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Who's your winner?

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  1. Harriet Vargas

  2. Nick

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Nick(@Nickelodeon) vs Harriet Vargas(@Majour)

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

  2. @Delik did you mean Nick or have I missed something?
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  3. :dawg: oops
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  4. 'Ladies and Gentleman, are you ready for a fight?'

    The lights come up, Harriet stands at the top of the ramp staring towards the ring.
    With her hood up and mask over her mouth, the only part of her that can be seen are her eyes.
    She looks determined as she holds her head up high and struts down to the ring, ignoring the mixed reactions that the crowd give her.
    After grabbing the mic, she slides into the ring, shrugging off her hoodie and pulling the mask over her head to discard them both by a corner post.
    She turns to the crowd, soaking up the reactions from them.

    I'm here for one reason and only one reason- the gold.
    And now, only one thing stands between me and the title I deserve. That's the whiny, self-entitled, cowardly and let's not forget, hypocritical piece of crap that I go to war against now.

    Nick, I know how much you want the gold, really I do!
    After all, if you didn't want it so badly you would have never thrown a hissy fit when creative didn't just hand you the strap when you demanded it.
    You certainly wouldn't have been such a glaring hypocrite when you signed up to join The Order so you could cling to them like a frightened little child. Just hoping they could drag your pathetic ass kicking and screaming to some kind of glory.
    Harriet turns to the crowd to address them

    Is this what the IWT deserves as a champion? A failure? A coward? An undeserving little brat?
    Absolutely not.

    You would be a poor excuse for a champion, just like how you're a poor excuse of a man.

    The long and short of it- you don't deserve Jack shit. You don't even deserve the bus fare home. Disappearing into obscurity for months on end only to return and think that the IWT owes you something. Who the fuck do you think you are?

    You treat me like I'm a clingy little girl that couldn't even take a leak without holding Aids' hand. Well as you know- he's gone. And if you hadn't noticed, I'm still here.

    I'm here to stay and show not just you, but every other person that even dares to think about doubting me just how wrong those assumptions are.
    One thing is for sure, I won't give in to The Order, I will not just roll over and let you take something that does not belong to you.

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  5. A howl resonates throughout the arena, causing a crowd pop, awaiting Nick's arrival. A "NICK" chant breaks out, but they calm music silences the cheers.

    At about 0:46, a louder howl sounds, and a few seconds later Nick walks out onto the stage, in perfect unison to the loud guitar, to a pop. A decen-sized portion of the New Jersey crowd coming in from New York begins the "Brooooklyn" chant. Nick adjusts his jacket and walks down the aisle with a smile on his face. He rolls into the ring and begins waving his arms up and down, pumping up the crowd. He turns and blows a kiss to Harriet, then pulls a microphone from his jacket's pocket. The music stops, and Nick waits for the crowd to quiet down.

    "The irony of all this is that you're calling me an undeserving hypocrite when in reality the only one who doesn't deserve to be here. You're asking me who the fuck I think I am? Well, in case you need a little refresher because of how senseless I beat you at Mania... I'm the guy that pinned you!"

    Nick pauses as the crowd cheers and begins a faint Nick chant.

    "I'm gonna send the question right back to you. Who the hell are YOU, to call me undeserving. Since when did losing earn you another opportunity? If my memory serves me right, losing got you a spot back at the bottom of the ladder, and it looks like you're clinging on by you're last grip right now. So it looks like I'm just gonna have to kick you off the ladder and send you to the bottom where you belong."

    He pauses and focuses on Harriet's face, ignoring the crowd.

    "You can call me hypocrite for joining The Order, but you see there is a big difference between my alliance with The Order and yours with Aids. I don't need any help from The Order... without Aids noticing your talents you wouldn't be here right now. And as I'm sure everybody remembers, I beat you while you were with Aids, and me being with The Order was just a fantasy at the time. I'm with The Order not because I nee assistance in beating you, I'm with them because I've had it with being wronged by the IWT management."

    "Oh wait, here comes Harriet Vargas, about to hit us with the whole 'Nick is a whiny bitch, complaining to creative' schtick. Quit it. You know, the more time I've had the displeasure of conversing with you, the more I've realized you're like a bug."

    "You're here, and you're there and you're everywhere! You buzz around me, and won't stay away! You didn't go away during the tournament, you didn't during sudden death, and you won't know! But the thing is, tthings eventually come to an end for bugs. I try hitting them and hitting them to no avail, but I eventually hit my mark."

    He gets right in Harriet's face.

    "A bug makes a mistake and moves into a bad spot... and I SQUASH it underneath my boot!"

    "And that is the fate that awaits you, Harriet."
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  6. Harriet stares sweetly at Nick, fluttering her eyelashes.

    'You're damn straight I won't let up. You act like you had some massive, glorious win over me- when we all know that wasn't the case. You scraped that win at best.
    You think anybody actually talks about how you won that match? Fuck no, the fact you won is just an afterthought to people. The only thing people say is how incredible WE were in that match. God it was close.'

    Harriet winks at him playfully before finally taking a step back from Nick.

    'As for the claim that my loss set me to the bottom of pile...' She giggles, a hand covering her mouth.

    'Is this the bottom of the pile?
    The X-Division Championship match at a PPV, is a bad place to be?
    Isn't it blindingly obvious that my loss at Uprising did very little damage to me- if any.
    I showed that I could still give one hell of a fight and I'll continue to do that until my last breath. Especially if it means the undeserving punks like you fail to get your own way.
  7. Nick begins pacing angrily, and kicks the turnbuckle furiously.

    "It's like talking to a wall! maybe if you could listen, you would get that I said that you SHOULD be at the bottom of the pile. You're barely - just barelyyy not. So I'm gonna send you to where you belong, because in the IWT the things that should happen, happen. And you should be bowing down to me, while I hold the X-division championship!"

    He pauses.

    "You did put up a hell of a fight - I give credit where credit is due. But it simply WASNT enough. And that's not going to change a bit tonight. You say you will fight until your last breathe... It looks like I'll just have to make you take that final breathe, and you can stop bugging me and let me have my well-deserved title reign."

    He takes a deep breathe and gazes into the crowd.

    "Those weeks between Mania and tonight were simply a detour in my destined path to greatness. A couple of idiots built yet another roadblock, but I'm getting around it. Harriet is the final obstacle in this course, and she will end up just like the others. She will be beaten, and soon enough the IWT will finally get the change it wants. The X-Division title will be mine, and The Nick era will finally begin."
  8. 'Things happen for reason, huh?' Harriet watches Nick with interest

    'You think IWT Management refused to just hand over that title to you because they know as well as the rest of us that you simply don't deserve it? That is your one of your hundreds of complaints, right?'

    'This title should go to me. I'm the strongest, smartest and hungriest. I won't give up until I get what's mine and if you- or anybody else, continues to block my path... I'll have no choice but i take you down for good.'

    'I'm not fucking around here, you need to step down before I make you regret ever returning here.'
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    "You're wrong. Wrong wrong WRONG! Nobody's hungrier, nobody's smarter, nobody's stronger than me! Nobody has half the momentum I have right now. I'm an unstoppable force, an immovable object, an unbreakable barrier. You're simply just a flimsy little wall that I'm about to bust to pieces!"

    He laughs momentarily.

    "It's amusing that you're making threats, because don't you remember two weeks ago? You know, when I beat you at Mania? I sure do, and all the IWT Universe knows it. I have no problem with doing it again, but this time it's gonna be a little different."

    "I already pinned you easily. So I want something more. I'm gonna break your bones! I'm gonna taste your blood! And you're just going to be powerless to stop it. I'm gonna hurt you so bad all that all that's gonna be left of Harriet Vargas is a dismembered corpse."

    He backs up, and holds his hand up.

    "Extreme Rules won't be remembered for Dat Kid or Alias Antonio, it won't be remembered for Bruce Knight or Joey Bryant - and it certainly won't be remembered for Harriet Vargas. It will be remembered as the day the era of Nick began."
  10. Harriet shakes her head, still smiling.

    'Baby, you are so deluded. You think you're going to outshine everybody else? It isn't even the fact you think you'll pin me- but the fact you think that you'll be one thing people remember... You're a joke.'

    She steps up to face Nick squarely.

    'You got lucky once. Once. And you can try and hurt me all you damn well want- I won't be broken down- not one little bit. The only blood that is going to be shed is yours, sweetheart. And when you bleed- and feel the pain that I'll be inflicting on you...'

    Harriet waves a dismissive hand at Nick, shooing him away.

    'You can run away with that little between your legs like the cowardly little dog that you are. You can disappear into obscurity once again- but this time don't bother coming back... Don't even think to look back. Just keep going. Nobody will be sad to see you go. Not one person back in those locker rooms will give a shit if you just never showed your face here again.'

    'Do the IWT Universe a favour and just go. Nobody wants to hear how you got screwed, nobody cares, Nick. Absolutely nobody. So save your breath and your energy- you'll need that just to save yourself from me.'

    Ooc: I'm done, so Nick if you want one last promo then go for it!
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    "Look at you, being the hypocrite that you are, making excuses. You call me out for making excuses, but the only one making excuses is you. Blame the fact that you lost on luck. Not you, or the fact that I'm simply a better wrestler than you can even dream of being. You claim it was a fluke because you have too much pride to admit someone is better than you. You lost fair and square, and you're going to lose again."

    He paces around Harriet, his left arm slightly twitching.

    "Admittance is the first step to recovery. I admitted I had a bad run, I admitted I was sucking. And I'm now on a path to greatness. You WONT admit that you were simply bested, and you're just going to continue on your downward spriral to obscurity."

    "There's only one real reason why I'm going to beat you. It's got nothing to do with luck, savagery, smarts, or anything. It's quite simple. I'm going to beat you because I'm better than you. And I proved it already - and I have no problem proving it again."

    He pauses and looks Harriet in the eyes.

    "You're going to do what everyone else that's come before The Order has done. You're going to give in to The Order, you're going to give in to Nick. And there's nothing you can do about it but accept it."
  12. The fact that this only has 8 votes atm is sad. Vote more lads!
  13. Wow, first person to say what I think? :pity2:

    Great match, too long IMO but the feud is great and both of you looked strong regardless. Sorry I missed my chance to vote.
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  15. wat
  16. Oh wait took me a second, thought you were Ashley Gohan :dawg:
  17. At about the 13 minute mark, Nick and Harriet are brawling in the corner. They trade rights, the crowd giving mixed reactions to each. Nick pokes her in the eyes, dazing her. He runs to the opposite corner, comes charging back and tries for a body splash. Harriet rolls out, and the crowd pops as she connects with a tiger Suplex. The crowd counts as she bridges Nick:
    3! No!
    Nick gets a shoulder up just before the referee's hand touches the mat. She then calls for her finishing maneuver, the cross face. The crowd pops as a dazed Nick slowly moves into position. She gets him down and tries to trap his arm, but be struggles. He then counters by rolling her onto her chest, untraps his arm, and applies a Cattle Mutilation to Harriet. The crowd pops, and after being in the hold for about 15 seconds, she taps out.

    "Here is your winner, and the new X-Division champion, Nick!"

    He grabs the belt and begins celebrating. The referee raises his hand as he falls back into the corner, admiring the gold. On the opposite end of the ring, he sees Harriet down, and moves closer. He extends his arm, and the crowd waits to see if she will accept his help.

    OOC: @Majour just wrote something up quick like how I was gonna do with mania, feel free to reply in character to this ending
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  18. Your winner by 10 votes to 5, and the NEW X Division Champion... NICK!
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  19. Harriet stares at the offered hand almost suspiciously for a brief moment. She accepts the hand and gets up slowly.
    Once she is up she makes her way to the side of the ring but before stepping through the ropes she turns back to look at Nick, saying nothing she climbs out of the ring and snatches her hoodie and mask from an assistant.
    Harriet puts the mask over mouth and slips into the hoodie, hood up.
    Defeated, she makes the journey up the ramp towards the locker rooms.