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Who's your winner?

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  1. TheArabHammer

  2. CrayJ Lee

  3. Dat Kid

  4. Star-Lord

  5. Gray Fox

  6. Danielson

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and the winner of the match will be crowned...
    World Heavyweight Champion!

    @TheArabHammer vs @CrayJ Lee vs
    @Dat Kid vs @Star-Lord vs @Gray Fox vs @Danielson

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for
    36 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is
    ONE promo limit per person.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Promo order:
    TheArabHammer, CrayJ Lee, Dat Kid, Star-Lord, Gray Fox, Danielson
    (CrayJ and Dat Kid can go out of order due to busy schedules)

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

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    Since no one's even done a promo yet, are we just going whenever?
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    Entrance theme or whatever hits

    Okay, so here is the deal. I don't even know why I am here right now. My mother was hospitalized after an unfortunate clock incident. She was at work, and a clock literally fell on her head. I'm on very little sleep because last night I was popping pain medication anticipating a hell of a match. Well, one thing led to another and I started hog tying strippers to my bed post and tickling their twats with a Ron Jeremy clay cock. Sad but true.

    Anyways, I'm here and I'm half asleep, half drugged, and going to give this a half-hearted attempt. Okay, let's get it out of the way. "Anonymous is using that as a cop-out because he knows even on his best day he could never beat us" Nah bitch, you suck, y'all suck. So come out here and tell everyone why you're better than me, her, him, whatever. To be honest, I won't pay much attention to what you say anyways, and neither will these fans

    *Fans are cheering*

    I'm probably the only face in this match, and if there is another one, I wouldn't know, because I never pay attention to anyone's matches besides my own. To be quite frank(Not that CM Punk rip off flamer), my favorite game as a child was eenie meenie miney mo, and that philosophy has worked pretty well so far. I carry it to I.W.T...T......T......

    *Points at big breasted woman*
    TITS! That's a nice set of tits you have on you m'am
    *Hot broad throws titty cover at me*(Bra if you can't follow)
    *Stuffs bra down pants*

    Look at me, I'm dat kid, I'm black and have a big penis, yayyyy me I'm so cool.

    Fuck you

    *Looks at camera*
    I know you bleeped me so I'll just toss ya the bird

    *Tosses bird*(middle finger)

    Listen, there are two babes in this match, and the probability win/lose that I bang them is indifferent to the outcome, so it's all gravy.

    Umm soo yeah, let's do this and stuff.
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  8. No need for music... No need for theatrics. out for blood. Earlier tonight I went through the toughest battle of my career. Unconscious, bloody, and battered like never before. I was reduced to ashes but once again I rise from the depths of hell to scorch my way to become champion. I stand here before you defying all odds, against doctors orders to let it all out. The Order will continue it's dominance here tonight. Whether it be me or Britanica leaving this torturous structure with the world heavyweight championship around our waists, WE have succeeded in another phase of correcting the injustices in this cesspool of a company. With one of us at the helm, this place would head in the right direction.

    *crowd starts to boo and some chant YOU GOT YOUR ASS KICKED. Marcus winces in pain but an angry scowl appears on his face*


    *Marcus calms himself down*

    That's precisely why I'm not like you. I can give as much as I can take and as I showed you ingrates I'm about to dish out THE worst pain that these opponents of mine have ever felt. I'm sure you're all hoping and praying your little hearts out that Britanica and I square off. Guess what you might see it. We both have an understanding that as long as it's one of us that takes it then it's a victory for us all. She knows I won't hold back if it comes down to her and I. I owe her that. She brought out the beast in me and she deserves nothing more than my all as I know she would do against me as well.

    *crowd gives a mixed reaction*

    Anonymous, the man behind the mask. It seems like we have so many here that are afraid to show their true colors. This man goes and comes as he pleases. Is it because he's running from something? Or is it that he feels he doesn't want to tarnish his reputation as someone who once was revered as one of the best in the business. Truly someone with as much talent as we are lead to believe typically wouldn't go away while they are in their prime....unless they can't cut it.

    Victoria Parker....our last interaction was after yet another defeat at the hands of Aids Johnson *crowd pops for Aids* it seems like you get so close to the finish and yet you end up flat on your back once again unsatisfied. Story of your life isn't it? *Marcus laughs*
    You claim you can lead The Order to bigger and better things yet you can't even lead yourself to a victory. Maybe you've had one too many shock therapy treatments while in that pile of rubble you left called an asylum. Leaving you so delusional that you can't distinguish darkness from insanity. Have a good long look in the mirror lady, that face is the definition of clinically insane.

    Dat say you're a god. Claiming that you can do what you want at any given time yet you have nothing to show for it except for trashy jersey followers and a couple nitwits that drank your kool aid and decided they love your flavor. I wonder if that's the only thing they had to partake in. I'll be honest, you were one of the few people in this company that I had wanted to face more than anything. A dream match of sorts until I saw you become a cult leader hoping to skate by on your past achievements and the actions of others. Grab what's left of your self respect and man up. You're not a god and never will be. The only cure you need is a shot of my foot up your ass.

    Jwab a member of the cure. So much potential being wasted with the likes of two ex champs. You are promised salvation to help eradicate the cancer in the IWT. Sadly the only cancer around is eating you alive within your own camp. The Order will allow your potential to be reached. We work together and want each other to succeed. We are a pack of deadly beings who are willing to destroy everything and anything in our path. You would fit perfectly instead of being used as nothing more than a lackey. Embrace the darkness and you will finally have your eyes opened for the first time.
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    *Jwab comes out to a sea of boos. Not one person in the crowd is cheering. There are chants of "Joey Bryant' which makes Jwab super pissed. Jwab makes his way to the ring and another chant breaks out with "We Want Gohan." Jwab looks over to the right and laughs. He then looks over to the left and sees a sign that shows a wolf eating his head and on it says "The Order > The Cure" Jwab gives the fan the middle finger. He makes his way onto the apron and into the ring. He magically gets a mic*

    Now, I don't know if you remember. But, I was out due to injury for a good time. And I came back, got a tag title shot. Lost it and ended up in this Chamber. But, during that injury. I trained at The Church. I spent my free time trying to watch the main event of each show. *fans boo and wonder why he doesn't watch the rest* Give me a break. The whole show leading to the main event truly doesn't matter because no one really cares. But, every single main event match of every PPV. Had the same old people over and over and over and over.. again. The same people getting title shot after title shot... after title shot. Even when there is talent that deserve it but never got it due to the general managers being scared of "change." This company is afraid to move on. It's playing it safe. It doesn't really know if it can rely on the next generation that is paving the way for even a newer generation.

    *Starts pacing while the fans are trying to throw fruit but it's bouncing off the chamber. An apple somehow gets through and Jwab steps on it.. picks it up. He sees that the apple was rotten so he tosses it to the side*

    IWT is just like that apple. It's decaying. It's slowly falling apart. You want proof? This match wouldn't have ever happened if it wasn't for yours truly. Is it convenient that Christian got suspended the same week as the qualifiers and the same week he told me and the rest of you that there wasn't going to be an IWT World Heavyweight Chamber. People shouldn't really leave their drinks unattended. He deserved to lose this title anyway. He wasn't even gonna defend it tonight! I'll be damned if I watched Grandpa Cage weasel his way out of matches. Speaking of old people. Look at the people in this match. There is no new talent. It's all IWT "Originals" Except for Marcus Anthony, of course. But still, The future is being avoided here. Where is Alias Antonio? Where is Chris Kaizer? Where is the man that I had the most eliminations in the Rumble and should have been a shoe-in for a spot in this chamber? I'll tell you where they are. They are sitting in the back. Watching. So exciting. But, forget about those futures. There is only one future that people are going to be talking about tonight. A future that could be shotgunned right into hall of fame status after tonight.... ME. This is not only my first Elimination Chamber. This is also my first championship match for a singles title and I'm here to make the most of it. Especially, against this ragtag lot. I was expecting a match related to an animation type of perspective. Like Disney. A match like a classic Disney film. But my opponents aren't on that Lion King type of caliber. No, they are disgusting, arrogant, self confident ogres that don't know how to stay down. Dying franchises. I finally know how it feels to be Prince Charming. Look at them!

    *Jwab points at each and every one of his opponents.*

    The only person that isn't old as fuck. But, the least worthy of this opportunity. Marcus Anthony. Yeah, you have all of The Order helping you. Protecting you. Like a pack of wolves, the comparison that you all are aiming for. But, there has always been a difference between The Order and.... The Cure or The Church whichever you wanna refer to us by. The Order doesn't really do well on their own. Except for Alias of course. He's your X-Division Champion. I don't know if his reign will be as great as David Erro's but still. You each carry a portion of the weight. You each carry a percentage of something. While, us. We carry our own. We don't need to interfere in each other's matches to help someone win. You are much... much easier to target in a kennel like this. You don't have any of your friends to protect you except for Ole Brit. But what's the best she is going to do? Bite me? I'll break her god damn jaw. She isn't anything in this match. She lets all of you great young talent get held back. She has you stand around her just to make her look good. She probably has porvo and that's why she has an obsession with wolves Why do you let her lead you when you can do anything that she can do but better?! I think it's about time you give her up for some new management. Like, The Leader of "The Cure" and your next World Champion, Jwab Atom!

    *Sees a "Save Our Elk" sign that is targeted towards The Order. Turns his attention to Anonymous. He looks disgusted at the drug filled mess*

    Look at you. Self proclaimed "Hacker of the IWT" other than the great Unknown. *laughs to himself* So... let me get this straight. You left to go do drugs. Go on little adventures in Vegas like Doug. And you come back with a serious attitude. You changed. You got rehab. It looked good for you. I was proud.... until now. You walked into the ring... high on crack. What is wrong with you? You think you are going to be a world champion with a mind set like that. You weren't even good enough in the first place. Trying to get famous with the fans with your little special effects and interruptions during our talking time. Oh no.... You think you are fucking cool for interrupting us?? With your creepy little fucking obsession with Unknown? You look tired. I haven't seen someone that tired since Jonathan took us all to Pizza Hut and he downed like eighty pizzas in five minutes. Have you ever been to a buffet with that guy? It's disgusting. But.... you know what else is going to be disgusting? Your condition after I get done with you. Your not walking out of this match with a win. Or a belt. You aren't even gonna walk out of this match. Danny boy, your ass is limping.

    *laughs to himself. He starts thinking of terrible things and turns his attention to VP*

    Victoria Parker. You know...... I've always been the hipster of opinions when it came to you. Everyone that I've talked to... they love. But me... I'm sick of you. I don't get what you are trying to do. You say the same old thing and you get shot after shot after shot. I don't care that you are the only two time IWT Champion! You make me sick to stomach. Your fans make me sick to my stomach. If I see one more person wearing your merchandise........ I am going to brutally beat the living shit out of them with my trusty.... rusty... steel chair. The chair that still has lint from Xanth's belly button. Which... I would like to point out that Jacob Colton has thirty two different sexual diseases from the chair shot that I gave him last week before blowing his ass up in a limo... which he somehow survived. Fucking sheep. Last time I use dead animals in a super cool explosion. But, let's get back on topic. You are ungrateful and if I ever catch you not being thankful for a shot ever again.... I'll... I'll... *Jwab looks for something to say. The crowd is waiting.* I'll have some time traveling pervert rape you! HELL! I'll slide my dick down your throat and you'll thank me for it! You are the single dirtiest thing in this company.... not just this company the world. You are dirtier than the money Sir Lee uses as bubblegum!

    *Jwab looks around like he's forgetting someone....*

    And last.... but certainly not least. GOD! *points at him in excitement* The one man that brought me back from the hole I fell in. I was on a quick rise to the top back in the Summer of 2013. But, that damn ankle injury kept me from reaching my full potential. And you saved me. You took me in. You got me back in shape. And you placed me right where I was last time. But..... I didn't come to you to place me back in the same spot. I came to you to place me in an even higher position before. I thought I found my savior... my so called savior. To be honest, there was only one reason I came to you. Because, I knew you if I had your help. I would be right back on top of where I was before but... you left me here to get into this Chamber on my own while you helped Joey get into his. I thought I was gonna get that big push from "GOD" but no. You put me in the cross hairs of the tag titles. Titles that no one has really cared about since me and Alias held them. Other than The Order. They still care about them but who cares about them. Even, Mr. Spinzz. But they aren't even focused on the Tag Titles. They are more focused on the World Heavyweight title. That is how much those titles are irrelevant. You think I wanted to become Tag Team Champion? No! You even offered me an opportunity at the Intercontinental Title.... I don't want that either. I don't want to settle for these titles that no one even looks at even more. Hell, Senhor has been chasing after the same title since he got here. The IC for some reason. I honestly think the old man has gone insane. I am more focused on this World Heavyweight title more than anything. You think I was going to stick by your side inside the chamber and just watch you win.... OH HELL NO! You've had your chance! You've had too many chances to be honest. God shouldn't be trying to steal the spotlight. He should be watching on the sidelines while every single one of his creations achieve a higher goal than others. Jesus wept? Last time I knew, that fucking wetback got deported back to his home country. The only reason people consider you as God is because you own a church... whoop dee doo! You are just a man with enough mic skills to talk his way out of anything! You are a man with a messiah complex. I know that I am not the first to tell you that. And this probably won't be the last time someone tells you that. You did your job. You got me into this chamber. Hell, you got yourself into this chamber. I got the easiest fight of my life, Jacob Colton. While you took advantage of a falling misunderstood person in Unknown. That also does not mean I'm "giving you props" Unknown, if you are watching. It means that you are getting a lot more shit than you asked for... which is the same situation that God got himself in tonight. You thought it was all going to be "easy peasy" and "a walk in the park" when you entered this chamber. But, you truly underestimated every single one of us. You sit there and you forget about the true people you are supposed to be supporting. You go ahead and try to get Joey Bryant everything! WHEN YOU SHOULD BE FOCUSED ON GETTING ME THE MAIN EVENT AT IWT MANIA 2! NOT HIM. ME! Not even David! ME! I DESERVE AN APOLOGY FROM YOU! If anyone deserves the go main event IWT Mania 2 with Bruce Knight. It's none of the people in this chamber other than me. But, you have this pathway set out for everyone. You certainly didn't see me going on a different track. You have everyone single person in IWT taking this high road. But... you left the low road... open. Open for me to get a straight shot to the top. With no one in my way. I am the future.

    *The crowd boos. They chant "We Want Bruce". Jwab grunts into his mic*

    Bruce Knight, if you are watching. You don't deserve the title of "The Future" if one man deserves the title "The Future" it's me. "The Future" Jwab Atom, I like that. But, let me lay this out for all of you. I'm not only the future of this company. I'm the present. Not Aids Johnson. I want you all to remember that each and every one of you are a disease... and I... am not only your next World Heavyweight Champion..... I, I alone, am your..... CURE.


    "Remember Jonas, don't settle for nothing less than greatness" - Jwab's Grandpa, 2002
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  10. Victoria's theme hits as Victoria is seen moments later running through the crowd and jumping over the wall. Victoria gets handed a mic from a staff member as she pulls the hood of her sweatshirt down from her head. She smiles darkly at Anonymous, Marcus, and Jwab already in the ring as she hops up on the apron, walks through the second rope and takes a seat on it.

    "This match is going to be one for the history books. Everyone loves to take shots at my credibility and mental stability, but really I'm seeing madness in front of me right now, and there's more that will be coming down the ramp and into this ring. Dat Kid literally believes he's a god, Anonymous is still trying to rid the company of corruption after several failed attempts, The Order believes they can be lead by a carbon copy of myself, and Jwab and The Cure are hoping their one thousandth go around will make them truly stand out. For me personally, I'm sick and tired of seeing the same old tired, washed up crap being used over and over again in this company. The saying 'there's strength in numbers' is highly overrated. I think there's something to be said about being unique and dangerous all on your own.

    "That's what I was trying to prove to The Order", Victoria said, turning her attention directly to Marcus. "I'm a one woman army. I can break into any one of your secret lairs and I don't need a single ounce of backup. I broke out of an asylum all on my own so a secret lair is just child's play. And, for the record, I know you've been gone too long being brainwashed by Britanica, but I have won a match recently. I defeated Chris Kaizer in easily the best match of the EC Qualifiers. But, what I'm most curious about Marcus, is how you would stand on your own. We all saw what a disgusting drunk mess you were before Britanica 'saved' you." Victoria walked up to Marcus with a devilish smile on her face, her eyes wild. "What will you become once I expose Britanica for the fraudulent, weak imitation of myself like she truly is? You will have no one to lead your cute little group and you're certainly not a leader. You're just a follower - like a sick little dog following the heels of someone who made you into something you're not. Once she's not brainwashing you anymore, ARE YOU GOING TO SNAP? Are you going to turn to the bottle? I can't wait to see you destroy yourself, literally from the inside out. The clock is ticking on your group! Enjoy it while it lasts."

    "Since I'm on the subject of The Order, let's talk about Britanica," Victoria said, starting to pace the ring. "The former GM turned basket case and leader of The Order. I remember the days when you watched me in admiration when I turned in the Divas title and went after the IWT Championship for the first time. I saw the same hunger and desire in your very own eyes. Perhaps that's why you slept with Gohan at the time...the world will never know. But Britanica, let's get one thing straight - I AM the most formidable, destructive, and intimidating female force in the IWT. I can and will destroy you and your group if you ever get in the way of my business again. Aids' family was MY idea and MY business and it was not there for you to capitalize on. My last sudden death match with Aids was for the history books and was easily the best match in IWT history. I do crazy better than any of the imitators in this company - yourself included - so please get off the bandwagon before you get yourself seriously hurt. I am a two-time IWT Champion for a reason - DO NOT mess with me! They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery but you're really starting to piss me off."

    Victoria sits back down on the ropes looking at Anonymous. "Hello old friend, so nice to see you. We've had quite the history haven't we? We've teamed up then we broke up. Then we were about to team up again when I was in the asylum, and then I never heard from you again. But really, I have to thank you for never coming to my rescue. It would have been a major mistake to work with you again. You are such a flake and very inconsistent! One minute you're making dark, menacing videos looking to really bring change around here, and then next you're cracking jokes and looking like a wise-cracking amateur on a wrestling development promotion. Do you even know what you stand for anymore?"

    Victoria puts her finger up and continues. "And, last but certainly not least, is Dat Kid and Jwab. The self-proclaimed god and one of his members of The Cure. Arrogance can make you feel like you're on top of the world, can't it? It gives you a false sense of security and a very inaccurate view of what life is truly about. There isn't a god and it certainly isn't Dat Kid. There are cults, some stronger than others, that can make you believe in anything no matter how insane it sounds. Dat Kid is a very talented orator - there was a time even I believed in him. We were tag team partners once and I nearly married the guy. Despite my own self interests, there's another reason why I didn't. Dat Kid knows I can see right through him. Underneath all that arrogance is a very scared little boy who just wants to be showered with love and affection. He may not have gotten any support or love growing up so now he looks at it from others. I'm sorry Jwab, I know you want to cure the IWT (literally) of what you believe to be cancerous, but Dat Kid won't give you the formula to rid of the company of any of that. He just wants to stand alone with you and the rest of The Cure as his minions. Jwab, all you'll be at the end (if you aren't already) is a slave without any real opinions or thoughts of your own. Get out of your situation while you still have the chance."
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    I took out the paragraph I made about @Stopspot I literally thought he was in the Chamber match this whole time.... I don't know why. I don't know if I was allowed to edit it but I did anyway. I didn't see any rules against taking away from a promo. I must be seeing things.
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    going out of order cause I may not have for it tomorrow

    *Britanica walks out*
    *As she gets in the ring she calls for the music to be cut off with mic in hand*

    "Cut the damn music! *She looks around at all the competitors* Why hello, my prey. You must all be wondering how little old me ended up in a match for a title after all I have done, or should I say, not done. Honestly, I did walk out on this company. Did I care? *Britanica shrugs as the crowd boos* These people, these so called fans mean nothing to me. I am back for bigger and better things. So without further delay, though I wish I could stay here all night and chit-chat, lets get down to order."

    *Britanica approaches Anonymous*
    "You, my friend, don't even know why you are here. You are drugged, delirious and weak. Easy kill. You step in here and make jokes about tits, such a classic move. Do you even care? Your comedic stunts do nothing for me. I got better pleasure from a semi-retarted cat thief. Oh yes, I went there. I know little about you other then your crowd pleasing ratification. Do you know what makes a man? I sure wish I could tell you, but alas, you are beyond saving. You will fall prey to the Order like the rest and the night will smile on your grave."

    *Britanica looks to Jwab and growls*
    "You think I have a disease? That I am good for nothing? That what I have done in this company was for nothing? You are sadly mistaken. I made this company with my bare hands. My only problem was I cared too much. I let people like you walk all over me. Not anymore. I am not some little kitten who has lost its way.. No. I am a rabid wolf. A stalker of night. A vengeful creature who will claim what is mine. Everything I want, I will have it and not you, no, not anyone will stop me. People like to call me crazy, but they haven't seen anything yet. You are a part of the problem that needs correcting. *Britanica spits blood at his feet and grins* The Cure? You think you can actually cure people? Cure me perhaps? You can't fix something that isn't broken. You belong to a fallen church where cowards flock to find comfort. You march around, holding your head up so high, but really, you are just as weak as all these people out here watching. You don't have the balls to be on your own and you say I am weak. It is a shame though, unlike my men, my pack... You were neutered long ago. You don't have what it takes to bare the weight of a whole company on your shoulder let alone a single belt."

    *Britanica steps next to Victoria*
    "I think I remember you from somewhere... No, no... That was Aids. Poor excuse of a lady if you ask me. You were once a sane woman who this company took seriously. Hell, even I had high hopes for you. But then you threw yourself to a man that now proclaims to be God himself. Aren't you sure glad you didn't go through with that wedding!? *Britanica laughs obnoxiously* You say I am crazy, but is that not ironic? Don't you think? I was the psycho. The original loon. You saw the power I had when I snapped you could not resist giving into your crazy side. I prefer name brand in comparison to a cheap knock off though. That is beside the point. When I made this company, I didn't intend to let it go but I did, and it felt damn good. You say you can run my group better than me? Lead a whole pack my yourself? Dear, you can't even manage to take your medication daily. No, this would not end well. They would eat you alive. Go to the back and strap up before your meds wear off. *Britanica grins* Besides, you wouldn't want to catch fleas, now would you? Aids wouldn't like a woman with fleas."

    *Britanica walks up to Dat Kid and puts her arm around his shoulder*
    "You and me, now we go way back. It is quite funny when you think about it. I get pushed off to prison and here you sit, claiming you are God. Hell, you even have followers! I don't quite know who is more moronic! And they say I am the strange one because I walk with wolves. At least I don't claim to be something I could never understand. *Britanica flicks Kid's shoulder* Sorry about that, wouldn't want to catch my fleas. So go a head, take your shots at me, tell everyone all the things they already know. Hell, it goes well with your charade and all. I am not out here to crack jokes tonight. Just to feast. And whatever I can't finish, Marcus has already devoured. *Britanica yawns* So tell me whats on your mind, I am just dying to know."​
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    Dat Kid walks out with a dead expression on his face, no longer wearing the usual all white attire. Instead Kid wears black and gold tights with the word "God" written on the back. He walks with his head lowered, not looking at the crowd or his opponents as he makes his way to the ring. He makes his way to his pod and sits on the steel floor, leaning on the wall.

    He doesn't pay attention to the match going on in the ring and until the lights dim to call the next entrance into the chamber. The lights flicker on each chamber until it hits Kid's. Joey Bryant & David Erro run down to the ring and make a b-line for the ref unlocking the pod. David knocks out the ref while Joey puts the chain back on Kid's pod. Kid continues to stay in his entranced state, sitting on the floor. The Church heads over to Jwab's chamber pod to his surprise and they take the chain off his door and open it. Jwab realizes that The Church has turned on him and he looks over at Kid, who still isn't looking up.


    When the opponents look exhausted Dat Kid stands up and without even saying anything, The Church knows to open his pod. He walks outside of his pod, analyzing each of his opponents for the first time.

    Jesus wept for 82 days. Jesus isn't weeping anymore. He is tired of crying over you. He no longer feels sympathy for any of you. Look at yourselves, such frail people, how could he not weep for you. Your performances in this match have been nothing, but shallow versions of your once glory. When I look in at the people in this chamber, I see two has-beens and three never-will-bes, fighting over the SECOND best championship in this company. Some of you *Kid looks at Danielson, Victoria Parker, then Britanica* should be insulted that you were even put in this match, but instead like mindless cogs you are, fight each other like dogs for a strap of gold that doesn't even matter. It's actually quite pitiful.

    This so called "World Championship" means nothing. People say I'm delusional, in fact the lot of you have called me that tonight, but you all are the same people who think winning this match makes you the champion of the ENTIRE how ridiculous does that sound. The fact of the matter is that that title has more matches won via forfeit in it's seldom defended reign with it's faceless holders, such as Christian, Seabs, & Suicide. Names that aren't worth a bucket of piss now a days. You all seriously believe that that gold strap makes you champion of the world?

    Let me reiterate something you already know, because like children you have to be told things over and over again before you understand it. I am the man, no, I am the god who has controlled this world, YOUR WORLD, since beginning. I have made men rise to glory and I have made others disappear with in moments on their birth. I have controlled what you do, who you fight, why you fight, when you fight, what you are and what you have become. "I have existed from the dawn of time and I will exist until the last star falls. There for I am....god". In other words, when it comes to deciding who is the champion of the world, there's nothing to decide. I have always ruled and continue to rule this world. Each and every one of you know, that I could lose this match right now, I could lie down on that match and let any of you pin me and I will still come out champion of the world because when this night is over and the sun has risen yet again, I will STILL be the man who rearranges you, the cogs in this machine, to the way I see fit.

    Dat Kid steps in the ring.

    Part of me doesn't even want to talk to you individually, I don't feel I have to. What I have to say should be so obvious, but out of courtesy for the people who were looking the the execution of these five individuals I will not disappoint.

    Kid looks at Danielson in the eyes
    Danielson. A man who has spent the better half of his career begging for a title shot in the main event scene, now has it dangling in front of his face and he won't bite. It's not even sad anymore that you continue to fail, it's just revolting. That a man, who will be the first to complain about any and all things, finally gets what he wants and fails. It's been the same song and dance with you since the beginning. You put on a mask and cue the smoke machine, but behind that facade you are still nothing but a sad little man.

    Kid looks Marcus in the eyes
    Mr. Anthony. Believe it or not, you were the man who I expected to win this and I'm sure these people expected this to be your break out moment, but when you look at everything you've done in match I know you're saying to yourself "I have not done my best. This is actually the worst performance in my career.". You were so promising too, but when you made it to the big boy playground, you fell off the slide and broke your neck. You say facing me is a dream match and I guess it's going to stay that way. Having a match, implies that you'd actually be competing against me, and given your performance in the match, if you were to face me you would be better off laying down in front of a guillotine.

    Kid looks Victoria in the eyes
    Mrs. Kid. It's been a while since we've been at odds with each other officially in this ring, hasn't it? What else is there to be said? I guess I could congratulate you. You were actually a big success for me. When I practically handed you that title at Payback you ran with it. You became one of the greatest in the IWT, but you fell short of becoming THE greatest. Now your time has run out I'm afraid, just like Danielson, you have failed me. I'm changing the clockwork in the machine and putting the cog that is you in the spare parts box and replacing you with someone who is much more efficient. *Kid looks over his shoulder to Joey Bryant* I bet you were expecting me to make sexist comments, I'm sorry to disappoint you, that's child's play and easily counterable material that I would use if I wanted you to use, hence Payback. This will be the last time you ever step in the ring against a competitor of my caliber, so goodbye.

    Kid looks Britanica in the eyes
    I believed in you Britanica. The plan was for you to come out as the champion in this match, but I just don't see it anymore. Such a beautiful woman and powerful too, almost admirable. The most powerful woman to ever step foot in the IWT and if you had shown up earlier, you might've had Parker's spot, and you probably would have beaten Aids. However, I can see that something has changed inside of you and I know you understand what I'm talking about. That fire that you showed up with has since been extinguished and oh is it ever so apparent now more than ever. All that's left is lukewarm ash.

    You've displayed such petty behavior in this match, arguing with Victoria Parker over who was crazy first. Being crazy isn't something people argue over, only shallow attention whores would ever fight over such a thing. You're no better than the idiotic hillbilly women on Jerry Springer, fighting over such minuscule garbage. You want to know the secret to being crazy? Stop ACTING crazy. Crazy people don't ACT crazy. In fact, crazy people don't even acknowledge the fact that they are even crazy, it's not even a thought that crosses their mind. However people like you and Victoria Parker will walk to the ring covered in feces in a straight jacket if you thought it would get you even a shred of attention. It's hard for me to look at the disappointments you have both become.

    Kid calmly walks to Jwab. He stands right in front of him, not in a confrontational manner, he just stares at him. HE SUDDENLY SLAPS JWAB.
    Did you honestly think I didn't smell your deceitful intentions the moment you entered my church? Begging to me, sending me messages at ungodly hours of the night, begging for salvation, when all you really wanted was to be ascended into immortality. You, unlike the others, saw me for what I really am. The man behind the curtain, The Wizard of the IWT. Does that mean I am merely a man parading around as a powerful supernatural figure? Of course it does.

    And to think you, hell, even some of the people watching this match believed it! I am nothing, but a mere man at my base. I am no different than any of you in this ring. You want to know why you get this feeling in your gut that I am? You ever stand next to a skyscraper? A powerful seeming structure, that towers over you, and is the surveyor of the very ground you walk on, but if you tear down a skyscraper and look at it, all you have is a pile of dust and rocks, that's what I am. I pile of dust and rocks, arranged in such a way that you have no choice, but to look up to me and see me as nothing short of simply great.

    Jwab, it was never my intention to make you great. You were simply one of the cogs to move the bigger pieces, interchangeable with a multitude of pieces just like you. I could have used Frie, Nick, or even Rodrigo and the result would have been the same, maybe even better. The only reason I chose you, is because you got on your knees, clasped your hands, closed your eyes, and groveled to me like I was your god. So, you got picked, but you honestly can't believe that you would ever be great, even in the first version of the cure you were nothing but a pawn, it's what your purpose on this earth is Jwab. Know your place, you ungrateful child.

    Dat Kid backs away from Jwab and sits down in the center of the ring, in the same way he sat in the pod.

    God massacred.
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  15. *Reagan is watching backstage*
    Cole my goodness.......Dat Mario has changed into DAT BOWSER!
  16. Voting opened! What an incredible match
  17. Damn good match everyone
  18. Ahhh sweet match. It came down to VP and Dat Kid for me, and it was tough to try and decide but after reading both more again I gotta go with Dat Kid. Fantastic stuff from everyone though.
  19. My promo or whatever made me laugh again. Fuck im hilarious
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  20. Yup, went ahead and voted for Danielson. Such a funny guy
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