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Who won?

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  1. The Order

  2. Andrew and Spinzz

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    the winners of the match will receive a Tag Team Title
    match at IWT Mania!

    The Order (@Trip in the Head and @TheArabHammer) vs Andrew and Spinzz(@Mike Ross and @Stopspot )

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. OOC: I'm excited for this one more than every match other than my own.
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  3. OOC: Anybody care who goes first?
  4. OOC: Nah, it's all good Trip, it doesn't matter who goes first.
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  5. OOC: I am so ready to read this!
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  6. *gav the chav come out to the arena and pulls up a chair ready to watch the match*

    (Gav the chav) finally we get to see which team will prove themselves worthy to take on the dazzling chavs my money is on the order
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  7. *The Dazzler walks out the ring and pulls up a chair next to Gav. Gav pulls out a keg of beer, and offers Dazzler one, but Dazzler rejects it. Dazzler pulls out a can of Root Beer and drinks that instead.*

    Dazzler: You know The Dazzler doesn't drink. The Dazzler thinks The Order is going to whip some candy ass, just so they can get their candy asses whipped by us.
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    The lights in the arena go out and the ceiling in the arena is rigged to make it look like a clear starry night. The crowd starts to pull out their cell phones and hold them up to mimic the effect. Smoke starts to rise from the stage and Fenris the wolf walks out onto it. An image of a full moon shows on the titantron and Fenris poses and howls.

    Trip in the Head and Marcus Anthony walk out slowly from behind the curtain with Britanica. A single spotlight in the dark shines on the group. Britanica has two black cats following her. One on each side as Marcus and Trip are behind her, each with a hand on one of her shoulders, looking at the ground with hoodies pulled over their heads. As they start down the ramp Fenris follows behind the group. Britanica leads the team to the ring and one at a time Marcus and Trip get to the steps where Britannica whispers in their ear, pulls their hoodies up and over their heads, then slaps them across the face. Then they look at each other for a moment and jump in the ring. The team stands in the middle of the ring and both lean back, releasing a primal scream. Then they each slap their left hands down on the mat at the same time while going down to one knee. At that exact moment bright white pyro goes off on the four corners of the ring, and on both sides of the top of the ramp, blinding the crowd whose eyes were by now used to the darkness. The lights come back on and the Order of Night each remain on one knee in the ring with Britannica now standing behind them, arms open wide and laughing.

    My First Promo:
    *Britanica exits the ring as usual and hands a mic up to Trip from the outside. He turns back towards his partner and lets out a loud howl of his own, some crowd members joining in but most others are booing. Trip paces in the ring before he raises the mic up to his mouth, smiling the ol’ Trip in the Head smile as he does*
    TRIP: IWT! *crowd boos* Tonight we take one more step towards our destiny! Once we toss these Rocker wannabes to the wayside tonight we will move forward on the road to Wrestlemania, on our way to tag team gold! So far no one we have faced has been able to stop us. The Phoenix and I will rise up above the competition once again tonight and walk away the victors. As for our opponents, well, they’ll be lucky if they can walk away at all after we are through with them tonight. *Trip puts his hand on Arab’s shoulder as he continues* Now many of you may have seen our current champ take out his frustrations against my partner here after his WHC division EC qualifier victory. And some of you may be asking, how could Marcus even compete here tonight? That answer is simple. He is the Phoenix and shall rise from the ashes of any destruction you could place upon him. Just like I told ol Nicky boy in our own EC qualifier match, we ARE the night. And the night always returns. When you all are dead and gone WE shall remain. We shall triumph. And WE WILL BECOME THE IWT TAG CHAMPIONS AT WRESTLEMANIA!
    *Trip raises both his hands after in a victorious type pose as the crowd boos yet again*

    TRIP: Now, our opponents tonight are none other than Andrew and Spinzz, the so called Rock n’ Roll Desperadoes. *The crowd cheers at the sound of their names* Really? You hate us so much you’d cheer for anyone I mentioned wouldn’t you? How about this…*Trip clears his throat and says*..The Order will soon wreak havoc upon non-other than FTJ himself! *The crowd actually cheers for FTJ for a second and then quites down quickly. Trip does a facepalm and continues* SEE!? Did you people even here what I said? *Crowd: WHAT?* Did you not hear who I mentioned? *Crowd: WHAT? Trip smirks at Marcus* See, what'd I say? You fools will cheer for anyone that opposes us. Well we got a surprise for ya, you sheep. The big bad wolves are here to ruin your day, hahahahahaha! *Trip walks to the edge of the ring and motions for Britanica to hand something to him. Trip holds the object up high and laughs as he reveals it is Spinzz’s mask that he was wearing to hide his identity not long ago* You missing something there my dear Spinzz? Upset your true identity has been revealed?….Alkaline! Why were you hiding anyway? “To be reborn” I believe you so ridiculously put it after I removed your mask that night. *Trip looks at the mask in his hands, throws it on the mat, and smashes it under his foot* You see that? Whether your face is in this mask or not the outcome is still the same. *Trip points down at the pieces of the mask* Smashed under my boot! The same is true for the rest of the IWT when concerning the Order of Night!

    *Trip makes his way to the ropes and leans over them towards the crowd as he yells* GIVE IN TO THE ORDER! *as some of the crowd says it at the same time. He tosses the mic to his partner Marcus and lets his tongue hang out as he hangs his arms over the ropes playfully, awaiting their opponents arrival*
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  9. *Marcus Anthony looks around the arena and stares at the IWTmania sign with an eerie smile strewn across his face. He then turns to Trip and nods his head as they both look back to the sign the crowd starts to boo. Marcus catches the mic from Trip and just before he tries to speak they boo louder.*

    Marcus: I'm sorry I can't hear you pathetic wastes of human life over the fact that The Order continues to reign supreme over IWT.

    *the crowd boos even louder even with a small chant of FLEA BATH (clap clap)*

    Go ahead chant along, laugh your asses off but the fact of the matter is this, SPINZZ ENDED UP FLAT ON HIS BACK GETTING PINNED 1..2..3... End of story. Speaking of that match, some of you have noticed the stitches on my head and the brace on my knee and the wrap around my ribs. Thanks to the champ Aids Johnson *crowd gives mixed pop* beating me with brass knuckles. Then to top it off, power bombing me 8 feet over a guard rail through the concession table. Guess what Aids, I'm still standing here. I may be battered and bruised but I'm never broken. As my brother has said, I rose from the flames once again reborn even more destructive with a rage burning hotter than the whitest of flames. So next time you wanna exact revenge I'll be ready.

    *crowd pops loud with a mixed reaction*

    Look here it's the tag team champs sitting ringside waiting to see who they are gonna face. I can't believe I called them champions. It's such a disgrace to not only the word champion but to the gold that they carry. Everyone in attendance knows that WE are the uncrowned champions and that it's just a matter of time before those belts come home to The Order.

    *crowd continues to boo and Marcus turns his attention to gav*

    Hey gav, can you walk straight? I'm making sure there's no excuses after they had to surgically remove my foot from your ass. You complained about how we beat you because you were "ill" well guess I took that variable away because I left your ass in the middle of the ring broken and beaten.

    Now back to our opponents....Andrew and Spinzz IWT's comic relief in the tag division. Do they have skill? Absolutely. Are they talented? Yes they are. But do they have a chance in beating us? It's about as good as people in hell getting ice water. These two are part of the problem here in IWT. Cracking jokes instead of cracking skulls. They are so blinded by the light that they don't see the looming darkness that awaits them. By the time their eyes'll all be over in the blink of an eye. They call us dogs, they pander to the mindless with their props. Sadly for them they are dealing with men who have made souls weep and shaken people to their very core making them do what they would never have otherwise just to stand up and show that they aren't afraid of the dark. Deep down they have that doubt. That doubt grows to fear. That fear becomes weakness and weakness is what we smell. Andrew....Spinzz....give in to The Order because *some of the crowd follows along while the majority boo incessantly* DARKNESS...HAS...FALLEN
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  10. The lights go out in the arena, confusing the fans.

    Announcer: What’s going on?

    Announcer 2: Dat Kid is going to lose his shit over the power bill again!

    Suddenly ominous music starts blaring over the sound system as a big search light come on, showing a big R shaped logo in the lone light above the crowd. The tiantron comes on as….

    The batmobile is seen rushing down a dark street, and then taking a sharp left… into the arena! It’s heading down an empty hallway as the entrance way slowly separates, opening up space below the titantron. The Batmobile makes a hard stop inside the arena as the crowd cheers. The engine slowly dies down and then….

    Announcer: Holy pop culture reference, Batman!

    Announcer 2: Quiet you!

    The Batmobile opens and Andrew and Spinzz step out of it, Andrew dressed up as Robin and Spinzz dressed up as Batman. They walk down the ramp, high fiving fans on their way to the ring. They pose on the ropes as the lights come back fully before getting into the ring. As Spinzz removes his mask Andrew begins to speak.

    Andrew: "So, the time has finally come. It's been months in the making and we're here in the finals, with The Order. There's no one I'd rather be facing at this moment, and there's no one I'd rather be teaming with than my good friend Spinzz."~Andrew gives Spinzz a hug then turns his attention back to Trip and Marcus~

    Andrew: "Give in to The Order, that's your mantra isn't it? What happens if someone actually gives in to you? I'm generally curious as I can't recall anyone actually giving in to you guys. Are we sparred the agony that you would inflict on us? No, you'd just attack anyways? What, are we saved from possibly contracting rabies? It doesn't seem that way. So, why would we possibly give in to you? I don't think there's anything to really gain from giving in to you so, I think Spinzz and myself will pass."

    Andrew: "Now, Trip and Marky-Mark, listen up. For weeks now we've been seeing you and your little group of bandits run amuck here in the IWT, hell you've even attacked Spinzz and I a couple times. You guys have been causing trouble for a while without any fear of repercussions, but that all ends right here and right now. There's no more playing in the dark and there will be no more attacking people from behind. We're taking a stand and tonight you guys are going to get what you so rightfully deserve!"

    Andrew hands Spinzz the mic

    Spinzz: Thank you Robi…Andrew! Well first off about that mask….

    Spinzz puts his Batman mask back on.

    Spinzz: Obviously I’ve upgraded since that old thing. And I was hoping that even your limited mind Trip would realize that being “reborn” meant getting a fresh start, I’m not into the spacey mumbo jumbo like you two. Now I hope you two jabronis are ready for a spincycle, because I’m about to lay down some truth. First of: You call yourself the night… Bitch please! I’m the guy in the Batman outfit, I am the darkness! I am the night! Get your own material homie. And wannabes? The only wannabes I see here are the wannabe Manson family standing next to me, thinking they look menacing because they grow shaggy style beards and have Donna from that 70’s show dressed in ripped up sheets accompanying them to ringside. You guys claim to be undefeated as a team but guess what geniuses, so are me and the big Drewski next to me. UN…DE…FEATED! And if the two of you are such a destructive force and have attacked us twice already, why is that me and Drew are still standing? What does that say about your “destructive force” big dog? Or are you two just puppies with teething pains?

    Spinzz: But we’re not here to just throw insults, we’re here to win a match. Because the winners of this match go on to face the Chav & Dazz connection at IWTmania for the tag team championships. And Drew and I could sure use some gold around our six packs.

    You say these people are sheep for cheering us instead of you two, brother if I was in the crowd I’d cheer for us as well! It’s not like you two make any form of compelling arguments for why people should cheer for you. You dress like bums; you hang around in the woods like your pretending to be badass lumberjacks and collaborate with the queen bitch. People can sense when you’ve got a couple of screws loose friend, and you two collaborative have enough screws loose to fill a storage unit.

    Andrew: If you guys are the big bad wolves, then it’s true what they say about stories: The more they are told, the more they are hyped up. Because that’s what you two are, all hype and no bite. You say that all fall before you, but as my partner said, you’ve attacked us twice, count that if you can count that high, twice! And yet we are still standing. Seems to me like the big bad wolves need to invest in more firepower, because you ain’t getting the job done son!

    Tonight is the night, not just the night that dem Desperadoes win number one contendership, but the night that we pull away the curtain and show the world, just how big a lie that the order is.

    Spinzz: So allow us to throw some water to quell that “phoenix” flames boys, because this is a mystery so simple that we don’t really need our kick ass Batman & Robin suits. You two are nothing but a pair of tools in need of a shower. Marcus, you had a nice set of injuries you listed there, but you forgot to mention those teeth I kicked out of your mouth back in that match. And 1…2…3? Again you talk about “destroying” us but yet we are the guys still standing here. If we’re comic relief, then you two are the sideshow. You talk about causing me pain yet all I see when I look at you is the fact that you’re missing two front teeth that I kicked out of your rotting mouth. Call me funny all you want, call me comical, but if you underestimate me big man then I am going to show you just how vicious I can be. I’ve been down that dark road before as a lot of people in this company can attest to, and you don’t want to see me walk down that path…

    Keep making your empty threats, keep playing the big vicious mutts, because sooner or later, the Desperadoes are going to take you out behind the barn and put a slug in between old Yeller’s eyes. And just as sure as the night always comes, the sun always rises to shine, and boy will it shine!​
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  11. OOC: Honestly marked for the batman video. Been awhile since I seen that. Soooo, does that count as 1 promo each from you guys? I like the idea, just wanted to make sure.
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  12. OOC: Yup, this is both of our first promos.
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  13. *Trip is visibly confused by his opponent's comments. He walks over to Marcus and they converse amongst themselves for a moment and then glance at Britanica @Gray Fox . She gets up on the apron and motions towards them as Marcus exits the ring to meet with the leader of the Order of Night. Trip turns back to Andrew and Spinzz quickly as he begins to speak*
    TRIP: Why does everyone keep insisting we're the dumb ones here when they can't understand a simple command!? *the crowd boos. Trip approaches Andrew and stands in front of him, admiring his Robin outfit* What does "Give in to the Order" mean Andrew? C'mon, not even the boy wonder himself can figure it out? Its not that hard really. *Trip holds his hand out like he's holding a book and flipping through the pages* AH! Here we are. To give in; to yield, succumb, submit, or surrender. Is that so hard to understand now BOY! *Trip suddenly blows hard at his hand that was acting as though he had a book in it and a powdery substance flies from his hand into Andrews face and around his head. He panics for a second and starts itching all over his head unable to stop* HAAAAA Hahahahahaha! Now who looks like they have fleas eh? Scratchy scratchy now. And while your at it I'll just continue. You say no one has given in to the Order? Have you been blind for the past few months? Do you even watch IWT? The X-Division champ himself Alias Antonio ( @THG? ) gave in to the Order. Even the mighty Farooq ( @Big Boss ) gave in to the Order. What did they get? Well a beating, thats for sure, hahaHA! But more than that they became one with us. One with the Night and one with the darkness. You see what we do is attack and maim, to form hardened scars on the surface, to make ourselves *Trip raises a clenched fist as he says* STRONGER. Its like the old saying Andrew - what doesn't kill me, only makes me stronger.

    *Trip laughs at Andrew once more before turning his attention to Spinzz who is trying to help his itchy headed partner*
    TRIP: Spinzz. So thats your name now? Fresh start, new name, but the rest still stays the same, don't it Spinzy? You can change the name, the mask, whatever you want really. I will still smash you into pieces, just to see the pieces fall. Why? Because some men just want to watch the world burn, ain't that right - Dark Knight? You see all you have is what little amount of talent you and your little sidekick here can muster together, those two bit outfits *Trip stops dead and examines the prominent nipples in the Batman suit Spinzz is wearing* - you sure you got the Batman and not the Batgirl costume? Hahahahahaha *Trip laughs and spins around once* While the Order, well now we are a brotherhood. We have banded together in support of one cause. Total domination of the IWT! *Trip raises his hands and howls once again as the crowd boos. Trip smirks and looks at Spinzz once again* And let me get this straight, you came out here with all this Batman gear AND the batmobile itself and you the audacity to tell me to get my own material? Please, the Order has no problem dealing with hypocrites the likes of you two. Which brings me to my next point. The ONLY reason you two aren't laid up somewhere right now and are here able to compete tonight is because WE allowed it. WE wanted to take you down in front of these people and WE don't need any of your petty excuses getting in the way. So stop flattering yourself already there SpinzZ. Starting to look that ol' spin cycle of yours is out of your control already. Why don't you just relax and let the Order of Night take care of that for you.

    *Trip returns to the center of the ring before he continues*
    TRIP: HA, Desperadoes. More like "Desperate Hoes" trying to earn their last take before they are booted from the whore house. What these fools fail to realize is that people come to the circus to see the freaks more than the show. They find us much more interesting and entertaining. We ARE the attraction. That is the first reason why all these people should cheer us. The second being that we are the premiere and dominant tag team force in the IWT itself! And the only choice you boys have left is to *Trip pauses for second and motions to the crowd* say it with me now that we know it real well

    *Trip leans towards Andrew and Spinzz and says loudly with surprisingly loud crowd support*

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  14. *Andrew pulls some anti-itching powder from his utility belt equipped to his Robin themed tights and douses his hair with it, he puts it away and looks at Trip and Marcus*
    Andrew: "Did your parents ever tell you to not blow powder in other people's hair? I mean damn, some people spend a lot of time on their hair unlike you mangy animals, you better be glad I came prepared. That's besides the point, you asked if I watch IWT? I do sometimes, I usually spend my time playing video games and listening to Punk rock, oh yeah, I train too. When I do watch it though I tend to skip the boring your's, as I assume most people do. I mean, if we want to see a couple of guys taking demands from a woman we'd probably watch some dominatrix porn instead of wrestling, right?" ~A large portion of the male fans start to laugh a bit~

    *Andrew and Spinzz exchange funny faces before looking more serious*
    Andrew: "So, you guys claim that you have allowed Spinzz and I to compete tonight. You guys claim that you have allowed us to be here tonight. We haven't even laid a hand on you two and one of you already look like you need to be tended to. Did your wittle dog attack you or something? I'm just saying that you two claim that you're the most dominant tag here in the IWT and yet you can't even handle your animals. How are you two supposed to take care of fully grown human beings? Now, I don't really recall making any petty excuses. Do you Spinzz? ~Spinzz shakes his head no~ That's what I thought. I'm willing to bet that you two will be the only ones in this match making a ton of excuses after tonight. Excuses like "Oh, there was a fast count by the referee" and "I was caught off guard, they got lucky and took advantage". "

    *Andrew playfully scratches behind his ear at a cheap attempt to mock The Order*
    Andrew: "Keep telling yourselves that these lovely people consider you two to be interesting and entertaining. The only people who would find you guys somewhat interesting and entertaining are probably the same people who get locked up for animal rape. ~Andrew pauses to laugh a tad before regaining his composure~ Say what you will, after tonight the only people giving into anything are the ones who rely on darkness because the light, well the light always brings darkness to its end."
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  15. *Marcus is seen slowly walking backwards facing the ring with a smirk across his face while Britanica is still on the apron and Andrew and Spinzz are distracted*

    Marcus: It's apparent that this place has been in dire need of balance. That balance requires both good and evil. WE are the necessary evil for the IWT and WE will fulfill our destiny. As for you so called desperadoes, you clearly are in need of something. What you two something to reflect on. Something to show that something near and dear can be taken in an instant. Something that makes a statement.

    *Marcus rubs his beard and looks puzzled and makes his way up the ramp*

    You know I think I know what it would take and it just so happens I know a thing or two about a thing or two.

    *Marcus grabs a bag left near the entrance*

    This bag holds the truth. This bag holds the key to opening your minds. You can make fun of us. You can make threats. You can even state the obvious about the night fading away to daylight. One thing that can't be denied is that the night always looms and that you never hear of people being afraid of the day. It is and will ALWAYS BE THE NIGHT that strikes fear into the hearts of many. The reign of darkness is among us.

    *Marcus walks back to the ring and jumps over the ropes inside while holding a cell phone* for the night.

    *Marcus presses a button and the bat mobile explodes. The crowd is sent into a frenzy chanting HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT*

    You two love to play these games. Saying you're going to shine, but Spinzz you say you've gone down that dark path. You merely adopted the dark. I was reborn in it, molded by it. I didn't see the light until it was too late, by then it was only blinding. These games don't matter. Because dress up for you is over. These games you played have cost you your strength. Victory has defeated you. Speaking of your record has done nothing but give you false hope when I speak nothing but truth.

    *crowd boos heavily*

    You wanted to know what giving in to The Order meant. Well just like that car, you can be taken out quicker than the push of a button.

    *Marcus and Trip laugh*

    If you're the batman and robin of the the IWT, I guess he's your joker and I'm your bane

    *Trip clotheslines Andrew over the top ropes and Trip goes over with him and Spinzz tries to go after him, Marcus runs and superman punches Spinzz knocking him to the mat. Marcus grabs Spinzz by the head and picks up delivering a vicious back breaker making him writhe in pain*

    Now, you have our permission to die.
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  16. *Britanica yells "Daaaaaaamn" from the apron*
  17. OOC: @Delik, can we get a couple extra hours so Stop can post his second promo?
  18. Spinzz gets up, almost like a zombie. He looks at his two opponents and his partner whose out at ringside. Spinzz rushes Trip and launches himself at him, delivering a flying elbow to the side of Trip’s head, knocking him out and making him fall to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Spinzz ducks a clothesline from Marcus and backbody drops him out of the ring. Spinzz pulls a pair of handcuffs from his utility belt and cuffs Trip to the ropes. As Marcus gets back in the ring he is caught by Spinzz who pummels him like a crazed berserker, he dodges punch after punch and delivers a series of blows of his own to the kidneys of Marcus, making him clutch his gut in pain. He grabs Marcus’ nose between his fingers and breaks it with one move before kicking Marcus’ knees out from under him. The fans don’t know what to think, having never seen Spinzz as brutal as this.

    Spinzz keeps systematically working over Marcus, striking at joints and pressure points. Not before long Marcus is face first down on the mat, with Spinzz standing over him. Spinzz starts to speak.

    Spinzz: In the comic books, Batman has a moral code that he follows: To never kill, and to never use a gun. Batman follows this like a religion, so as to not fall to the same level of the scum that he wages war against. So as to not become the very thing that he hates. Me wearing a Batman suit is not just a fashion statement, it’s symbolic. Batman and I have a few things in common. We both carry heavy burdens from early on in life, burdens that have shaped us, but also created very dark sides of us that we would not like to bring out in the open. Because just like Batman; there’s a monster deep down inside of me, that feeds off of my anger and my rage. A monster that would very much like to come out and rip sorry pieces of shit like you to pieces! But I won’t let it. Just like Batman: I’ve built myself armor, a coping mechanism that I wear, whereas Batman is very rigid and cold, I am very extroverted and funny. Because if I’m not: the voices become louder.

    Spinzz looks out at the shocked Trip, who cannot get out of the cuffs, and Brit who is looking on shocked at ringside. Andrew is still out cold. Spinzz voice goes even colder.

    Spinzz: The voices in my head, who tell me to “break his neck”, “break his bones”, “make him bleed”, “make him sing a song that he’ll never want to sing again”. Voices: which I cannot get rid of, but that I can control. That I can manage by following my own moral code. But just like Batman: I sometimes slip.

    Spinzz stomps on Marcus’ spine, making him scream out in pain.

    Spinzz: I slip and I start giving in, but I always reel myself in before it is too late, before I let myself go completely, and become a monster that no one can hope to defeat. But every time I do that, I always start thinking: what if? What if I just gave in one day? And embraced my dark side, took to all the dark and twisted things that flow around in my mind like they were family, and I started enjoying it? If I started enjoying the sound of your spine breaking beneath my booth, the sound of someone’s teeth getting knocked out of their mouth. The sound of someone’s last breath… as it leaves their lunges. What if I wasn’t the guy keeping the monster in check, but the monster itself?

    I do know this, if I were to let myself go, there wouldn’t be an order anymore, because you three would be having closed casket funerals. You should be proud Marcus, you’re the one person who’s driven me the closest to considering just letting lose, and truly enjoying myself by breaking your miserable body piece by piece. But I’m not, because that would be your easy punishment. Instead I’m going to stay here and keep beating you down, every time you come back, I’m going to send you back down. I’m stronger than you all, in body, in mind, in spirit. I can take whatever you three throw at me and my partner, and I can dish it back. Just like in the war between Batman and the Joker, and Batman and Bane: Batman wins.

    Spinzz grabs Marcus’ arms, places his foot on the back of Marcus’ head whilst placing his other foot on the small of his back and starts lifting his head up a bit from the ground.

    Spinzz: You say you were reborn in darkness, I say you haven’t even met it yet.

    Spinzz slams Marcus’ head down hard into the mat with a vicious curb stomp. The arena goes silent, spinzz is the lone man in standing in the ring, Marcus lying out cold by his feet, the remainder of the order watching in shock and Andrew slowly getting back up to his feet after hitting his head in the guard rail on the way out of the ring.

    The dark knight stands over his enemies, ruling the night.
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  19. I'm so confused by the 'rock n roll desperados'. Are they batman, punk rock, badasses, jokesters?? Too much rolled into one. I voted for the Order because Trip and Arab were on point like always and their team/characters are fine tuned and poised for gold