Voting IWT ER - X Division #1 Contender Match

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Who won?

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  1. Pain

  2. Frie

  3. DRAGON Michinoku

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...
    and the winner will be the #1 contender to the IWT X Division Championship!

    @F.R.I.E vs @Dojo vs @NeoPHX

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.
    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

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    (starts at 0:13)

    The lights start to flicker as the music builds, and slowly they stabilize as Pain enters the ramp and walks down with an arrogant swagger, slowly making his way to the ring he rolls under the ropes and into the ring, he is soon given a mic and he smirks.

    "According to the people back there, this is a one horse race. According to them, I don't have a chance. According to them, people like me? We don't stand a chance. But there is a reason why they are back there, talking and gossiping around watercoolers while I am right here"

    He points to the ring as he walks to the turnbuckle and leans against it.

    "The good thing is, they dont control the matches, they don't have a say in who wins, and when its all said and done, I would have shown once and for all that I am the best that this division has to offer, I am the number one contender... heck, I AM THE X DIVISION. Because I am just THAT DAMN GOOD"

    He climbs the turnbuckle, looking around the arena to hear some boos and some pops, nothing too spectacular.

    "You guys don't believe me. do you?"

    The crowd responds with S-I-N *clap x5* and Mi- chi - noku *clap x5* chants, Pain just shakes his head.

    "You people are no different from the people backstage, you don't think I can do it, heck you don't think I can survive this, but listen to this and listen well - I WILL WIN THIS MATCH. And the fact that you people chant harder and harder for the other two in this match, makes me wrestle even better. Your chants will win me this match.

    The sad thing is, the people you so called fans love, they are nothing but weaklings, there's one guy who believes in ..."
    Motions his hands as air quotes.
    "Strength In Numbers"
    He laughs.
    "By his own admission, he is weak when alone, and when he steps into this twenty by twenty ring, when he steps into my house, he has to leave the rest of his newly formed boy band behind and I will tear him apart, and all of you people..."

    Points to the crowd earning loud boos.
    "All of you, will stop from stuffing your faces with junk food to see my hand raised in victory and be left with your jaw thoroughly and properly - dropped"

    He smiles, happy with himself.
    "Now the experienced Dragon Michinoku, well, that guy, he's talented, he has years of experience, he showed that clearly when he beat Aiden, the thing is though, experience, is just another word for old. So to recap, I have to beat an old timer and one third of Nsync. I am younger than them, I am faster than them, I am better than them! This match isn't a question waiting to be answered, this is a bout that will be my statement to the IWT and its so called universe"

    The crowd erupts with boos.

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    OOC: Hate to OOC but I'll try to do atleast one more 'response' promo. But I can't promise anything as I will be traveling in about 4 hours. Good Luck guys!
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  3. *Frie is seen at the top of the audience with his black and red S.I.N. shirt making his way down to the ring. He hops over the barricade, walks through the ropes and fires up the crowd.*

    Let me just explain that it is SO nice to not hear you speak anymore. That's not because I'm offended or anything......... It's just because you're a whiny little bitch.

    *The crowd roars with cheers and laughs.*

    Take it from a guy like me. I know a bitch when I see one. I mean, I did fight Chris Kaizer at Mania. Now, besides the fact that I lost that match, I picked up a few things. I realized that little gimmicks like Tyler Freeborn's and Unknown's are not the way to go. You have to stand up for who you really are. That's what we at Strength In Numbers do. And as I look into your eyes, "Pain", I see what I saw in Tyler's eyes. Confusion. I see a look of "Where am I?" on your face. You know exactly where you are. You're in Frie's house.

    *The crowd cheers moderately.*

    No matter what anyone says about me, whether I'm weak alone or I need a partner to carry me, it just bounces right off my mind. I've become too strong for things to get under my skin. And now that I have a team of equals who have combined our strengths and talents together, there is no stopping us from taking all the gold. Not you, not Dragon, not Majour or Nick. The fact that you stand here and force these fans to listen to your garbage is basically the same repetitive bullshit we've see for months. The thing that's not repetitive, though, is S.I.N. Ya see, factions in this business make their mark in their own way. The Church, The Order, etc. But the difference between S.I.N and the order is that we don't recruit like we're the military. We have a balance of power. I'm the singles guy and they're the tag guys. They aren't involved in what you see right now. Which gives me the chance to show what I can do alone. So, I'll start by kicking you and Dragon's ass.

    *The crowd cheers some more.*

    Pay, attention Pain. You too, Dojo. I don't care if you're another Tyler Freeborn or if you're another Great Muta. Frie's bringing hold the gold for Strength In Numbers and we will rid IWT of the cancers that infect the company. Just like you, Pain. It's time for you to leave and for S.I.N. to gain what is theirs. I'd like to see someone stop us.
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  4. Pain is visibly annoyed by the interruption.

    "You boy band man, are a rude man!" he says with a snicker.

    "you have the unmitigated audacity, oh wait i forgot, big words and you don't mix, let me simplify things for you and your two "equals", I honestly didn't know that's what they call bandmates nowadays but hey, that's cool... You are the last person that should be talking about gimmicks, I mean come on Frie"

    He moves around the ring "You ARE the gimmick, You are exactly what you hate with the passion of a thousand suns, you are the prodigal son that just never cut it in wrestling, not just in IWT, you just didn't cut it, period. The veteran that should be here" shows a high position with his hand "but ends up not being able to cut it down here" lowers his hand. "You my friend, are the cliche, and if the whole not living up to potential wasn't enough, you now have your cronies or "tag team" to flank you. I am not saying you're scared, I know you're scared. The thing you don't seem to grasp Frie is you are the one with everything to lose, you lost to one whiny little bitch, which you clearly remember..." walks to the apron and leans on it, not taking his eyes off of Frie. "and I promise you, you will leave here with another loss to another so called whiny little bitch. Now if being a whiny little bitch means beating you fair and square right in the middle of this ring, then by all means, call me that."

    Crowd erupts with a Whine - E BITCH *Clapx5* chant and Pain is even more annoyed now but tries to hide it and he scratches his head in frustration as he gets angrier.

    Show Spoiler
    had time for one last promo, hopefully Dojo can make it, been awesome bouting with you Frie feel free to go to voting once Frie gives the go-ahead. Had a blast here! Good luck to the both of you!
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    [Up on the tron, a dragon can be seen flying back and forth. From behind the curtains bursts The Great Dragon, DRAGON Michinoku draped in golden robes the drag on the ground behind him as he moves to the ring. He calls for a mic as he pulls himself onto the apron and into the ring. He takes the microphone from ringside as his music stops.]


    [The fans pop as they recognise "Kon'nichiwa" as Hello.]

    Gentlemen, I must admit...I came here to the United States in search of a true challenge. The people in the back have dismissed me as another foreign star and I haven't proven anything by beating one single man. A triple threat is not unfamiliar territory for me. Frie, I'm sure you are as good as the people talk you up to be and I haven't proven myself here, but, trust me...I am better than you.

    [DRAGON turns to Pain.]

    And you. Experienced may mean old to you, but to me it means better. Better than you in every single way possible. I'll prove that experience will be your demise. You are a zero threat to me or our friend Frie.

    [DRAGON turns back to Frie.]

    You can list the men you beat, you can call them gimmicks. But yours words mean たわごとを下回る. Less. Than. Shit. You can talk all you want now but when I am kicking your teeth down your throat and watching you choke on them, then see where talking can get you. No matter how much either of you have beaten me, I have been beaten worse and I have gotten back to where I was at and beaten my opponents. I have done it countless times my entire life. Frie, this is no gimmick, nor a work, this is indisputable fact!

    [DRAGON smirks beneath his mask.]

    Passing this tournament will guarantee me a shot at whoever the X Division champion is after tonight. And when I beat them and leave them broken and stand tall X Division champion.

    [THe crowd pops as DRAGON finishes his last sentence.]
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  11. *Frie paces around the ring and looks at both men. He raises the microphone to his face.*

    I wonder if you two know how many people similar to yourselves that I see everywhere. Wait a minute, you don't. You have absolutely no idea how many of you guys walk into here saying that they're the best. They come in telling the rest of the roster how ignorant everyone else is, when they don't even know what they're looking for. Let me tell you, it's a real SIN.

    *The crowd pops for that pun.*

    I wasn't one of those guys. See, I knew my superiors and who was better than me. I knew what it took to be as great as them. So, I began climbing the ladder. Rung by rung, I keep going. And although I'm not at the top just yet, this ladder will never fall!

    *Frie stares own at Dragon.*

    You have some real bold words, man. Not for anything, but as I mentioned, you are the type of guys that my brothers and I get rid of. You say you know you're better than me, yet you have yet to prove a single thing. How about this? Keep the bragging away, and begin to play. Go ahead! KICK MY ASS! Do it while I'm bringing the pain to the "Pain"! Come on! Where is the guy who told me all that bullshit?! That's right. He's nowhere. Because he's fake. A hypocrite. A liar. A man who can't live up to his promises just like every other poser in this damn company. If you knew anything about how to maintain your career in the US of A, you'd know that bragging gets you nowhere. Really thought they'd teach you that back in Japan. It's a real SIN that you don't know.

    *Moderate pop.*

    "Pain", Michinoku, take a seat and learn how to climb the ladder like me. But not now. Now, I'm on a clear way towards the the X-division title. IWT belongs to Strength In Numbers.
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  12. @Dojo

    We're waiting on you. Get a 2nd promo in and voting will start.
  13. [DRAGON raises his microphone.]

    Every man can call themselves the best. Every man can lie. I am not every man. I can brag because I have earned that right, but bragging doesn't mean much, you are right. It gets you nowhere. Frie, I have climbed the ladder before, and unlike you I did reach the top of it. The ladder you are climbing has yet to fall because no one in this company has pushed it hard enough, but it fall as the Wall of Berlin did, it will fall as communism did, and, Frie, it will fall because I will push it. I will push you further than you ever have been and I can only hope you do the same to me. Pain helps me, it motivates me. So Hurt me reeeaaalll bad. Pain, as you say, gets me off.

    [DRAGON slowly thrusts his hips back and forth as the crowd starts wooing, he looks at Brandon.]

    No. Not you. You do not matter to me. You are a name on a list. But I haven't forgot about you, you have potential to be good, not great. There will be a day Mr. Brandon Pain where we meet again, and by that time I'll be X Division Champion.

    [DRAGON smirks underneath his mask.]

    Frie, Pain, both of you give me all you got. The chances are I could take more. But I can still lose this contest. In that case, I'll be back where I am at eventually. Frie, you're the favourite to win this match and I am the underdog which is an unfamiliar spot for me. Nevertheless I will fight as hard as ever to win. You both are in the Dragon's Den and like Aiden Ryan...The Dragon will eat you.
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  15. OOC: congrats Frie! Looking forward to facing you again and Dojo you as well :)