Storyline IWT European Championship Tournament - Round 1 Match - Trip in the Head vs. Aiden Ryan

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a HARDCORE RULES match! It is also a first round qualifier in the IWT European Championship tournament.

    @Trip in the Head vs Aiden Ryan (@Butters! )​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all ALLOWED.
    -Promos will last for until we are done.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

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    The arena lights are lowered as a smoke starts to rise from the floor at the top of the ramp. The music starts to play:

    (hopefully the cue up works - should be at 2:03)

    Lights flash in time with the drums when they hit, after the build up Trip rises through the smoke in the floor with his back turned to the ring and his arms up.

    He turns and exits the cloud of smoke, some clinging to him as he moved. He makes his way down the ramp as the music continues to play. He climbs up onto the ring apron and pauses outside the ropes, raising his right hand in a clenched fist and taking in the crowd's mixed reactions. He ducks under the top rope and enters the ring immediately asking for a microphone.

    TRIP: Alright, let's get staright to the god damn point here. I returned to action recently after a, well, self-inflicted absence of sorts. And when I returned I expected this place to be in awe. But I also happened to return alongside one of the most hated and reviled IWT superstars on the roster - Micheal. HE found me at my lowest point - on the brink of death - and brought me back. *Crowd reacts* But did anyone really seem to care? No. None of gave a good god damn about what had happened to me. All you cared about was who was at my side. *Crowd reacts negatively*

    Well I also returned with a goal of my own. To prove my name belongs in the record books next to the other greats of this industry. And no, I'm not going to give them the satisfaction of going over some kiss-ass list to name drop in this match. This tournament is just the first step for me Aiden. Once I beat you here tonight I'll move on to the next one. And the next one. But my road to redemption will not end at Wrestlemania. No, my road is a much more....beaten path. When I win I will have the momentum I need to challenge that traitorous rat Alias Antonio (@THG? ) for what he did to me at Survivor Series - champion at the time or not, he will feel my wrath. But on to you Aiden Ryan - are you going to come tell me how I shouldn't trust Micheal again? He's just using me right? Hey what about the Order of Night? Let's beat that dead horse some more. No Aiden - here's what I really want to talk about tonight. Lets talk about how you plan on stopping me here tonight in this no DQ match. You may have been voted as breakout star of the year last year in IWT and I'm sure you were planning on breaking through that glass ceiling soon right? Until I returned that is. Now I'm standing on top of that glass ceiling looking down at you Aiden. Holding you down even longer. In fact, the only breaking glass there's going to be in the IWT tonight, Aiden Ryan, is your JAW. Heh heh heh heh. *Trip moves a step in the ring as he tightens a hand around his fist for a moment*

    *He soon continues*
    As I've said before - you managed to escape my grasp the last time we met thanks to your little friend Brandon Pain. How's he doing after that loss to Micheal by the way? Loser. No, it's just going to be me....and you this time Aiden. *Trip pauses and smiles wide* How are you feeling anyway Aiden? That little surprise beating I gave you during that interview stop stinging yet? Are you going to do so more emo moping about it? Hahahahahaha. That was only the beginning! When we finally meet tonight, one on one, with no rules - you will feel the true power of the influence I command in this ring consume you. But I'm not out to get you to join us anymore Aiden. No. I'm going to beat you until your soul begs you to let it go. And when you finally do......and I revel in your sweet agony.....that's when I'll know you're mine. Mine to discard like so much trash on the side of the road. *Trip climbs up in one of the corners closest to the ramp* So come on out here Aiden. I'm tired of playing games. Let's do this. *Trip stands in the corner with a commanding presence as the crowd goes wild with anticipation for Aiden Ryan's arrival*

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  3. The Titration fades to black and the stadium lights black out, a man's voice begins to speak softly, yet creepily intriguing.

    "Only this and nothing more."

    The Video quotes as the arena lights turn back on with Aiden Ryan standing in the ring face to face with Trip.
    The audience erupts in loud cheers as the two are shown staring daggers into eachother, struggling to keep eye contact, Aiden Ryan shakes his head at Trip and lifts the microphone up.

    "How am i fee... feeling? Do you even listen to yourself? Do you... do you even understand what you have done? I get that this is a new start for you, Trip. But for crying out loud, look at yourself, look at the man you've become and tell me that's something to be proud of. I don't preach about The Order Of The Night to simply milk it, or milk the names who were in it. I am fond of the ground i rise from and that's more then i can say about you. Unlike you, I wouldn't go as far as to turn on the one's who made me and my gratitude for that stable will always be there. However my gratitude for you is something that can never be brought back, for you are someone who i truly despise. Call it what you want, but what you did to me was uncalled for, It was unprovoked, and unnecessary. And by the sounds of things, it seems this influence bullshit that you keep rambling on about is only proving to be more useless. What is this stable even about? Backstabbing friends, forgetting the importance of being a real man, the uniting of ****s all around the world? It's a useless attempt to create something dominant, which is all the more reason for me to laugh at your pathetic attempt to try and shake me, and i'm not going to stand by and let you of all people walk on through past me. What have you done to earn this spot? Have you been the most consistent wrestler on the roster? have you won breakout star of the year? have you proven that it's your time to shine? no. all you have done is returned to not only belittle your friends, the one's who stood by you, but to showcase how far you've fallen. Your stable couldn't even stand strong against me and Brandon Pain, so you have to go to underhanded tactics to try and bring the two of us down. Well here's the thing and i hope you're listening to this emo bastard because he is about to tell you a little something before he gets started."

    Aiden Ryan slowly backs away as giving Trip a slight smile, He bends down and reaches his hand into his wrestling boot and pulls out a pocket knife, he leans back up and walks closely to Trip and flicks the pocket knife inbetween both his and his own face. Both men not so startled by the flick of the blade, Aiden Ryan smirks and begins to speak once more.

    "You see this pocket knife here? This is what's going to be the key to my victory. I am going to show you EXACTLY what happens when you push me to the very limits, Just like Trevor Raynor, Edward Coleman, Reagan Cole, You will soon be joining that list. if you thought what Alias Antonio did to you was awful, just picture how your life will be ruined when i leave this ring and take the route to IWTMania after i leave you bleeding on the mat here helplessly, and your little friend Michael will attest to it as well if anyone dares to step in the way of what's rightfully mine, slip, slit, click, it'll be all over just that quick. it's my time to shine here in IWT, and there is not a cold day in hell where i will let my former superior take what he knows is rightfully mine. I've taken you down once, Trip and it won't be to long before i take you down once more."

    The Pocket Knife is flicked back into it's blade holder as Aiden Ryan stands there with a demonic look transpiring on his face, his teeth just showing through his evil smirk.

    "Learn you place, Old man... and stay the fuck out of my way."
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  4. *Trip in the Head looks back at Aiden questionably :hmmm:*

    TRIP: Unprovoked? Unnecessary? I was provoked from the moment I found out you were my opponent in this tournament. It became.....necessary.....for me to take action after that horseshit victory you and Pain gained over the Influence recently. And I'm not sure if you've noticed yet Aiden, but I'm no stranger to being stabbed in the back in this business. You just keep on whining about it like your the first person it's ever happened to in this business. You do know what business we are in right? *Aiden's look grows angrier* That's right - the business of ass-kicking. So get over it already. That's also the reason I won't just be walking on past you Aiden - *Trip gets a bit more fired up* - I will be stepping over your motionless body after I beat you half to death in this ring her tonight!

    *Trip ducks out of the ring through the ropes and starts to rummage around underneath the ring. He pulls out tables (to the audience's applause), kendo sticks, and many steel chairs. He then starts throwing item after item into the ring as the crowd is going crazy*
    *Trip in the Head slides back into the ring with one steel chair still in his grasp as he raises the microphone with his other hand*

    TRIP: Oooooo, he's got a knife! Should we maybe tie our wrists together ala Westside Story for this shit? Seems more up your alley in my opinion. I mean give me a break Aiden. I just returned from a freaking disastrous car crash and you think that little knife is going to intimidate me? HA. If this is the "extent if your limits" I'm not impressed.

    *Trip starts to slam the chair he has into the pile of other junk now in the ring. He hits the ropes and a turnbuckle to mix it up. He then turns the chair on himself, smashing himself in the forehead with it. Blood starts to trickle down from his forehead and along the bridge of his nose as the warm crimson liquid slowly escapes the wound. He drops the chair to the side and quickly approaches Aiden Ryan once again - getting nose to nose with him and pausing for a moment before bringing the micropphone back up to his mouth to continue.*

    *Trip yells as he points to the bleeding wound in his forehead*

    This is insignificant to the torture I will put you through tonight Aiden. I can respect and even understand your curent level of confidence. You have surely excelled since you began here all those months ago. But you just made one mistake.......I may not be your leader anymore - but I am still very much your superior. *Trip smiles* Especially in the squared circle. And I will take what I want, when I want, and how I want. No matter what some petulant little piss-ant like yourself has to say about it.

    *Trip turns his back on Aiden and looks to the Wrestlemania sign high in the rafters. He points at the sign and the crowd cheers before he turns back towards Aiden, continuing to point at the sign as he speaks calmly once again*

    I know my place Aiden. It's at Wrestlemania - fighting for the first singles title of my career - the IWT European Championship. And you'll have to gut me like a taun-taun with that knife of yours before you will get past me tonight. *Trip chuckles at his own reference* Oh - and that cold day in Hell you spoke of earlier - well let's just say the forecast in Hell is looking a little abnormal lately. Almost as if there is some sort of ....outside influence.......

    *Trip stares blankly at Aiden with his eyes open wide as the blood trickles down and he slowly lowers the microphone from his mouth*

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  5. As Aiden Ryan watches the blood pour down the face of Trip like rain on a window, his smile doesn't fade. his eyes grow with anger, however his smile. It grows bigger, his facade is obviously confusing, perhaps the emotions are all raining in at once. the audience is disgusted, they are lost for words. The two men staring eachother down look frozen in time. until Aiden Ryan lifts the microphone up once more. He begins to speak in a soft whispering voice, almost difficult to hear, but if listened to heard clearly.

    "Gloat about your lack of self concious all you want, but the only man who is going to be looking like a fool is the one who threw away his chances at what you are pointing at right now. This knife isn't going to be the only thing that ends you... the thing that is going to end you is yourself. You want to show your brute strength by cutting your forehead open? You want to bleed out and show the world how much it doesn't effect you? Well we'll see how much it doesn't effect you, because unlike your hits, you will not determine where mine will land. You still think you're my superior? I've proven that i can beat you, I've proven that i can stand taller than you and i stated that it will be no different from tonight."

    Aiden Ryan notices Trip's eyes unlock from his eyes and begins to get a little more irritated by the disrespect displayed, Aiden Ryan lowers his microphone and looks at the audience who is still in disbelief of what htey witnessed by Trip.

    "Don't you look awa....Look at me... LOOK AT ME, TRIP!"

    Aiden Ryan Yells Gaining the attention of Trip and the audience. Aiden Ryan's smile fades as the veins in his neck begin to show, the anger rushing through Aiden Ryan's body and blood is something to which has not been seen before.

    "You found out i was in the tournament and instead of patting me on the back and saying "May the best man win." you, the man who claims he knows all about betrayal in this company stabs me in the back and makes me feel like i'm the scum on the bottom of your boot. I don't look across the ring and see a man who was once my friend, the man i could rely on for almost anything. I see a stranger to whom is mentally damaged and is a repulsive, sickening, excuse of a man. When you wake up in the mornings do you feel a sudden hole of bitterness sinking in your stomach? Do you feel unworthy, useless, unadmired? Yeah? Welcome to the world that Aiden Ryan is in. You want people to take you seriously? you want that sense of congratulatory? Earn it. Don't intimidate it, success is earned, not given. if you think for one second that an accident is a reason for you to be standing toe to toe with a man who hasn't stopped breathing this company, then you are sadly, so mistakenly wrong. One of us is advancing here tonight and if you wish to do the honours of harming yourself to help me get to that advantage point, you do whatever you have to do. But know that i will not hold punches back, I am going to leave here a warrior, not a coward like the man infront of me."

    Aiden Ryan drop's the microphone and backs away from Trip to the ropes behind him, he takes a deep breath in and looks over at his former blooded friend with a look of resentment, confusion, and hurt. He flicks his pocket knife out once more and shakes his head to himself. The camera zooms into the ring as the audience is still in shocked silence.

    "Come on then, let's end this."

    He Mouths.
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  6. Well done, good match!
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  7. I couldn't find the time to get it done and I didn't want the euro tournament being held up because I was slow. Hopefully we can get both finalists named before WM so they can have a little time to build up for the match at WM. Thanks for reading though!
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  8. OOC: No tag partners allowed in voting, correct?
  9. Yeah probaby better if you don't. I don't think I voted in yours
  10. you didn't. :tough:
  11. Because....we're partners.....

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  12. I remember having a partner, bad times.
  13. I'm not sure if my partnership correlates to finally winning something or not so until it's proven...I love you Trip.
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  14. Your winner and advancing to the second round of the IWT European Championship Tournament.......

    AIDEN RYAN! @Butters!

    Trip in the Head 7.666666667 :boohoo: Guess I'm not doing anything for WM. Oh well.

    Aiden Ryan 7.75

    Congrats Butters! Make sure you and @Majour have the final qualifier match before WM! Let me know when/if you guys need a match thread up. I can do the voting as well.
  15. Close match, well done to both of you!
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  16. OOC: I really didn't expect to get a victory in this. Great match, Trip.

    *Thirty two minutes into the match*

    Trip has Aiden trapped in the corner with a sledge hammer pressed up against his throat. Aiden's feet begin flying around as Trip is relentlessly holding the weapon there. "Come on, breakout star!" He taunts as Aiden begins to fade, his arms flop down, his body collapses into the turnbuckles and Trip throws the sledgehammer away in a confident manner. Trip grabs the jaw of Aiden and taunts over to the fans. "This is your hero!? THIS!?" he throws a disrespectful slap into the passed out Aiden. "You should be applauding this!" he screams as the fans continuously boo Trip. Pulling Aiden Ryan by his ear he positions him into a powerbomb. As he lifts Aiden, a series of wild punches land on the head of Trip causing him to let go. Aiden wraps his arms around the neck of Trip and drops him down into a DDT. He quickly dives ontop of Trip for the cover and screams at the referee.
    "Count it! PLEASE!"
    Aiden Ryan's hands are shaking, nerves are spazing as the referee slides down.
    The Bell rings as fans begin to jump in excitement, Aiden Ryan rolls out of the ring holding his throat.

    Falling into the barricade the audience begins to tap Aiden Ryan's shoulder as Aiden stares into the ring with regret but also pride in his eyes. "Gotcha! Ner ner!" Aiden sticks his tongue out as Trip sits up looking at Aiden with a blank stare. He begins to walk up the rampway not losing eye contact with his former leader.

    Making his way up to the rampway Brandon Pain comes running out and jumps on the back of Aiden Ryan patting his head in excitement. Jumping off him Brandon then raises the hand of Aiden and points in a mocking way at Trip.

    The two disappear into the back.

    Credit: Tron was created by, @RedDwarfTechy. :)
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  17. *Trip in the Head remains seated in the ring until Ryan and Pain are gone to the back. He slowly stands up. The whole time the crowd is taunting him. "Not much of an influence now are you!?", "You suck!", and "We're over the influence!" can be heard as shouts directed at Trip. He stands in disbelief in the middle of the ring and turns towards the Wrestlemania sign. He then lowers his chin to his chest, knowing his Wrestlemania aspirations have been destroyed in a single night. He turns and exits the ring slowly and then walks up the ramp to the back ignoring the taunting fans with his head still hung low. He pauses before he disappears behind the curtain and takes one final glance at the Wrestlemania sign. Then he is gone........*
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