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Who's your winners?

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  1. The Order

  2. The Desperadoes

  3. The Dazzling Chavs

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT Tag Team Championship!

    The Dazzling Chavs (@gav the chav & @B.Dazzle) vs The Order (@Trip in the Head & @TheArabHammer)
    vs S.I.N (@Shadow & @Stopspot)​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 48 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


  2. The lights in the arena go out and the ceiling in the arena is rigged to make it look like a clear starry night. The crowd starts to pull out their cell phones and hold them up to mimic the effect as usual. Smoke starts to rise from the stage and Fenris the wolf walks out onto it. An image of a full moon shows on the titantron and Fenris poses and howls.

    Trip in the Head and Marcus Anthony walk out slowly from behind the curtain, each with their IWT tag team championship belt slug over a shoulder. A single spotlight in the dark shines on the group as they stand at the top of the ramp looking at the ground with hoodies pulled over their heads. As they start down the ramp dim lights come on revealing a person standing on each side of the ramp wearing black robes and with no faces visible and their heads down. Fenris follows behind the tag team and the lights continue to turn on as they slowly continue down the ramp, revealing more black robed figures as they continue down the ramp and more lights turn on. They get down to the ring, throw back their hoods, and look at each other for a moment and nod before they slide into the ring under the ropes. Fenris makes his way over and calmly sits down next to the timekeeper. Trip and Marcus stand in the middle of the ring and both lean back, releasing a primal scream. Then they each slap their left hands down on the mat at the same time while going down to one knee. At that exact moment bright white pyro goes off on the four corners of the ring, and on both sides of the top of the ramp, blinding the crowd whose eyes were by now used to the darkness. The lights come back on and the members of The Order of Night each remain on one knee in the ring each holding up their belts with one hand and glaring back up at the ramp and awaiting their opponents’ arrival. All the figures in black robes are no where to be seen.

    *The two men rise to their feet and hand over their belts to the official, taking position in the middle of the ring. Looks of quiet rage on their faces. Trip in the Head pulls his dagger microphone from his hoodie pocket and raises it to his mouth slowly. The crowd erupting in mixed reactions as he does it.*

    TRIP: *stands still for a moment while the crowd calms down* Good evening New Jersey, tonight is The Order's first tag title defense and we came here well prepared. I'm sure people are wondering how we are doing after Gav unleashed the Chav Horde on us last time we were in this ring. But just like always, the night returns. And as dark as ever. We did not really see the need for such games anymore since we are now on top of the tag team division. No. We spent time training, watching and going over old matches, learning from our past matches. And where our opponents tonight are most likely to make their mistakes. Then we just sat back, watched, and waited. Analyzing your movements, your mannerisms, your tells even. We are in no way scared or intimidated by what we face hear tonight in this ring in the form of the Dazzling Chavs and the Rock n' Roll Desperadoes. Nor do we fear what we face in the future for that matter. *Trip pauses for a moment in thought* Did anyone else notice the great Dat Kid and ex-IWT champion Joey Bryant of the Church are now the #1 contenders for our titles? *crowd pops* What does that say about what WE have done for the tag team division here in the IWT? When names like that are chasing after what some considered to be the most irrelevant titles in this company it proves that we have done exactly what we said we came here to do from day one. And that is to right the wrongs in this company. We're off to a good start, but we've got a looooooong ways to go ladies and gentlemen. *A sinister smile spreads across his face* Trust me.​

    *Trip laughs as the crowd boos*

  3. * the dazzling chavs music plays as gav and b.dazzle come out to the ring*

    ( Gav the chav) here right listen up yeah you come out here spouting absolute pure shite right and not a single person in this room gives a flying fuck literally zero fucks I thought I chatted complete shit sometimes but you my friend you take it to a whole new level

    now at mania gav applauds you for your victory but it wasn't the most convincing victory was it you came in fact I bet you expected to win with ease you walked in to the ring expecting to walk out with those tag titles without breaking a sweat but you underestimated us and we pushed you to the very edge we threw everything we had at you and gave you one of the closest matches we've ever had and on the night you only just edged it and I'll be honest you both earned it and deserved it in the end and you earned gavs respect

    However you clearly didn't give me or dazzle the respect we deserved as champions and clearly you don't now you've already got one eye on the next ppv seems like you're dismissing the 4 of us like we don't even matter? Youknow who you remind me of you remind me of amir Khan he was getting a little to big for his boots he had his eye on that big payday on mayweather but what happened to him? He got splattered on the canvas thats what he took his eye off the ball and got knocked the fuck out now nobody gives a fuck about him

    this road you say you claim to have began on well if you continue down it you will soon hit a dead end and that dead end is tonight I Guarantee you will not leave here with those titles the question is though who is going to take them from you?
  4. *The arena lights slightly transition into a dark red and S.I.N's theme reverberates throughout the IZOD Center*

    *Spinzz and Andrew are seen at the top of the stage with their heads down, they're covered by black towels. They slowly move their heads up and peer at The Order and The Chavs, the crowd is anticipating the final team joining the other competitors. Spinzz and Andrew advance to the ring with their hands held high over their heads, they roll in the ring and give a dead stare at their opposition*
    *They glance at Gav as if they were answering the question he just asked. Andrew takes his eyes off Gav before looking down at the mat, he puts the mic to his mouth and begins to speak*
    Andrew: I'm sorry, but we just weren't expecting this. Spinzz and I were in the back hearing what you had to say Trip and we just were at a loss a words. You've only held those titles a month and now you seem to have lost your hunger, and determination. You walked out here and pretty much belittled the very division you've been fighting in the majority of your career here. The fact that you more so focused on what other people are doing and said that Kid/Bryant were greats is just plain out...sad. Neither of them are great, in-fact, the only thing they are is scared! They got themselves a shot at the number one contenders match because they are afraid. They wanted a plan B just in case they didn't leave here champions, which was smart because they probably won't leave champions. And if you don't show the same hunger you used to have then you two won't be leaving champions either.

    *Andrew looks around the ring at every competitor before regaining focus*

    Andrew: Now, I can take up time to point out our past achievements, current goals, and what we do, but the fact is most of it would just seem redundant. It doesn't matter about what we've done or what we're going to do, it's all about what's going on right here and right now. And right now? We'll right now it seems as though no body is giving in, and no one is laying the smackdown.

    Andrew: Let's show everyone who's the hungriest, and let's test out if it's a fact that it's harder to keep a title than to win a title.
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  5. *Frie is seen at the top of the audience, looking down with a pleased expression.*
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  6. *Marcus Anthony slowly walks around the ring looking around at the crowd and finally looking back towards his opponents as an angry scowl is strewn across his face as he begins to speak...*

    Marcus: Here we have 4 other individuals who had attempted to come together to end us. They wanted to end The Night. All they have done....are become victims of their own arrogance. They look to destroy what cannot be ended. They look to have the darkness lifted out of existence. These so called challengers are trying to once again grab that brass ring. Grab that chance at etching their names into history books in the IWT. *Marcus starts to laugh and suddenly his expression changes from laughter to serious* What will be written is that The Order once again defeats the dazzling Chavs and sin.
    * crowd gives a loud mixed pop*
    Gav, you run your retarded little mouth over and over again. You can spout of all the bullshit your body can handle. Everyone knows that you're just the little boy who cried wolf. Lie....lie....LIE. That's what you do to justify yourself in waking up every morning. To keep living your life, you lie. I don't understand quite frankly on how someone so delusional can tell themselves that they belong in the upper echelon when they truly belong in the gutter.

    *the arena burst in to boos*

    Onto the other part of this trifecta Andrew and Spinzz. Or is it the Desperadoes. Or is it Batman and Robin. Or is it sin. * Marcus scratches his head* Seems like the last battle we had, when you two tried to END me. Not only did you fail but it seems to me you've lost your identities. You lost who you were because you put so much into something that you were so close to having....and it was taken right before your very eyes. *Marcus raises his tag title in the air* The end justifies the means gentlemen. This right here not just shows that we beat the champions but it shows that WE ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD and all competitors who faced us have been laid to waste. not just us, but do the world the favor and *Marcus raises his mic in the air and the crowd chants GIVE IN TO THE ORDER*
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  7. *The Dazzler takes the mic and is about to speak, when a loud and clear "Dazzle" chant breaks the silence in the arena. Dazzle waits as the chants dies down and goes to speak again*

    Dazzler: For the first time in a long time, The Dazzler isn't at a ppv defending a championship. Just saying it, just thinking about The Dazzler a terrible feeling in his stomach and in his heart. Having nothing at all, losing everything you had, it terrorizes you. It's an inch that won't go away. It's a pain that keeps on hurting. Time heals all wounds, or at least that's always been what the world has told me. Today, and every day since Mania, I can say that saying is nothing but a load of crap. Time has not healed the wounds of failure. Time has not healed the wounds of losing. The only thing that can cure The victory. Winning the tag team championships back and putting our name on those plates it the only cure possible, and that's a cure a team of doctors and scientists couldn't create in a lab. The only cure is victory, the main ingredient is revenge! When we lost those titles at Mania, The Dazzler walked to the back speechless. He couldn't speak, he couldn't think, hell, I was even lucky that I was able to breath that night.

    *The Dazzler pauses and looks to the ground. He shakes his head before looking up at The Order and S.I.N. The Dazzler walks forward and stops, turning his attention first to S.I.N.*

    Dazzler: What confuses The Dazzler the most is why you two are even here right now. This is The Dazzling Chav's rematch, and it should be two vs two. One of these things in this ring doesn't belong.........and it's you two. Andrew...Spinzz....don't get The Dazzler wrong. You're great competitors, but you shouldn't be here. This isn't your battle, this isn't your war, this isn't your business. This is still between The Dazzling Chavs and The Order. When Gav and The Dazzler win those titles back, then we'll give you a shot. But until then, The Dazzler suggests you two stand back before he slaps the taste so far out of your mouths that God himself will have to come down and give it back. And before you two come back with some irrelevant and stupid remark, The Dazzler would also suggest that you think before you speak before your actions lead you on the path to a beatdown of epic proportions.

    *The Dazzler turns his head towards The Order. His mood darkens, his cocky grin disappears, a look of anger and despise covers his face.*

    Dazzler: The two men The Dazzler really wanted to talk two. Trip...Marcus...The Dazzler has dreamed every night since Mania about ripping you limb from limb, piece by piece. That's what you wanted though, isn't it? You wanted to get in my head, and that's exactly what happened Your plan worked, your damn plan worked. What you don't realize is that it's about to backfire. The Dazzler isn't under some spell, he knows exactly what he's doing. You brought out a new side of me, and it's going to lead to your downfall. The mightiest of men all fall. Gods fall. Titans fall. Eventually........we all fall.

    *A weird and disturbing grin comes over The Dazzler's face.*

    Ashes....................ashes............................we all........................FALL DOWN!
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  8. *Spinzz shakes his head at the Dazzler.*

    Spinzz: Hold your horses dizzy, I’ll get to you and the Sunderland brain trust in a minute, but I have captain caveman here to address first.

    Spinzz: To answer your question Marcus: we are still Andrew and Spinzz, we are still the Desperadoes, but we are a part of S.I.N. You seem to have something that is so easy to understand confused, which raises questions about your mental capabilities, maybe I hit you one too many times in the head. Also, you claim to be the best in the world and to have beaten every team in the company, but you are missing a crucial error in your monologue; you never beat the two of us cleanly. You spent the better part of two months attacking not only me, but my partner, weakening us before our match at the tag team tournament finals, a smart move… but you didn’t do the job proper since I am obviously still here to “run my mouth”.

    As to why we’ve formed S.I.N. with the real man Frie? Again a simple answer to a dumb question, because we adapt, we evolve. It’s something that everything on this planet does, species adapt and change to fit the ever changing environments because those who don’t end up weak and die. Andrew and I adapt and evolve, while you two look like the exhibits of cavemen you see in a museum. And you might think of yourselves as the top predators around here right now, but Andrew and I are going to keep adapting, until we’ve ended the two of you like the ice age took out the dinosaurs, and you’ll be left to the archaeologists and BP drills. Just like the T-rex, just like the sabretooth tiger, just like FTJ, you’ll go extinct.

    *Spinzz turns towards the Dazzler*

    Spinzz: And you, you think that this is just yours and Gavino over there’s war with the Flintstones over there, then forget it. Those two spent a good chunk of time slamming my head into exposed turnbuckles and stairs, and we are getting our just dues. The fact that you two are embroiled in it is sad, but there are always casualties in war.

    And about that snappy response you mentioned, I don’t need one. I just need to speak the truth, because lies don’t leave these lips. I see you stand here and throw out your tough guy routine, threatening to give me an “ass kicking”, but I see right through it, you’re just a wannabe. I was the original tag team superstar of the IWT alongside my buddy Eric Draven (hey @Tyler Durden how you doing?) and you Dizzy, are nothing but a Draven wannabe, we were stars before you got your first rocky Maivia starter kit. And Gav, don’t forget that I made you into a star a year ago. I ridiculed myself to make you someone that mattered in this company, which shows my own abilities. I can make anyone a star. I can go backstage, grab a bucket from the janitor’s closet, and it will be your new IWT champion, and you will all accept it.

    The sun rises, empires fall, and the Desperadoes will be IWT tag team champions. But I don’t need to convince you schmucks of that, because all these alcoholics and derelicts in this beer hall we call an arena and watching at home already know, that the Desperadoes have come to save tag team wrestling!
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  9. *The camera cuts to the crowd, Eric Draven is seen sat in the audience. He has a t-shirt which has the word "Generation" scratched out. He stands up and turns around to reveal the back of his shirt. In bold white letters it reads "This generation is lost to the sins!" The crowd pops as Draven takes his seat and begins to smile*
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  10. Promos extended for 24 hours due to the site being down.
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  11. Thats right! Lol, JK, JK. Thanks man. Finally able to get back on.
  12. *Trip in the Head looks around the ring at his opponents mouthing off at each other and just shakes his head. He turns towards Gav first*

    TRIP: So let me get this straight. We earned Gav the Chav's respect at WM? So whats that actually worth? One of those flying fucks you were talking about maybe? No thanks Gav. You don't deserve respect and your respect isn't worth shit. So you keep it. I have feeling you'll need all the self-respect you can muster after another crushing loss to the Order here tonight. *Trip turns to Dazzle* And Dazzle, been feeling a little off lately have you? Sounds like your own self-respect has already run out. But we've got something that will cure your problem Dazzle. And you might not like the sounds of it, but it would all go away, washed away by the darkness. All you have to do is....*Trip pauses and looks up at the crowd for a moment before continuing with a loud crowd participation*...GIVE IN TO THE ORDER! *crowd pops as Trip laughs. He calms down again before he speaks* Of course our plan is working Dazzle. WE devised it and set it in motion after all. And I'm actually glad you seem to think it's backfiring. Because in reality, this is the Dazzling One we wanted to face all along. *Trip points at Gav* You need to leave this dumbfounding dipshit behind and start finding your way in the Dark. We will be your guides and help you find that self-respect you have lost and so desperately need. *Trip turns away from Dazzle and speaks as he paces the ring* Those dreams that have been haunting you are just the subconscious mind trying to get your feeble brain to understand your deepest, darkest desires Dazzle. Desires the Order have only just brought to the surface. *Trip paces back towards Dazzle* Desires that were always there, they just needed a.....push. *Trip says as he lightly pushes Dazzle's shoulder. Trip smiles his old menacing grin before he turns his attention to Andrew and Spinzz*

    TRIP: Now Andrew, you must have missed that sarcastic tone I used earlier when referring to Dat Kid. I only bring him and lackluster cronies up to prove a point. When the Order of Night formed there were almost no other teams in the tag division besides these ex-champs standing over here. *Trip points at the Dazzling Chavs* WE attracted the likes of the Church to the tag division. Why? Because they obviously know a real challenge when they see one. You would be wise to realize that as well. And let me clear this up real quick, the only things I have belittled out here tonight was the state of the tag team division BEFORE the Order took their rightful spot at the top. That and the chances of either of your teams defeating us here tonight at Extreme Rules in New Jersey. *crowd pop* You think I have lost my hunger!? Well that's the thing when you're on top - you don't NEED to be hungry anymore. No, that hunger is, well, replaced. "By what?" I'm sure you're asking now. Such an inquisitive little boy Andrew is. That hunger is replaced by an innate feeling of totality. We now reign over this tag division as a whole and look down on our opponents as the prey they truly are. Just like you four here tonight. Like mice quietly trying to cross a field in the night, hoping the creatures of the Night don't scoop you up for dinner. *Trip smiles and winks* Good luck. *Trip turns towards Spinzz* And you, didn't I already crush your face once? Oh right, that was just a mask. A fake, a sham, a hoax. Just like the thought of you two walking out of here victorious this evening. Now whether we beat the two of you "cleanly" in the tag team tournament really makes no difference now, does it Spinzz. That's all in the past. What matters is we were victorious then - just like we will be tonight - and a win is a win in any case, is it not? Make all the excuses you want Desperado, but survival of the fittest still rings true. Only the strong will survive. That's why things adapt and evolve in the first place - as you two have claimed to do. Things evolve to beat out the competition that is already ahead of them. And you two have certainly missed that mark by quite a margin with your little group S.I.N. You fools are the epitome of an evolutionary dead end. Nothing will ever come from your careers. *The crowd erupts in boos. Trip leans in a little closer to Spinzz and stares him dead in the eyes, sill talking into the mic* The Flinstones, eh? Fitting. Since we are about to beat the yabba-dabba-dookie out of you morons. *Crowd gives a small pop for the pun as Trip turns and walks back towards Marcus, eventually stopping at his side once again*

    *Trip raises his dagger mic to his mouth on more time*
    TRIP: The sun does rise, but then it falls to give way to the night. And empires do fall, but not on this night. No, not at all. For you see, I have but one warning left for our enemies. Give in to the Order.......or the Night will befall you all.
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  13. *The Dazzler looks at Trip. He takes his mic and puts it close to his mouth.*

    Dazzler: The Dazzler can say right now that there is now way in hell that he is joining your little group. The only team The Dazzler needs is The Dazzling Chavs. He has no plans on leaving this team anytime soon, not until their time has come to separate and that won't be for a very long time. If you think you've broken me, you're wrong. You didn't break me, you actually improved me; something you'll regret doing in the future. The Order, The Desperadoes, you guys have proved yourselves as valiant competitors but The Dazzling Chavs are about to put an end to all this crap tonight once and for all. We are going to grab each one of you by the throat and choke you until you are lifeless. Those belts belong around our waists, and damn it that's where they are going. We will not stop nor can we stop until we reclaim our championships. Trip, Marcus, Andrew, Spinzz, your punishment awaits. Prepared to be decimated into a bloody mess. Your faces will be a crimson mask of your own blood. Gav and The Dazzler will squash you all like the puny, disgusting, insects you four sons of bitches are. From the ground to the sky, and from the earth to the sun, The Dazzler is going to kick all your candy asses and make sure your time here is done!

    *The Dazzler smiles before speaking once more.*

    Dazzler: We're not here to give in, we are here to give out. Give out a dose of destruction and demise. Order, your reign is coming to an abrupt halt. We are taking that gold away. When we do, you will be poor souls with nothing left but shame and scars. Desperadoes, we are taking your chances away. You have one shot, and you're about to miss. The only shot heard around the world will be the shot of The Dazzler's right hand smacking all of you jabronis in the face and taking back his GOD DAMN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHP! you can SMELL THAT!
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    *gav takes the mic from b.dazzle and continues to speak*

    (Gav the chav) eee now I remember you, you fucking cheeky **** you used to go by the name of AK or something shit like anyway that was a nice little story you told everybody about how you made gav the chav a star and stuff but that's not how shit went down let me tell you all what really happened

    You see there I was right getting to know everyone a little better then that little cheeky **** over there decided to stick his beak in where it didn't belong he came thinking he was big and clever and challenged me to a match so I gav accepted his challenge because gavs hard as fuck and isn't a little pussy who backs down from a challenge so later that week as I was preparing for my match with him the prick decided to jump me thinking he was a clever little **** and fought back and we started braying the shit out of each other we threw everything at each there was even a bit of dildo action involved then the day came our match was supposed to happen you took off you ran away telling gav you couldn't deal with this shit anymore gav reckons someone got a little scared and realised just what they got themselves in for so they took off like a little pussy and wad never heard from again pffft pathetic you ain't worth gavs time anymore

    *gav turns his attention towards the order*

    Gav reckons this will be the last time we ever face off in the ring so gavs gunna say this I could continue chatting complete shit like I usually do but instead im gunna keep this simple you think your gunna take this division and make it great again as the champs you think your running this division out here but backstage the chav runs this shit and whilst gav is pulling the strings backstage you will always be gavs bitch!

    *gav hands the mic back to @b.dazzle*
  15. *Andrew who was seen crouching in the corner rises up and walks back to the side of Spinzz, he looks at his surroundings before refocusing*

    *Andrew shifts to The Dazzling Chavs*

    Andrew: Dazzle..Chav, I know you two have something to prove. But, let me state the obvious that you'll prove nothing by joining The Order. They'll go out and recruit people left and right, but it doesn't help anybody besides Trip and Marcus. You'll change your entrance and your actions, but that's it. You won't go anywhere that you wouldn't with each other. They don't care about you or any of their fellow "partners". They just want to make themselves seem more powerful. I know I'm telling you things that you already know but it needs to be made clear. I'm not saying join Spinzz and myself, I'm saying keep doing what you're doing. The same goes for everybody else in the back. And as far as respect goes, you've earned my respect at 'Mania. I may respect you two, but don't let that respect fool you. We're going to go just as hard as ever, there's an opportunity laying right in front of us and I'll be damned if I go easy on anybody.

    *Andrew glares at Trip and Marcus*

    Andrew: You say once you are were you are that you don't need to be hungry, but you're wrong. That's when you need to be the hungriest. Whenever you're hungry you strive for more, you shouldn't stop. Without hunger you start to become inflated and you become vulnerable. If you become vulnerable you lose the same thing you've fought so hard to get. The Order is supposed to be closely associated with wolves, right? Why would a wolf bite if they're not hungry? Because they want to inflict pain? Bullshit. They still look menacing, but they're all bark and no bite. Just like you Trip and Marcus, you're just all bark and no bite. Unlike you two, Spinzz and I are hungrier than ever. Not just because we're fighting for the tag titles, but because we have the whole world on our side during this match. The world is full of sinners, there isn't a person who goes without sinning. Spinzz and myself are Desperadoes, but we're also sinners. Just like everybody else!

    ~Andrew points to the crowd~ What are you!? "The crowd responds; Sinners!" What are you!? "The crowd responds once more: We're Sinners!" You're god damn right you are.

    *Andrew lowers his mic, takes a few steps back and leans on the apron*
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    *Marcus walks up to Trip and says something quietly to him and they both erupt in laughter*

    Marcus: So joining us doesn't benefit anyone apparently but us there brother. I mean hey Nick became X Division champion before....oh wait that happened after he embraced the darkness. Aiden Ryan and Nero Kousaki...both of these men have future champion written in the stars. The only thing the IWT. We brought the tag division back from the dead and now we deservingly sit on the mountain top proclaiming dominance over it. Poor Shadow, you question our hunger when now once we've had our fill all we want is to DESTROY ANYONE FROM TAKING THIS FEELING AWAY FROM US.

    *the arena is overcome with booing*

    An advantage we surely will enjoy while giving the four of you a beating the likes of which no human being should inflict on another. No matter who is laid in front of us...The Order will have no fear, no restraint....NO MERCY. The Chavs...the team that only goes as far as it's weakest link. That weak link is what kills their team and we wouldn't want a how the hell can he keep jobbing the way he does without wanting to commit suicide every waking moment with us. It's decisions like this that make people ask to join us. Not because of the strength in numbers but because of the strength each one of us provides. Dazzle...continue to let the hate flow through your veins. Sooner than later the darkness will be the center of your very being and that darkness will come calling you home.

    Desperadoes, call it what you want but guess what excuses are like assholes everybody has one. Saying we didn't beat you clean? That's funny because I could also say you fought dirty by damn near crippling me leaving it one on two and you STILL couldn't get the job done. So say all you want but the record books say The Order defeats The Desperadoes. Seasons change, time moves forward and The Order will continue to reign supreme.
  17. Stop is at work atm, can we get another extension so he can get in his last promo?
  18. OOC: This is the match that never ends - yes it goes on and on my friends. Some people, started reading it not knowing what it was and they'll continue reading it forever just because - this is the match that never ends...............

    JK, guys.
  19. OOC: Main event anybody?:woo1:
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