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Who's your IWT Champion?

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  1. Bruce Knight

  2. Joey Bryant

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT Championship!

    @Forrest (c) vs @DK James

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

  2. *The lights in the arena turn green and the crowd immediately starts booing.*

    *The music of Joey Bryant plays throughout the arena and the crowd continues with their boos. He walks out onto the stage with a large smirk on his face and laughs as he takes in the boos from the crowd. He flips the ones booing him off and for the rare few that cheer him on, he shakes their hands or points at them. He rolls into the ring and snatches a mic from ringside as his music begins to fade. He laughs one more time before raising the mic to his face and speaking.*

    "To those that cheer me on I give you my respect. I give you my total respect because anyone who boos me just boos me because of the truth I speak and as your martyr I know that nobody in this world likes hearing the truth. Unfortunately this is reality you sheep, so those that cheer me on, props to you for not giving up on me because maybe my promos are a little too long... or maybe because I'm too "predictable"... or I'm just not the same guy I used to be. I haven't changed, this company certainly has though."

    *He beings to pace around in circles in the ring as he speaks.*

    "Bruce Knight, you ungrateful little...bastard."

    *Saying that gets a small pop from the crowd but most boo. His smirk fades.*

    "You haven't replied to my messages, returned my calls, checked my emails, read my text messages, opened my letters, sent back my carrier pigeons, you haven't been LISTENING! I can end my promo right there and be perfectly content with it, because that's just it. You haven't been paying attention, you don't listen, you don't show up to anything, you don't wrestle anybody, you just don't do anything and these people cheer you on as IWT Champion? Honestly, excuse my french, fuck that shit. I hate what you represent, the underdog. The fact that you can make average joe's like yourself think they can make it big time too. It just doesn't happen but you somehow broke down that belief and everyone loves you for it. IWT Mania was supposed to be one of the biggest nights of the year, and it ended in disappointment for guys like myself. For Dat Kid and for the second generation. I know Alias wasn't happy, he may have congratulated you but it wasn't straight from his heart. He said the nice things he said to keep everyone's respect and I know it's true because I did the same thing after I lost my shot at the IWT title twice to Aids Johnson. For months I commended Aids, I said how much I respected him, about how he made me into what I am! It was all a load of garbage, but you know what? It kept me hot for a couple months. Alias realizes he's at the peak of his career, everyone wants him to succeed, and I mean everyone. There are very rare times in this company that happens. I was in the same position, in just about every match there were "Jo-ey Bry-ant! Jo-ey Bry-ant!" chants..."

    *He gets interrupted by a few marks chanting "Jo-ey Bry-ant! Jo-ey Bry-ant!" and he laughs a bit but goes back to his straight look.*

    "In every match. During every promo. At every autograph signing, at every uprising, in every bar, in every CITY people were chanting MY name! I join up with Dat Kid, the chanting continued. People still loved me even though I was teaming with a very much hated individual. But finally, I did what everyone wanted me to do and that was win the IWT Title and all of a sudden... I was hated. Maybe you should be thanking Bruce Knight, Antonio, he may have saved you from being completely hated in this business. I still have yet to this day wrap my head around how that works but frankly I don't give a shit. The only thing on my mind right now is winning MY IWT Title back from a man who hasn't even showed his face since winning the title! A man who has had a total of 15 matches MAX in this company since arriving and he's the IWT Champion? That's a sin. That goes against everything I believe in. I was in a countless number of matches before winning that IWT Title, I showed up every week, and Bruce Knight wins ONE big match and wins the IWT Title and never shows his face. He is a disgrace to this company and a disgrace to Joey Bryant."

    *He looks towards the stage with a slight turn of the neck.*

    "Bring my title out here right now. You're nothing to me, you don't deserve one ounce of respect that you have received, ladies and gentlemen, the Underdog Fraud, Bruce Knight..."
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  3. When his music Plays, Bruce Knight comes out with the IWT Title strapped around his waist and cheers from the crowd (and boos from the Bryant Smarks). He walks down to the ramp, high fiving fans as he looks at Bryant. He gets into the ring and takes his title off, Passing it off to the referee in exchange for a Microphone.

    "Joey....I have been Listening....I've been taking in all your little beliefs about My win being a Fluke and about how I'm a "Fraud". Joey, I don't only wrestle in IWT....I'm Available to other Promotions, My Schedule is filled with Dates for Events and TV Tapings....Even though I'm IWT Champion, People can't expect me to be at every house show because I fulfill Commitments made to others. Adding to that are the Injuries I had obtained from wrestling in two matches. They weren't serious but I was Advised to...Wait until Extreme Rules to return. "

    The Crowd slightly boos at the disappointment of Knight not Showing up at every house show.

    "But Joey, Enough about me not showing up to house shows and Not hearing your words during those house shows....Let's get to business....The Match at hand.You see, Joey, You called my IWT Title win a Fluke....but It'll be always there in the record books, written down as "Bruce Knight def. Joey Bryant and Aids Johnson." Joey, Tonight, I'm going to get through to that thick skull of yours that my win at IWTMania was not a Fluke win....I'll do that and then, I'll End Farooq's Career. Tonight, I show you why I defeated you and why I am the True IWT Champion and not some "Fraud" in which You call me.

    The Crowd cheer in a Mixed Fashion, Half Booing, half Cheering.

    "So, Joey, Tonight is Extreme Rules....And I will defeat you, Like I did at IWTMania, Minus Aids Johnson.

    Kill me, If you dare."

    OOC: Sorry about not hyping the match at all, I've been really busy throughout the month....
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  4. "Other commitments?! I sweat and bleed IWT and these people boo ME? I work my ass off to win the IWT title and people in the back call ME a fluke? This is just all too much. I don't understand it, and maybe I never will, but here. Let me take this IWT Title off your plate so that way you won't be as "busy" and you'll have time for your other promotions. Would that help? You're a disgrace to that belt and I've said it before and I'll say it again and again and again."

    *He backs up and takes a good look at Knight and shakes his head.*

    "It's just so hard for me to stand here in this ring looking at you speaking my name like I'm just like you. When last year I spent more on cars and clothes, from Buffalo all the way to the hole you crawled out of than anything you made. You're talking to the martyr, to the breakout star of the year last year while you were no where to be found... you enter yourself in the rumble match, get lucky, and send yourself to Mania and shock the world! Bad news, kid, your title reign is going to be even shorter than mine. I'm going to embarrass you just like you embarrass this company. I'm going to win this title for the second gen, come back out here in a couple nights, mention a few people I'd like to thank, and continue to poor everything into this company until another fraud like you wins my belt. At that point I may lose all faith in this company because if it's really that easy to win the IWT title, I might as well not be holding it. You're no Aids Johnson, Victoria Parker, Dat Kid, you'll never be any of them and you know why? They contribute to this company in more ways than you can imagine while you win your first ever title and walk away like these people don't want to see their IWT Champion. You. Are. A. Fraud!"

    *The crowd cheers a bit and Joey paces in circles around Knight.*

    "The Church is already on their way to winning the tag titles. Did you watch that earlier or were you debuting for a different promotion? Even if Dat Kid were to lose his championship to Alias Antonio he would have the tag belt around his waist within a month because guys like us, the champions in the church, we rarely go without gold around our waists. Sure, it took a while for me to finally get some gold but now that I've felt it, I'm not going without it. I'll be a dual champion, I'll be dominating in two divisions while you... you'll look for your rematch, get beaten down again, and go back praying to Dat Kid that he will teach you his ways! He wouldn't waste his time with you. Dat Kid aids those who he has hope in, no one but your pathetic fans and the Joey Bryant haters have faith in you. Tonight though, I'll steal your fanbase, I'll steal my title back, and I'll steal everything you believe in until you sacrifice yourself to the martyr. You think you'd EVER end Farooq's career? He's no easy challenge, nor am I. I've beaten him before though, but lucky for you I've never officially beaten you."

    *Joey laughs into the mic.*

    "That changes tonight, Knight! I hate you more than anyone else in this world and you'll realize that when you're left bloody and sacrificed to a true champion. To the Church. To the Second generation that you so desperately wish you were a part of. You're nothing but a lost dog with a couple wounds."
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  5. "Go on, Keep Talking about how my reign will be shorter then yours....There's something I've already done that you couldn't during your first reign....And that was Successfully defend my Title and Against Antonio Alias, of all people. You can Talk about how the Church will "Dominate" IWT....but by the time the new year comes around, The Church will just be a Pile of Ash.

    Sure, I'll never be an Aids Johnson or a Victoria Parker....but keep in mind, I've only held this belt for just one month, If you expected me to do as much work in a month as Parker and Aids have done in their careers, then your expectations are just too high."

    Knight walks around the ring for a while.

    "Joey, The Way you talk about the church, it seems to me that you expect it to be along for a long time....Well, Your mistaken. Remember at Elimination Chamber, The Event you won this title for the first time, when Jwab tried to become WHC? What happened when he opposed Dat Kid? He was kicked out of the church. In Due time, the same thing will happen to you....The Church will crumble.....and one of you, will walk the path of loneliness.

    Joey, I'll never sacrifice myself to matter what the damage, I won't give in to you. You talk as if your IWT's Savior.....News Flash, Joey.....It needs no savior. The Only thing that needs saving is the WHC from Dat Kid and I'm sure as hell that Antonio Alias will win that belt. You are no Martyr.....You are regular, old Joey Bryant.....nothing special and nothing different.

    I am a Part of the Second Generation, I am no Fraud.....I am Bruce Knight, Kill me, If you dare!"

    The Crowd cheer at the ending as Knight looks at Joey Bryant, ready to strike at him.

    OOC: I don't think I can fit another promo in....
  6. *Joey spreads his arms out.*

    "Strike me! Do it! Prove yourself worthy to a greater cause! You are a joke, Knight!"

    *He backs up a bit from Knight and stares right at him.*

    "You'll never be an Aids Johnson or a Victoria Parker because they show up. Aids was always here, and so was VP, whether it was in the ring or not. You're too busy with being a loser in other companies to remember you were a loser here first. I don't oppose guys like Dat Kid because I'm not a dumbass who wants a death wish, so about your little theory on the Church being destroyed, it's all false. I'm another guy you don't want to oppose, you've had a red dot set on your head since you took that title from me. I am more than just special and different, that's why I stand out, is it not? You're just the little boy who everyone wants to carry on through a fluke title reign so you gain a little self-confidence. Look at you, you're pathetic. I'll take my title back now, and after that, I'll be sure to personally deliver your final paycheck from this company to you. Nobody will need you anymore once I'm done with you. Your minutes of fame are over."

    OOC: If he can't do another just open the voting.
  7. Promos extended for 24 hours due to the site being down.
  8. @Forrest said he can't get another promo in, voting opened!
  9. Aids is watching backstage, enjoying the match with little to no emotion on his face. When the match begins to slow down - Aids goes for a beer - and the interviewer behind camera asks him "So what do you think of the match so far?"

    Aids looks up, pops the top of his beer, and gives a half smirk to the person behind the camera. "Neither one have cemented themselves as champions. That is all I really feel here," Aids says, as the camera shifts back to the match before the interviewer responds "but they mentioned your name and the wrestlemania match, any comments on that" she asks, as Aids takes a pull of his beer, staring without emotion.

    "That was the entire point of my first statement, you fucking idiot." Aids says, before spitting in the camera lens and walking away, shamed at the entire segment.
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  10. OOC: 11-0 shame on you all. DK did well but so did forrest. you bandwagon jumping mother fuckers.

    Let the creative staff tell you they got that popularity shit fixed. Link them to the WM IWT matches and here to give them a taste of their own medicine.

    This is why there are 3 people in the IWT division MAX atm.
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  11. I had issues with the account used for the new voting procedures, they will be debuted at the next show.
  12. Hard to pick, I do love an underdog but DK James has my vote
  13. lol cool story bro.
  14. Your winner by 15 votes to 6 and the NEW IWT Champion... Joey Bryant!
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  15. As the match ends, suddenly everything goes black.

    The crowd pops loudly Farooq walks out on stage and stares at Joey Bryant for a few seconds. He then walks to the back with his music stopping.
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  16. After the Match, Bruce Knight rolls out of the ring and walks to the top of the stage, leaving Joey to Celebrate. He stops at the top of the stage and look around before requesting a microphone from one of the nearby workers. He Turns around and faces the ring.

    "You got me, Joey, It looks like were Even now....Just Like you, My First Title run ended in one month. We both ended each others Reigns....I say we are even, 1 title run break each.

    But, Unlike you, I won't be initiating my Rematch Clause as soon as possible. Instead, I announce that I'm leaving IWT for a few months. Not because of My Loss here tonight, not because of anyone out the back.....but you, The Fans. You see, The feel of Gold was a wonderful sensation.....yet Every fan put pressure on me to retain it. Tonight, As I was pinned.....I wondered....."Why....Why do I fight for you?".

    Was it to stop Joey Bryant from winning the IWT Title? No, That was MY Motivation. Was it to prove myself? No, I did that at Wrestlemania. Was it to become more then an Underdog? No...I stated before that I was no longer an Underdog.....So, What Possible answers are there? That Question, Along with many, Cannot be answered in IWT.....Which is why I announce my leave from this promotion.

    But Joey Bryant.....Don't think you've seen the last of me.....I still have my rematch clause....and Next Time, I'll see to it that You or who ever is champion when I return.....Will have their reign shattered."

    Bruce Knight drops the Microphone and walks backstage as Joey stays in the ring.

    OOC: I'm gonna be taking a few months off from IWT, I have exams coming up and I also have other reasons but My Exams are my main Reason. After that, I'll return...

    I guess I'll take my Leave then.
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  17. OOC: :facepalm: you leave now you bury yourself, at least stay semi active or as much as you were brother.

    Congrats to Joey Bryant on his 2nd IWT run. I'm going to hold tight onto my 3x title's, because I don't see Joey losing anytime soon...outside of unification of the belts.

    also pretty sure the rematch clause is only good for 60? days.
  18. Jono said that when I come back I could use it. I'm only leaving since I haven't got any time on my hands for IWT, Even for Semi Active.
  19. glad you can use it then, but you are for sure killing the buzz with it. School is what it is though brother, I just was hoping we'd get to see a summer of activity between the IWT title team, at least this opens @Big Boss up to go for it along with @Dat Kid because the IWT needs more people in it.

    Either way WM2 was Bruces' Knight (ahhh you see what i did there!?) and that wont ever change.
  20. I could be back after Next Month....But I'll try and do something during the summer when I can (Also Busy then but no Exams.....Just a Summer job.)

    I see what you did there....It won't change.
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