Storyline IWT Elimination Chamber!

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    Note: For the elimination chamber matches, it's 1 promo each. You'll have 36 hours from the 1st promo due to the
    larger amount of competitors.​
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  2. @Jonathan shadow and I's team is called the Rock N' Roll Desperadoes, possible to get that changed in the schedule?
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  3. Dang, all my matches are always on Fridays.
  4. Looks good im guessing our match will be one promo each too due to the number of competitors
  5. I guess.
  6. Yup
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  7. Also I thought it was ovalhead v senhor Perfect not Danielson?
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    Gav the chavs predictions

    Match 1 ovalhead
    match 2 thg?
    match 3 Nero_x3
    Match 4 the dazzling chavs
    Match 5 trips and arab
    Whc chamber Danielson
    iwt chamber aids Johnson
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  9. No predictions for our match? As in hammer and I
  10. Ah I thought I missed one updating now
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  11. Match 1: Danny
    Match 2:THG?
    Match 3:TheReagMaster
    Match 4: Danny
    Match 5: The Dazzling Chavs
    Match 6: The Order
    Match 7: DK James
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  12. yeah, thats kinda confusing.
  13. I'm not changing my match 1 prediction because I'm too lazy.

    Just know I think Ovalhead will take it.
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  14. Thursday is a long work day for me so I'm not going to be able to promo until after 6:30pm Central.
  15. @Dat Kid @JwabHDTV @Britanica @Danielson

    You guys can promo and let CrayJ go last due to this?
  16. Because I am a day ahead i'm assuming this will be on sunday for me correct?
  17. Thank god my match is on a Saturday lol.
  18. Saturday I think?
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  19. Well i'll be on the whole weekend so i guess it won't matter what date.

    I look forward to my first PPV.