasn't already been a cheap joke about JWAB. They are all losers who talk of glory and yet reek of failure, those who challenge champions without earning anything outside of a cheap win over Dat Kid, AKA Jobber to the stars. Hold up your WHC title, From, Christian buried the belt and now you are laying the dirt.

    "Now, who am i missing, Aids says, tapping his forehead, pacing back and forth." Sir Lee? Ben Dover is more like it, the man who has earned everything he has been given here. He thanks his foreign constituents, but we all know it was people like myself and the newly proclaimed WHC champion Dat Kid who put him where he belongs, and it certainly is not here. I'd waste more of my time on you, but we both know you will fail all on your own, and don't need me to dig the whole you plan on falling into. BUT I do know someone who does need the favor!

    Joey Bryant *crowd pops* The man I put over mere months ago. The man who gave up on everything in January over one missed Uprising card, moving with your buddy Frie and giving up all hope on your future as I promised you matches like this one at the Elmination Chamber. The definition of easy success, Joey faced a no show opponent, and then followed it up with the biggest loser to ever grace the company. Making things even WORSE, Joey is in the church with Dat Kid, who literally has told everyone he was in the WHC EC match because he was going to allow Joey Bryant to win the IWT title, and the people have been demanding it as well! You are not a champion, Joey, you depend on everyone else to make you successful. What will happen when you actually take my IWT belt from me? The people will see in short comings the failure of letting someone become champion too soon.

    There is no one here who deserves to take my belt from me. All of you have sold yourselves to a higher power, every one of you comes into this match with nothing to lose, and everything to gain. I fully intend on walking out of this match as champion, and my words now are the courtesy I am extending in comparison to what I have to say after everyone comes out. Who out of this crowd is prepared to be the face of this company? Joey Bryant is a pawn, Farooq is a Queen, and Ovalhead is in this match ahead of time. The only person who has any right to my belt is holding onto an X-division title waiting for his time to finally come. The rest of you, are just here trying to prove you arent exactly what every fan here knows you are - 2nd rate when compared to a real Champion.

    *Aids walks towards farooq and hands him back his microphone, before walking to the corner and grabbing his bottle of scotch, taking a pull, while waiting on other competitors to finally show up*
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  4. *Lord Lee Tudor Comes out in his Natural Selection T-shirt as always, kissing it as he stands proudly on the entrance area, he has his medal and his IWT IC belt on as well. He has a look of focus and contemplation as paces to the ring. The crowd boo but he doesn't even make an attempt to reply, he walks inside the chamber, inside the chamber, he feels the materials of the chamber, nodding in admiration. He is thrown a mic by a nearby IWT staff member. He walks into the middle of the ring. clicks his neck before he begins to speak.*

    Lord Lee Tudor: Finally, my opportunity has arrived, regardless of what the Lord Lee Tudor critics say..... As a Lord, I am here to represent nobility and majesty in this Main Event, and I will do so gladly!

    *Lord Lee Tudor takes a moment to ponder, biting his lower lip and quickly glances at his medal*

    Lord Lee Tudor: You know that moment where for so long you always know what to say and how to say, yet when it matters the most, your mind halts and you struggle to speak, what you say isn't what your hype suggests you say and then your greatest chance of success is gone….

    Jwab and Marcus suffered such fate earlier in this PPV…….BUT I WILL NOT!! Win or lose, I’m still going to shine, I wouldn’t let some “God” that almost had his career ended by the glorified comedy jobber of our e-fed suddenly strike lightning, I would shelter myself and deflect it, then lightning would strike himself…

    And now my defiant “I won’t be broken” speech is out the way, I better get onto the every so delicious meat and potatoes of my monologue. And I know some of you absolutely live for my long promos, so to you reward and compensate for the fact I have five targets and will probably only get to execute one promo….Get ready for a novel!! Better yet, let’s format this promo like a novel!

    Introduction: You know when I joined this e-fed to accompany my porn and business ventures, I never expected to go on to this situation, where I’m at the main event of the PPV before IWT Mania, fighting for a chance to main event IWT Mania itself. I came here thinking it would benefit my tax returns, get my yet more cash to invest in stock AND because I was craving the urge to brutalise inferior beings that I hadn’t has since Machinima Palooza Entertainment Wrestling Association gave me before it folded! But somewhere along this cruel and unforgiving journey in this hell-hole, I realised my true wrestling potential, I realised how much I wanted to be seen as one of the greatest competitors this company has had the witness to employ. And now, I have the opportunity, I had to beat The Dazzler, the talented individual who has the accolade of most eliminations in a single Royal Rumble EVER!! His next match after that, I completely rip him apart, bringing that deluded fool back to his grey and murky reality…..BUT ME, I’M READY FOR MY CROWNING GLORY!!

    Chapter 1; Farooq: For so long, you were a big fish in a small pond known as the mid-card, something I currently experience. The question is; will you still look big in this pond and the same question is directed at me? I know I will but honestly I’m not sure if you deep down have the belief that you are. Sure, your promo was hard-hitting, dramatic and slightly moving, but I’m not a man that gets knocked back by such effects, your criticism of me holds a candle to what The Dazzler said to me I suppose; I am psychotic, I am corrupt and I do attack defenceless people, but I don’t care, I can also incapacitate a wide variety of fighters who are by no means defenceless…..Was Senhor defenceless tonight? Or The Dazzler? Or Gav The Chav? The primary intention for me killing who I’ve killed isn’t to satisfy some sadistic pent-up feeling deep inside live Victoria, but instead, to help the World!

    If you paid attention, you would know our World resources are depleting yet we continue to increase our population and life-expectancy, logic right? Old people don’t have much to enjoy anyway and they use valuable energy, food and water, it makes sense to get rid of them, and it’s not like they work to justify their existence! Also, I thought your hero Martin Luther King would have educated you on articulation and how important it is to be precise about it.

    Calling me a male Victoria Parker doesn’t make me think unhinged psychopath but instead “2-time IWT champion”. She may have led herself to a treacherous track of disappointment, but I see her mistakes, and now I know how to avoid the anti-climactic fate she currently suffers! I appreciate your opinion and why you have it but just now I’m not one of those spineless wimps who just let you walk over me with it, and you seem to be the same way, kudos Farooq!

    But really though, what are your philosophies or beliefs; Right wing or Left wing? Maybe we can discuss over some chicken wings after you get out of the hospital in a couple of days. Don’t worry, I won’t bring my IC and IWT title with me, I know jealousy may get the better of you!

    Chapter 2; Dolph’s: For so long, you were scouted by our glorious IWT scouts, at the recommendation of one Aids Johnson, a fellow competitor in tonight’s massacre. After months and months of speculation and negotiation that followed, you arrived.

    You came in with your Rolling Stones track blaring through the speakers of the arena as you burst out from the stage, ready to stamp your mark. It had the IWT Universe alight, eager to learn more about you and why Aids had wanted you here, in the IWT, for so long.

    The potential was high and people seemed certain that you would be the next big thing, e-fed gurus were sure you would win the IWT title by Mania. And they may not be wrong, you still can, you intimidated Dat Kid; now our WHC, so much he didn’t even want the match the match between the two of you to properly start and he subsequently let you go on your merry way to Main-Event glory.

    I may be seen as “not ready” or “filler” in this match, but you, like me, are having only your first shot at the companies most prestigious title, so who is to say you won’t be the one that withers in a big match scenario and not me. You may have faced Aids once, but that match consisted of a kick to the testicles and a piledriver, and that was all that she wrote!

    Now in a title match, where four other men will get in you and Aids’ way, will you rise above the circumstances and learn your true limit, like what happened when you took on Atlas in PWGP… You were so angry and upset you choked that in a state of rage and despair, you come to an IWT ring, spout about your misgivings and want to vacate your opportunity of Elimination Chamber participation, making such bluffs as gifting it to Francois the Nerd and storming out of the company.

    Yet here you are, you must make a killing in poker matches! And don’t worry, when you lose this match too, throw your toys out of the metaphorical pram and storm out of the company as part yet another bluff, don’t worry because it’ll be expected anyway, there’s no getting past your temperamental and rambunctious attitude is there Dolph’s!

    Chapter 3; Trip: I can see you’re worn out, exhausted, praying you can regain you’re energy before it’s too late. Although I also had to put your body on the line tonight already, I fought at the beginning of the PPV and I secured my win against Senhor MUCH FASTER than you secured your win against Spinzz and Andrew! I hope you don’t expect any sympathy for your pain, and you most likely want, you and the rest of your lunatic group seem like the type to have too much personal pride. The type who if bleeding out in the forest, would not take the hand or bandage of a stranger, as you worry it makes you look weak. Well, nothing is weaker than dying and also that logic indicates a weak mind!

    You have already seen your brethren Marcus and Britanica feel the bitter taste that is failure. You may have won your tag match but barely, you showed complacency and I wouldn’t be surprised if your over-confident nature causes you to follow the paths of the aforementioned individuals. You and Farooq may try your best to prevent this match destroying your partnership, but we all saw Jwab and Dat Kid, it just isn’t possible….

    The human race is this opportunistic, desperate, hungry despicable species you see, when the opportunity of rewards comes begging your way, where it a reward of great significance, then you will be more than happy to stab an ally in the back for it. It’s just the way we’re programmed, don’t fight Trip…..BUT EMBRACE IT!!!

    Chapter 4; Joey Bryant: What excites me about interacting with you, is that you were my first opponent, long before you leapfrogged into Main Event status, the two of us faced, both eager to make an impact, we fought ever so head, risking our livelihoods in that contest as we continued to escalate, going harder each move. Ultimately we went too hard and were double counted out. It was good though because we both showed our value to IWT management, and for you, you got put into a tournament and from there, you became the star you are now, the potential World-beater who isn’t scared to go higher and harder every god-damn match Johnny put you in.

    Now though, I’m a new and better man, I’m no longer that casual, humour fuelled individual who prided himself on having himself filmed having intercourse for monetary and pleasure enhancement. Now……I’m a Lord, I’m a ruthless man who is hell-bent on domination, I have killed 84 people in the last month, just to deliver a message and to help rid the World on surplus organisms.

    I hope that you do not expect me to be the well below you, because at the end of the day, you never could take Aids’ title before, what will change that tonight, you seem no more hungry than you were the last time the two of you crossed paths. If you lose again tonight, are you ready to give up on this dream and learn you’re in the role that someone like Alias should be! I find it amusing though you have joined Dat Church to help your career, just like Jwab and look where it got him! Even if you won this match……What will happen after it is; Dat Kid and David would come and pretend to congratulate you but then, he would attack you, leave you for dead and declare himself in line for your championship. And trust me, he’ll get David to do all his dirty work, then he would sneak the title away from you and make himself unified champion, leaving even worse off than before, you’re prestige deflated and your ego burst like a bubble!

    Chapter 5; Your IWT champion, Aids: And finally, I get to delve into the wonderful World that is the three-time IWT champion, Aids Johnson. You look pretty happy with yourself after that brief but neat monologue, got to criticise a bunch of people in the attempt of making them less valuable, nice tactic, never saw it coming….. Regardless, you have spent the last couple months strolling out to the ring with this self-imposed swagger, feeling you’re untouchable and you’re comments are gospel….WELL YOU’RE GOSPEL IS SIN!!

    It’s been great entertainment seeing you slowly but surely work down and deplete the potential and image of 90% of the IWT roster, but I think it’s ran its course.

    Oh and when you say “Ovalhead” I’m going to assume you are referring to my head shape, which is justifiable, utilising nicknames are a nice way of easing tension, but easing tension isn’t necessary Aids, it’s the tension that makes this so fun. For so long you try to play off so much that is thrown at you like it doesn’t affect you, but the more you try to resist, the more severe your eventual break down will be. No man with such a love for liquor can take such pressure for so long…

    And now that the incessant ramble has finished and the majority of you are getting all irritated about it, back to the point I want to address, you say I’m not ready, but I continue to develop as a persona, as a fighter and eventually…..AS YOUR CHAMPION!! I don’t what criticism, hatred or ridicule you have to throw at me, I know on my best day…………..I can leave you and the rest of the IWT locker in awe and admiration, you may not want to admit it because it will make superior in this match, but that’s understandable, I’ll let you suffer your consequence for that in this chamber….

    When you’re head becomes cheese to feed to this chamber’s grater like metallic finish, you will understand the same feeling of being humbled Senhor did when I decimated him in this very ring. The broadcast started with me holding my IC belt at the ramp. But to end it…..It’ll be me holding the IWT title well above my head as the World commemorates the new era!

    Concluding chapter: Whether you liked this novel or not, it doesn’t matter. I have put my heart and brain into this, and I’m damn proud of it! As a Lord, as a Sir, I know better than to take what these clueless individuals that attack my beliefs and allow to get in the way of what I try to do to help this World. When I'm the main champion of this company, there's nothing you can say about that matters! The IC championship and IWT championship will become best-friends as they both take up space on my body every time I come to the ring and exit it.......

    *Lord Lee Tudor walks up to Aids Johnson, stares at his belt and smirks, licking his lips as continues staring at the belt that everyone is so desperate to win.*
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  5. No OOC posts during the match, please.
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    D'Z sneaks in from a trap door and approaches Farooq from behind. Farooq, combing his afro, gets crushed in the plums with a crippling low blow. "Predictable? Farooq, you hurt my feelings with your harsh words bb." D'Z's actions draws a mix of cheers and boos! But mostly people are already asleep from the 45 minute promos being cut by D'Z's competitors.

    "Now, I'm not here to generically run down my list of competitors one by one, he said as he began to do a generic run down of his competitors. Farooq's elbows are mad ashy and he smells like corn chips. If Farooq were to win the IWT Championship, and there isn't a chance in hell of that happening, nobody would even want the damn thing after that because it would smell like wet dog. Next up we have Aids Johnson, who probably assumed I would mention him last. What a fucking egomaniac he is. I'm sure after I win this match I will be stuck facing him at IWTMania 2, which is fine by me. No better stage to embarrass his candy ass on. My bad, does Dazzler have all Rock puns IWTcopyrighted?
    Who the fuck else is in this match? Sir Lee? Are you related to General Lee? David Lee? Buddy Lee? Bruce Lee? Lee Harvey Oswald? I see you have a shiny belt around your waist there, why don't you stop being so goddamn greedy and just be happy with that. The nerve of some people. Besides, Brits simply aren't world championship material. Trip? I've had probably the easiest wins of my career against that pissant mid carder. Joey Bryant... the golden boy. Everyone thinks he is so damn cool. And frankly, he is. Joey Bryant if you want to form an alliance with me during this match I'm totally down. Also if you will sign my 2014 Joey Bryant fireman poster I would be much obliged." D'Z blushes and fans himself before putting his game face back on.

    "That's all the time I care to spend talking about those inferior beings. On to more important matters, your soon to be IWT World Champion. I'm not going to win this match because I work my ass off like some carny to get where I am. I get my spot based on my natural god given ability. Well, I shouldn't really credit god for my greatness. My IWT career has sort of been in limbo as of late. I sort of got over the fact that Aids has gone soft, failed to form an alliance with Frank the Jock and had a one night stand in an affair with Senhor Perfect. I lost the PWGP Heavyweight Championship match to a complete loser. My career hasn't exactly gone the way I had planned."
    D'Z paces the ring looking at the 3 jobbers standing before him. "But tonight I can jump right to the front of the line by clowning all of these losers. And that is exactly what I'm going to do. Hey Aids, I think you have some mustard on your shirt bro..." Aids looks down to inspect his shirt but gets his nose flicked instead. "PSYCHE. Got you bitch." Lord Lee tries to consult Aids as he weeps uncontrollably, and while he does so D'Z sneaks up behind him and ties his shoe laces together. He then runs up to the turnbuckle and begins taunting Lord Lee. "Hey you smelly ****! I stuck my wanker in your mommy's no no hole!" Lee tries to sprint toward Ziggler but trips and everyone in the arena laughs at him, chanting "We hate British people". Farooq looks around worriedly wondering what D'Z has in store for him.
    D'Z approaches, smiling, trying to look genuine. "Farooq, buddy. Why would I want to clown on you right now man? How long have we been bros? For like ever." D'Z extends his hand, and Farooq accepts the gesture. As soon a Farooq's hand touches Ziggler's he quickly pulls it back, weeping uncontrollably and screaming "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT??". "Haha, got you with the oldest trick in the book." said D'Z as he removed a shocker device from his palm.
    "Now, Trip, Joey Bryant, I know what you are thinking... thank GOD I'm not out there for D'Z to make an ass out of me. Well guess again dipshits." The monitors show Joey Bryant in his locker room with his back to the camera, making some strange wiggling motions. "Oh, hey, sorry.. I uh, it helps me when I'm stressed before matches, OK?"
    "No worries mate, I'm not here to make fun of your pre match routine. Different strokes, you know? Haha, strokes. Pun massively intended. Anyhow, I am just wanting to tell you that I left you a surprise in your gym bag." Joey Bryant goes over to his gym bag and sees his trunks and boots are covered in what appears to be the biggest shit in human history, with a note on top of it that says "To: Joey Bryant From: D'Z"
    "I hope you like it!" The camera then cuts to Trip, who is shown in the back nursing one of Britannica's kittens while Marcus Anthony howls at a picture of the moon being shown on the TV. "Trip, my fair friend, how are you this evening? I just wanted to let you know that in the interest of competition, I wanted to give you a pointer for tonight's match." D'Z tries to hide back his laughter as Trip looks on intrigued. "I have a secret protein shake I like to have before matches and it makes me perform 100 X better. I left you some on your table." Trip approaches the jar of protein and twists the lid off. As he removes the lid, a giant fake snake springs out and scares all 3 members of the Order and all 26 of Brita's cats. D'Z dies laughing in the ring.
    No literally, he died laughing. He couldn't breathe. D'Z died doing what he loved, performing for the fans. RIP. A stretcher comes out, wheeling D'Z away as the fans look on, shocked. D'Z's mother runs down from the crowd screaming "He just wanted to be IWT Champion! It's all he ever wanted!" She pulls out a note and says "Dolph's always told me if he ever died during a match that I should read this note to the audience!"
    She puts on her reading glasses and begins: "Fuck you, seriously you are all gay as fuck. If I just died in a goddamn match you should at least declare me the winner. Its the least you fucks can do." She finishes, wipes away the tears and begins to walk away. Before exiting the stage she turns back and says "Oh and seriously, Farooq, you smell like shit dude."
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  7. *The crowd is in shock as a great superstar just left this world moments ago. As the body is wheeled up the ramp the Order of Night's music suddenly comes on*

    *Trip in the head comes out onto the stage as the sound of the wolf howling and the Order's theme blares through the arena. He is wearing the newer black tights with the phrase "Give in to the Order" written across the back. He is alone and has an expression of determination on his face like never before. As he walks by the stretcher he attacks the man pushing the stretcher and it falls over, spilling D'Z's body down and off the side of the ramp. Trip just turns and continues down the ramp.*
    Announcer 1: Trip in the Head looking sharp and prepared for this brutal fight in the Elimination Chamber match toinght!
    Announcer 2: This is his first PPV main event and as much as we've seen him lately I don't think I've ever seen him this focused. Its like what just happened in the chamber hasn't phased him at all.
    *Trip walks to the ring with purpose and recieves a mic before he enters the chamber structure, admiring the craftsmanship and running his hands along the steel, and joins the other participants already in the ring. He makes his way to the center of the ring and raises one hand as a mulititude of different chants start. JO-EY BRY-ANT! LETS GO AIDS! D'Z is DEAD! Trip lowers the mic to his mouth and begins slowly*
    TRIP: Well then, I guess that's one less competitor I have to worry about tonight then isn't it. *Trip shakes his head in dissapointment* What a waste. *Trip begins to pace* You know, I may already be heading to IWTmania 2 for another well deserved title shot, but I am not even close to being satisfied. I am out here tonight to prove that this is where I belong. In the main event. The spotlight. The top of the IWT ladder. *Trip stops pacing* And D'Z spoke the truth tonight. He had bested me before - in PWGP. Although for the life of me, and I guess him too, I can't figure out why he would bring up that 2nd rate company in an IWT match as high caliber as this. None of that crap matters here. And now, neither do you D'Z.

    *Trip turns to Aids and smiles wide*
    TRIP: *shakes his index finger at Aids* I've got a little surprise for you my friend. Have a look. *Trip motions to the titantron as a video begins to play. As the video begins it shows...Aids' family! All 3 members, Mother, father, and sister, alive and well but visibly distraught. Aids' mother steps up to the camera and looks like she is going to speak. She instantly wells up with tears and turns from the camera, his father moving in front of the camera quickly and beginning to speak*
    AIDS' FATHER: How could you do that to us son? You turned your back on us in your match against VP for that clunky belt around your waist!? Look at what you've done to your mother!
    *Aids' father moves to comfort his mother and the camera moves onto his sister. She smiles at the camera. Her grin growing wider and wider. Suddenly she rushes the camera man screaming "Give in to the Order!" The camera falls to the ground and screams are heard as the camera cuts out.*
    TRIP: See Aids? We found your family and I FAKED that explosion. Amazing what they can do with CG nowadays isn't it? And you bought it all too! But I wasn't about to just let them go before having some fun with your sister. You like? Well, they're all out on their own now. Your sister ran out of there all crazed and I just left your parents behind. Just like you did actually. And now I've come for that title of yours Aids. Looks like you'll be leaving that behind as well. Its just like you to let other people do the dirty work and try to use it to your favor. What hasn't been said about me yet? How about that I am the most HIGHLY underrated superstar on the IWT roster today?

    *Trip looks over towards Farooq*
    TRIP: Farooq, my brother in the Order, you come out here talking about how I need to lead myself to victory without other's help? Without your help, for instance? You haven't forgotten how we teamed up and fell to the the measly team of Dat Kid and VP have you? I know how bitter a loss that was for you and I felt it too, but it seems you and I are not as different as you came out here claiming. You have been in IWT far longer than I have but now it is MY time. And, by the way, you DO know lions are actually cats right? We're a pack - as in wolves. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that you would equate me to the king of the jungle as that is as a good of an analogy in itself for this match. You say you wanted me to walk out here as a man huh? *Trip starts to flex and stand up straight instead of his normal hunched over stance. He almost "evolves" in front of his opponents eyes. His demeanor changes, even the tone in his voice changes* Mmmmmmm, how's this? Now I can show you REAL power. You think I am just an animal being hunted? Well, now the hunters have become the hunted brother and tonight shall be that true victory you say I need. Do I hate you for coming out and saying what you thought to be true? No? Respect you is more like it. But either way, it does not effect my actions towards you in this chamber tonight. You are just another worthy obstacle on my path to greatness. Just like any other obstacle I am not afraid to tear down so that I may move forward.

    *Trip turns to Sir Lee*
    TRIP: Surly? So that's what dwarf you are? Could have fooled me. I thought you were Dopey. *Trip has a good laugh at the expense of the IC champion as the crowd boo his efforts. Trip regains his composure and continues* Now you came out here talking about your "porn star" past and listing victories over various mid-card talent here in the IWT. Have you even noticed we are in the main event here tonight? And have you even ever faced me before? You know why that is Surly? Because I have transgressed past beyond the mid-carders while you now stand at the apex of that existence now, with that IC belt. And yet here you are, reaching for that proverbial brass ring. But I'm afraid I've got bad news for ya there Surly. That brass ring just passed you by while you were running that big, and LOOOOOONG winded mouth of yours. Doesn't really matter though. I've already got more than a firm grip on that brass ring and I have no intention of letting go. Enjoy your IC run, runt.

    *Trip turns to the ramp, where the medical staff are just now getting D'Z's lifeless body out of the arena*
    TRIP: And that brings me too the final entrant in this monumental match, Joey Bryant. *The Joey Bryant chants begin* HA! I don't know why you think you can come after the IWT championship AGAIN and win it this time Joey. You've had two chances already and couldn't get the job done. You're like that piece of shit that just won't go away no matter how much you flush. But the fact remains, you can polish up a turd all you like, but it still stinks. *Trip chuckles to himself at his poop joke* And now you follow the delusional man who would be God? Give me a break. If you were to win this match tonight I would say one of two things will happen. One - you run home to your leader and kneel before him and give up your well deserved title when he asks it of you - or B - you deny his request for it and he beats you for it and leaves your career cold and dead for the buzzards, just like he did to Jwab earlier tonight. I know all that Dat Kid plans to do is take both belts and claim supremacy over the IWT, like he thinks he already has, but I REFUSE to allow him that pleasure. Not after the past the two of us have recently shared! I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see our new "irrelevant" champion come out here during this match in attempt to help you because you know you SOOOO desperately need it joey. Come out here claiming old glories and past victories, for it matters not here tonight Joey. *Trip motions around the chamber* Not in here. Not this time.

    *Trip leans back and gives his well known howl as the crowd reacts, some howling along*
    TRIP: No one expected me to come out here and pull off a victory tonight. But to you all I declare that Trip in the Head has finally entered the main event scene in IWT and I have NO plans of leaving it any time soon. I am one of the fastest up and coming stars in the IWT today and I will surprise each and every one of you in this ring tonight. When you least expect it. Like a shadow in the Night. *Trip returns to the middle of the ring one more time and looks out across the crowd as they pop louder and louder before he says along much more clamly than usual, but with crowd support* Give the Order. *Trip drops the mic and falls to his knees and laughing*
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  8. *Joey nods at Dat Kid and cues his music.*

    *The crowd pops big as Joey Bryant runs out onto the stage, looking determined as ever. He gets down to the ring and stares down everyone among him. Especially Aids. He raises his mic but the crowd still cheers for him.*

    “2 or so years from now, which is a long time it seems like in this business, if I’m not still around there is going to be a hell of a lot of things people are going to be saying about me. Farooq would say “Yea, I faced Joey Bryant on his rise to stardom in IWT, he always had so much potential.” Sir Lee would say “I never quite amounted to the rate of success that Joey Bryant had, and that’s a shame.” D’Z would open his mouth and say “Joey Bryant? More like Jobber Bryant.” And then Aids. He’d be one of the last people to speak on that little video memo they play for old wrestlers who left. Aids would say “Joey Bryant was the next big thing. He put up 2 fights against me and one in the elimination chamber but…” But what, Aids? Oh that’s right, we’re not really sure what happens in the Elimination Chamber yet. Years from now I don’t want people saying “Joey Bryant COULD have been the next world champion, he was world champion. He was a dominant champion. He proved he wasn’t a paper champion. He held that title with pride.” So attempt #3, here we are.”

    *Joey begins to pace around the ring and looks at those around him.*

    “Now I’d like to say I can’t wait for Aids to come out here and enlighten us with his wonderful words and tell me why I’m the next big thing but that tonight… “just isn’t my night” but I can wait. I can wait all night, I can stand here in this ring all night with a mic in hand and never bore anyone because that’s just what I do. I don’t walk around this ring, stalking my prey and foaming at the mouth like Trip and the Order. I don’t stand here and tell everyone why I’m better than them like D’Z or Sir Lee, no. I pour my heart out into this mic every damn time I come out for a match. I proved that against FTJ, that damn jobber. Let’s go into the past this time, though. Let’s stop thinking about the future because unlike the past, I have total control over my future. I got a call one day from a buddy saying to check out a nice little promotion called IWT in May of last year. I was currently unemployed as a wrestler and could not find a solid promotion, and then I found this place. It started off slow. I trained and trained and worked until out of nowhere, I was put into a tournament. Clearly, no one expected the new guy who barely anyone knew anything about to win it, but I did. I beat guys like you, Farooq, and I retired Sackfist on my rise. From there it was all easy riding. I main evented a PPV with Victoria Parker and Aids Johnson, at that point I already knew I made it big and didn’t care that I lost. But then, I got hungry. I got desperate. I made my way back up to Aids and did everything in my power at the time to take his title away from him, but I failed. Again. From that point on, I’ll admit, it sent me into a dark spiral. I did nothing for a few weeks, barely showed me face, until Frie came along. Thought I’d give the tag division a little interest, nah, didn’t work. Dat Kid comes along, shows me exactly what I needed to do to make my way back into the main event picture and now we’re here. In each of those world title matches I learned something, I was sick of being told I was the “Next big thing” I AM the big thing. I am the biggest name in this company and as cocky as it sounds I’m sick of hiding that. I was the IWT Breakout Star of the Year, I’m the one these fans cheer for, I’m the one who’s name gets brought up in every little promo spoken in this business. None of you in this match have that going for you, none of you have the respect that I have earned. And while Aids listens to all this taking his last couple sips off his margarita and is looking forward to coming out here and telling me what I said wrong, just know I’m not going to sit here and wait for you to deal out your little insults and advice. I need no advice from you, I can’t say you’re a paper champion because you’re not. I can’t even say you’re overrated because although you talk a big game you usually back it up, hell you’ve been holding that title long enough. But if there’s one thing you need to know about me Aids that you haven’t found out before, I don’t believe in second chances. So I find it a bit strange that I made it this far with so called “second chances” but I wouldn’t even call them that. When I lose a big match, I have to work my way back up while other guys compete in one or two matches a month and make their way into the chamber. Yea, D’Z.”

    *Joey finally takes a breath and begins to slowly examine what is laid out in front of him.*

    “Farooq I know you like the back of my hand, believe it or not. You were one of the first matches I’ve ever watched here, you were the man who I wanted to be! And then you faded away. You disappeared. So Aids became the man I wanted so desperately to be, until his little charade with D’Z, he lost a hefty amount of respect there. Then Dat Kid showed up, and I said “Hey! Maybe he’s the one I should aspire to be!” No. It’s time for Joey Bryant to realize I don’t need to be like anyone else, I am just the Martyr, Joey Bryant. You took down Sackfist to get here, it’s a shame, seems like the poor guy only wanted to rip me a new one but you took that away from him. Sir Lee, Mr.IC, the man that just beat Senhor earlier in the night. You’re arrogant, cocky, and honestly flat out annoying. No doubt you belong with that belt because even the guys that held that before you were just like you. Dazzler was the only man I saw holding that belt with pride while you sling it around like it’s a toy off Senhor made that title, you defeated him, it’s your turn to make the belt great. You don’t belong in this chamber. You’re the true underdog here, not I. You should have just defended that IC Title belt and went home a happy man because you’re not going to be happy losing out on a chance to become world champion. D’Z I’ve said enough about you. You talk a huge game but I have yet to really see you back it up. No doubt you’d be someone that could put up a fight against me and even possibly beat me, but I just don’t see that yet. I am a martyr. A martyr for those who want a true revolution in this company. For the young guys who want to be taken out of the shadows and into a light. To the old guys that want to have new competition and drive. I am the man to bring that in. If Trip thinks for a moment right now that he’s walking out of here with that belt over his shoulder he’s wrong. You’re all wrong.”

    *Joey now begins to pander to the crowd and boost his confidence.*

    “I seem to have a knack with this whole thing. You get guys who show up here, think they’re good, and then end up falling flat on their faces. They don’t have the determination and pride that I sometimes feel I’m alone on. I’m so successful after I win the title some will probably say I signed with Satan. But I got God on my side. When I started in that tournament they never thought I’d make it shooting to the stars. I bet they thought I’d sell out once I got popular. It’s funny how a role model can become just outdated, yea I’m lookin to you, Aids. Dat Kid shows up and he’s like the second coming of Christ. When like that steps up and shows interest in you, you better take advantage. Unlike Jwab, I’m not just a pawn in his game I am THE game. I am what is needed to put in the pieces together, I am the almighty controller. Honestly I’m sick and tired of seeing half ass wrestlers make it into the main event, I’m tired of seeing old veterans make a return and immediately be placed in the main event picture, and I’m tired of sitting by and watch it happen. Greatest of all time, I want the world addressing me like that. I should have just gone crazy and turned lose but somehow I stay sane. I’ve lived and learned, I’ve pushed and crawled, and at the end of the night… Greatest of all time has a nice ring to it.”

    *He throws his mic on the ground as the crowd is going nuts for Joey.*
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  9. OOC: I am lolol

    *Lord Lee Tudor pauses for a moment, takes breath, looks at Aids’ belt and spits on it*

    Lord Lee Tudor: You know what everyone? I may not win this match, but I’m going to go out on a high. You fucking attention defecit suffering remedials want short, snappy and to the point promos. Fine, here you go……

    First off…… Farooq you black son of a bitch!

    *Points at Farooq*

    Lord Lee Tudor: Apparently people enjoy racial humour on the internet, and while I already hit you with one racial insult earlier….. Some fat fucks were too intent on eating their pizza to pay attention…..

    *Lord Lee Tudor winks at the camera*

    Lord Lee Tudor: Let’s see, what racial humours funny….. Well, to start off, you’re black. Black people used to be slaves. Also, you like chicken…..That’s why I asked to eat chicken wings with you earlier. Oh, and you look Donald Glover from Community. And here.

    *Hands over watermelon to Farooq*

    Lord Lee Tudor: There you go you little slave….. AM I GOOD AT PROMOS YET IWT UNIVERSE??

    I’m bored of you already, go pick cotton or something while I ridicule Dolph’s….

    *Lord Lee Tudor stares down Dolph’s downed body*

    Lord Lee Tudor: Such comedy my man, George Carlin and Will Ferrel marvel at the might, No? Regardless, respectable promo by someone who at one point was to much of a bitch to even want to show up. And hey, you’re talented, IWT needs you. Don't die on us, keeping working at it and stay alive, It’s what our fans want I guess.. Good luck in survival and I await your other witty and cheerful comments that will come my way later after purgatory gives a 2nd chance!

    *Lord Lee Tudor glances at Trip*

    Lord Lee Tudor: Hey, might as well inform you that stables won’t be over in the IWT for much longer, enjoy it for it now before your stable crumbles and your better half goes WHC and I’m pounding you in the IC defences. Also, it would have funny if you lost your tag match after all this hype, but stealing it late on is confidence and momentum building I guess……

    *Lord Lee Tudor looks in Bryants direction*

    Lord Lee Tudor: The IWC’s favourite IWT superstar, not as overhyped as Gav the Chav but you’re certainly up there. And hey, nice promo packages you make, why not make some more for your cult leader Dat Kid? And hey, going back to racism; When Dat Kid and David eat chicken… I bet they give none to you! Also, I'm going to spare the seeming sexual attraction you have towards Aids and the IWT belt….. That’s just weird!

    *Lord Lee Tudor walks back up to Aids, Lord Lee observes the spit that still covers the belt, Aids wanting to wipe it off but wanting to go anywhere near the spit.*

    Lord Lee Tudor: I forgot to ask, how did your scotch taste “buddy”? Did it taste like the deterioration of your health, did it taste like your kidneys eventually failing on you and with a vengeance? You live this life not because you enjoy it but it’s how you cope with the expectations that mount you! You won’t be a champion forever and when you lose it, will you let the heartbreak get to you? You didn’t last time but people change. As the World cripples you and my capitalist chums screw over morons like you into buying consumerist crap like alcohol and over-rated music. The venom I feel knowing you could leave me dead in my tracks tonight is what makes me feel so passionate about moments like these! I’m done with your sorry behind, fuck you and your title reign!

    *Lord Lee Tudor spits on the IWT belt again*

    Lord Lee Tudor: There you moronic fucks go, my "short snappy and interesting" promos, hope you like them BECAUSE I KNOW I DIDN’T!!






    *Lord Lee Tudor throws his microphone at a chamber pod, it leaves a crack.*

    Oh and hey, before I end speaking let’s play Aids’ theme song one….more…time!

    *Aids Johnson doesn’t look amused as Lord Lee Tudor lip-sings the parody.*
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  10. Farooq gets up and looks at all the competitors. "So finally something has changed! Passion was shown....but of course, only Dolph's did that." Farooq says as he paces back and forth in the ring. "I'm just going to make this next one short and sweet, I'm sure Senhor and his company would accept this next promo."

    "Sir Lee is still running on his angry right wing ways, Joey is still clinging onto the day he beat me, ignoring the improvement of my status, even though he lost matches since then. Aids is still giving people credit, but going ahead and saying that he deserves the belt for whatever reason. I mean....really. I'm sure that with me calling you all out, you all will FINALLY make a change and actually make it look like you want the championship, but that's just it. You are all predictable, it's sad. The IWT doesn't need to repeat history, it needs to evolve. I've evolved, I've climbed the ladder, for fuck's sake you already heard me before, so I'm not going to repeat myself.

    "The only thing I have left to say is that, the landscape is changing. Everything is advancing, as am I. The others, listen to them. It's what they've always said, go back to any match and you'll hear it. You decide, these aren't old but gold wrestlers, the only one who at least has not gotten to stale yet was Sir Lee, but even he's getting old with his rants. I'm going to continue fighting, and advance myself even more. These guys? They'll just claim to change for a match or two, then do the same old shit. Now...let's fight." Farooq says as he drops the mic.
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  11. *Trip slowly rises from his knees to his feet again and paces in a circle, egging on the crowd as they boo him. The louder they get the bigger his smile. He finally stops and faces Joey Byrant*
    TRIP: Joey Joey Joey. Just like I expected, you basically came out here and gave a history class on your past. Hoping that maybe if you tell your sob story enough times someone will hear your plea and let you have your way. *Trip shakes his head* Not tonight Joey. Now, I wonder, how come you didn't let these folks in attendance tonight know what I would say about you in the future? *Trip flashes the pity face to the camera* Its because you know the truth Bryant! That I would say you were a disappointment. *Trip does a older man voice even though its only supposed to be 2 years ahead* "He had so much potential so close to being realized. He had chance after chance at the IWT title, and had many more after, but on the Road to IWTmania 2 he just fell short." *Trip clears his throat and returns to normal* Now I think I heard you say that you didn't care that you lost to Victoria Parker and Aids awhile back? That it only made you more hungry for the title afterward? That's one of the biggest differences between us Joey. I am ALWAYS hungry. I don't need any specific loss to convince me of that. *Trip moves a little closer to Joey Bryant and points at his own face* Do you SEE any foam coming from my mouth now Bryant!? No. Because I can control it and use that hunger to dispose of you. And the only one who is wrong here tonight is you. Wrong place, wrong time - because as of tonight, this is my ring - and my time. You did get one thing right though Joey Bryant. You are the game alright - the game of Sorry. *the crowd gasps at the final words Trip has for their favorite in this match tonight*

    *Trip walks towards his next target as he speaks*
    TRIP: Even the great Farooq has overlooked me now. Are you all just trying to ignore me and hope I go away? Because I got bad news for you gentlemen. You may need to see a specialist. *Trip directly addresses Farooq now* I may have only been in the ring with you once before your time with the Order Farooq, but it was enough to make me respect you. Which I cannot say the same for many of the other competitors out here. But it is also the reason why you will get no mercy from me here tonight. Just like that first night I drug you knocked out into that field before you joined the Order. You were one of the few that actually managed to escape us, but you realized what we already knew. That the Order will not be stopped on the way to IWTmainia.

    *Trip turns towards the IC champ Sir Lee*
    TRIP: Oh Sir Lee, attack me by saying my partner is better than me. So predictable. Marcus and I are on our way to becoming the greatest tag team this industry has ever SEEN, even greater than the Cure. You trying to use our partnership against me just exposes your weakness Sir Lee - you've got nothing better left to say. And I get it, because, you see, I don't just come out here to "cut promos", I come out here to compete! *Trip looks at Sir Lee oddly after that* And who in the HELL are you talking to? You do realize D'Z's lifeless body was wheeled out of here in a plastic bag on a gurney earlier don't you? Or did you miss all that while you were preparing for your next "promo"? *Trip looks up the ramp* And D'Z, if you do somehow manage to get that black heart of yours beating again and make it back out here, I will gladly help put you right back in that body bag.

    *Trip breathes deeply and turns towards the champ. The crowd coming alive, the two stare each other down for what seems like an eternity.*
    Announcer 1: These two have a lot of personal issues at the moment.
    Announcer 2: How many times do you think Aids' family can be brought into these things?
    Announcer 1: Who knows.....
    TRIP: Aids Johnson, the only other person I can say that I respect out here tonight. The three time IWT champ. Some believe in you, some don't. Paper champion or not, it's an honor to share this ring here with you tonight. And it will be an even greater honor to end your third title reign on the "Road to IWTmania". All I can say is you better be ready champ, because the Night is coming. And once NIght falls all you'll be able to hear is....*Trip steps back a few steps and drops the mic as the the crowd chants GIVE IN TO THE ORDER!*

    Show Spoiler

    Sorry about the length. Tried to keep it short but its not easy ashley
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  12. Aids has been listening, clearly pulling back the scotch as he endures the long-winded promos of the other stars.

    I clearly underestimated the abilities of everyone here tonight, and there isnt enough scotch left in this bottle to change what i've done. Any one of you in this chamber will make a great champ. Make no mistakes, this will not be the last time you see me. You see, I have been working towards the future of the company, all the while attending matches, promoting the shows, and have not even had a minute to myself to bury my family.

    Tonight one of you can enjoy the win - It's high time I took a fucking vacation, and who better to pass off the gold than one of the deserving competitors in here? *Aids smiles, giving one last look at his IWT championship, before taking another pull, and putting his microphone down.
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  13. @Stopspot @Tiтαп
  14. *Joey decides it's his last time to talk.*

    “Keep it up. Just keep talking. Just watch this young man elevate to new heights. You all think I’m more than a man, but I’m not. They’re calling me the savior! Yea, well I hope you all don’t decide to crucify me. The greatest story ever told, the story of Joey Bryant. From rags to riches back to rags. Everything I create will last forever; I stand by that as well. Aids you've proven to me that I have to respect you, that if I speak down to you again you’ll make sure I never get a main event push again. Please, I could do this by myself. And I did, for a lonnnng while. What a courageous move by forfeiting, that kind of contradicts itself, doesn't it? You’re putting someone over completely, thus again proving you've always been a solid champion and you care for the company, so props to you, but it’s time for me to finish this.”

    *Joey walks away from Aids and looks at everyone once again.*

    “You know Trip? You’re right. Fuck my history. I may be a game of Sorry but I’m man enough to grow out of my childhood dreams of being a werewolf. You’re one of those that I’m sick of. You parade around the dying tag division with such confidence, with a growing ego by the week and in my eyes you don’t deserve an ego. Alias Antonio is probably the true star of your little group, and I don’t even think of the Order when I think of him. I think of the IWT title and much more than siding with you guys who couldn't find your way to a title. Marcus Anthony failed earlier and you’re going to drop now. You’re always hungry? Eat a snickers bitch, you get a little delusional when you’re hungry.”

    *He pauses again as the crowd pops.*

    “Same old shit, huh Farooq? You have a slight point. But there’s not much to change when you’re on a role like Joey Bryant. I jumped from jobber to main event status in 2 months, I brag about that quite a bit, I know. Or should I tell my story again? Should I talk about how Aids beat me twice and now it’s my time! Right? Or maybe I should bring up Dat Kid and go on for a couple statements about him. Nah, you want different? You guys don’t give me fuel for anything different because just like my statements, your insults are all the same. How siding with Dat Kid would be bad for my career, how I’m just not ready for the world title, that I’m overrated. I’m stale. Damn I thought my expiration would be a little longer than 3 months but you want to put me down so fast. I am the martyr. I could tell these people to follow me and they would, I could tell them to boo me and change who I am completely to get a little more ahead in this company but I’m not going to do that either. I don’t need to change. Sure, I could go completely psycho again and claim to break at any moment and join some group, but that’s below me now. I don’t need to claim because everything I say is real. You can say the landscape is changing, but my man, it’s not changing in your favor. I won’t need to brag about the first time I beat you if I do it here again, right? I’ll win the title and shut you and anyone else up. This was a long ride of gaining respect and then slowly losing everybody’s interest, like yours. All I need to raise that respect bar again is win the title. Sir Lee has already given up, look at him, like a depressed puppy. Sure you’ll be running back to the UK with your tail in between your legs blaming this on the communists everywhere. And they call me delusional for wanting to win one world title? Look at these guys. Nothing but delusional, lost souls who never found their way… to God.”

    *Joey drops his mic and gets into a fighting stance.*
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  15. OOC: i chose Joey because his were a lot more charismatic but this match was still good, good job everyone!
  16. Wow you're kind. Thanks regardless
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  17. OOC: Ehhhhh, wish I could change my vote since I now know that everyone is gonna vote for Joey Bryant due to the fact that he's over. Eh, would've voted for Fooq.
  18. I was on Aids bandwagon, but i guess this match wasn't his match.
  19. grats DK. This just goes to show that all those people who say you can't ass lick your way to the top are wrong :letroll:
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  20. Going to Vote Joey Bryant for this one, Great Job everyone....Not you Oval, Sit down. jkjk