Voting IWT ER - Tag Team #1 Contender Triple Threat Match

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Who's your winners?

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  1. Big Boss and Jwab

  2. The ReagMaster and FailFace

  3. Dat Kid and DK James

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and will determine the #1 Contender to the IWT Tag Team Championship!

    @Big Boss & @JwabTHG? vs @The ReagMaster & @FailFaceFTW
    vs @Dat Kid & @DK James

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 48 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. OOC: since nobody has Replied...time for my Surprise!

    *The Music Blares out of the Speakers and The Crowd Gets Ready to Boo but Reagan Doesn't come out and the Camera shows Reagan Jogging to the Entrance to the Ring*
    Reagan: Stupid Traffic....i am going to Fire that Limo Driver
    *Reagan Suddenly Bumps into The British Kid which Makes Kid drop The British Championship*
    Reagan:Watch where you're Going!
    *Kid Picks Up the Title and Turns to Reagan*
    Reagan: Kid?
    Kid: That's my name,also the Name that had to be in the Indies for 3 More Months,just to get my shot at The Big times
    Reagan: Sorry,I Don't Care,everyone Knows that i was the Better Half of the UK (Kid and Reagan's Team Name)and you....nobody Knew you until you were Paired with me and you Know it
    Kid:....whatever man,the Guy Gave you a Decision to go with your Best Friend and be the Most High-Flying,Electrfing,Trail-Blazing and Truly Amazing Tag Team in IWT or You could Become what you are now,Nothing more than Jobber and tell me when was the Last Match you won? I will tell you it Was a Tag Team Match With ME!
    *Kid Points at Himself*
    Reagan: yea,but atleast i don't Give myself Championships without Working for it
    Kid: Hey! Al Poppin Gave Me this Title! remember the Guy Who Pinned you in the Tag Match
    Reagan: yea but he's still a Nobody just Like you now if you Excuse me,i Have A Match Going on Unlike You....
    *Reagan goes to Walk away*
    Reagan: oh,and One More Thing
    *Reagan Punches Kid in the Face making Kid Fall and Reagan Continues to Punch Kid in the Face untill Al Poppin Runs Over and Tries to Drag Reagan Away but Reagan Elbows Poppin in the Gut and Hits him with a SuperKick*
    Kid: That's My Finisher,You Bitch!
    *Kid comes Back with some Punches then Reagan Pushes Kid away but Cobble-Saurs Runs out of No-where and Boots Reagan In the Head and Reagan gets Knocked out and Kid and Al Gets up*
    Kid:That's what you Get!
    Al: um...doesn't he have a Match now?
    Kid:uh oh....i Got a Idea! I will take his Place and show him that i am Better than Him!
    Al: O....Kay? well Go then
    *The British Kid High Fives Al and Cobble-Saurs and Runs to the Entrance and Walks out of the Curtain to a Massive Pop with Kid's Theme Bursting out of the Speakers and Kid Runs down The Ramp High Fiving Fans and Slides into the Ring and Points at the Crowd before Grabbing a Micro-Phone*
    Kid: Hello Dudes and Dudettes! you might be Wondering "why is one of the Members of the Coolest Team In IWT here?" or You could Be Wondering "Why is The Brilliant British Champio in front of all of us this Fine Evening" and i shall answer well....let me put this Straighto like I Always do see if you Know Your Historo and i don't mean go Look at stuff like The Battle of Hasto I Mean Wrestling History like Bruno Samatino,you Would Know that Me and A Fellow Person in this Match have had Countless TAG Team Titlos so when that Fellow Man of Reagan Cole Got Knocked out Backstage,I knew What I had to do Dudes and Dudettes,i Put myself up for the Challengo as The BETTER half of The UK which was our Tag Team name to become One of the Competitors in this Matcho and Put myself The British Champion of the UK In Danger of the Ultimate Jwab...yea i don't understand his Gimmick it a Late Great Warrior Gimmick because you can Be Better than The Ultimate Warrior! and I MEAN NEVER!....and the Taco Bell guy...i probably shouldn't say i have Never tried a Taco Bell and then We Have World Champion which will be Defending his Belt Against Alias Antonio and the Guy who is Invoking his Rematch Claws against a Fellow English Bruce Knight! wrong days guys to have a Title Match because now Double Duty is Hurt you like a Mother Trucker,Joey Bryant and Dat Kid!
    *Mixed Reaction*
    Kid: to Personally Introduce My Tag Team Partner....Accompanied by the Brilliant and has a Not Intimidating at All name Mr.FailFaceFTW.......Justin Magnus! now Come down to the Ring and Shake The British Champion The British Kid's Hand like a English Man!
    *British Kid Holds Out His Hand waiting For Justin to Come down to the Ring*
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    The crowd begins to stomp and clap to the beat of the song. The crowd pops for their hometown hero as Dat Kid walks out, not even dressed in his ring gear, wearing a black hoodie.

    Oh I'm sorry to interrupt, were you expecting someone else? That's unfortunate.

    Dat Kid walks into the ring

    In fact this whole scenario is just unfortunate for you and everyone else in this match. I'm not going to come out here and amuse you and act like you're a threat to me, I've seen you around for a long time Reagan, getting your ass beat from one end of the coast, all the way to the other, then overseas, and now we're back full circle on the east coast, right here in New Jersey *cheap pop* where you begin another year losing to guys like me and worse.

    That's nothing to be ashamed about Reagan, maybe someday we'll open up a jobber section of the Hall of Fame and you'll get your spot right in there next to Based God Darth, Right along side you will be your tag team partner Failface who's in no better shape than you are. I mean, how can you two be in contention for any title in this business, if I was in charge the both of you would have been back in whatever shithole you came from.

    Speaking of people that need to be fired, Farooq and Jwab, jesus, mentioning those names make me feel so nostalgic. I mean, when's the last time these guys matter, I'm sorry, let me correct myself, when's the last time Farooq mattered, because the name Jwab isn't worth a bucket of piss in this business. Never did and it never will.

    Jwab, for you this was a glimmer of hope after I cut you down at Extreme Rules, this was that one glimmer of redemption that would get you out of that grave I buried you in. Then just when you thought it was safe, I am here to kill your ambitions once again. Then maybe this time, you'll do what you should have done after Extreme Rules and leave IWT, because nobody certainly wants you here, you won't win any matches, you win any titles, hell you couldn't win over one of those Make-A-Wish kids on their death bed. Your career is over Jwab and you can do the smart thing and retire, or you follow in the footsteps of your master and get put down.

    How you got Farooq to be your tag team partner is beyond me, but then again it just goes to show how desperate Farooq is right now. A former IWT Champion contender, reduced to fighting for the tag team gold with the man who's been in more stables than Victoria Parker has had dicks in her. It's actually sad to see, because there are only three black guys in the history of the IWT and two of them will be remembered as the guys who JUST NEVER MADE IT.

    Now when I think about this, this whole match is kind of pitiful? Are these people what you call #1 Contenders?

    People want to complain about the tag team division, but yet you put worthless pieces of shit in matches like this. I mean seriously...
    Dat Kid looks at the stage
    ...did anyone honestly believe that these guys had even the slightest chance of winning this match. I don't think so! and with that said, do you know what this match is? A waste of my fucking time!
    Dat Kid turns to Reagan
    Get out of my ring!

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  4. OOC: i am The British Kid now not Reagan Cole...the Surprise!
  5. welp, I'm too busy to do a rewrite
  6. * The lights dim *

    * Justin Magnus and @FailFaceFTW come out wearing suits. The crowd notices that @FailFaceFTW has a bag in his right hand. They both walk down to the ring, and Magnus gets in while @FailFaceFTW gets a mic, and he slides the mic and the bag to Magnus. He picks up the mic and the bag *

    Justin Magnus: Well well well, what exactly do we have here? The greatest World Heavyweight Champion of all time, Dat Kid! * Magnus does a fake clap* How's your little church family doing? You guys all have matches tonight too?! Well, color me purple, I think I might just pass out! And that little domino trick you did before the show, that was just fantastic! But I think I can top it.

    * Magnus proceeds to pick up the bag and spills out of the contents, dominoes with Dat Kid's face on them *

    Do you like the dominoes? I made them special for you after I saw your little promo bit! But then, I heard what you said about me when I came out here. Now, I'm not holding a title belt around my waist, subject to change, but I think what you said about me might be a little lackluster.

    I mean, you come out here and rant on the other opponents you have in this match, and give my partner crap, but you seem to have not mentioned me too much there. I think it's because you're underestimating me Dat Kid. Well, if I were you, I wouldn't underestimate anyone at this point, especially when your little buddy lost the IWT Championship to Bruce Knight, considered one of the biggest upsets in IWT history. One of the members of your team got caught doing exactly what you're gonna get caught doing tonight, and that's underestimating people. But don't underestimate me Dat Kid, do you have to go backstage and watch some of my matches. This won't be an upset, this will be a guaranteed victory. I have no idea about British Kid over here, and speaking of that, are you blind as well? Coming from you just calling him Reagan Cole and your wrestling ability are really starting to get me thinking Kid. But besides him, you have noticed what I come out here and do every time I have a match right? I take care of business.

    And then again, you're probably wondering what's with the dominoes, well, let me show you. *Magnus picks up random dominoes from the pile and throws them into the crowd* You see Dat Kid? There's still a bunch of Dat Kid dominoes here. And it's exactly like you, you are 100% replaceable. No matter how many dominoes I throw into the crowd, there's still some here. But have a look. *Magnus pulls out a domino with his face on it from the pile of Dat Kid dominoes* There's only one domino of me. And you know why? Because I'm not replaceable, I have more ability on this mic and in this ring than your entire church group combined.

    But I didn't forget about the 2 has-been's waiting in the back. Oh, I remember when @FailFaceFTW told me stories about how Jwab was in The Cure and how Farooq was in the main event picture. But look at both of you now? Vying for a shot at the tag team titles? If Dat Kid is right about anything, it's that you 2 are worthless and pathetic shells of your former selves.

    Dat Kid wants another title to hold so his faction can come back from the loss of the IWT Championship and Jwab and Farooq just want to be loved again. It's pitiful. The only reason I'm here, is to win the titles and move on to the better things in this company. And I'm not gonna let a bunch of replaceable jobbers stand in my way of doing so.
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  7. *Most of the crowd boos loud as the music of Joey Bryant plays throughout the arena. He struts out onto the stage in ring gear, still no emotion on his face. He raises his arm to taunt the fans and proceeds to walk down the ramp and get into the ring. His music begins to fade as the crowd gives off a now mixed reaction.*

    "What does it mean to be a sensation? Do you necessarily have to be sensational? You could just be an average joe one day, have literally no purpose to this world, and then the next day be a sensation to people around the world. Like Bruce Knight, some may say like Joey Bryant but the ones who say that are the ones that have been saying it about me all along. Sure, everyone at one point thought I'd be good for this company, I was the golden boy, but I can tell now they were hiding in secrecy, plotting to knock me off my high horse. Reagan Cole I don't like you. Just simple as that, I don't like certain people. The first moment you stepped foot into this company I knew it was just another jobber destiny and that's just what it turned out to be. The moment you win the X-Division title there will be as much shock as Bruce Knight winning the IWT Title. It's just not meant to happen. I feel bad for your partner, Justin Magnus is it? I like him, I feel like he could be a big star in the X-Division some day. But if I were you, Reagan, I'd advise getting out of my ring..."

    *He stares down Reagan and raises an eyebrow at him.*

    "It's a shame the Church doesn't accept losers and wanna-bes, you'd be first in line for an audition. Farooq. *He laughs* Don't even get me started on Farooq. I remember the first match I've ever seen here, he was involved. I thought he must have been some hot commodity because he was on fire for a couple months, man! And then he met me... where I defeated him in the tournament to become #1 contender to the IWT title and sent him to complete embarrassment. He's been here the last couple months though, cracking his witty jokes and never actually taken seriously, still feels like he's a threat in the eyes of Joey Bryant. You're not Farooq, neither is your little buddy Jwab. Poor guy, I actually thought you'd become something in this company and you were given the shot with the Church. Dat Kid dumped you on your ass because everyone realized you were too ungrateful and a little punk to even be considered a worthy ally of this alliance. You had your shining moments but they were always forgotten over your whining week after week for when it was finally going to be your chance to prove you're not a loser! And then you didn't get that shot, and you whined, and now we're here where you expect Farooq to carry you through a tag match so you can at least feel some gold again. Sorry, it's not happening for you tonight. You're going to be waiting a lot longer to reach the level of the Church."

    *Joey paces around the ring until he gets to Dat Kid and stands next to him.*

    "All will eventually fall to Dat Kid and Joey Bryant. He already holds the World Heavyweight Championship, I'm going to be reuniting with my IWT Championship, and then we'll be sitting with the tag belts to add a little more flavor. People doubt us but once it actually happens they'll be sitting there in shock thinking about why they couldn't stop us. It's my divine right to proclaim Extreme Rules the night of the Church, the night the losers finally learn their place in this company. Buried ten feet under."
  8. Farooq walks into the ring with no music and looks at the wrestlers. He then looks at the crowd. He goes outside of the ring, and asks what time it is. The fan tells him the time as he nods. He goes back into the ring. "Remember the time Beethoven released 5th Symphony? Was a great time huh? How about when Jimi Hendrix released the album, Are You Experienced? Great music there. Or when Frank Zappa released '. I mean, if they're just going to sit there and moan and groan and bitch about the past, I mind as well show something good from the past, right? Lets be honest, The Church is so repetitive, their promos replay the same style than Lil Wayne says 'Nigga' in a song. They come in here, 'OMG U LOSE BECUZ WE GODS! WE HAVE FALSE CHURCH!' You know who else was a cult? People's Temple. So why don't you two stop wasting our time and go to Jonestown and just kill yourselves, HEY! It'll be new right?"

    "Oh and Reagan, sup."
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  9. "Oh and if I may break the fourth wall here? Justin, Aids Johnson is more relevant in AMW than you are here in IWT. That's all."
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  10. * Magnus walks over and talks to @FailFaceFTW at ringside. After talking for a minute, he walks over to Farooq and shoves him *

    Justin Magnus: Yea, we're gonna talk about the past Farooq. Ever heard the saying that those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it? Well that's exactly what you're doing Farooq. Look at you, a former main eventer who was given chances after chances and ended up in the Tag Team division with a former member of The Cure in your corner. But here's the best thing Farooq, even if there was the very slightest chance I had the problem of losing of this match, I have so many divisions to fall back on. But what do you have Farooq? You have absolutely nothing. And apparently everyone in the match has a scripted promo except for my team, does it look like Reagan Cole is standing next to me? No. So after you lose this match against me and THE BRITISH KID, take yourself and your partner and get out of dodge.

    * Magnus walks over to Joey Bryant *

    And uh, Joey Bryant, I give my thanks for thinking I'll become something. But I don't need help from you to realize the potential and the ability I already have. But I think your partner might have given up on you, in fact even after you lost the title, he took the time to gloat that the World Heavyweight Title was better than the IWT Title. So, it won't come as a surprise when I beat the both of you and go on to win the Tag Team Championship. I wish you luck against Bruce Knight, you're gonna need it.
  11. "I was given chance after chance? Shit! Where was that second chance at???" He says as he grabs binoculars from a fan and looks around. "Because I sure as hell don't see it...unless you know... you're confusing me with Dat Kid....or are you just giving a shot at cutting a generic promo and hoping that I have something in common with it? Because it seems like a blind shot Magnus. Do you guys really think I don't have anything to fall back on? I mean really? That's pretty funny kid. You keep....talking and Googling promos, and we'll just win this match, okay? Now go sit down boy, and maybe later, I might take you to the park! Okay??" He says as he talks to Magnus like he would to a dog, then takes a bone out of his pocket and tosses it out of the ring. "NOW GO GET IT BOY!"
  12. Dat Kid sits down by the turnbuckle while his opponents ramble about some nonsensical bullshit. When they've had enough TV time he gets up and grabs the mic again.

    Alright, I've had about enough of sitting here and listening to the same boring ass counter points that have been used on this stable since the moment we formed. All of you in this ring are nothing but walking contradictions. You want to talk about repetitive and you are just that. You criticize us for being in this match saying that we are almost begging for this tag title match? We didn't beg, we don't beg, we leave that to you fuckers. Only thing me and Bryant did was sign our names on a piece of paper, because all of this doesn't matter. You think we care? We both have world title matches tonight, what the fuck do ANY of you have after this? Not a god damn thing. And excuse me for using my own name in vein.

    We lose this match, you know what we do? We go prepare for the big picture match and beat the shit out of two overrated superstars and if we lose those matches you know what happens? We go right back to the front of the fucking line because that's the way things work here. You know what you guys do if you lose tonight? You're gonna go back to your motel 6 rooms, watch some of that free HBO porn to get your mind of the embarrassment that are your lives.

    Magnus, the only reason I didn't mention you is because I have no idea who the fuck you are and neither do these people. Now that you've introduced yourself, allow me to respond to the crap that just spewed out of that thing you call a mouth, you Donald Duck looking motherfucker.

    Donald Duck! Donald Duck! Donald Duck! Donald Duck! Donald Duck! Donald Duck!

    First off, Dat Kid doesn't underestimate people. If I underestimated you I would've stayed my ass in the back and expected the titles to be delivered to me with the morning newspaper.
    Dat Kid looks at the dominoes at his feet

    It's lovely that you brought out props, that's cute, but your logic is flawed. You see, if you're replacing Dat Kid with another Dat Kid I am in fact irreplac\e, because when you try to replace me, you just have me again, therefore whether you like it or not, Dat Kid is here to stay. Let's see what happens when we try to replace you.
    Dat Kid snatches the Magnus domino out of his hand and then throws it into the crowd.

    Now let's look for you. Hm I can't seem to find you. All I see is

    It was a nice attempt at a metaphor, but why don't you save it for someone who actually knows how to use them. You are just like that domino that I threw into that crowd, sure you come in here with a different face and a different motive, but that doesn't make you unique, in fact there have been others just like you. You come here thinking that all of this is yours, with this false sense of entitlement, when in fact all of this belongs to ME and if you don't recognize that, just like Unknown, Britanica, and David, you get buried and it's like you were never here.

    and as for you Farooq......

    Dat Kid gets his in his face and stares him down.


    Dat Kid shrugs and walks away to his corner
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  13. Farooq is eating cheesecake as he sits next the announcer table. "Where is my bat shit crazy partner at?" He says as he keeps eating.
  14. Farooq raises a sign showing his "Best in the World" trophy from WWEF. He then looks into the camera. "You mad Jabri?"
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  15. Justin Magnus: Good job emphasizing my metaphor Dat Kid, allow me to explain it for some just as weak minded as you. Lets just say that this remaining pile of dominoes represents the IWT roster. Every single domino in the pile is the same talentless hack who resorts to the attitude era method of cursing and bathroom humor to make fun of his opponents to overshadow his maladroit ability to actually wrestle and cut promos. People see it works, so they act like sheep, they try and copy exactly what you do. They dawn the Dat Kid copycat mask. This domino pile includes every single man standing in this ring except for me. And once you throw me away, once you "bury" me, all the talent in this company is wasted. And hell, all I have to do is walk onto the indy circuit and make such a splash there that I'll have IWT management begging me to come back. Another unique domino is thrown into the pile that actually has potential.

    * Magnus pulls out another domino with his face on it and throws it into the pile *

    And you see Dat Kid, you come out here and tell these fans that all that we do is lose matches and jack-off to HBO porn at Motel 6 while making the same counter points against The Church. But here's the thing, there's great wrestlers all over the indy scene who stay at Motel 6 because they aren't making enough money to afford what you are just handed. They work their asses off and then someone like you becomes IWT GM. You deny them because you know your term is coming to an end, and they're going to kick your ass if you become an active wrestler. So now, we've got a roster without any talent facing someone who wins matches by repeating the same cussing and bathroom humor. And why do we repeat the same claims? Because a fact never changes. In fact, the reason your were fired from GM is probably because you fail to recognize real talent because you think you're better than everyone. Hell, even your partner gave me praise.

    And the greatest thing about this, is that you said it yourself. You can lose 20 matches in a row and still be given the same chances over and over that people who worked their ass off can't even get once. I never said you begged, and I didn't beg myself for this match. I was given this match by the upper management because I showed that I deserve it. But then again, it doesn't take much to earn a match for the Tag Team Titles. But I'll tell you, if anything, you and your little group being handed title shot after title shot is pathetic. It declines the quality of the titles, it makes them worthless just like you. Replaceable by any other copycat sheep in the locker room. So instead of the same old stuff you come out here with, why not take Farooq's suggestion and try something new? And plus that, I'd be wanting to console your tag partner, I bet he's a little mad at the realization that you don't even believe that he could win the title back, and so promoting your own title above him. And Farooq...

    * Magnus picks up a Dat Kid domino and holds it up to his face *


    * Magnus throws the domino at Farooq at ringside *
  16. Farooq writes two K's on a sign. "ONE MORE GUYS! Come on! I know you can do it!"
  17. *Joey nods at Kid.*

    "He's said everything I needed to say. We lose this match, we brush it off like nothing happened. Where is your good buddy Jwab anyway? You know, the guy everyone said would be here and that you guys would win? Please. God knows at least both of you need a win tonight, without one you might even realize what failures you both are..."

    *He looks at Farooq.*


    *He paces around Magnus and Cole.*

    "If you both lose this match, Magnus, I'm sure you'll find something to do after Reagan gives you a post-match happy ending. See you in the X-Division. Cole, when we're done with you I'm sure you'll be crawling to sunday service at the Church next week, weeping how badly you were beaten down and praying for more talent. If Dat Kid and I lose in a few moments, we'll walk to the back, we'll brush each other off, and we'll go our separate ways to prepare for our WORLD TITLE MATCHES. Let me say that again, world title matches. Something all four of you may never be in, so I almost feel bad digging your graves right now. You've all been driven down the wrong path in your careers. Magnus you're starting off on a bad foot my friend, you don't start insulting guys like myself and Dat Kid and expect to just get away with it because you're a rookie. You'll eat your words. Same with you, Cole. Farooq has been driven to speaking in only comedic languages and is looking to represent the KKK which is a bit ironic but that's the only way he can get noticed. Through his shitty jokes and worthless insults that do nothing. Jwab, wherever you may be, you were driven down the wrong path a long... long time ago. While Alias Antonio excelled and is one of the top stars in this company today you sunk like I've never seen and haven't gotten off your feet since."

    *He walks back over to Dat Kid's corner.*

    "You're looking at the "second gen" teaming up with the best competitor this company has ever had and that's a fact. I am a 1x IWT Champion, I am soon to be a 1x Tag Team Champion, and remember these words exactly how I say them. SIN, The Order, Jobbers United, KKK, all of you will fall to the Church one by one. The predictability of our words may be a downfall but if those words are going to continue to leave a mark in this company you're damn right I'm going to keep repeating myself. Now lie down, let thy soul be sacrificed to a true martyr."
  18. Farooq writes the KKK on the sign and taps his chin. "Remember folks, this was made by these competitors in the ring...then again, they also said the tag team division sucks and they're competing in it. How ironic and original."
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  19. Dat Kid starts to laugh hysterically!

    Beg you to come back?! Hahahahahaha! Do you even listen to yourself when you talk? No one is "begging" you for anything? "Oh, I'm gonna make a splash in the indies", you want to talk about imitation, you're over here copying the Adam Aries gimmick word for word. I suppose you're going to tell me how hard you worked to get here and how you were trained by Austin Arties and you were such a big name in Japan (no offense Stopspot).

    First things first buddy, I was never "fired" from the GM position. I am the best creative mind this business has ever seen and it doesn't take a Dominos eating fatass in the back to realize that. You think just because you were big in some high school gym promotion you think you can do this better than me? Bullshit. You see that's the nievity of the new guys like you. You guys want to talk about hard work, but you don't know what hard work is. Hard work is stabbing your friends in the back, hard work is putting an end to people who get in your way. This isn't a selfless business and even though Joey Bryant and I are in a team we both know of the time calls for it, one of us is going to stab the other in the back and not think about it twice. That my friend is what you call hard work, it's having the balls to do things that people like YOU won't do. So with that said, if me and Bryant are willing to do that to one another, what do you think is going to happen to you.

    I'll fell you what's going to happen, repetitiveness, and it's not because of us, it's because of you. The only one who the repeat is here is you, because you are weak, you will get beat, and then I'm going to crucify you right over there on those ring ropes just like I do everyone else. It doesn't matter if you're a veteran like Christian or a new guy like you. The fact is, when you step in the ring with God the end result is always the same,

    You know why I'm not going to take Farooq's suggestion? because unlike Farooq I've actually held a World Heavyweight Championship and no pee wee X-Division Champ- oh I'm sorry, I forgot you lost that title. And no pee wee X-Division has been is going to tell me how to run my career, when his career looks worse than Jonathan's sex life.

    Why don't you take a look around, Look at all the people who have started in this business and look at us now. I am the ONLY one from the beginning of this business who is not only still here, but is THRIVING in this business.

    Dat Kid looks over at these dominos and steps on the pile.

    You know what they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery, but I'm not a domino, I'm a god.

    Jesus wept.
  20. "Lets be honest, I should win because I have more medals, more likes, more post counts and have been in WWEF longer than the others." He says as he shrugs.