Storyline IWT European Chmapionship Tournament - Round 2 - Rita Kendall vs Aiden Ryan

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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a second round qualifier in the IWT European Championship tournament. The winner of this match will go on to face Micheal for the belt at WM!

    (@Majour ) Rita Kendal vs Aiden Ryan (@Butters! )​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last until the competitors are done.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours once voting is up.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.


  2. Aiden Ryan slowly walks onto the rampway and looks around the arena with a smile on his face, he takes his time getting to the ring, feeling the effects of his former match. He climbs up on the ring apron and enters the ring via the middle rope, he walks across the ring and retrieves a microphone.

    Looking up the rampway he clears his throat before speaking.

    "Oh, Rita. Here we are, although i feel privileged for i am going to be your first real competition our last encounter didn't end the way that it should of ended. You were rather patronizing towards me and you have this misconception that all i wanted was to hold a championship so i could add some creditability towards my career. Thought those aren't the exact words you used, the implication was very transparent and i refuse to be spoken to in such a degrading manner. You see my intentions were never to grasp a championship simply because Michael is a cheap victory, my intention was to show the entire roster that you can not all of a sudden go by the backs of those incharge of this company and bring out this championship that is his and only his, and not ever up for grabs for people. I didn't receive much from the outcome in that match and it's not your place to judge what i can and can not challenge for. However since you feel the need to enter into my career and the way it's directing, why don't we talk about your career? Yes i may the only person to stand toe to toe with you at this very moment, but do you ever stop to think "Why?" Why would they ditch the match and leave you standing there in confusion. Do not mistake it for intimidation because you have yet to do anything to prove any sort of intimidating acts, or an opposing threat to anyone. So to sit there and point fingers at my career is only contradicting itself when you have done, and i excuse my french, my lady. jack shit for yourself. What makes you think that you are in the league that i am in terms of contending. Have you overcome the odds lately? have you subjected yourself to match after match proving exactly why you belong here? There is a reason why people are fore fitting to you, and if you are to ignorant to know that reason... I have no problem demonstrating it."

    He lowers the microphone keeping himself calm and collected, counting to three he nods and lifts the microphone back up.

    "You may be one of the soul reasons of what i fight for this company, but you have no right to try and step over me to get to a championship match. We are the new generation of up coming talents, but i refuse to allow you, or anyone else to subject these fans to undeserving contenderships. This is my year, not the year of undeserving talents who feel for some reason they have a say on WHAT I DO WITH MY CAREER! With that being said, I would love to see you come down here and give me a reason of why you feel you are deserving of this contendership, and a little word of warning... if i don't like it... I won't hold my punches, man, woman, it, name it. I'll fight it, and i will go on and mark my name in the history books as the man who worked up from nothing to something, to the glory he truly deserves."

    Aiden Ryan lowers his arm and leans back on the ropes, awaiting the woman who is yet to make her arrival.
    OOC: @Majour May the best friend win.
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  3. At 0:13 Purple, blue and white lights flash erratically. Rita blows a kiss to the crowd then poses at the top of the ramp dressed in a long black ring jacket, gold halter, shorts and black boots. She smiles coyly and strides down the ramp to slide under the bottom rope. She tosses her ring jacket at an assistant and steps up onto the second turnbuckle, pointing to herself she mouths 'It's all about the queen.' Stepping back down onto the canvas she turns and smirks at Aiden.

    Here we go again 'I overcame the odds, I'm so courageous, the sun shines out of my ass.' Save your wide eyes, big heart BS for an emo song. It's all fairy tales and emo tropes to get you through the days- you're beyond help at this point.
    You can pretend all you want that I'm no threat if it makes you feel better. But if that was even close to the truth you wouldn't have have felt the need to call me out so publicly during Uprising.
    We can argue until we're both blue in the face about why my opponents 'chose' to forfeit. Why don't you ask Marcus Anthony why he didn't show… he's probably made a full recovery by now. Or how about you ask B. Dazzle why he didn't show. Oh, that's right, you can't- because nobody has seen or heard from me since our match was scheduled. * Rita shrugs at Aiden, the innocent smile on her face becoming a deviant smile *

    The one thing that surprised me was the fact that you have yet to bring up your one 'big' achievement. Your slammy. Do it, go on, lord it over the rest of us like it's a limited edition Louis Vuitton purse. But tell me this, what great heights did your soar to, oh rising star? Did it lead you to the IWT championship, or the WHC? Or is it a hollow gesture that the company give out every single year just for the sake of tradition? Is it the one thing that makes you feel validated in this company? * Rita gives Aiden a pointed look *

    If you want to see me fail then I suggest that you take a number and get in line, cause you and everybody else have a rather… crooked view on me: an over privileged little brat here for fun and games. A silly girl playing a man's game. A girl who only got into the company because… money and boobs.'
    Yet again you cry underdog. You want to play the underdog card against me? The one person who, despite knocking off competitors left, right and centre is still seen as just the hot chick. You've played that card too many times and now you're going to go bust.

    OOC (open)

    @Butters! Tag, you're it. Good luck to you too, love ya buddy!

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  4. "Well, If you insist."

    Aiden Ryan slowly walks over to the corner of the ring and grasps his slammy, Looking back at Rita Kendall he walks back over and raises it over her head gaining a positive reaction from the audience. with Whistles still flying he laughs, and lowers it.

    "It may not be a materialistic object that women like yourself carry around on a day to day basis, but it is worthy to be considered something earned, something you may never earn, who am i kidding, may is a loose word.... it's something you'll never grasp in life. People don't just hand you awards like this and expect you not to gloat about it. it's something that should be celebrated, for i out ranked everyone who represents the new talents of today. The year is still young, and this beautiful slammy of mine could, no, it will lead me to a championship, and i will be a champion to this division is envious of. But back onto the topic, It's kind of ironic that you of all people would go out on a limb and take that "Emo" line on me, when you yourself are subjected to sexist remarks each and every day in this company. You may think you're standing out here getting under my skin, but you're only proving not only to me, but to them backstage that you would do anything, even joining the party of those who do insult me with that line and completely contradict yourself. It's been said and done and i'd like to hear something new for a change, especially from someone who claims to be taunted by the men within this organisation. for example i'm the only man who is consistently proving my improvements in this ring, I am sticking to my guns and showcasing unbelievable talent, and yet i am taunted for it for simply doing my job. for simply kicking ass. am i credited for that? do i wish to be credited for that? absolutely not. So i do not understand where this sudden. "Emo Courageous" bullshit comes from, I will not tolerate it any further and you are going to be the prime example of the consequences behind false labelling."

    Aiden heads over to the corner once more and places his slammy there facing him, He looks back over at Rita and rests his head on his side and shakes his head at Rita, his voice croaks a little as he struggles to find the correct words, also trying to keep his composure as he is prone to flying off the handle at the simplest of things.

    "You're also mistaken for the reason why i called you out at uprising. the reason why i called you out at Uprising a week ago, was not to in anyway empower myself but to send a message proving that i am going to be that guy who is going to change your career completely. I am going to be the only man currently who stands toe to toe with you and not belittle your gender in any shape or form, but instead beat you with in ring superiority. Which if you look at my career statistics as opposed to yours is far more superior. i may not be your average macho bullshiter, but i'm not going to be that emo push over i was in 2014. That Aiden Ryan is long gone, And i've taken the strong advice from one of my long time idols here that only nice guys finish last, and i refuse to that nice guy this year. This year is not about my twin, it's not about my personal struggles from the past, it's not about how i got into this company. It's about the future, the future that I WILL define. It's a new card worth playing, and it's a card that has value for I'm not that little bitch that people make me out to be, but push me to the limit, i dare you. because when push comes to shove, i will truly expose who the real bitch is, and when this match comes to a close, you can as Trip who attests to this so well, how it felt when sweet naive Aiden Ryan took the steering wheel and crashed his hopes and dreams off a fucking cliff."

    The Microphone drops out of Aiden Ryan's hand as he stands toe to toe, face to face, a determine look drawn upon his face. You can see the anger rising within the pupils of his eyes, the veins in his wrists exposing themselves through his tape, and his innocent face turning to pure aggression. His composure is lost, and his anger is set. He see's red, and not just the red upon the lips of Rita Kendall.

    OOC (open)

    OOC: @Majour Quick and fast, I like your style! Can't wait to read your response. Oh, And if Trip reads this. This was my last promo. Much thanks for you setting this up so quick!
  5. Funny how I'm not getting under your skin and yet you look like your head could explode at any given second. * Rita takes a step closer, almost laughing out loud* You know what I think? I think that you're like twenty seconds away from an aneurysm because I'm right. You depended on that meaningless little trinket to get you places, but even you can't keep lying to yourself for much longer... your star burned out. The truth speaks for itself... The sheer amount of these tournaments you have been in and still come away with nothing. You get so far and then suddenly you choke once the heat gets turned up. And I'm the one that you think doesn't deserve to be a contender? The one person that keeps their shit together no matter how tough it gets.

    I got to this point by brute force and you... you beat an old timer that should have hung up his boots a long time ago. So you tell me which one of us really deserves the gold that money just can't buy?

    *She drops the mic and folds her arms over chest, waiting for Aiden to react*

    OOC (open)

    @Trip in the Head or @Delik do the honours, please. @Butters! A joy and a pleasure as always!
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  10. What I said was very tame compared to what I had originally written :smug: (ILY really)
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  11. Totally tame... I mean she did just say you should hang up your boots and be done with, simply because Aiden Ryan beat you...

    *Pushes Majour into Trip and leaves the thread quietly*

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  14. Rita vs Micheal at IWTMania III it is then
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  17. Great match. Props to both of you, but Majour can't wait!