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Who won?

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  1. Alias Antonio

  2. Dat Kid

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and is for the IWT World Heavyweight Championship!

    Dat Kid(@Dat Kid) vs Alias(@THG?)

    The rules are as follows:
    -Interruptions are ALLOWED.
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all ALLOWED.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

  2. OOC: Jonathan this is an Extreme Rules match.
    The crowd pops at the announcement of the next match
    We want Dat Kid *clap clap* *clap clap clap* We want Dat Kid *clap clap* *clap clap clap* We want Dat Kid *clap clap* *clap clap clap*
    Aids Johnson sits amongst the crowd with a butthurt look on his face because he was never this over.
    All the arena lights cut off except the ones on the top. Smoke is poured out from the top, and is illuminated by spotlight, making them look like clouds. A white stairway slowly descends from the clouds. Dat Kid chants ring out through packed Izod Center. Datcolytes start to line up by the ramp where they get on there knees and bow to the approaching staircase. The arena begins to light up again in all white. When the stairs touch the stage, the lights are so bright that it's almost blinding. The top of the stairs still covered in the smoke from above as the music fades out, another Dat Kid chant breaks out in the silence.
    Dat Kid dressed in black tights begins to walk down from the staircase.

    Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 175lbs from Asbury Park, New Jersey, he is the World Heavyweight Champion! Dat Kid!

    Kid makes it the bottom of the stairs and onto the ramp, the stairs begin to ascend, as Dat Kid moves through his crowd of Datcolytes as they part for him. Kid is lifted up tot the apron where he enters the ring. Kid waves to the stage, more Datcolytes carrying a cross with Alias' name on it move to the stage. Dat Kid raises the World Heavyweight Championship to the crowd, thanking them inaudibly.

    Dat Kid picks up a mic.

    Let's skip the formalities, Alias I'm not here to hold back punches. You wanted this match so bad, you got it. To think that you put your career on your line in such unfavorable odds. To go one on one with me at Extreme Rules in my hometown, you have got to be kidding me. Forget all that underdog bulllshit that's been following you for the past couple of months, that all fell out the window when you stepped in my house. These people don't want to see some underdog, these people came here to see ME. You have no friends here. Not these people, Aids Johnson is gone, half of your old Cure buddies are all but useless, and The Order never really gave a shit about you, so you are in this by yourself! And we've seen how great you can be on your own, I mean just look at Wrestlemania, bravo on your great performance. I loved how you ALMOST won the IWT Championship against a man who just faced two other guys. Man, you're following in the footsteps of Farooq, who I heard is being inducted into the ALMOST Hall of Fame this year.

    I mean after so much hype, after so much build, how does it feel to let down each and every person who supported you? You're more of a disappointment than FSW.
    Dat Kid laughs at the crowd.

    You know what I like about your fans Alias, they're all naive. You spent what? A few months squashing X-Division talent and they think all of a sudden you're a contender for the championship? You've got to be kidding me. Hell and that was before Wrestlemania, now all of a sudden you see yourself as a contender for MY title. What the fuck do you think this belt is? Some sort of consolation prize to the IWT Championship? Ha, that's just a bunch of backstage bullshit. Let me tell you and the rest of the people backstage what this belt means. I am the champion of the WORLD, not just the X-Division, or Europe, the tag team division, or the IWT, I am the champion of the ENTIRE WORLD! This championship means that I OWN EVERYTHING I SEE! And you think you're good enough to hold a championship of that magnitude, give me a break, you barely controlled your own career back when you were being Eiffel Towered by Aids & George last summer. Men who YOU blindly followed and men who are now DEAD to this company.

    It's not like you've learned from your mistakes either, old Alias Antnoio is back at it again, following The Order. Oh and by the way, the leader of that group, Bitchtanica, she's gone too. So it seems everywhere you go looking for someone to give you a helping hand, you just keep coming up empty. Like I said before, no one is going to save you.

    ...except me.

    I'm going to do what I should have done at the Royal Rumble and eliminate you myself, not just from some simple over the top battle royal, I'm going to end you period. All of this ends for you tonight, no more of this second generation bullshit. There is no second generation, there isn't even a first generation. When it comes to the IWT there are only two people that matter, Dat Kid and Joey Bryant. The be all , end all. The alpha and omega,

    So when you come down here and try your hardest to beat me under circumstances no man can overcome, let alone a parasitic waste like yourself, I'm going to do what I do to everyone who tries to cross me. I am going to crucify you right there on tat very stage and I am SO glad that we are in HD, because I want Aids Johnson who's probably crying his little heart out at some sports bar to watch what I am going to do to you, I want him and everyone else that supports you to see the blood trickle down your face, I want them to see the flesh that will be peeled off of your bones, in gruesome detail. Then maybe just maybe THIS TIME, they'll realize, there are no heroes in this story, it's just me.​
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  3. Fixed, thanks.
  4. *In the midst of the crowd chanting for their hometown hero Dat Kid, the arena's lights suddenly go out in typical Alias Antonio fashion. As usual, mist and smoke suppreses from the floor and shortly after out comes Alias Antonio, with a new theme however
    , which surprisingly enough receives a big pop despite being in Kid's turf. Alias walks out on the ramp sporting a denim leather jacket and some tights with a sadistic design. Alias passionately saunters down to the ring, working up the vociferous crowd. He wipes his feet on the apron before entering, and does the devil horns sign. He stretches against the ropes, and begins to stare intensely at Dat Kid, allowing the crowd to simmer down. Alias then decides to speak, in what could be, the biggest match of his career*

    Is this crowd on fire tonight or what!? I love New Jersey, I really do. For it's dirty streets, it's terrible restaurants and hotels, and I love it especially for one thing. For that superstar standing opposite me in this ring, Dat Kid. If you didn't catch my drift yet, which wouldn't bewilder me considering you are, after all, the state that produced the most horrible human beings in this world, amongst them, the Jersey Shore cast. *Crowd boos* If you would actually comprehend what manners are, YOU WOULD LET ME FINISH MY SENTENCE! What I meant is that I absolutely loathe Jersey. I mean why the hell did you have to conceive this douchebag opposite me!? Oh, I know that answer to that already. BECAUSE YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT CONDOMS ARE NOR DO YOU HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF THEIR USE YOU DUMB ILLITERATE FAKE TANNED PIECES OF MOTHERFUCKING DONKEY DAT KID SHIT!.........Otherwise we wouldn't have had to witness this guy come to life.

    *Fuck you Alias, fuck you! *clapx2* chants start brewing inside the packed out Izod Center as alias begins to smirk sarcastically*

    I'm joking guys, I'm joking. All jokes aside, Jersey is a pretty cool place and if my career was destined to end tonight, I would be very pleased with Jersey as the place where it all ended. To be honest, I don't even despise Dat Kid. I respect Kid, and I know he is one of the finest talents there is going today, if not the FINEST talent going today. He's ended careers, he's won championships, he's been GM. What do all of those things have in common? They blossom normal looking dudes into superstar material. And Dat Kid, you are superstar material.

    But now that this praising bullshit is done, it is time for me to tear you a new one. Dat Kid, you are good, but you are so deeply inside this God character that your ego blinds your pure talent. The shit you spew is heedless, irrational, impetous, and frankly, at times, goddamn ignorant. People say that stupidity combined with arrogance and a huge ego will get you a long way, and maybe that's the case with you but your ego can become an obstacle to your work. If you start believing in your greatness, it is the death of your creativity. And once again, it is not a bad thing to believe in self-greatness but when it comes from a guy like you, I deem in down right pathetic. I mean, self-greatness, coming from the guy who couldn't even beat FTJ cleanly, just a couple of months ago. And you can ramble on about how you beat him at IWTMania 1, but frankly, no one cares to remember that because it is IRRELEVANT. Self-greatness coming from a guy who is too scared to accept a challenge from a legitimate WRESTLER and has to hand-pick his opponents like a pussy unless you're forced to put your career on the line to get a chance to beat the shit out of this PUSSY. Self-greatness coming from a guy who devalues me for not being able to beat IWT Champ Bruce Knight when his buttbuddy Joey Bryant, whom I've beaten before by the way, couldn't beat Bruce Knight either, but does Dat Kid recognize that Bryant lost to Knight? No. Why? Because his ego is that damn big it makes him him not want to admit his disgraces. That.....that is why I wanted Dat Kid in a match.

    You see I like the man they call Joey Bryant, but he fails to see what I see when I look at you, but sooner rather than later, he'll look into your eyes and realize you are nothing but a man with empty promises and a bad reputation. Joey's career is perilous because he's with you. And I know Joey probably won't take me giving him advice kindly, but this is your last chance to solidify yourself as an IWT legend, and I want to see that happen without Kid's help.

    People have stepped into this ring over the past couple of months to face Kid with an ego of their own, but that often backfired on them. But you see tonight, I walk into this war knowing my career is on the line, and although I feel contempt towards Kid and I would bet my life on him leaving this arena on an ambulance, I won't allow my ego to get the best of me.

    Was me putting my career on the line mandatory? Not at all, but that's what it takes for Kid to face someone that's on his level. This could very well be the end of Alias Antonio in IWT, but I ain't leaving this joint until I give Kid his well-deserving ass-kicking.

    Your insults and words don't mean anything to me Kid, only your actions in this ring will tonight. And if I am to go down, I'm taking you down with me.

    Dat Kid Fails Jersey tonight, folks.
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  5. OOC: Do these promos come as Hardcover? Or just paperback. Damn i'm pretty.
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  6. OOC: E-books bro, e-books
  7. OOC: Hopefully Jono can extend the timeline till tomorrow evening or something like that since I'm sure Kid wants to cut another promo and I'm heading to bed soon.
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  8. 24 hours ok?
  9. Id like 3 promos each. I have class all day today so i wont get out til later, by the. Alias will be sleep im guessing
  10. I'd be cool with that.
  11. Alright, extended until 3 promos each.
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  12. I'll be promoing tonight. Just haven't gotten a real chance to sit down cause I've been working on this film as well as working
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  13. OOC: If e-books or books were this short then ...

    but seriously, great promos so far, keep the next few high in content too.

    I'm not going to turn down extra length in promos and instead have them be brief and un-atmospheric, I would go to the shitty e-feds that host themselves on FB if I wanted that level of sub-par promoing.
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  14. Ooc: Didn't think anybody here knew about those lol
  15. OOC: i didn't
  16. Farooq is being shoved in a van meanwhile backstage by people wearing Order of the Night hoodies. "You won't win this match Dat Kid!" They say to Farooq as they drive off with him.
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  17. You career is on the line? Is that it? So that's why you're going to beat me? Your career isn't worth shit, you have nothing to fight for. I mean, even Adam Aries had a better reason for beating me, you know, cause he was trained by Benoit, austin Aries, Kurt Angel, and lets throw in some Japanese names in there for fun. Seriously, it doesn't matter what you're fighting for and I think that's a problem that you and the rest of the back have. You think all of a sudden you have these...these...these superpowers, you don't. You're more idiotic than that black kid who thought he could turn super saiyan just by screaming
    (no offense Farooq).

    Then you want to come out here and lie about why you want this match. The only reason you're in this match is because you got your ass handed to you by Bruce Knight, and you can talk all the shit you want about Joey Bryant, but he's in the main event tonight and after tonight you'll be lucky if the X-Division would even consider taking you back. That's why you're so intent on leaving IWT if you lose this match, because you know there is nothing left for you if you lose this match. You lose this match and you will be so far down on the totem pole, you'll be having to beg Roadster for a dark match.

    You're gonna take me down? Understand this, you are already defeated, down, and counted out. Your career ended at Wrestlemania as far as I'm concerned and as much as you don't want to admit it, you know I'm right. In some strange way you think beating me is going to revive you, as if I'm some sort of God. It's too late for you Alias, you walked into this arena a corpse, and you will be buried.
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    Oh so you think I'm only fighting in this for my career? You think I can beat you just because my career is on the line? I've got a plethora of other reasons as to why I want and can beat your ass in this ring. But you're right, nothing will matter, nothing you're fighting for will be worth it when you face Kid in this ring, he'll just.......bury you. Like he's done with the ever so famous names of Jwab, Adam, Nano, Artist and many more of these jobbers that Kid has faced or has wanted to face. The difference between me and these jobbers though, is that they walk into a fight with Kid knowing the heart-breaking outcome already. On the other hand, I walk into it knowing that I'm most likely to lose apparently, but one thing I also know is that I won't be the only one losing. Kid will. Because what happens here is the worst case scenario for Kid. Hatred and loathing towards Dat Kid has been constantly brewing in my inner-confines all these months and now I finally get to do what I've always wanted to do and funnily enough kicking his ass wasn't on the top of my priorities when facing Kid. The thing I've always wanted to do is prove Dat Kid wrong and make him realize what a fucking utter fool he is, but then sometimes I contemplate to myself and ponder if that's even humanly pussible to make Dat Kid recognize what a MORON he is, so maybe a good-ass kicking will suffice and do the job.

    After tonight, there won't be no more Alias Antonio if I lose. There is nothing left for me if I lose, that's why this is my last chance to solidify myself as a major champion and etch my name into the history books as the guy who shat down Dat Kid and made him eat his own words, sending him to the hospital in the meantime. But I deem it down right laughable how you can talk as much shit as you want about me, but the fact of the matter is, if YOU LOSE this match, you're back to square one. I mean, I wish I could be in your position right now. I've always wanted another tag team title shot, congratulations on that by the way. You see, I'm sure you'll do just fine without this title. The tag team division is really fun dude!

    You're right though, I did get my ass kicked at Mania by Bruce Knight. But do you know who also kicked my ass one time? No one has because I've beaten half of this roster with extreme ease and if I hadn't had lost to Bruce Knight, I would be the rightful champion of this company, facing Joey, but instead I'm facing you. Believe it or not, I prefer this match because I get to send Kid back to the tag division and make him regret everything he's said to me in the past. It all amounts to Extreme Rules, and I couldn't have asked for a more extreme occasion.

    I know there's two possible outcomes here: Me winning and you having to get stretchered out, or you winning but having to get stretchered out of the arena also. One of the two will happen, pick your poison Kid. You walked into this arena an idiot, you will come out of it still an idiot, but stretchered outta here and or lose....

    Satan wept you fucker.
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  19. ooc: Perfect Strangers was mine and Airbourne's team...
  20. Bullshit. Doesn't matter either way....