Storyline IWT Elimination Chamber Qualifiers

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    If you're this colour, your match is on Wednesday 5th Feb
    If you're this colour, your match is on Thursday 6th Feb
    If you're this colour, your match is on Friday 7th Feb
    If you're this colour, your match is on Saturday 8th feb
    If you're this colour, your match is on Sunday 9th Feb
    If you're this colour, your match is on Monday 10th Feb

    WHC Elimination Chamber

    @Senhor Perfect vs @Danielson
    @JwabTV vs @Nano
    @CrayJ Lee vs @Black Jesus
    @Dat Kid vs @RomAdam Reigns
    @Britanica vs @D-D-David
    @Stopspot vs @TheArabHammer

    IWT Elimination Chamber

    @Aids Johnson (qualified as champion)
    @Dolph'sZiggler (beat Dat Kid to qualify)
    @DazzleMania vs @TheOvalhead
    @Big Boss vs @MrSackfist
    @DK James vs @Seabs
    @Nickelodeon vs @Trip in the Head
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  2. @Jonathan can you change my match to Saturday? I say all the time that weekends are really the only days I can get time to put 100% in.
  3. *Jacob at backstage*

    Ok, cool, so I may be there... No, I may not be there, I WILL BE THERE!
  4. :shock:Let's do this shit.
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  5. You're on Skype every day... you're never "there"

    Yes, changed.
  6. Jonathan getting in touch with his feminine side :ksi:
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  7. DazzleMania is ready to run wild, brothers!
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  8. I can do my match on Friday, but @Black Jesus just so you know I won't be able to promo until after 7pm Central due to my work schedule.
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  9. Everybody shut the hell up!

    sorry Jono

    @TheOvalhead can't wait for our match.
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  10. WTF IM AGAINST GEORGE!?!? :why:

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  11. It's the match the fans needs @DazzleMania , a rematch with you will be great, either one of us will get great exposure from being in a IWT title match, so I'm very happy about this :)
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    The fact that they chose us as quality competitors also proves our standing in IWT. May the best man win.
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  13. Lol im just glad we finally decided on a card looking forward to all the matches dazzle do me proud
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  14. Will do, Gav, wil do.

    Now, I've got some important IWT matters to attend to. *wink*
  15. Good now go get that title
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  16. This is going to be so badass to read!
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  17. *claps* very nice @Jonathan very nice *claps*
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  18. I am 100% fine with that, any time will work for me. It wiil be a great match.
  19. Idk why you aren't in a qualifier bro :cry:
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